"With two great series coming together, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently a lot."

Capcom. Known for it`s fighting series giant Street Fighter. SNK. Known for it`s hit series King of Fighters. When these two combine, you`d think it would equal fun for the whole family. But it hurts. It hurts bad.

Story - I couldn`t find a story in the entire game. Unless you count the endings, which have virtually nothing to do with the games. It`s basically just a tournament, but there isn`t any real reason for it.

Gameplay- Could have been good. I don`t know why they chose to use the SNK control scheme though. Having 2 punches and 2 kicks hurts the Capcom side, while leaving the SNK side as is. If they had used the 3 punches and 3 kicks, then Capcom would have remained as is, and it would have made SNK on the same level, and made it more interesting with new moves. But, whatever.
The game plays like any other 2D fighter, only with a few twists. First of all there are two fighting styles, the Capcom and the SNK. Capcom lets you build 3 bars of super, while SNK lets you charge a single bar, or use level 1 supers when your health is low. The other twist is the ratio system, which forces you to build a team out of people who have ratio points ranked from 1-4. The maximum allowable points are 4. These limits teams, and you can`t play with all your favorites.
The controls are unresponsive and awkward, at best. You can still play, but doing moves that require more than 1 motion become tedious and agitating.
The AI is also lacking. Even at the hardest setting, you can pretty much do the same move over and over again and win. Geese, who is normally a seriously difficult boss, can be beat into submission easily. He let me Power Dunk him over and over again, and didn`t really seem to mind very much.
The point system is also retarded, in my honest opinion. It`s so hard to build a decent score, that it`s not even worth trying. It might take you the entire game to earn 60 points, and then you get beat up real bad in one round, and lose half your score. Real good. And if you win by using a jump kick, or anything else outside of a Super Move, you usually end up losing points. Yeah, I like that so much I killed my family with a sledgehammer.

Audio- Get ready to slice your ears off with a straight razor. The music is pretty much all rehash crap from the 8/16 bit games of the past. Because we all haven`t heard enough of that already. And the voices, sweet Jesus Von Doberman the voices! Put a monster underwater, then give him a walkie talkie and the script for all the voices. Record and put it in the game. There it is. I swear to God, Toshinden 1 has better voices. Toshinden 1!!! The other sound effects sound like were done inside of someones colon.

Graphics- To be expected of a 2D fighter for the PSX. The artwork looks nice, and the background are decent. The movement is sluggish though. Pixels are present, but easily overlooked. The character models, in general, look great. Unless you are looking at the artwork in between matches, because that looks awful. I guess if you flunk out of Performing Arts as an Art Major, you get to draw for this game. Because I guess King is an alien now.

Replayability - Very little. Maybe you want to get all the EX characters and unlock some bosses and stuff. But even then, the biggest fan would get tired and stop after a few times through.

To buy or to rent? - Just buy CvSNK2. Seriously. If you see CvSNK Pro, just keep walking. Cross the street if you can.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/25/03

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