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"The VS franchise rehashed on Playstation"

This game is an excellent example of the quality that Capcom has been reputable for in their many Street Fighter series. There are some changes brought on by the Playmore crew, formerly SNK, makers of the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters, which is a welcome change.

The idea is get two rival companies with games in the 2D fighting genre together and throw in all the fan favorite characters. There are many familiar faces to be found in this game from the likes of Ryu, Ken, Guile, Cammy, and M. Bison to Kyo, Ryo, Iori, Terry, and Geese. All retaining moves that are sure to strike a nerve in the minds of long time fans.

Putting these licenses together is nothing new and is now a well known series in Capcom's VS games lineup. With this bit of back information we are left with a title in the Playstation's last years at the bargain release price of $19.99, it is hard to pass up.

The excellent animation and smooth controls are now commonplace. Interesting elements are in place such as the groove system, the great new point system from Neo Geo past, the color edit mode, unlockables such as extra character versions and artwork, and some refreshing option switches.

Some memorable tunes with all our beloved voice over attacks are indeed intact. Favorite Japanese phrases as ''Shoryuken'' and ''Hadoken'' are a must and are welcomed as usual. This is indeed a game for fans to play the heck out of with repetitive fun throughout.

Anyone can pick this game up and get a bang for their money but this title is one if you put a little time into, a new level of mastery can be found. Button mashing is becoming a thing of the past as more and more game play is added to these games. Even 8 years after Playstation's initial release, the constant churning out of titles like these still improve upon the former.

Scoring (10)

Based upon current system standards and choice of author

Audio: 6

Graphics: 8

Control: 8

Concept: 6

Fun: 7

Replay: 6

Last Word: This game is a must if you haven't gotten a chance to get your hands on the CvS series before and are looking to give it a go, this is a good way to do so in an enjoyable experience. A solid fighter amassed from many memorable games, this is the millennium fight showdown on Playstation.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/06/03, Updated 04/06/03

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