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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Divinesage

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/31/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.3 (31/07/2002)
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright Divinesage (Lee Kuan Hui) and can only
    be printed or saved into your computer for personal use. It may not be
    sold, edited, or gaining profit by any means. If you want to post this
    FAQ/Walkthrough on your website, please e-mail me at
    leekuanhui@hotmail.com and give me credit for the work.
    1.  Version History
    2.  Game Basics
    3.  Walkthrough
    4.  Side-Quests
    5.  Monster List
    6.  Boss Section
    7.  Digimon Partner Guide
    8.  Shop Items Listing
    9.  Card Listing
    10. Credits
    Version 1.0
    Added the walkthrough up to the underground cave, two side-quests, an
    incomplete monster list and boss section. (25/06/2002)
    Version 1.1
    Fixed a glaring error, edited the monster list and boss section and
    written the walkthrough up to just before fighting Bulbmon(2).
    Version 1.2
    Completed the walkthrough, added some digimon to the monsters and boss
    Version 1.3
    Added the Digimon Partner Guide an changed some of the walkthrough
    contents. Everything's going slow due to tons of schoolwork.(31/07/2002)
    Here are the basics of the game but you won't see things like press
    Start to open up the menu and such.
    Before starting on a journey, be sure to have at least 10+ Power
    Charges, some recovery disks and a couple of life disks.
    If you know you are crossing to another sector, be sure to buy at least
    two to three times your normal journey because you'll never know whats
    in stall for you ahead.
    If your digimon's levels are low, you might also want to bring more of
    these curative items.
    Whenever you reach a city, don't rush to buy new equipments. You'll
    waste your money. Instead, buy equipments every two cities or so unless
    you are in a difficult situation, you are a spendthrift and you have a
    lot of money or its a really good weapon.
    Kusagani City
    You start at Kusagani City. Now you are waiting for Teddy and Ivy but
    while you are waiting, you hear the terrorist group A.o.A have been
    captured. Teddy and Ivy come out and after some dialogue, you will be
    automatically brought to the Digimon Center. At the Digimon Center, you
    will be able to choose one of three starter packs that contain three
    digimon each and you will be able to select your name when you enter
    Digimon Online.
    Main Lobby
    You arrive at Asuka City. Head to the main desk in front to collect your
    digimon. Teddy and Ivy (now Kail) will talk to you. After that head out
    to the city.
    Asuka City
    Immediately after you head out, Tamer Genji will get into a battle with
    you. Here, you will learn about the basics of battle. Don't worry its
    not very tough. After the battle, Tamer Genji will ask you to go to the
    Digimon Lab to learn more about them. You will then be automatically
    sent to the Lab.
    Digimon Lab
    Here in the lab, you will see two navis and Doctor Kadomatsu. The navis
    will give you important information about digimon so pay attention.
    Dr Kadomatsu will change digivolution types, load techniques and show a
    digimon chart of what your digimon has. Later on in the game you will
    meet Piximon who can do the same task. After this, leave the lab.
    Asuka Inn
    In Asuka City, you'll find an inn. Gatomon will heal your digimon to
    full. This will cost 8 BITS per digimon. Guardromon will save your game.
    The Smith's
    Next to the inn is the Smith's Shop. Wizardmon will sell you curative
    items. Gomamon runs the Pawn Shop, and will sell you rings
    that will increase your stats. Gargomon will sell you equipment for your
    Lamb Chop
    Next to the Smith's Shop, if you head down the ladder, you will see a
    door. It is a pub called the Lamb Chop. Here you will be given some
    useful information about the game.
    Underground Path
    In the inn, head down the ladder. The left exit leads you to the Lamb
    Chop while the right one leads you to the underground path. Head to the
    Underground Path. Exit to the right part of the path to the Asuka Sewers
    and collect 300 BITS. Then exit the sewers and take the left path. Here
    you'll find yourself in the lower part of Asuka City.
    Yellow Cruiser
    Here, Divermon will hand you a folder to play and store digimon cards.
    Then talk to the tamers there they will give you useful information on
    how to play cards.
    El Dorado
    You can't enter here yet until later in the game.
    Cargo Tower
    There's nothing here but later in the game something good will be held
    Asuka Bridge
    Nothing here until later in the game.
    Central Park
    Here you'll meet with random battles. Leomon's gym is also here. You'll
    need TP (Training Points) to train your digimon. Each time your digimon
    levels up you'll get 5 TP. Head up the ladder that leads to Leomon's gym
    and down the other one to get a Power Charge. You might want to train
    your digimon till they're about level 3-5 before continuing on because
    the enemies are tougher there. Head to Shell Beach which is through the
    bottom-left exit.
    Shell Beach
    Talk to the old man here. He'll tell you to get a pole, a string and a
    hook so that he can make you a fishing rod. More information about the
    Fishing Rod in the Side-Quest Section.
    Plug Cape
    The exit north-east of the Central Park near the ladder to the top of
    the gym leads to the Plug Cape. Here, you'll see a boy kicking a
    'Kicking Tree'. He'll tell you about Cardmon and the Tree Boots. He
    tells you that if you want to get the Tree Boots, you'll have to find
    his lost Gabumon Card. More in formation about the Tree Boots at my
    Side-Quests Section.
    Wire Forest Entrance
    East from Central Park the the Wire Forest Entrance. There's nothing
    here so head on to the West Wire Forest.
    West Wire Forest
    Here, you'll find tamers that would card battle you. They would only
    digimon battle you if your digimon are in higher levels. Head on to East
    Wire Forest.
    East Wire Forest
    Here, you'll meet more tamers. To the north is Protocol Forest and to
    the south is the Forest Inn.
    Forest Inn
    In the Forest Inn, you can rest or save your game here. Gatomon will
    charge 12 BITS for resting.
    Divermon's Lake
    East of the Wire Forest is Divermon's lake. Head down the ladder to the
    left of the bridge and help the Divermon there. You'll receive the Red
    Snapper for rescuing him.
    Wind Prairie
    To the north of Wind Prairie is Seriyu City, to the east is Kicking
    Forest. Head to Seriyu City for now.
    Seriyu City
    In here, you can find shops and inns.
    Zephyr Tower
    Here, you can find Gatomon who will charge you 16 BITS for resting.
    Wizardmon will be selling curative items and Gargomon will be selling
    better equipment than in Asuka City.
