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    Starchip Usage Guide by fconb2

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 09/14/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     e.      "$$$$$$$$F d$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$"    .e*"
                     ^*e.     "$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$$$$ '$$$$$$"    e*"
                       ^*e.    "$$$P*" $$$$$$$$$$$c ""*$$"
                          "     "   ..e$$$$$$$$$$$$ee...
                       ..ee$$$$$$$ AN EARLY USER'S GUIDE $$$$$$bee...  
                    ""**$$$|$$$   TO STARCHIP USAGE   $$$$$$$$$*""
                              ^"**$$$$$ VERSION 1.6 $$$$$$P*"
                  ********     .   ^"*$$$$$$$$$$$$$*"" .z.    .c.
                              z$$$ee. '$$$$$$$$$$$F ee$$$$c    ""**ec.
                             z$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$$ .$$$$$$$e        ""*-
                               Last update: 14th SEPT 2009
                                      ART BY Gilo94'
                                       - CONTENTS -
    [EWA]    A) Intro
    [EWB]    B) Never Spend Starchips
    [EWC]    C) Duplicating (3-Card method)
    [EWD]    D) Duplicating (Keybladder's method)
    [EWE]    E) Cheating (GameShark)
                                   - INTRO & UPDATES -                        [IAU]
    V1.0 13-JUL-03: Completed the entire guide (minus 4/d)
                    Submitted guide to GameFAQs.com
    V1.5 10-JAN-04: Added NeoSeeker to allowed sites
                    Added section 4/d (cheating)
    V1.6 05-JUL-06: Added keyblader1985's duplication method
    v1.7 14-SEP-09: Added disclaimer to Keyblader1985 method, other minor changes
    The reason im writing this guide is because, basically, i myself needed it. I
    wanted to know what the best card i could get in a certain type catagory, for
    a certain number of starchips. To discover this, i had to sweep through other
    FAQs, which consumed both time and effort (not to put anyone down -- i base my
    entire game strategy by some of the FAQs out there). This i did not like, for
    obvious reasons. So, i built this guide, so that i could progress through the
    game, purchasing only the best cards as i earnt my starchips.
                               - HOW TO USE THE GUIDE -                       [HWT]
    Well, say you wanted to know how to create a Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon with
    only 290 starhips, without lowering the standard of your deck. You can search
    through here, find the best Dragon type depending on your starchips, then find
    the best Thunder type, quickly and easily and without any fuss. By the way,
    those cards would be a Parrot Dragon (2000/1300) and Kaminari Attack
    Then, you'd use the starchip trick to purchase both cards, followed by my
    (exclusive) card duplicating trick to create another two of each type (see
    below, "THE EASY WAY"). You have two semi-powerful cards, at a pretty cheap
    price, which fuse together to make one of the best (or at least favourable)
    Or, if you just want to know what the best redeemable fairy type card is, you
    can search through here (with a quick Ctrl+F) for 'FAIRY', and discover that
    it's Gyakutenno Megami (1800/2000), for 500 chips.
                                 - THE VERY BEST CARDS -                      [TVB]
    The best possible card you can purchase has to be Jurai Gumo. If you do not own
    him by the time you get to 100 Starchips, then really missing out!! This
    monster has 2200 ATK points! However, he does only have 100 DEF points. But, he
    only costs 80 Starchips! Yes, that's 2200 ATK points for 80 Chips! His password
    is 94773007, by the way. Oh, and he's an insect type, so he won't fuse with
    anything. This card is just, really, a good beginner-deck card. It'll take you
    16 duels on S Rank to get him, so why not?
    The next best cards are the two given in my example above, the Parrot Dragon
    and Kaminari Attack, as they can be bought relatively easily, have good ATK
    points, and as mentioned, fuse to make Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, an awesome
    beast to use throughout virtually the entire game.
    Other than these three, there aren't too many other major bargains. The Dark
    Elf (2000/800 PWD=21417692) is a nice one at 160, but most other great cards
    are far too expensive, at 400 and above.
