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"Balance is not Preserved in this Game."

After porting this game to the Dreamcast since June 2001, Capcom has decided to port this game to one last console. They chose the Sony PS1. This will probably be the last 2D fighting game being ported to the Sony PS1 by Capcom. Also, this is a straight port from the DC version, with some new features.

Two corporations battle it out. Who will be the strongest? Well, we'll see. This game give you 35 characters to choose from(5 of them in which you have to unlock), two fighting grooves, and more...

Features - 7
-Capcom was nice enough to include a Art Gallery(in which the DC version didn't have) so you can view all the characters in Capcom or SNK art. Personally, I think SNK draws the characters better, considering the fact that they are flat 3D drawings.
-The Secret Store is back, with cheaper prices and lesser things to unlock.
-Capcom was nice enough to keep the Color Edit option alive in the game. All except Chun-Li's sprite are present in the 2nd installment of Capcom vs SNK, known as Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001.

Gameplay - 5
-The load times between rounds/fights are horrible. Each round takes a matter of seconds to load up depending who you are fighting next. Fighting Sakura next might load up a little quicker than Zangief. A nice touch by Capcom was to include a Quick Continue feature that advaces you to the next group of fighters after you defeated the current team. But the game wont allow you to see the Win quotes and choose the order of your characters.
-There seems to be a tremendous amount of lag during gameplay. Some moves kept the same frames, such as Ryu's Shin Shoryuken, Joe's HK throw, etc...
-The background intros(glowing eye from dragon stage, etc..) have been removed to prevent any further lag, but all of the character intros have been retained.
-Most characters now have only one win quote, with the exception of a few.

Graphics - 7
Graphics weren't as great as the DC version, because of the 2D limitations that the Sony PS1 has. The fireballs from Ryu, Ken, Gouki looked more triangular and pixilated. Some character models are well-designed, like Terry Bogard. And some of the backgrounds have the animated figures walking around(i.e. Takuma from AoF stage, Waitress from Dragon stage).

Sound/Music - 9
When it comes to PlayStation, sound should deserve the best rating most of the time. Capcom was able to retain the original themes from various Capcom and SNK 2D fighting games. There's still not enough original themes, although my favorite would have to be Esaka94 from the SNK stage. The Capcom stage background music now has a better remix version of various SF themes, starting from the SF2 intro theme, working its way up to SF3.

Controls - 6
If you are using a Dual Shock 1, then it could be a problem. The DS1 d-pad is stiff, while the DS2 is more easier to use in fighting games. You could get a sore thumb from playing on a DS1, so a DS2 is strongly recommended. Some moves like Zangief's Final Atomic Buster is HARD to do! Hardly rotating the d-pad twice 360 degrees is a pain. I don't use Zangief anyways, so it wont be a problem for me.

Replay Value - 4
It only takes 3 hours minimum to unlock everything in the Secret Store. I managed to get all the hidden and EX characters in a short time. Personally, I think Capcom should have raised the prices a little bit higher. But the Replay Value is too short.

Presentation/Overall - 6
Capcom fans would find the game good. But the SNK fans might find it a little dissapointing. the KoF characters in this game doesn't feel like KoF anymore. This game has its name as Capcom vs SNK. What I would call it is more like Capcom vs Fatal Fury, since there are 7 Fatal Fury characters(Joe, Kim, Mai, Raiden, Terry, Yamazaki, and Geese), and all of them have great priority. Kyo, Iori, and the rest of SNK aren't themselves anymore, except for Nakoruru.

I'd give this game a final rating of 6.0, and this is also the best I'd give it.

Rent or Buy
This game is not worth a purchase, unless you only own a PS1 and are really into fighting games. Rent it, try it out. Maybe you'll like it..
P.S. But if you own a PS2, get Capcom vs SNK 2 instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/03/03, Updated 01/03/03

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