    Seriyu Tower
    You'll find Piximon and Guardromon here. Head up the stairs and continue
    along the path until you reach the boy. He will tell you that the Seriyu
    Leader is training at the Protocol Ruins. Head to Protocol Ruins.
    Protocol Jungle
    Here you can find Dokugumon which will drop Spider Web after beating
    them. The Spider Webs are used for making the Fishing Rod. Look at my
    Side-Quests section for more information. Move east and pass through the
    confusing maze of leaves that prevent you from seeing the path and you.
    Head into the temple.
    Protocol Ruins
    This place looks as if it's confusing but fret not it is easy once you
    know the place and I, Divinesage will guide you through this place. ^_^
    Take the right path and continue walking along the path until you reach
    some steps. Walk up the steps. You'll see Pharoahmon there. If you have
    a lot of Power Charges and you're confident , then talk to him to enter
    a boss battle. He's not an easy opponent unless you have a few Power
    Charges and your digimon's levels are about 7-9. Or else head down the
    steps and take the path right of Pharoahmon. There, you'll find a ledge
    which you can jump down. Continue along the path and you'll meet up with
    Seriyu Leader. He tells you to beat MasterTyrannomon in the Tyranno
    Valley. Jump down the ledge and continue along the zig-zag path back to
    the entrance.
    Kicking Forest
    Before heading here, you might want to take a rest at Seriyu City
    because the enemies here are starting to get tougher. Take the path
    leading upwards and you'll reach Tyranno Valley.
    Tyranno Valley
    This place should be rather straight forward. Just take the long ladder
    and keep heading west until there's only one path left. You'll soon meet
    with MasterTyrannomon. See my Boss Section on tips on beating him. After
    beating MasterTyrannomon, he'll give you the Old Claw. It will be a very
    powerful items later on so keep it or you can equip it on your digimon.
    Head back to Seriyu City.
    Seriyu City
    Heal and save your game because you're gonna battle with Seriyu Leader.
    Head to Seriyu Tower and enter the exit through the path upstairs. The
    Seriyu Leader is not really difficult but he still might knock out one
    or two of your digimon. See my Boss Section on details on beating him.
    After you beat him, he'll give you the Seriyu Badge.
    Kicking Forest
    Take the south path now to head to the East Station.
    East Station
    In here access the machine but it will say that you need a Blue Card to
    activate the gondola.
    Seriyu City
    Talk to Guilmon in the city but he'll say he doesn't have the Blue Card.
    Asuka Inn
    Head to Asuka Inn 2F and talk to Guilmon there. He will say that he
    doesn't have the Blue Card and another Guilmon has it.
    Forest Inn
    Here, you'll find another Guilmon. He'll also say that he doesn't have
    the Blue Card and that the Guilmon with the Blue Card is in Seriyu City.
    It's really a nice time walking up and down right? :)
    Zephyr Tower
    Here in Zephyr tower, you'll find Tricky Guilmon. He'll give you the
    Blue Card. Now head to East Station to go to the South Sector.
    East Station
    Access the machine once again but what's this... the Blue Card cannot be
    confirmed and the Blue Card is actually a 8lue Card!! Head to Seriyu
    Seriyu City
    Talk to the Guilmon near the windmill and he'll tell you that Tricky
    Guilmon is hiding in a place with ghosts.
    Forest Inn BF
    Head to the Forest Inn. Take the ladder leading to the basement and walk
    all the way to the end. You'll find Tricky Guilmon hiding there.
    He'll give you the real Blue Card this time round so don't worry.
    East Station
    Before heading here, you should rest and save your game as well as stock
    up on curative items. Because there's gonna be a tough battle ahead.
    Access the control and you'll be able to activate the gondola.
    Deeper Crevice
    Along the way, the gondola suddenly stops. After some rocks fall, a big
    'squarish round rock' (never heard before right :P) will block your way.
    And it will suddenly attack you. See my Boss Section on how to beat him.
    After hitting him down to critical, he'll escape. And the gondola will
    continue moving.
    South Station
    There's nothing to do here except for battling the tamer here.
    Bulk Swamp
    Another tamer here.
    Bulk Bridge
    Here's the path splits up into three different routes. The north-west
    path before the bridge leads to Tranquil Swamp. The south path leads to
    Jungle Grave while the south-east path leads to Bios Swamp.
    Tranquil Swamp
    You should head here before going to anywhere else. There's an inn here.
    The Gatomon charge 32 BITS for each digimon. If you head to the Shaman
    House you'll hear some 'ghost sounds' so leave this place. If you're
    having trouble fighting the enemies at Bulk Swamp, you might want to
    spend some time training here or in Bios Swamp. After this, head to the
    Jungle Grave.
    Jungle Grave
    This place will give you the creeps. Especially when you meet Musyamon.
    You would have a very slim chance of beating him. But don't worry, you
    won't meet him very often. Talk to Zambamon and he will challenge you to
    a battle. Your digimon will get trashed up by him and run away.
    Tranquil Swamp
    Talk to Gatomon and she will talk about Zambamon and Sepikmon. Head to
    the Shaman House and you'll talk with Sepikmon. He'll ask you to find
    his mask. Head to Bulk Swamp.
    Bulk Swamp
    Kail will tell you that she saw a digimon with an amazing face
    (Baronmon) go to the East Sector. So you'll have to head there.
    Seriyu City
    Agumon here will tell you that Baronmon likes forests and jungles so you
    should know where to go next.
    Protocol Ruins
    Head to the right to the zig-zag path. You'll eventually reach a ladder.
    Climb up and you'll see Baronmon. He'll tell you that Sepikmon went to
    Asuka City.
    Asuka Bridge
    Before heading into Asuka City, go right from the bridge and you'll see
    Sepikmon. He'll tel you that he found his mask and he won't tell you how
    to chase Zambamon away.
    Divermon's Lake
    Head to Divermon's Lake. Go to the place where there are some kicking
    trees after the bridge. You'll find a path covered by the trees. Go into
    that path and talk to the man there. He'll say that people are very rude
    and that Etemon just took away his shield saying that it was his. Head
    to Asuka City.
    Asuka City
    Head to the place where the old couple who said they wanted to become
    digimon. You'll find Etemon there. He'll run away after you mention the
    mask. Go to the Asuka Sewers and you'll find him. He'll hand over the
    mask. Now you should know where to go.