                                     - THE EASY WAY -                         [TEW]
      Use at your own risk. Playing with memory cards can lead to data
      loss and corruption. To date, i have recieved only one message of complaint,
      which stated that keyblader's method wiped a players memory card. I do not
      recommend his method, since it involves screwing with memory cards during
      the write process (which can often corrupt data).
    A) Intro [EWA]
      There are two methods of duplication; one requiring 3 memory cards, which
      was contained within the original version of this guide, and one requiring
      only two memory cards, which was later contributed by Keybladder1985.
      For the first duplication trick ('C'), the memory cards will be refered to as
      A, B and C. Memory card A is your main save card. B is your temporary storage
      card, and must have a different User ID to save A. It can be a new game save.
      Finally, C is your slave card. It has a duplicate save file from card A. This
      card will be used for acquiring cards and tricking the game system. It will
      have the same User ID as A.
      If you want to use the 'Never Spend Starchips' trick, you'll still need the
      three memory cards.
    B) Never Spend Starchips [EWB]
      First, make a duplicate of A onto card C (you may have already done this).
      Then, use your new C save to purchase your desired card.
      Next, save, then trade from C to B (you can't trade from C to A, as the player
      profile codes are the same). Now, all you need to do is trade from B to A!
      Congratulations, you've just cheated the system.
    C) Duplicating (3-Memory Card method) [EWC]
       * If you haven't already duplicated A onto C, do it now (see part 'a' below).
       * If you've just used the above trick, there's no need to make a new
         duplicate save file of A. Just use card C as it is.
       * Now, go onto TRADE, and load up cards A and B.
       * Once both cards have loaded, remove card A from it's slot, and replace it
         with card C, the duplicate.
       * Now, simply trade across the card(s) you wish to duplicate, from C to B.
       * This process will create the card data on B, and delete the data off of C.
       * The trick is, the system deletes the data from card C, if there's anything
         to actually delete, instead of deleting it from card A.
       * Exit TRADE mode.
       * Switch cards C and A (put A back in).
       * Now you can  trade the card(s) from B to A.
       * Repeat the process as many times as desired.
       This process is actually A LOT simpler than it looks, and a lot better at
       duplicating cards faster. 
       For those of you who don't care how it works, or don't understand all that
       mumbjo-jumbo above, here's a rough ASCII guide. The diagrams represent the
       console, with it's slots 1 and 2, and A, B and C represent the corresponding
       memory cards. The diagrams refer to the text below them.
      |   |               |
      |   |___ 1 ___ 2 ___|
      |        A     B
      | (a) Load the data in TRADE mode (from slot 1).
      |   |               |
      |   |___ 1 ___ 2 ___|
      |        C     B
      | (b) When the data's loaded, switch cards A and C.
      |   |               |
      |   |___ 1 ___ 2 ___|
      |        C     B
      | (c) Trade the desired card(s) from P1 (A's file) to P2 (B's file).
      | (d) Exit TRADE mode.
      |   |               |
      |   |___ 1 ___ 2 ___|
      |        A     B
      | (e) Re-insert A, re-load TRADE mode, and trade the card(s) from B to A.
      | (f) Repeat if nesseccary.
    D) Duplicating (Second method, by keyblader1985) [EWD]
       A dude called keyblader1985 emailed me with a new duplication method, so here
       it is. I haven't tested it myself, but HAVE recieved a complaint that it
       erased a player's save files. Apparently it works, but tampering with storage
       devices while they're actively in use can cause irrepairable damage. The
       description below is copy & pasted from the email I recieved.
       *Note: the ORIGINAL memory card with the card(s) to be duplicated will
        hereafter be called Memory Card 'A'; the other one will be 'B.'
        1. Save your file on A before going any further, just in case.
        2. Trade the desired card(s) from a to B.
        3. Load and Save File B (NOT File A!).
        4. Return to the Trade screen and prepare to trade any card (from either
           file), then press Trade, and pay close attention.
