Where to train till my rookies are lvl 20?

  1. Someone help me i need to train my rookies till they are level 20 any suggestions on where to train?

    User Info: ChronoGuile

    ChronoGuile - 8 years ago

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  1. This is my recommendation, if strictly followed, the digivolve leveling up will be maximized and at its highest. For bosses, just use your digimon with high exp requirements for leveling up, and he alone must get all the exp.
    Also, at certain high digivolve level, you need to fight 5 wild digimons per my recommendation for your digimon to earn digivolve level (for example, Metalgreymon at lvl 95 wont earn new digivolve level while fighting a wild digimon, even if my regimen is followed, but, if you follow my regimen, fight 5 wild digimons then you earn one digivolve level).
    If you want to maximize your digivolve leveling up (actually there is a formula to it, and if someone wants to know about the formula, ask me, I am sure it works, because my digimon's digivolve level goes up all the time, 1 level per battle, except for boss battles and certain high levels as explained above, however) then here it goes:
    lvl 1-4: any opponent, as long as the digimon's exp at lvl 5 is at minimum (lower exp to get to lvl 5, the better)
    lvl 5: Woodmon (AS Kicking Forest, or kick Trees at AS Wind Prairie)
    lvl 6: Airdramon, Tyranommon, and Triceramon (AS Tyranno Valley)
    lvl 7: Cardmon (Yellow, 1 card, kick trees, AS Wind Prairie)
    lvl 8: Coelamon (fish at AS Plug Cape,AS Shell Beach)
    lvl 9: RedVeggiemon (AS Phoenix Bay, AS Ether Jungle)
    lvl 10: Apemon (AS Phoenix Bay,AS Ether Jungle)
    lvl 11-12: Seadramon (fish, AS Bulk Bridge) or Blue Cardmon (fish, AS Shell Beach)
    lvl 13: Flymon (AS Wire Forest Entrance after Suzaku Leader)
    lvl 14-15: Green Woodmon (AS Ether Jungle, AS South Cape)
    lvl 16: Baronmon (AS Protocol Forest after Suzaku Leader)
    lvl 17: Yellow Cardmon (kick trees, AS Bulk Swamp, AS Phoenix Bay)
    lvl 18: Shellmon (Fish, AS Plug Cape, AS Plug Cape perse)
    lvl 19-20: Dolphmon (AS Seabed, Fish, AS South Badlands)
    lvl 21: White Airdramon (AS Noise Desert)
    lvl 22: Vademon (AS Mobius Desert), Maildramon (AS Mobius Desert)
    lvl 23: Thundermon (AS Dum Dum Factory)
    lvl 24: Divermon (Fish or Seabed, AS Divermon's Lake), Andromon (AS Dum Dum Factory)
    lvl 25: Numemon (AS Dum Dum Factory Sewers), Mamemon (AS Dum Dum Factory)
    lvl 26: Sukamon (AS Dum Dum Factory Sewers)
    lvl 27: Cyclonnemon (Asuka City Sewers), Cardmon (Fish, AS West Sector), Gesomon (AS Seabed, AS Asuka City Seabed)
    lvl 28-29: Tortomon (AS Bulk Bridge after beating Game Master)
    lvl 30: Green Kuwagamon (AS Wire Forest Entrance after beating Game Master)
    lvl 31: Musyamon (AS Catacombs)
    lvl 32: Green Musyamon (Bug Maze)
    lvl 33: Green Minotarumon (Bug Maze)
    lvl 34: Blossomon (AM East Wire Forest), Ebidramon (AM Divermon's Lake)
    lvl 35: MegaSeadramon (AM Bulk Bridge), White Seadramon (AM Bulk Bridge), Mummymon (AM Protocol Ruins), Gargoylemon (AM Protocol Forest & Ruins)
    lvl 36: Deltamon (AM Tyranno Valley)
    lvl 37: Blue ShogunGekomon (Zhu Que UG Lake)
    lvl 38: Cherrymon (AM Ether Jungle)
    lvl 39: SkullSatamon (AM Catacombs)
    lvl 40: Octomon (AS Lake of Ice Seabed), Pink Raremon (Circuit Board)
    lvl 41: Flarerizamon, Meramon, Red Triceramon (AS Boot Mountain)
    lvl 42: Fugamon (Kulon Mine, Kulon Pit)
    lvl 43: Icemon (AS Lake of Ice)
    lvl 44: Rockmon / Dark Drimogemon (Circuit Board)
    lvl 45: LadyDevimon (AM N Badland W, Bullet Valley)
    lvl 46: Giromon, White Guardromon (AM Dum Dum Factory)
    lvl 47: final forms of Cardmon both kick and fish (fish AM West and North Sector, kick AM West (not sure) and North Sector)
    lvl 48: Pink Ebidramon (fish, AM Central Park)
    lvl 49: Lynxmon (AM Fire Dungeon), Antylamon (AM Ice Dungeon)
    lvl 50 & +: Black Scorpiomon (fish, AM Lake of Ice)

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  1. Asuka Jungle Shrine is a good place.

