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"Just a Wolrd Cup Ordinary Game"

Like i said, it's just an ordinary world cup game. There are only 2 options: World Cup and Friendly Matches. There are no other options like UEFA Cup, Champions, League Teams, League Tournaments, and the worst of it, You CAN'T change the groups. It's just the same as the 2002 World Cup. It would be a little better if you can change the group teams, like mixing up France with Argentina, Brazil, Spain, etc. but you can't. You're stick with the original 2002 groups, and that makes the game boring and ordinary. You can't create teams, nor editing players, creating players. You can only choose playing Day or Night, no raining. You can't choose the stadium you want to play in. In a friendly match you can't change the original formation, thing that really sucks.

The Game Level is very notable. Amateur is way easy, Professional is good playing with a weak team like Greece, but playing Professional with France will be like playing Amateur and so it is with World Class Level. Foul kicks are kind of weak.

The controls are the same. Loading is good. The Intro is very good, nothing like the game.

The graphics are Lame. The players look the same when there's a close up. The same height and weight. Beckham, Vieri, Klose are Bald, meanwhile Ronaldo, Rivaldo, the Nigerian, Senegal and Cameroon's Squad all look the same. The goalkeepers do the same stops and plays. Injured Players is the same as getting a red card. Cards are very often in the game no matter in what Strictness is the Referee. It Sucks. The only good thing that i like about is that there are a lot celebrations after goals, and also the crowd chanting. You can feel the emotion by playing when you're near scoring a goal.

The sound is the same. They had the same music all the freaking game, and the commentary is just the same as previous FIFA Games.

Also they forgot Netherlands, but didn't forget Israel, way cooooool!, and when you choose a team like Israel, Finland, or teams that didn't make it to the world cup, they just simply replace a originally qualified team. You don't have the choice to replace the team you want. It's their choice.

I mean why having this game when other FIFA Games have more options including World Cup.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/18/03, Updated 04/18/03

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