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"Playstation's 2-D age finally passed on, Thank God..."

a while back I (unfortunately) bought a copy of Capcom vs SNK Pro for Playstation, and I can safely say, without a doubt that this ONE OF the WORST ports that Capcom had the nerve to release.

first debuting in the Arcades during the summer of 2000, Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2K continued Capcom's famed for better or for worst ''VS. series''. This game had truly made its impact in fighting game history, but CvS had its fair share of problems *gameplay balance*, even with its downsides CvS managed to satisfy much of the hardcore gamers; Soon after the Dreamcast version was released since the game was run on Naomi hardware. Many months later in 2001 Capcom vs. SNK Pro was released in the Japanese arcades, Somewhat true to its name CvS Pro was a mere update of its predecessor, offering readily available bonuses, small improved gameplay aspects, a slightly revamped Groove Point System, and the addition of two fighting legends Dan and Joe. Dan was faithfully reproduced, while Joe was remade into a fairly useless addition compared to the rest of the roster, Thanks Capcom... This update of CvS was also faithfully converted to the Dreamcast, and was released and sold in Japan during mid-summer of 2001 for DC. In late 2002-2003 the PS1 version of CvS Pro was released in Japan and Europe; this version of CvS Pro for the PS1 was the only American release Capcom decided to give us, and that's too bad considering how terrible this port is.

2000, two massive companies decide to engage in a tournament of fighting skills, these fights will decide who is the best. But... nobody notices the conspiracy of evil that is about to unfold...

-Enter Capcom vs. SNK-

|Gameplay- 5/10|
the reason the Gameplay section got a low score is because Capcom vs. SNK 2 shadows CvS Pro in improved gameplay quality, CvS gameplay aspects are truly inferior.

these are the only features that probably made it intact properly, thats nothing to be happy about since the game was fairly unbalanced to begin with. to start off, the Groove meters that you have to choose from are 2 meters, ''Capcom'' or ''SNK''. The Capcom groove consist of Capcom's signature 3lvl power bar, the only 3 things you have to do to raise the meter is to fight, block, and/or take some damage. Meanwhile the ABUSEABLE SNK groove requires a more defensive method of play for most gamers, instead of just fighting to gain power you must find the time to manually charge your meter to full. Besides the changed power bar setup of SNK groove the desperation feature comes into play, when your character is the danger zone of their life bar they gain UNLIMITED access of Super Moves to turn the tide of the match. Another yet unnoticed feature of the game is the guard meter, then again... it isn't worth mentioning since the only time the effects occur is when the boarders of your life bar flashes red, meaning that your guard is about to break.

The character selection is as basic as it comes just the usual star fighters representing their companies like Ryu, Terry, Kyo, etc. but that's where the comparasions end. mostly all of the Capcom characters have retained their trademark moves, unlike our SNK fighters who have been ROBBED of nearly half or more of their special moves. most moves have been changed for worse to near useless, or omitted in order to be bought later during the game. Now that's a cheap and unfair method to attain balance and power in Capcom's favor...

Next, the RATIO SYSTEM, in this game your have 4 ratio points to use, meaning that you can have a team of two ratio 2 characters, four ratio 1 characters, or one ratio 4 character, the combinations go on. Next there are MANY problems with the system, to start off its more of a forced selection because all the characters already have set ratio points, which certainly downgrades the enjoyment factor. It gets better since all balance/damage tiers are offset, I love it when the CPU-controlled ratio 1 Sakura takes half my Akuma's life bar with her average lvl 2 shinku Hadoken. I really think it's fair when a ratio 3 character takes off more than 1/4 of my life bar just by throwing or grabbing me... WOO HOO!!!! that's how equally rounded the game is.

-YIPPEE!!! I lost for no good reason, AGAIN.

|Controls- 2/10|
The response of the controls are truly GOD-AWFUL its amazing how lazy Capcom can be sometimes, considering how hard it is just to do a QCFx2 move in this game.

Its safe to assume that you'll be fighting with your controller more, than against your actual opponents.

The controls mimic the signature SNK 4-button setup it seems to work for SNK characters, but alas... Capcom characters seem to have a tougher time adjusting to the change. Street Fighter users may have to tilt the D-pad in a certain direction to get a extra medium or Heavy attack out of a Capcom character.

|Graphics- 3/10|
I'm a nice guy when it comes to rating graphics in a game, because a game like this should actually receive an 1 out of 10. But I'm being kind this time...

A poor effort on Capcom's part, what did they expect when converting a Dreamcast/Naomi game to a 32-bit system? From earlier attempts from Capcom like Street Fighter Zero 3 I thought it would be easier for them to make the graphics look AT least above average, I guess I was asking for too much... The somewhat good, and then the bad; the background are something to look forward to, even if they were first seen in 2000. animation from some stages are missing, but that's something to be expected; the other thing I noticed were colors. some colors of the stage were changed or removed, no big deal it just looked different.

the appearance of the characters is pretty terrible, considering the great job Capcom did with SFZ3; it seemed like a step back for them. the overall looks of the fighters to the special effects may hurt your eyes a little, they look horribly pixilated; even the Alpha/Zero sprites took a downgraded step. You'll also notice the on-screen displays ranging from the appearance of the life bar to the Finest KO screen, aren't as stylish as its DC cousins.

about game speed, What you have here is choppiness, even Morrigan has some missing frames of animation and she probably has the least movements of anybody in the game. Next is the slowdown, it definitely shows the age of the PS1; impacts from special and super moves hog plenty of RAM especially super KO finishes, worst of all even basic kicks and punches slow the game down. Kim's supers are a prime example of unusual slowdown, you can probably see right off the bat that the game doesn't run at full speed during all his hits.

If I wanted Capcom to do something to correct this game, it would have to be the loading. it felt like I was waiting a lifetime just for the next round to start, ok more like 6-12 seconds...

Wow instead of the actual sharp and flashy introductions and endings, the viewer will experience cheap, and unattractive FMVs of the intro/ending that were ripped from the DC version.

looks like another rushed job by Capcom...

|Audio- 4/10|
the music quality was downgraded for obvious reasons, but the original music option was readily availible. and the trainning music consist of the Street Fighter remix that has been heard on the Capcom Fan disk (DC), and CvS2 EO (GC, Xbox). But all the game music sounds somewhat quiet and unnoticeable, hmm...

The voices and sound effects are no better, they sound unusually loud and bassed-out.

|Replay Value- 1/10|
Wow not much here, the only reason anyone would want to play this game again would be to buy everything in price mode... that's right, Price mode. A pathetic variation of the Secret Factor from the original CvS, everything is dirt cheap which means that you can get every secret in about 2 hours; take note that the DC version of CvS Pro didn't have a Price Mode, because everything was unlocked from the start.

You and your buddies probably won't be playing this game very long, because I didn't...

+Capcom vs. SNK series on the Playstation
-Balance-in-gameplay seems worst in this PS1 port
-SNK characters are definitely downgraded compared to their Capcom counterparts, which make for some unfair matches
-Controls are unresponsive and jerky
-Overly pixilated sprites
-Choppiness and missing frames of animation
-Very unusual slowdown
-Unusual loading time
-quiet music w/ unusually bassed-out sound effects
-Price mode and other extras don't add much replay value

|Final Verdict|
What a sad way for Capcom to end its fighting game lineup for the PS1. Where the Saturn and Dreamcast has succeeded, the Playstation has mostly failed... Folks, I know that the Playstation hardware had big problems at trying to convert 2-D fighting games and this title is a prime example of that fact. This port of CvS Pro should have been half-decent, but instead this game was a near-laughable disappointment...

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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