    Shaman House
    Sepikmon will give you the Smelly Herb to chase away Zambamon after he
    takes off his plastic bag ^_^ and puts on his mask.
    Jungle Grave
    Talk to Zambamon and he'll run away after realising you have the Smelly
    Herb. Continue on to Phoenix Bay.
    Phoenix Bay
    Nothing to do here except north is Suzaku City and east is Ether Forest.
    Head to Suzaku City.
    Suzaku City
    Stock up on items and equipment before fighting with Suzaku Leader. If
    you're at level 15 or you have an ultimate in your party the battle
    should be very easy. She'll give you the Suzaku Badge after you defeat
    here. After the battle, she'll tell you that to get to the West Sector,
    you'll have to find the Digi-Egg of Reliability to find Submarimon. Just
    after you come out of teh door, Kail wll come and tell you that Teddy is
    missing and he said he's in the Admin Center.
    Asuka City
    You and Kail will attempt to enter the Admin Center but the DO Guard
    will chase you out. Kail then asks you to walk around the city asking
    how to get into the Admin Center. THe digimon will tell you that only
    lost digimon will become digimon. Head over to the old couple. You'll
    find them in agumon suits. They will tell you that etemon gave it to
    them. Just then etemon came but after some taking, he runs away. Head to
    the sewers and you'll find a man. Talk to him then talk to Kail and she
    will tell you that etemon is actually the man in the sewers. Head to the
    sewers and the man will own up. He'll give you two agumon suits as an
    apology. Now you can enter the Admin Center.
    Admin Center
    Head right and just follow the path up the flight of stairs until you
    meet Kail. Both of you will enter the Master Room and hide at one corner
    while listening to what the Game Master is saying. GBut you will get
    caught and the Game Master asks you some questions. She will then ask
    you to find Lucky Mouse in the West Sector and capture him. Head to
    South Sector.
    Phoenix Bay
    Talk to the girl in hare and she'll tell you about the Digi-Egg. She
    will tell you that it is located behind the shrine in Bios Swamp. Head
    over to there.
    Bios Swamp
    When you arrive here, check the shrine but you'll find that the Digi-Egg
    is hidden in a crack in the wall. And Sepikmon should know what to do.
    So now its time to pay a visit to Sepikmon in the Tranquil Swamp.
    Shaman House
    Sepikmon will tell you that Baronmon will be able to help you so head
    over to the Protocol Ruins.
    Protocol Swamp
    Baronmon will tell you to get a TNT Bomb so that he can make a TNT Chip
    to blow up the crack in the wall. Triceramon have the TNT Bomb and they
    are found in the cliffs in Plug Cape or Tyranno Valley. If you have that
    just talk to him again and you'll get the TNT Chip.
    Bios Swamp
    Junior will plant the bomb and blow up the crack. Head inside to get you
    very own Digi-Egg of Reliability. ^_^ From here you can go to the Suzaku
    UG Lake and get the Crossbow, head to Ether Jungle to go to the West
    Sector or use the dock in Bulk Swamp to go to Central Park. (The digimon
    (Gesomon)underwater are very tough.
    Ether Jungle
    You can find WarGrowlmon here. He's standing at a concealed path just
    south of the Jungle Temple. Or else head on east to South Cape. Do not
    go in to the Jungle Temple unless your levels are about 20+ or you want
    an easy death in the hands (or rather slime) of the blue Numemon. But
    they do give decent experience.
    South Cape
    The Shellmon here give nice experience and Garudamon's gym is here too.
    Head to the dock to summon Submarimon.
    Plug Cape
    From here just take Submarimon to West Sector.
    South Badlands
    You'll find Nick here again but this time nothing special will happen.
    Continue on to Noise Desert and head north-east. You'll see Numemon
    walking out of the direction you want to go and warning you of the
    dangers there. But just head on.
    North Badlands E
    If you arrived here, be sure to train Machine Tolerance (Missle Defense)
    as Togemon's gym is the second best in the Asuka Server. After training,
    head west.
    North Badlands W
    The enemies here are very tough quickly move to the west.
    Pelche Oasis
    You can rest and save here then continue on south-west.
    Noise Desert
    Follow the psth then head north. You'll see Numemon walking and he'll
    warn you about going into the city. But just ignore him and enter the
    Byakko City
    Lots of soldiers here. Just continue along the path until you reach teh
    leader. Defeat him and the leader will ask you to get the Byakko Badge
    in the room. You will be trapped in the room and the floor will start to
    fall off. And you will end up in an Underground Cave
    Underground Cave
    The soldiers (actually A.o.A.) will prevent you from going up into the
    city so head down to the bottom-right of the screen. Numemon will appear
    and rescue you.
    Bullet Valley
    The enemies are much tougher here. Make your way south to the North
    Badlands W.
    North Badlands W
    Head east to Pelche Oasis.
    Pelche Oasis
    Better save and train here because the route ahead will be extremely
    tough.(If you have little to no more curative items, I suggest you head
    back to Central or South Sector) Head south to Noise Desert.
    Noise Desert
    Continue heading south to S Noise Desert.
    S Noise Desert
    Talk to Agumon and Guilmon twice then head south to the Mobius Desert.
    Mobius Desert
    This place can be very confusing if you don't know the way. So, follow
    my instructions very carefully unless you want to be stuck in the desert
    and die there or by luck, reach the Mirage Tower or the S Noise Desert.
    There are four corners in this area. Northwest, northeast, southwest and
    southeast. Head southwest, then northwest, then southwest again, then
    northwest and finally, northwest again.
    If you follow this you should reach the Mirage Tower easily.
    Mirage Tower
    In here, you can heal, buy equipments and save but you can't buy any
    items. :( After this, head up the ladder to challenge the leader.
    The Byakko leader is quite tough and you should have quite a big number
    of curative items because his digimon's attacks can stun your digimon.
    After beating him he'll give you the Byakko Badge and asks you to find
    Numemon in the Dum Dum Factory. Head back all the way to the Bullet
    Valley. Go opposite from how you to get out from the Mobius Desert.
    Bullet Valley
    From here, just head north until you reach a road and just follow the
    road to the Dum Dum Factory.
