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    Translation Guide (JP) by Red Scarlet

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Final Fantasy I Translations (Sony Playstation)
                            Version 1.1 12/16/02 By Red Scarlet
                         By Red Scarlet (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com) 
    Version 1.0 12/12/02-Faq Created.
    Version 1.1 12/16/02-Added Battle Commands and Status Changes
         This FAQ is for personal use only. It cannot be altered without the 
    consent of the FAQ's owner (me), nor published in any magazines or any 
    reproducted form. This FAQ is not meant for sale and is copyright 2002 Red 
    Scarlet. If you want to use this FAQ on your Website or page, please email 
    me for permission (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com) Go to www.njstar.com to get the 
    Japanese text to display how it would on the game (or use some other kind of 
    Japanese text viewing program). 
         This FAQ is for anyone who has the recently released version of Final 
    Fantasy I for the Sony Playstation, and needs to know what the heck all the 
    names of items, magic, characters, or monsters are.  I assume you already 
    know the game, so there are very few actual strategies in this FAQ.  There 
    are already a few at Gamefaqs already made, so view one of those if you need 
    direction on where to go.
    The newest updates will always be at Gamefaqs.
         In pretty much all of the lists, the order of what things are in will 
    be: Japanese Kana that appears onscreen/romanized version/my 
    translation/name in the US version of FF1 on the NES, if it is different. 
    First up are the options at the title screen.
    ニューゲーム: Nyu-ge-mu (New Game) Starts a new game.
    ロードゲーム: Ro-doge-mu (Load Game) Continue off of a saved game from a     
                  Memory Card in either スロット: Surotto 1 (Slot 1) or 
                  スロット: Surotto 2 (Slot 2).
    メモファイル: Memofairu (Memo File) Load a game that was saved into the      
                  Playstation's memory.  Note that when the system is turned off 
                  that the Memory File will be gone.
         If you are starting a New Game, there are two modes you can play the 
    game in.  Choose either イージーモード: I-ji-mo-do (Easy Mode) or 
    ノーマルモード: No-marumo-do (Normal Mode).  After doing that, you will 
    arrive at the Character Select screen.   Choose your four characters out of 
    the six different types:
    せんし: Senshi (Warrior)/Fighter    
    シーフ: Shi-fu (Thief)
    モンク: Monku (Monk)/Bl Belt        
    あかまじゅつし: Akamajutsushi (Red Mage)
    しろまじゅつし: Shiromajutsushi (White Mage)
    くろまじゅつし: Kuromajutsushi (Black Mage)
    When the naming prompt appears, use this chart to pick the name you want (or 
    just use the English letters).
    あ=A   い=I   う=U   え=E   お=O     わ=Wa          を=wo           ん=-n
    か=ka  き=ki  く=ku  け=ke  こ=ko    が=ga  ぎ=gi   ぐ=gu   げ=ge   ご=go
    さ=sa  し=shi す=su  せ=se  そ=so    ざ=za  じ=ji  ず=zu  ぜ=ze  ぞ=zo
    た=ta  ち=chi つ=tsu て=te  と=to    だ=da  *=di?  づ=du  で=de  ど=do
    な=na  に=ni  ぬ=nu  ね=ne  の=no    ば=ba  び=bi  ぶ=bu  べ=be  ぼ=bo
    は=ha  ひ=hi  ふ=fu  へ=he  ほ=ho    ぱ=pa  ぴ=pi  ぷ=pu  ぺ=pe  ぽ=po
    ま=ma  み=mi  む=mu  め=me  も=mo    ぁ=a   ぃ=i   ぅ=u   ぇ=e   ぉ=o
    や=ya  ゆ=yu  よ=yo                  っ=*1  ゃ=-a  ゅ=-u  ょ=-o
    ら=ra  り=ri  る=ru  れ=re  ろ=ro    `      。     !     ?     ー
    *1=Used for a double consonant. Example: しっぽ: Shippo.  Use っ before the 
    letter to be doubled.
    ア=A   イ=I   ウ=U   エ=E   オ=O     ワ=wa         ヲ=wo         ン=-n
    カ=ka  キ=ki  ク=ku  ケ=ke  コ=ko    ガ=ga  ギ=gi  グ=gu  ゲ=ge  ゴ=go
    サ=sa  シ=shi ス=su  セ=se  ソ=so    ザ=za  ジ=ji  ズ=zu  ゼ=ze  ゾ=zo
    タ=ta  チ=chi ツ=tsu テ=te  ト=to    ダ=da  *=di?  ヅ=du  デ=de  ド=do
    ナ=na  ニ=ni  ヌ=nu  ネ=ne  ノ=no    バ=ba  ビ=bi  ブ=bu  ベ=be  ボ=bo
    ハ=ha  ヒ=hi  フ=fu  ヘ=he  ホ=ho    パ=pa  ピ=pi  プ=pu  ペ=pe  ポ=po
    マ=ma  ミ=mi  ム=mu  メ=me  モ=mo    ァ=a   ィ=i   ゥ=u   ェ=e   ォ=o
    ヤ=ya         ユ=yu         ヨ=yo    ッ=*1  ャ-a   ュ=-u  ェ=-e  ョ=-o
    ラ=ra  リ=ri  ル=ru  レ=re  ロ=ro    `      。     !     ?     ー
    *1=Used for a double consonant. Example: シッポ-: Shippo.  Use ッ before the 
    letter to be doubled.