        5. When the screen says, 'Now Trading Cards' (or whatever it says; it's the
           second message that pops up in the box), wait EXACTLY three seconds, then
           reset the console.
        6. Load each file (don't worry about the warning, just load it anyway), and
           make sure the desired cards are on both of them.
        7. Now just trade from File B to A! Be sure to save on both files after
        8. Lather, rinse and repeat, to your heart's content.
        I know it sounds extremely dangerous, but I've NEVER had a problem in the
        three years I've been doing this. Like I said, feel free to put this in your
        guide, if you want.
      So that's keyblader1985's duplication method. From the sounds of it, it's
      perfect, and you don't need 3 memory cards, like my old one. But remember,
      it's theoretically dangerous and I've heard from someone who it fucked over.
      Sorry to diss you keyblader1985.
    E) Cheating (GameShark) [EWE]
      If you really can't (be bothered to) gather enough starchips to play
      (enjoyably), you can use a device known as a GameShark (GS), or an Action
      Replay (AR). Personally, I prefer an Xploder (earlier release was known as
      Xplorer), since it accepts pretty much every type of code, wether GS or AR.
      Note that different country regions need different codes. Note also the '[M]'
      (Master) codes. These are activation codes, required to make the other code(s)
      work. For more info. on how GameShark and other hex codes work, try a google
      search. There's plenty of information on them. I'd put it here, but it's
      rather irrelevant to this guides purpose.
      (North America, but see below)
      D0168188 023A
      8016818A 1000
      -Infinite Starchips-
      801D07E0 423F
      801D07E2 000F 
      Well, I did try to dig up some codes for other country regions and other
      devices, but, I couldn't. Sorry guys. I advise using an Xploder; I've used
      these on the UK Xploder, and they do work on the UK game version. If you
      can't afford a GameShake or Xploder, then you could always emulate your
      PSX disc on your PC. You can then use a cheating system emulator add-on to
      use the codes above. There are plenty out there; just use google to find them.
                                    - BEST CARDS LIST -                       [BCL]
    The list below is organised in catagories, by the card types, in
    alphabetical order. The cards are also in order of strongest to
    weakest attack points. I've tryed to make this list useful to anybody,
    regardless of their starchip number -- what i mean is, i've listed
    monsters from 999,999 chips to the highest ATK points below 500 s-chips.
    The types are (for cut-and-paste search):
     373 Suijin                               2500/2400 98434877 999999
     223 Roaring Ocean Snake                  2100/1800 19066538    550
     520 Turtle Bird                          1900/1700 72929454    400
     639 Amphibious Bugroth                   1850/1300 40173854    230
     714 Firewing Pegasus                     2250/1800 27054370 999999
     483 Garvas                               2000/1700 69780745   1000
     487 Flower Wolf                          1800/1400 95952802    260
     092 Rabid Horseman                       2000/1700 94905343 999999
     627 Nekogal #2                           1900/2000 43352213    550
     382 Rude Kaiser                          1800/1600 26378150    320
     509 Bracchio-Raidus                      2200/2000 16507828    800
     482 Pragtical                            1900/1500 33691040    320
     217 B. Skull Dragon                      3200/2500 11901678 999999
     358 Seiyaryu                             2500/2300 06740720   1700
     427 Kaiser Dragon                        2300/2000 94566432    900
     500 Dragon Seeker                        2100/2000 28563545    700
     383 Parrot Dragon                        2000/1300 62762898    290
     090 Gyakutenno Megami                    1800/2000 31122090    500
     582 Dark Witch                           1800/1700 35565537    350
     391 Zoa                                  2600/1900 24311372 999999
     022 Summoned Skull                       2500/1200 70781052 999999
     385 Bickuribox                           2300/2000 25655502    900
     471 Soul Hunter                          2200/1800 72869010    800
     401 Ushi oni                             2150/1950 48649353    700
     472 Air Eater                            2100/1600 08353769   1000
