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"The biggest throwdown of all the biggest dissapointment on the PS."

The year 2000, after a long time of battling each other in the arcades and the gaming consoles as the better 2-D fighter makers in the business. Capcom decided to bring their battle to the front door of SNK to determined who can outdo who in one massive brawl. And how would one go about this, why make a crossover game of course. The fifth in the now infamous VS. series. Capcom vs SNK determines once and for all who gots the better fighters in the gaming industry (as well as fulfill every fanboy's dream, heh). While I've never seen the first game in the arcade and only got a glimpse on the now default Dreamcast. Playmore (the company that now pulishes SNK game in the US) finally gave me the chance by bringin it to the PS. Now I know the gray box has limitations and there had to be cuts made here and there. But what Capcom has given is proabaly the most watered down fighter i've ever play in my life as a gamer.

Skinny: ''Two companies, both alike in dignity, in fair...Oh wrong intro!''
Let's see, big tournament. Both sides of Capcom and SNK brought together to duke it out. An evil fore behind it all. YADA YADA YADA BLAH BLAH and a HADOKEN into a pear tree. Seriously nothing yu haven't already hear.

Play Dials: ''Put em up and let's rock''
Two Heavy Punches and Two Light Kicks as well as some combinations on the shoulders buttons. Controlling the character is easy enough, it getting he moves down and performing them that make you do one of the follwing A)Scream bloodly murder B) Throw and break your control then scream bloodly murder C)Break your control, then the game CD, bloody murder, then jump out a window or D) Wonder why you brought the game in the first place and all of the above.

Core: ''insert smart-aleck remark here''
The game starts simple enough. Six Modes:Arcade, VS, Pair match (you only play with two fighters), Training, Price (where you can buy hidden fighters and look at the artwork) and Color Edit. When your in the main game, your ask to choose a Groove between SNK and Capcom ( power bars: one you can charge yourself and the other you gradully fill up). Then you pick some fighters (up to four) and then go into battle. All well and good till you realize that they added something that ruins the game: THE RATIO FACTOR! Yes all the fighters are marked by ratio. 1 being the weakest, 4 being the strongest. This greatly effects the the damage you take when fighting. The develop try to make up for this by giving you more fighter for the weakest, but it doesn't really help. In fact your beatdown faster with four fighters then with just two! Why not give all the character a fair amount of balance and leave it at that. WHY UPSET THE BALANCE CAPCOM, WHY! Oh and if you think this is another Marvel vs Cap. Forget it this is straight up fighting. No tag teams, no air juggling, no 100+ combos. Just a SFII/KOF style brawl to the finish (and if you understand that your old school, My congrats)

Eye-Candy/ ''What's this? A fighting arena or a painting?''
The backgrounds are okay, almost like a mural on a canvas come to life though the people who actully move in the background aren't animated very well. Some pixels are a bit noticeable (especially if you have a big screen) but barely clutter up the fights. The fighters themselves are nice, big, and colorful. But like the background people, they lose something in the animation. Heck almost all of them have just one entrance and winning pose (save for the special meetings). A decent effort at best I guess.

Noise/ ''Hmm Original mixes of old or Techno and J-Pop driven
Normal. Tough choice''
Pretty good, then normal music have some nice though forgetable tracks. Though if your nostalgia, you can go to the options and switch to original beats from SF2 and Fatal Fury. Nice deal.

Final Quip: A decent port that just falls flat. Which surprises me that Capcom didn't put much effort into it as with SF Alpha 3 or my favorite, Darkstalers 3. For shame Cap., still it nice to play if your bored with anything else considering you brought it. For those who haven't, RENT if you every find it and decide for yourself. Well my brain turn to mush writing this, so I must take my leave. TA-TA for now. Keep on gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/21/03, Updated 02/21/03

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