    Dum Dum Factory
    When you enter here, you will see Numemon, he runs away after seeing
    you. The digimon here are quite tough as they can paralyse you. To
    counter this, buy a few life rings so that the chances of paralysis
    (frozen) is decreased. Follow the route and you'll see Numemon enter a
    room. Head into the room but Numemon is nowhere in sight. Take the items
    in the box and leave. Countinue on up the second ladder and just head
    right. You'll see Numemon again. This time, he escapes into another
    room. Enter that room to take that treasure. After that, head out to the
    stairs. Go up and go one big round to the other side of the factory.
    Then drop off from the lower platform. Continue walking on until you
    find Numemon again. Enter that room and get that treasure. Then exit and
    go to the stairs. You'll see Numemon enter a fourth room. Enter the room
    to get the treasure again. After this, head back to the place where you
    seen Numemon for the third time and go to the far-end of that area. From
    here on just walk around this area until you see Numemon for the fifth
    (and last) time. You'll see him enter the Operations Room. Enter the
    room and talk to HiAndromon there you enter a boss battle. It's not an
    easy battle and you should have at least 3 Life Disks because his Atomic
    Ray KO's you instantly. After the battle, HiAndromon gives you the Sewer
    Key. Now head to the place where you jumped down from the platform and
    head left. You will see Numemon enter the Secret Stairs. Follow him
    Secret Stairs
    Nothing here. Just go down the stairs to the Sewers.
    Nothing much here, just follow the path until you reach the ladder.
    Here, you better heal because you're gonna enter a boss battle very
    soon. Carry on up the ladder and the path until you see Lisa beibg
    terrorized by WaruMonzaemon. You'll get into a boss battle with him.
    After the battle Numemon will appear and he'll revela him self as...
    Lucky Mouse!!!! He'll tell you that he is the good guy and that the
    soldiers at Byakko City are actually the A.o.A. After this you end up in
    the Secret Room.
    Secret Room
    You will talk to Lucky Mouse and Lisa for a while when suddenly, the
    A.o.A. bursts into the room with Kail being held captive. The A.o.A.
    demand to get the special Digi-Tama in exchange for Kail's life and
    Lucky Mouse had no choice but to hand over the Digi-Tama to save Kail.
    Kail is saved but suddenly one A.o.A. trooper whips out his gin and
    shoots at Lucky Mouse. Lucky Mouse slowly changes into Oinkmon and the
    trooper wants t oturn everybody into Oikmon but he has no ammo so you
    will battle him with digimon. After the battle, Kail revelas that Lucky
    Mouse real name is Kurt and that she is his sister. She begs you to
    enter Asuka City and defeat the Game Master. Head to Asuka City.
    THE A.o.A.
    Asuka Bridge
    When you reach Asuka City, you'll find that the gates are locked so head
    east and call Submarimon to ferry you to the Asuka Sewers. Underwater,
    the left path leads you to an item while the right leads you to the
    Asuka Sewers.
    Asuka Sewers
    Just follow the pat until you reach the Control Room.
    Control Room
    Defeat Datamon here. And he'll tell you that you need to get the Staff
    I.D. Pass before Datamon will open the sewer gates. For now head back to
    the Secret Room.
    Secret Room
    Lisa will tell you that the whole room's in a mess and it will be faster
    if you could find Keith and Nick. And now to save you a ton of time,
    just head to Suzaku UG Lake to find them.
    Suzaku UG Lake
    You'll find Keith and Nick arguing here over a rival matter but you ask
    them to get to the Secret Room to find the Staff I.D. Pass under...
    Lisa's orders!!!!!
    Secret Room
    After a while of searching, Nick will finally find the Staff I.D. Pass.
    I guess you should know where you need to go now.
    Control Room
    Datamon opens the Sewer gates. Just enter and be prepared for quite a
    number of battles.
    Admin Center Basement
    Here you'll fight a LOT of A.o.A. trooper guards. Slowly continue the
    fight till you reach the Admin Center. Just head out of the exit and
    save and hill.
    Admin Center 2F
    Continue the fight till you reach the top. There, you meet with more
    powerful guards. After you beat the three guards blocking the door,
    Vemmon (not Veemon) will come out of the room and battle you. This
    battle should not be tough. After the battle, Vemmon will walk back into
    the room. Now you can either enter the room or head left some more and
    trash up a few more guards. The path will lead to the Asuka Prison where
    Dr. Kadomatsu, Teddy and a few non A.o.A. guards are. After talking to
    them, you should go back and save because the battle ahead is extremely
    tough. After that, enter the room.
    Master Room
    Here, there are 7 portraits of digimon with words inscribed M, O, N, S,
    T, E, R touch the portraits in the correct order(I'm sure you know the
    order :P) And a secret room will open up in the middle of the room.
    A.o.A. Headquarters
    In this place, you will meet with three A.o.A. agents they should be
    VERY easy for you because after all, what's a Maildramon to you. :P
    After you beat the three agents you will continue walking up the
    platform and you will see the Game Master talking to the A.o.A. leader
    with Vemmon by the side. Vemmon teleports away and you shout at the Game
    Master. She cut the connection and turns to battle you. This battle will
    be extremely tough so make sure you bring enough Super Charges and Life
    Disks (10 Life Disks should be enough). The Game Maser's first two
    digimon are easy but the last is extremely hard. (I fought her with a
    level 30+ Gallantmon, an almost level 30 Armormon and Taomon but I
    almost lost to her.) More details on battling her at the Boss Section.
    After the battle, Lisa and Nick will appear and arrest the Game Master.
    They will reveal themselves as the SAP poice. After this they will tell
    you that to make contact with the Real World, you'll have to go to North
    Sector. They will also tell you that Digmon will bring you there but he
    is found only in the Amaterasu Server. And the people who are in Byakko
    City should know something.
    Byakko City
    Talk to the leader here and he'll tell you that he doesn't know
    anything, but the captured A.o.A. down in the Underground Cavern should
    know something. Head down there.
    Underground Cavern
    Talk to the A.o.A. leader here. He'll tell you that they got to Asuka
    Server from Amaterasu by Bulbmon which can create paths in the network.
    But because of Lucky Mouse's protective barrier, Bulbmon went crazy and
    threw off all the A.o.A. from it. Head to the South Sector to find
    South Cape and Ether Forest
    You'll notice that the people here tell you about an earthquake.
    Continue moving on to the South Station and talking to people and
    Bulk Swamp
    When you reach here, talk to the old man just outside of the South
    Station and he'll tell you that the earthquakes and about the people in
    Suzaku City. Head there.
    Phoenix Bay
    Just before you enter the city, you will feel some tremors, better head
    into the city.
