Review by Da Bomb

"For the cheesecake, and nothing more"

Let the name sink in for a minute. Hooters...road...trip. Can you visualize anything? Weel, this game is a complete antithesis to the pleasant thoughs you are thinking of, and should never be even looked at again. For your penance, you will be forced to play this horrible joke of a driving game for a week straight, and believe me, it is like slow torture.

Audio & Video
To start off, the graphics are very poor. Sure, hooters are included, but all you see are a few, short, grainy videos that I could not care less about. The environments are very repetitive, as the scenery rarely changes and every car is boring. A sense of speed is gained, and some of the roads are fun to play due to their difficulty. But nearly everything on the side of the road is flat, pixillated, and not worthy of the Playstation 2. The audio was not too bad when you think about it. The sounds of the cars were pretty realisitc, form the roar of an engine to a screeching skid, the sonds please on nearly all plains. They are not GT3 calibur, but good enough. Unfortunately, the music was poor and repetitive, but still bearable, so all in all the audio was the snining point of this horrible game.

Gameplay, Control & Storyline
The storyline is pointless, as it just consists of you beginning a road trip and driving on the dreary levels until you finally reach the finish line. Then a quick scene will tell you where to go next. This repeats many times over until you reach a different city, though judging by the scenery, you cannot tell. Then another hooter tells you where to go and so on until you get sick of it. The gameplay basically consisted of driving at low speeds against equally slow cars in a race to the finish line. Note that there is no reason why you are on this road trip. The control was the other shining part of the game, as it has the basic accelerate, brake and change view buttons, but don\'s start applauding-creating good controls for a driving game is not hard.

The game drags on for so long, if you can bear it for that long. A week is all it will attempt to entertain you for; any longer is pure death.

This game was meant for the cheescake and that alone. The driving engine is flawed and nearly everything else about this game is poor in quality.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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