    User Info: Med_Jai

    Med_Jai - 8 years ago 0 8
  2. Your Digimon are probably too weak for Jungle Shrine. I usually fish Seadramon in Kicking Forest till lv15. After that, if I'm strong enough, I fish Shellmon in South Cape. After level 20, a good place to train is the Pelche Oasis in West Sector (fish Dolphmon).

    User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

    ChaosBeelzemon (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 3
  3. Phoenix Bay is good. Fishing there is easy and if you stay next to Suzaku City you can quickly leave when you need to restock or you've emptied the waters.

    User Info: HalfMillennium

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  4. Tyrano valley in Asuka server is a good place until probably level 13. After that I move to phoenix bay or bulk bridge until fifteen, and then stay at south cape or in north badlands until level 20. But it all depends on your digimon's personal strengths, tolerances, and equipment.

    User Info: theforgotten9

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  5. If you've got a Renamon with a lot of spirit and who knows thunder gemini you can fish at divermon's lake > divermons, it's also possible to fish here if you've got a hookmon with fish buster else it isn't a very good idea to train here

    User Info: hikarinotenchi

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  6. Ive found if you have Renamon, or kyubimon at an early level, who know an ice move(Renamons special is ice) train JUST renamon (Unless anything else has an ice move) in Plug Cape for the early stages.

    User Info: terminator567

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  7. I actually do this:
    Level 1-10 : Central Park
    Level 10-15 : West Wire Forest (After you go to Wire Forest Entrance)
    Level 15-20 : Plug Cape (Only where the boy kicks trees)

    User Info: digimonanswerme

    digimonanswerme - 7 years ago 0 5
  8. actully i just tryed this out myself nd kinda got a Mega at 13Hours game play but u gotta know how 2 make a Fast and Strong Elemental Renemon

    1-4 anything in Central Park
    4-13 ul need the Fishing Rod here and just fish in the same area since its easy let 2 the city u can easily rest or stock ur items
    13-40 (long i know) if u can make her decent with her elemental attack u can easily takeout Divermon in 2 attacks at lv13 (without digivolving) nd it can make the game abit easier if u wanna do it with a mega for the entire story

    but if u wanna get ur other 2 Digimon (or more from the DNA guys) go 2 stronger guys later in the game and then have the one u want 2 level up as ur first digimon most likely they wont get the first attack but if u revive them they still get the XP even tho theydidnt attack

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  9. almost forgot i did it like that just 2 get all the Mega Digimon cards without doing any of the story saves me fighting stronger CARDMON

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  10. 1-5 central park, any finishing move will 1 hit kill anything there

    5-10 fishing in central park, plug cape or shell beach, if you have ice spells you can also go to Tyranno Valley (spelling?) or plug cape (on the high area, not on the beaches) and kill dinosaurs

    10-15 fish in Kicking Forest for Seadramon or keep yourself in Tyranno Valley if you can't beat Seadramon yet

    15-20 well, Seadramon if you wanna stay in central sector till 20 lv. If you have any Digivolution with electric dmg attack, fish in divermon lake, they give by far most exp in central sector at the beginning. If you can't kill it in 2 hits forget it, it mostly runs away, and 1 attack he does damages you nicely, and is only annoying. So only either, very high strength with best available weapon, or electric tech will do.

    Also, if you want some good evolution digimons before you get to south sector, I warmly recommend Divermons for them. My example:
    got Renamon to lv 25, Kyubimon to 40, Angewomon to 50, Rosemon to 99 and it was all 1-2 battles - lv, except for Rosemon after 85. Closely to lv 99 it was even 7-8 battles per level. However, getting Phoenixmon is very sexy since he has 1awesome tech - full heal, which will save you a lot of time for training, since you wont have to go back to inn/town so often. Also, at, lets say lv. 18 bosses in Protocol Ruins and on top of Tyranno Valley are nice exp boost. (tho you can kill them easily much before that)

    As for later on, I don't recommend Numemon (ether jungle - shrine place) at all, his exp is not that impressive, and he's only annoying. By the time when killing him will be piece of cake, you'll be able to kill much more exp worthy digimons them him.

    User Info: ChakaZG

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  11. You'd probably do best fishing if you're strong enough. Also, try to fish in areas that have Cardmon, if you also like to card battle.

    This person probably doesn't play anymore... :P

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  12. i actually do this every game:(1-5)Central Park
    (5-10)Wire Forest(all zones)
    (10-15)Fishing in Kicking Forest
    (15-20)Trained in Divermon Lake

    User Info: facu315

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  13. 1-5 Central Park
    6-15 Tyranno Valley
    15-20 South Cape

    User Info: Imperialdramonz

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  14. Muhahaha...........

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  15. 1-3 Central Park (Kunemon and Tapirmon)
    3-5 Wire Forest (Kunemon, Tapirmon and Kuwagamon)
    5-10 Protocol Forest (Dokugumon) <- At this point, you are getting spider web for fishing rod
    10-15 Tyranno Valley (Airdramon, Tyrannomon and Triceramon)
    15-20 BIOS Swamp (Coelamon, Seadramon and Tree Cardmon)

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