    Suzaku City
    Heal, save and stock up on items. After this, talk to Patamon in the
    leader's room. He'll tell you that Suzaku Leader wnt to hte forest to
    check the earthquake. Head to Ether Forest.
    Ether Forest
    Talk to the girl here and she'll tell you that the leader went into the
    Jungle Shrine.
    Jungle Shrine
    BlueNumemon is a tough digimon. Just continue along the path ot hte
    You'll find the leader at the end of the Catacomb. But iof you haven't
    defeated Zambamon yet, better defeaat him now. His Hunting Knife, like
    HiAndromon's Atomic Ray KOs you instantly. So he really not an easy
    boss. Suzaku Leader will tell you that there's a Network Break in the
    place and warns you of the danger but you insist on going on and she has
    no choice but to accept it. Enter the hole and you'll end up in a
    totally new place with some cool music too. :)
    Bug Maze
    There is invisible ladder here! This place is very confusing. But just
    follow me. Walk until you reach the first slope. Go down it and you
    should see a small circular area. Now just go along its perimeter and
    there would be a ladder icon popping up abouve your head. Go up it and
    head along the path untuil you enter the bug nest. When you enter the
    nest, prepare to fight with Bulbmon for the second time. After defeating
    Bulbmon, continue along the path to reach Amaterasu Server.
    Forest Inn BF
    Welcome to Amaterasu. This server is defenitely not for relaxing. The
    whole server is overrun with tough digimon and the A.o.A. Head up and
    you find a boy named Kenny. He is one of the few people who haven't
    turned into Oinkmon. Kenny tells you that he wants to find a rebel base
    and gives you the Crony ID. After that, head out of the Forest Inn.
    East Wire Forest
    The digimon here are not that easy so stay on your toes. ^_^ Head to
    where Seriyu City is.
    Qing Long City
    Yup. Seriyu City in Amaterasu is called Qing Long City. The whole city
    is full with the A.o.A. But since you have the Crony ID, everything's
    not a problem. Head up to the tower to fight the Qing Long leader. He
    not really difficult so its not rerally a proble. After the battle,
    you'll find a Red ID Pass on the floor. Heal and head to Suzaku City.
    The gondola is not working so don't bother trying. A shortcut there is
    through Shell Beach. You'll end up in Phoenix Bay. Head to the city. You
    will trick the A.o.A. guards and you'll be able to enter the city.
    Zhu Que City
    The names here have also changed. Stock up on items and thern defeat the
    leader in the leader's room. After the battle, you'll find a Blue ID
    Pass. Now just go along the path to teh Zhu Que UG Lake.
    Zhu Que UG Lake
    Climb up the ladder and head along the path . YOu'll find the Digi-Egg
    of Knowledge sitting there like a bump on a log. Now after you get it,
    your mission here is complete. Head back to Asuka Sever.
    From here, head to Plug Cape.
    Plug Cape
    To get to the North Sector, use the hole on top of the cliff.
    Circuit Board
    Follow the path and listen to the digimon's advice. Be careful it can be
    quite dangerous as you might get lost if you forget your way.
    Boot Mountain
    You finally arrived here. It was quite easy isn't it. From here, you'll
    have two choices. 1. Head to the Legendary Gym. 2. Head to Genbu City.
    Legandary Gym is at the west and Genbu City is at the east. I would
    suggest heading east to Genbu City.
    Snow Mountain
    There is a inn here so you can rest here if you want to. If not, just
    head on.
    Genbu City
    The usual city. Head to the other exit by a big 'U' turn and you'll be
    upstairs in the Battle Gate.
    Battle Gate
    Climb up the ladder to battle the Genbu Leader. He's not really an easy
    opponent. After you defeat him, he'll give you the Genbu Badge and
    wishes you luck. Now head to the west part of this lsland.
    Kulon Mines
    Here you can  go to the Kulon Pit to progress or you can head further
    north-west to the Legendary Gym.
    Kulon Pit
    The legandary Kulon Armourer is here. He won't let you buy any weapons
    as your equipments are still too weak. Head down teh ladder to teh Ice
    Ice Dungeon
    Here, you will find red, blue and green warp porthals here. The blue
    portal warps you to another part of the dungeon but you can't warp back.
    The red portal is where you have come out from the blue portal so it's
    the exit. The green portal simply does both jobs. Acting as an exit or
    an entrance. Head to the place where there is two portals and take the
    right one. You'll end up with the Ice Witch. Defeat her and you'll be
    able to pass through to the Fire Dungeon.
    Fire Dungeon
    Here you will step on mine-traps. They will reduce all your digimons' HP
    to 1. So its pretty dangerous here. Head south-east and you soon find a
    fligth of steps here and the Fire Knight. Defeat him to pass on to the
    last dungeon.
    Dark Dungeon
    When you head down the steps, the whole place will be dark. Just walk
    and step on the lights. The whole place will light up again and you
    should know where to go next. Be sure not to step on the blue war
    portals or you'll be sent back to the beginning of the dungeon. After
    you have reached the end, be prepared to face off with the Dark Knight.
    After the battle, head on to the emergency room.
    Emergency room
    There is an inn and save point here. So do what you need and tqlk to the
    operator here. She will warp you to the Underwater Station and tells you
    that you will only be there for 180 seconds.
    Underwater Station
    Here, everything has to be done quickly. Quckly head to the first
    control station (I don't know there because I did everything in a rush),
    just walk around until you see the statin. Defeat the guard there and
    activate the controls. But you realise its not working and time is
    running out. Now you can't do anything but take treasures and wait till
    the time runs out.
    Emergency Room
    You will see a short FMV of the Juggernaut activating. And it being
    fused with Vemmon to become Destromon.
    Ice Dungeon
    Head out of here and go to Asuka City.
    Asuka City
    Go to the Master Room in the Admin Center.
    Admin Center
    Lisa, Teddy, Nick and Keith will exchange a talk with you. You will then
    tell them that Kenny in the Amaterasu Server is looking for a Rebel
    Base, the Resistance. Head to the Mirage Tower in Amaterasu to find
    them. To reach them more easily, use Digmon either in the Ether Forest
    northmost hole or the hole in North Badland W which is closest to Bullet
    Valley and is next to a kicking tree. You will eventually end up in
    North Badlands W in Amaterasu Server.