     085 King of Yamimakai                    2000/1530 69455834    350
     565 Man-Eating Black Shark               2100/1300 80727036    320
     437 Deepsea Shark                        1900/1600 28593363    350
     067 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth        3500/3000 48579379 999999
     057 Great Moth                           2600/2500 14141448 999999
     367 Jirai Gumo                           2200/ 100 94773007     80
     392 Metalzoa                             3000/2300 50705071 999999
     370 Labyrinth Tank                       2400/2400 99551425 999999
     390 Launcher Spider                      2200/2500 87322377 999999
     407 Machine King                         2200/2000 46700124    800
     409 Metal Dragon                         1850/1700 09293977    350
     594 Rose Spectre of Dunn                 2000/1800 32485271    500
     638 Queen of the Autumn Leaves           1800/1500 04179849    290
     529 Flame Cerberus                       2100/1800 60862676    550
     473 Vermillion Sparrow                   1900/1500 35752363    320
     400 Emperor of the Land and Sea          1800/1500 11250655    290
     051 Armored Lizard                       1500/1200 15480588 999999
     531 Mystical Sand                        2100/1700 32751480    500
     426 Stone D.                             2000/2300 68171737    900
     453 Millennium Golem                     2000/2200 47986555    800
     632 Stone Ogre Grotto                    1600/1500 15023985    230
     442 Aqua Dragon                          2250/1900 86164529    700
     443 Sea King Dragon                      2000/1700 23659124   1000
     073 Kairyu-Shin                          1800/1500 76634149    290
     707 Skull Knight                         2650/2250 02504891 999999
     035 Dark Magician                        2500/2100 46986414 999999
     372 Kazejin                              2400/2200 62340868 999999
     551 Dark Elf                             2000/ 800 21417692    160
     613 Twin-headed Thunder Dragon           2800/2100 54752875   1900
     371 Sanga of the Thunder                 2600/2200 25955164 999999
     458 Kaminari Attack                      1900/1400 09653271    290
     038 Gaia the Fierce Knight               2300/2100 06368038 999999
     033 Judgeman                             2200/1500 30113682   1000
     572 Empress Judge                        2100/1700 15237615    500
     378 Swordstalker                         2000/1600 50005633    400
     618 Warrior of Tradition                 1900/1700 56413937    400
     389 Giltia the D. Knight                 1850/1500 51828629    290
     467 Crimson Sunbird                      2300/1800 46696593    700
     465 Punished Eagle                       2100/1800 74703140    550
     522 Monstrous Bird                       2000/1900 35712107    550
     063 Harpie Lady Sisters                  1950/2100 12206212 999999
     521 Skullbird                            1900/1700 08327462    400
     564 Great Mammoth of Goldfine            2200/1800 54622031    800
     099 Pumpking the King of Ghosts          1800/2000 29155212    500
     545 Skelgon                              1700/1900 32355828 999999
     368 Shadow Ghoul                         1600/1300 30778711    180
                                   - USAGE/CONTACT -                          [USC]
    I don't care where this ends up, but please have the courtesy to give credit
    if it is due. I DID have a message saying "don't steal me guide etc", but
    people did, so fuck it, that wasn't very effctive. These sites had my
    permission for the first six years I still asked for it (so any other site
    hosting this guide likely did so without permission, 'cause this game is OLD):
      * GameFAQS.com
      * NeoSeeker.com
    In short, copy & paste whatever, but don't say my words are yours.
    EMAIL: FCONB2 (at) YAHOO (dot) CO (dot) UK
                                 - ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -                         [ACK]
    I would like to thank the following people for inspiring me to write this, or
    just for helping me throughout the game. I couldn't have done it without you!
    A B C
    Credit to DuelMasterNG especially, as i based the 'best cards' section on his
    list. And thank you to all you other guys and girls who've created these
    brilliant FAQs!!!
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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