    ABCDE abcde
    FGHIJ fghij
    KLMNO klmno
    PQRST pqrst
    UVWXY uvwxy
    Z0123 4567z
    89/@' . End
         The O button confirms, X button cancels.  Hit the Start button (same as 
    selecting End) after creating a name for each character, then hit Start 
    again after all 4 party members have been named.
    As soon as the game starts, hit the START button.  The menu screen shows up.
    Menu Screen
    Character 1's name  Type         アイテム: Aitemu (Item)
                                     まほう: Mahou (Magic)
    Pic HP current/HP max Level      そうび: Soubi (Equip)
        MP                           ステータス: Sute-tasu (Status)
                                     たいれつ: Tairetsu (Party Position)
    Character 2's name  Type         メモファイル: Memofairu (Memo File)
                                     コンフィグ: Konfigu (Config)
    Pic HP current/HP max Level
    Character 3's name  Type         Party's current location.
                                     Current ギル: Giru (Gil)
    Pic HP current/HP max Level      タイム: Taimu (Playing time)
        MP                           ポ: Po (Steps taken)
    Character 4's name  Type
                                     The four Elemental Crystals
    Pic HP current/HP max Level
    アイテム: Aitemu (Item Screen)
    There's only 3 options in the item screen, they are:
    つかう: Tsukau (Use)  せいとん: Seiton (Organize)  だいじなもの: Daijinamono 
                                                                     (Key Items)
         To arrange items in the order you want, just point at the item you want 
    to move and hit the O button, and then move the pointer to the spot you want 
    to move it to.  せいとん: Seiton (Organize) arranges items automatically but 
    in a specific order.
    まほう: Mahou (Magic Screen)
    The 2 options in the magic screen are:
    つかう: Tsukau (Use)  わすれる: Wasureru (Forget)
         Use わすれる: Wasureru (Forget) if you want to drop a spell so you can 
    buy a different one.  Hit the L2 button to go back a character, R2 to go 
    forward a character.
    そうび: Soubi (Equip Screen)
    The Equip Screen looks like this:
    そうび: Soubi (Equip) さいきょう: Saikyo (Optimum) はずす:Hazusu (Remove)
         Name  Level                ぶ き: Buki (Weapon)  Current weapon equipped
    Pic                             た て: Tate (Shield)  Current shield equipped
         Type                       あたま: Atama (Head)  Current helm equipped
                                    からだ: Karada (Body) Current armor equipped
         HP current/maximum         うで: Ude (Arm)       Current glove equipped
                                    こうげきりょうく: Kougekiryoku (Attack Power)
                                    めいちゅうりつ: Meichuuritsu (Hit %)         
                                    ぼうぎょうりょく: Bougyouryoku (Defense      
                                    かいひりつ: Kaihiritsu (Evade %)
         The L2 and R2 buttons go to the previous or next party member, 
         Numbers in yellow indicate an increase, white indicate no change, and 
    grey indicate a reduction.
    ステータス: Sute-tasu (Status)
         Name  Type
    Pic  Level いまのけいけんち: Ima no keikenchi (Current Experience)
               つぎのLVまでおと: Tsugi no LV madeoto (Exp for Level-up)
    HP current/max   
    LV1  c/m      
    LV2 ちから: Chikara (Power)      こうげきりょく: Kougekiryoku (Attack Power)
                       ...^          めいちゅうりつ: Meichuuritsu (Hit %)
    LV3 すばやさ: Subayasa (Agility) ぼうぎょうりょく: Bogyouryoku (Def Power)
                         ...^        かいひりつ: Kaihiritsu (Evade %)
    LV4 ちせい: Chisei (Intelligence)         
                      ...^           ぶ き: Buki (Current weapon equipped)
    LV5 たいりょく: Tairyoku (Vital) た て: Tate (Current shield equipped)
    LV6                    ...^      あたま: Atama (Current helmet equipped)
    LV7 こううん: Kouun (Luck)       からだ: Karada (Current armor equipped)
    LV8               ...^           う で: Ude (Current glove/ring equipped)
    The L2 and R2 buttons go to the previous or next party member, respectively.
    たいれつ: Tairetsu (Party Position)
    Change the order of the party.
    メモファイル: Memofairu (Memo File)
         Save the game right at the exact point you are at.  Be aware that it is 
    not a permanent save, as soon as the power is shut off, the information is 
    lost.   The information is kept during a soft reset 
    (L1+R1+L2+R2+Select+Start), however.