    Mirage Tower
    Talk to the leader here. He will tell you taht to stop Knightmon from
    attacking you in Amaterasu Bridge, you'll need the for ID Passes from
    the chiefs in each city. You already have two so there is twuo more left
    to go. Head to Byakko City in Amaterasu (called Bai Hu City).
    Noise Desert
    The A.o.A. troopers won't let you pass so head back to the Master Room
    in Asuka City.
    Master Room
    Lisa will go with Keith to Amaterasu Server personally to ask for the
    Resistance's help. You will now be able to enter Bai Hu City.
    Bai Hu City
    Defeat the leader here and you will receieve the Black ID Pass. Now head
    to the North Sector to the Xuan Wu City.
    Xuan Wu City
    Defeat the leader here to get the final ID Pass. Now you can enter
    Amaterasu City.
    Amaterasu City
    Nick will ask you to take out the A.o.A. hiding in the Admin Center.
    Prepare for lots of battles with the A.o.A. once again.
    Admin Center
    If you want to get some experience and 8500 BITS, head east to the
    basement. Or else just fiaht your way up to the Master Room.
    Master Room
    You will think for a while how to open the secret door. But to your
    surpise, the door opns up and you will enter it.
    A.o.A. Headquarters
    Three Royal Guards will attack you. They use a Knightmon. You'll be able
    to defeat them easily. After that you will see the Amaterasu President
    but to his surprise, he's the MAGAMI President. He tells you to call him
    the Chief Officer. Afterwards, you enter a battle with him. He is easier
    than the Game Master but is also quite tough. After you beat him, he
    surrenders. Lisa will come in and arrest him. Afer that, Tedy
    deactivates Destromon and he explodes.
    Amaterasu City
    All is safe now with one exception. The people are still Oinkmon. Talk
    to Lisa and Nick twice. He will tell you that Keith is at Qing Long City
    thinking of a way to turn the Oinkmon back to humans. Head there.
    Qing Long City
    Head to Qing Long Tower. You'll find Keith there at Piximon place. He'll
    tell you that he has a machine that will turn the Oinkmon back to people
    but there is no energy for it to function. There's a operator at the top
    of the stairs that tells you that the city is run on wind. Head to
    Seriyu City now. Use Digmon in the hole in the Kicking forest to reach
    Kicking Forest in Asuka Server.
    Seriyu City
    Head to Gale Tower and talk to Airdramon there. He'll eventually wake up
    as you walk away. Now all the people in Amaterasu Server have become
    hemans once again. Now is the BEST time to do side-quests and get the
    best items or levelling up. Or else head to Amaterasu City.
    Amaterasu City
    Head to the Login Room.
    Login Room
    Here, Lucky Mouse(Kurt) will tell you that there is still a problem with
    the matrix system. And you are STILL stuck in Digimon Online. :P
    Head to Asuka City after that.
    Asuka City
    Now head to the Master Room.
    Master Room
    You will find three Oinkmon here. Head into the A.o.A. Headquarters.
    When you are in the room, you will see a few Vemmon running out to the
    Asuka City
    All the people here have turned into Oinkmon. Quickly head to Amaterasu
    Server. Use Digmon in the Kicking forest and go north in the Circuit
    Board to reach Central Park in Amaterasu.
    Central Park
    As you attempt to enter the city, you will see Kail. Apparently, she is
    the only person besides you who have not turned into Oinkmon. SHe tells
    you that lots of Vemmon appeared from the Master Room and turned
    everyone onto Oinkmon. Head to the Master Room.
    Master Room
    You'll find that the secret room is opened. Enter it.
    A.o.A Headquarters
    You'll walk to the middle of the room. Suddenly, a porthal appears and a
    floaing guy appears. He tells you that his name is Lord Megadeath and he
    is about to take over the whole of earth. He tells you about his evil
    plan and tells you that if you want to defeat him enter the portal to
    teh Gunslinger Weapon. Now save and do whatever you need(especially
    bringing lots of Super and Ultra Charges, 20+ Life Disks and about the
    same number of Life Plugs. Also, buy new weapons get ready for the final
    Gunslinger 1F
    When you enter here, you cannot go back so beware. Here, this place is
    like the Ice Dungeon. You are supposed to destroy the block blocking
    your way.First block, just warp until you see some controls. Activate it
    to destroy the block. Second block, warp until you reach a warp that
    will make an exclamation icon above your head. Enter it and defeat the
    guard there. Then go down to active the second control panel. Thred
    block, same as the second but more confusing. After you have destroyed
    all the blocks, wnter the final portal to face Lord Megadeath.
    Gunslinger 2F
    Walk up the stairs and there will be some tremors. The weapon is
    powering up. Better move on quickly. After a few more flights of stairs,
    there will be some more tremors and you'll battle Armagddemon.
    Not to tough. Head up the last flight of stairs and enter the room.
    Control Room
    Here, you'll face off with Lord Megadeath. He's quite tough so be
    prepared to heal. After the battle he escapes to activate Snatchmon.
    Heal your digimons to full HP because It's going to be the final battle.
    Then enter the portal Lord Megadeath went in. Here, you will see four
    Vemmon turning into Snatchmon. Snatchmon defies Lord Megadeath's orders
    and turns him into energy for him to absorb. Snatchmon will tell you
    that he will fuse with Gunslinger to become Galacticmon and after that
    he will fuse with the earth to become Gaiamon. Then he warps you to
    space and you enter the final battle with him.
    Final Battle
    Galacticmon is tough. But if you have Mega Boost, Mega Protection and
    Mega Strength it should be much easier.
    Galacticmon (Tail)
    This form is easy. He'll attack you physically. If you have the Counter
    Crest or Gallantmon's Final Purification, he should be going down
    After you destroy the tail, the body will use Ragnarok Cannon to reduce
    your digimon to 1 HP. Then the head will attack you.
    Galacticmon (Head)
    This form is the tough one. Galaticmon will acctak using the ???????
    skill. This cannot be countered so don't bother trying. :) Use the Mega
    Boost, Mega Protection and Mega Strength. This form's evade rating is
    very high. If he stops attacking for one turn then you would know its
    geting ready for the charge up attack. He can also counter even if he
    evades your attack. It will take all your strength to bring him down but
    when you do, sit back and watch the ending.
    This is the side-quests section which at present, covers some of the
    Fishing Pole Quest
    Talk to Tai Kong Wang (Tai Kong Wang is actually Space King in chinese
    ^_^) in Shell Beach and he'll tell you that he'll make you a fishing rod
    if you have a hook, a pole and a string.
