Where do i find the blue card?

  1. I just got the fake one so where do i find the real ones?

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    infernoflare657 - 8 years ago

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  1. First go to Seiryu City and find Guilmon there. He'll tell you that Tricky Guilmon likes to hide in dark basements. Go to the Forest Inn and enter its basement. You'll find Tricky Guilmon in there. After a conversation he'll give you the real card.

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  1. If you go to the lower level where Guilmon was, you'll find he's not there.
    Hmm.... You now have two choices. You can scour the city for him, or you can
    trust me when I tell you tha Guilmon is at the Inn, on the second floor in one
    of the top bunks. Either way you go, you will eventually end up at the Inn.

    Guilmon tells you that he doesn't have the Blue Card, but that his cousin does,
    and he's on his way to Seiryu City. Said cousin is hungry, however, and may
    stop somewhere to eat. Typical. Time to backtrack to Seiryu City. On the way,
    though, let's take a peek inside the one place to stop and rest between here
    and there--namely the Inn in the East Wire Forest.


    Sure enough, There's a Guilmon upstairs. of course, this one doesn't have th
    Blue Card either. That would have been too convenient, I guess. The one who
    does is in Seiryu City, according to this guy. Well, what are you waiting for?
    Get going!


    The Guilmon you're looking for is in Zephyr Tower at the Inn. He's Tricky
    Guilmon, and he hands over the card when you talk to him. SOmething about this
    doesn't feel right.... Anyway, go back to East Station to register your account
    and take the gondola to SOuth Sector.


    Poke the terminal, but it won't let you register. Junior stands around confused
    for a minute, then realizes that Tricky Guilmon gave him the 8lue Card, not the
    Blue Card. Yes, Junior, you've been had. The funny thing is, the item shows up
    in your inventory as the 8lue Card, but even if you check and notice the
    descrepancy you can't do anything about it. Screwy, ain't it? Let's go have
    a...talk...with that Guilmon.


    The Tricky Guilmon is gone, but you'll find a more honest one up by Seiryu
    Tower. This one tells you that Tricky Guilmon just left town. He likes it
    underground, so he's probably hiding in a basement with lots of ghosts. There's
    one place that fits the description perfectly--the basement of the Forest Inn.


    You'll find Tricky Guilmon all the way at the bottom of the basement. Talk to
    him and he;ll give you the real Blue Card. If you check your inventory (it's
    listed under Important Items) you'll see that he did indeed give you the real
    thing this time. It would be a good idea to rest up and save here before
    returning to East Station.


    Before you use the terminal, make sure that your strongest Digimon is out
    front. There's a rather nasty boss battle coming up, and you won't have another
    chance to set things up. WHen you're satisfied, go tot he terminal and register
    your account with the real Blue Card. After registration is complete, Junior
    automatically boards the gondola.

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