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"Finally. They port the half-decent Final Fantasy games."

Perhaps I'm biased as an old-school gamer, but I've always thought that all of the Final Fantasies after IV were plain terrible. So they finally ported two of the better games. Thank you, Square.

Gameplay - 9/10.

It retains its good gameplay for both games. The only problem I have is the one I've always had -- it has random encounters. I've never liked those. It has its old-school gameplay style, and that can't help but be a plus. Also, unlike the Chrono Trigger remake, this one's loading times are half-decent. Yay!

Final Fantasy I - 10/10.

Final Fantasy II - 10/10.

Story - 10/10.

Storyline makes the RPG. That has always been my perspective on such things. Graphics aren't important, but if you just have those, they mean nothing. These two jewels are not lacking a good storyline. Complicated, but good. Some would argue that Final Fantasy I's storyline isn't as good as II's. This is true as far as the playable characters go, but the rest of the game presents a good story. So it balances.

Final Fantasy I - 9/10

Final Fantasy II - 11/10

Graphics - 7/10.

I'm sorry, but I just liked the NES graphics better. The sprite animations, however, are significantly better. So it creates a nice little contrast. Note that this is in comparison. In my opinion, the graphics are good stand-alone. Especially in Final Fantasy II.

Final Fantasy I - 5/10.

Final Fantasy II - 7/10.

Sound/Music - 10/10.

Perfect. The sheer nostalgia of the music, with the remix, is the type that sends you off in a dream world. I wonder if the soundtrack is out yet... For what sounds there are, they too are excellence.

Final Fantasy I - 10/10.

Final Fantasy II - 10/10.

Buy or Rent - Buy!

Granted, I'm unsure of places you could still rent this game. This game, as previously stated, is a true jewel. Buy it for your sake. Please. Who knows, this game could become rare one of these days...? Not to mention that you're not going to find these games anywhere else. I mean, you COULD emulate, but in my experience, that takes away from the fun.

Overall - 10/10.

The graphics are the only thing lacking in this game, and even then, not by much. I've never been much of a Final Fantasy fanboy, but good god...this game here has reinstated my faith not only in Final Fantasy, but in Square itself.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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