    To get the hook, go to Divermon's Lake and climb down the ladder. There
    you'll see a Divermon choking. Help him and you'll receieve the Red
    To get the pole, go to the Smith's and buy a Bamboo Spear.
    To get the string, go to the Protocol Foressst and battle the Dokugumon
    there. They drop Spider Web for the string.
    After you collect all these items, go back to Tai Kong Wang and he'll
    make you a Fishing Pole.
    Tree(Kicking) Boots Quest
    You'll see a boy in plug cape kicking a tree. He says that he's finding
    Cardmon that hide in 'kicking trees' by kicking them and that if you
    want the boots you must help him find his Gabumon card. Head to Asuka
    Inn and go to the place where the lady is standing. You'll find Gabumon
    card there. Search the exact place again a few times to find 300 BITS!!
    Return the card to the boy and he'll tell you a clue as to where people
    can find Veemon who gives out Tree Boots. Head to Lamb Chop and talk to
    the waitress there. She will tell you that she saw Veemon in a windy
    place. Head to Wind Prairie. you'll find Veemon near the Kicking Forest.
    He tells you to play a game with him in Kicking Forest and if you leave
    the forest, he will run home for dinner. Now ill savve you the trouble
    by telling you where Veemon is. When you enter the forest, just head to
    the nearest clump of trees slightly south of you and start pressing 'X'
    until you find him. And he'll give you the all-famous 'Tree Boots' !!!
    If you accidentally leave the forest, you can find Veemon again if you
    talk to the waitress in the Lamb Chop.
    MONSTER               EXP GAINED              BITS GAINED
    Airdramon(Red)            29                       70
    Airdramon(Brown)          104                      215
    Andromon                  120                      200
    Antylamon(Gray)           220                      450
    Apemon                    50                       190
    Arukenimon                225                      450
    Bakemon                   46                       90
    Baronmon                  80                       160
    Betamon                   10                       25
    Blossomon(Red)            168                      340
    Blossomon(Yellow)         179                      360
    Brachiomon                180                      360
    Cardmon 1(Land)           35                       70
    Cardmon 2(Land)           85                       170
    Cardmon 3(Land)           185                      370
    Cardmon 4(Land)           235                      470
    Cardmon 1(Water)          60                       120
    Cardmon 2(Water)          135                      270
    Cardmon 3(Water)
    Cardmon 4(Water)          210                      420
    Cardmon 4(Black)          235                      470
    Cherrymon(Green)          189                      380
    Cherrymon(Red)            203                      410
    Clockmon                  123                      250
    Crabmon                   17                       30
    Coelamon                  40                       80
    Cyclonemon(Yellow)        134                      270
    DemiDevimon               39                       80
    Divermon                  118                      200
    Dokugumon(Black)          21                       40
    Dokugumon(Red)            105                      210
    Dolphmon                  98                       200
    Dragomon                  221                      440
    Drimogemon(Reddish)       220                      500
    Ebidramon(Orange)         170                      340
    Ebidramon(Pink)           240                      480
    Etemon                    100                      205
    Flymon(Yellow)            66                       130
    Flymon(Red)               165                      330
    Garbagemon                235                      470
    Giromon                   230                      460
    Gizamon                   19                       40
    Gekomon                   41                       85
    Gesomon                   136                      240
    Goburimon(Green)          22                       45
    Goburimon(Red)            112                      220
    Gryphonmon                227                      440
    Guardromon(Silver)        231                      460
    H-Kabuterimon             222                      610
    Hagarumon                 117                      330
    Kiwimon                   15                       35
    Kokatorimon(White)        96                       160
    Kokatorimon(Brown)        158                      300
    Kunemon                   6                        10
    Kurisarimon(Blue)         255                      770
    Kuwagamon(Red)            11                       20
    LadyDevimon               224                      440
    Machinedramon                                      500
    Maildramon                110                      225
    Mamemon                   110                      225
    Mammothmon                116                      220
    MarineDevimon             185                      370
    MegaDramon(Brown)         233                      450
    MegaSeadramon             174                      350
    MetalEtemon               222                      460
    Minotarumon(Brown)        27                       55
    Minotarumon(Green)        167                      350
    Musyamon(Brown)           180                      330
    Musyamon(Green)           160                      330
    Numemon(Blue)             222                      660
    Numemon(Brown)            299                      770
    Numemon(Green)            124                      300
    Numemon(Ice)              399                      1110
    Ogremon                   102                      200
    Okuwamon                  172                      320
    Phantomon                 154                      330
    Raremon(Bluish)           135                      270
    RedVegiemon               45                       90
    Roachmon                  234                      100
    Rockmon                   220                      400
    Seadramon(Blue)           58                       120
    Seadramon(Brown)          175                      350
    Shellmon                  91                       180
    ShogunGekomon(Red)        101                      490
    ShogunGekomon(Blue)       179                      360
    SkullSatamon              196                      390
    Snimon(Green)             215                      420
    Snimon(Brown)             241                      480
    Sukamon                   129                      190
    Tankmon(Blue)             227                      470
    Tapirmon                  5                        20
    Thundermon                115                      235
    Triceramon(Gray)          30                       60
    Tortomon(Yellow)          145                      290
    Tortomon(Purple Blue)     180                      360
    Tuskmon                   112                      200
    Tyrannomon                31                       60
    Vademon(Yellow)           109                      220
    Valkyrimon                225                      460
    Vegiemon                  20                       40
    Vikemon(Bluish White)     236                      460
    Vilemon                   180                      360
    Woodmon(Brown)            25                       50
    Woodmon(Green)            76                       190
    Yanmamon(Yellow)          16                       30
    Yanmamon(Green)           40                       80
    MONSTER           EXPERIENCE           BITS          RECOMMENDED LEVEL
    Pharoahmon                                                  7-9
    MasterTyrannomon                                            7-9
    Seriyu Leader-
    *  Minotarumon                                              7-10
    *  Tyannomon                                                7-10