    コンフィグ: Konfigu (Config)
    エクストラせってい: Ekusutora settei (Extra Setup)
    カーソルいちきおく: Ka-soru ichikioku (Cursor Memory)
    メッセージそくど: Messe-ji sokudo (Message Speed)
    ウインドウカラー: Uindoukara- (Window Color)
    キーコンフィグ: Ki-konfigu (Key Config)
    サウンド: Saundo (Sound)
    バイブレーション: Baibure-shon (Vibration)
    おまけ: Omake (Extras)
    エクストラせってい: Ekusutora settei (Extra Setup)
    For the Extra Setup, you can either play in 
    オリジナル: Orijinaru (Original Mode) or
    エクストラ: Ekusutora (Extra Mode)
         Original Mode is closer to the original 8-bit version in certain 
    aspects, while the Extra Mode adds some updated changes.  The different 
    options are:
    オートターゲット: O-tota-getto (Auto-Target)  When Auto Target is ON, if two 
    characters attempt to attack the same monster and one character kills it, 
    the other character will attack a different monster.  When Auto Target is 
    OFF, the second character will attack air, wasting their turn.
    Xダッシュ: X Dasshu (X Button Dash) When this option is ON, you can run in 
    towns and dungeons while holding the X button.
    バトルほじょ: Batoruhojo (Battle Aid)  When this option is ON, several 
    spells and items that could not be used/had no effect in battle in the 
    orginal version now do.  Examples are: レイズ: Reizu (Raise)/Life, 
    アレイズ: Areizu (Arise)/Lif2, ストナ: Sutona (Stona)/Soft, and the 
    きんのはり: Kin no Hari (Gold Needle)/Soft item.
    バトルキーヘルプ: Batoruki-herupu (Battle Key Help) When this option is ON, 
    the game gives you informational messages about spells (how much 
    damage/recover a spell does on average), etc.
    カーソルいちきおく: Ka-soru ichikioku (Cursor Memory) You can set the battle 
    cursor in battle to either be set to しょき: Shoki (Initial) or 
    きおく: Kioku (Memory-set to the last command chosen).
    メッセージそくど: Messe-ji sokudo (Message Speed) Set the speed of the text 
    when you talk to characters.  
    1 is the fastest (はやい: Hayai), 4 is the slowest (おしお: Osoi).
    ウインドウカラー: Uindoukara- (Window Color) Set the color of the 
    background.  Red, Green, and Blue can each be set from 0-31.
    キーコンフィグ: Ki-konfigu (Key Config) Select ノーマル: No-maru (Normal) to 
    keep the default shortcuts, or choose カスタム: Kasutamu (Custom) to change 
    them to what you want.
    The defaults are:
    O Button: けってい/はなす/しらべる: Kettei/Hanasu/Shiraberu                  
    X Button: キャンセル/ダッシュ: Kyanseru/Dasshu (Cancel/Dash)
    Triangle Button: メニュー: Menyu- (Menu)
    The above 3 buttons cannot be changed.
    These buttons, however, can be changed.
    Square Button: アイテム: Aitemu (Item)
    R1: まほう: Mahou (Magic)
    L1: そうび: Soubi (Equip)
    No button assigned: ステータス: Sute-tasu (Status)
    No button assigned: たいれつ: Tairetsu (Party Position)
    R2: メモファイル/ページおくり: Memofairu/Pe-ji okuri (Memo File Page Open)
    L2: コンフィグ /ページおくり: Konfigu /Pe-ji okuri (Config Page Open)
         Hit the Start button after changing the buttons to what you want.
    The Select button will bring all keys to their defaults, while the X button 
    will go out of the Key Config screen.
    Battle Commands 
    たたかう: Tatakau (Fight)
    まほう: Mahou (Magic)
    アイテム: Aitemu (Item)
    そうび: Soubi (Equip)
    にげる: Nigeru (Flee)
    Status Changes and cures 
    ねむり: Nemuri (Sleep). 
            Target is asleep and cannot perform any actions.
            Wears off over time in the battle.  Also cured when the battle ends.
    くらやみ: Kurayami (Darkness). 
              Target is blinded and Hit % is lowered.
              Can be cured by the ブラナ: Burana (Lamp) spell.  Also wears
              off when the battle ends.
    ちんもく: Chinmoku (Silence).
              Target is unable to cast spells.
              Wears off when the battle ends.
    まひ: Mahi (Paralysis).
          Target is unable to move or act.
          Wears off over time in battle, also when the battle ends.
    どく: Doku (Poison). 
          Target loses HP every round and 1HP per step taken on the field.  
          Can be cured by どくけし: Dokukeshi (Antidote) or the 
          ポイゾナ: Poizona (Poisona) spell.
    せきか: Sekika (Stone). 
            Target is turned to stone.  Same as being dead (no experience        
            gained; game over if all are dead/stone).
            Can be cured by きんのはり: Kin no Hari (Gold Needle) or the
            ストナ: Sutona (Stona) spell.
    戦闘不能: Sentoufunou (Dead).
              Target is unable to fight in battle.  No experience gained;
              game over if all party members are dead/stone.
              Can be cured by visiting a Reviver in a town, or the 
              レイズ: Reizu (Raise)/アレイズ: Areizu (Arise) spells.
         That's it for now, unless I get enough emails about anything else or 
    any additions/changes. Thank you for reading my FAQ and email with any 
    questions (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com) or if you just want to talk to someone 
    about any of the Final Fantasy games, or any other games I have written 
    FAQ's for. 
    Copyright Red Scarlet, 2002.

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