    *  Apemon                                                   7-10
    Bulbmon (1)                                                 8-10
    Suzaku Leader-
    *  Woodmon                                                  14-18
    *  RedVegiemon                                              14-18
    *  ShogunGekomon                                            14-18
    Zambamon                                                    27-32
    A.o.A. Leader-
    *  Numemon                                                  19-23
    *  Numemon                                                  19-23
    Byakko Leader-
    *  Flymon                                                   23-26
    *  Tortomon                                                 23-26
    *  Mamemon                                                  23-26
    HiAndromon                                                  23-27
    WaruMonzaemon                                               24-28
    Datamon                                                     27-32
    Game Master-
    *  Minotarumon                                              32-40
    *  Gargoylemon                                              32-40
    *  Persiamon                                                32-40
    Bulbmon (2)                                                 35-40
    Qing Long Chief-
    *                                                           36-40
    *                                                           36-40
    *  Kimeramon                                                36-40
    Zhu Que Chief-
    *  Cherrymon(Red)                                           37-41
    *  Scorpiomon                                               37-41
    *  Snimon                                                   37-41
    Genbu Leader-
    *  Vikemon                                                  38-42
    *  MetalEtemon                                              38-42
    *  Antylamon                                                38-42
    Ice Witch-
    *  Frigimon                                                 40-43
    *  MegaSeadramon                                            40-43
    *  Mammothmon                                               40-43
    Fire Knight-
    *  Meramon                                                  40-43
    *  SkullMeramon                                             40-43
    *  BlueMeramon                                              40-43
    Dark Knight-
    *  SkullSatamon                                             41-44
    *  Devidramon                                               41-44
    *  Vilemon                                                  41-44
    Bai Hu Chief-
    *                                                           41-44
    *                                                           41-44
    *                                                           41-44
    Xuen Wu Chief-
    *                                                           42-45
    *                                                           42-45
    *                                                           42-45
    MAGAMI President-
    *                                                           44-48
    *                                                           44-48
    *                                                           44-48
    Lord Megadeath-
    *  Fuujunmon                                                50-60
    *  Suijinmon                                                50-60
    *  Raijinmon                                                50-60
    Galacticmon(Tail)                                           50-60
    Galacticmon(Head)                                           50-60
    Optional Bosses
    BK MegaGargomon                                             45-50
    BK ImperialDramon                                           45-50
    BK KingNumemon                                              48-53
    BK Seraphimon                                               45-50
    BK Wargreymon                                               45-50
    BK WarGrowlmon                                              45-50
    Here's the long awaited Digimon Partner Guide!!!
    *	All the digimon are found only in the Asuka Server.
    *	If you already have that specific digimon, you cannot have another
    one of it. Eg. you have Agumon so you cannot have another Agumon.
    The list of digimons should look something like this.
    Level Range: What your combined digimon levels must be in your party
    before going to the DRI Agents.
    DRI Agent Location: Where the DRI Agent is found.
    DDNA Needed: Which digimon holds the DDNA.
    DDNA Location: Location of the DDNA Digimon.
    Pre-req:Any pre-requisities that needed to be done first.
    Hints: Self-Explanitory :)
    Level Range: 30-45
    DRI Agent Location: Tyranno Valley, turn right after the long ladder
    DDNA Needed: MetalGreymon
    DDNA Location: Bulk Swamp, near South Station
    Pre-req: N/A
    Hints: Easiest to get when returning to swamp to return Sepikmon's Mask
    Level Range: 30-45
    DRI Agent Location: Seriyu City, go down the ladder
    DDNA Needed: WarGrowlmon
    DDNA Location: Ether Jungle, passage concealed by trees
    Pre-req: N/A
    Hints: Easiest to get when entering Ether Jungle for the first time
    Level Range: 60-90
    DRI Agent Locaton: Mobius Desert, screen you enter.
    DDNA Needed: Kyukimon
    DDNA Location: Suzaku UG Lake, take Submarimon from path behind Suzaku
    Hall where Renamon was blocking
    Pre-req: Submarimon (Digi-Egg of Reliability)
    Hints: Easiest to get after you have completed West Sector
    Level Range: 60-90
    DRI Agent Location: Mobius Desert, head northwest then southwest
    DDNA Needed: GrapLeomon
    DDNA Location:Ether Jungle, take Submarimon from Phoenix Bay dock and
    head left in the Seabed
    Pre-req: Submarimon (Digi-Egg of Reliablity)
    Hints: Easiest to get after you have completed West Sector
    Level Range: 60-90
    DRI Agent Location: Mobius Desert, head northwest three times, then
    southwest three times
    DDNA Needed: Armormon
    DDNA Location: Duel Island, take Submarimon from Divermon's Lake dock
    Pre-req: Submarimon (Digi-Egg of Reliability)
    Hints: Easiest to get after you have completed West Sector
    Level Range: 45-60
    DRI Agent Location: Central Park, near the dock
    DDNA Needed: MagnaAngemon
    DDNA Location: South Badland, climb up the ladder and follow the path
    Pre-req: Submarimon (Digi-Egg of Reliability)
    Hints: Easiest to get after you have completed West Sector
    Level Range: 45-60
    DRI Agent Location: Central Park, on top of Training Gym
    DDNA Needed: Taomon
    DDNA Location: North Badland W, first screen right of Pelche Oasis
    Pre-req: Submarimon (Digi-Egg of Reliability)
    Hints: Easiesst to get after you have completed West Sector
    Level Range: N/A
    DRI Agent Location: Protocol Ruins, near whrer Baronmon once stood (only
    will appear after you defeat the REAL byakko Leader)
    DDNA Needed: Paildramon
    DDNA Location: Bulk Bridge, after Bulk Swamp
    Pre-req: Defeat the REAL Byakko Leader and get the Byakko Badge, one
    digimon in party when speaking to DRI Agent
    Hints: Easiest to get after you have completed West Sector
    Coming soon.
    Coming soon.
    10. CREDITS
    My brother
    He took the time to help me with the monster experience and bits.
    My neighbour
    He told me of a quicker way for finding Sepikmon's Mask.
    People at Digimon World 3 Board
    They helped me when I was stuck. Thanks guys!
    For making such a wonderful site.
    Big thanks for helping me fill up the monsters list and the others.
    Thank You!
    For pointing out the glaring mistake I did on the walkthrough.
    Thanks for some of the boss monster names.
    Josh a.k.a dead_virus
    Thanks for the Digimon Partner Guide *hope you don't mind me editing
    some of it :)
    Realbig thanks for all the monsters in the monsters list. Thanks a lot!
    And anyone else I've not mentioned. Thank You!!!
    Copyright(c) Divinesage 2002

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