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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Zero

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 09/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         *****  ***    ****   ***  *         *   ****   *    *   ****
         *    *  *    *    *   *   **       **  *    *  **   *  *    *
         *    *  *    *        *   * *     * *  *    *  * *  *       *
         *    *  *    *  * *   *   *  *   *  *  *    *  *  * *   * * *
         *    *  *    *    *   *   *   * *   *  *    *  *   **       *
         *****  ***    ****   ***  *    *    *   ****   *    *  *    *
                                                DIGIMON WORLD    ****
    28/6/2002 Version 1.0 : Started making this walkthrough/faq.
    30/6/2002 Version 1.1 : Changed a few things, added a few.
    4/7/2002  Version 1.2 : Updated the walkthrough and a bad news. My memory 
    card spoiled.
    21/7/2002 Version 1.3 : Updated walkthrough, added optional boss section.
    16/8/2002 Version 1.4 : Walkthrough updates, Optional boss, added BK 
    Seraphicmon. ( at 10/8/2002, Finished the game, memory card spoilt again... 
    17/8/2002 Version 1.5 : Updated walkthrough.
    27/8/2002 Version 1.6 : Finished walkthrough!
    27/9/2002 Version 1.7 : Q&A, How to find more partners...
    This walkthough is made by me, Dark Zero. Hope it helps! If you want it on 
    your site, pls tell me first. I need to know where to send the updates. 
    E-Mail me at beam_sabre@hotmail.com Also, this is my first time writing a 
    FAQ. Even so, please don't use it to make profit.
    This FAQ can be found at gamefaqs.com & cheathappens.com
    1) Controls
    2) Walktrough
    3) Optional Boss
    4) Q & A
    5) Credits
    1) Controls
    X is for confirmation, talking to people, etc.
    Square is for I don't know what ( IDKW )
    Triangle is for Cancal
    Circle is for while you're Card Battling. You can look at your hand, field, 
    surrender, and stuff like that.
    Directional Pad is for YKW ( You Know What )
    Start is for menu
    select is for IDKW
    *Blast Digivolving past level 40 will get a Mega form with unlimited MP.
    2) Walktrough
    Real World
    You start in the real world waiting for your friend and talking to yourself. 
    Then two of your friends comes into the picture and start giving stupid 
    comments. Then all of you go into a 'Internet Cafe'. Actualy, it's digimon 
    online. Then you'll have another conversation and you start choosing your 
    Pack A:Balaced Pack = Patamon, Kotemon, Renamon.
    Pack B:Power Pack   = Renamon, Agumon, Monmon.
    Pack C:Maniac Pack  = Kumamon, Guilmon, Patamon.
    Choose one and get out of there. I chose Pack C. Yay! I'm faster than Ivy 
    that keeps on giving dumb comments.
    Digimon World
    Asuka Server
    Asuka City
    Okay. Here in digimon world, start yakking with everyone in sight. After 
    that, talk to those behind the counters for what they are selling or giving. 
    Upon exiting the door, an 'old' man will challenge you. I chose Pack C, and 
    my Kumamon beat his Kuwagamon without much problem. Now, Yak as usual with 
    every one, then go to the Inn. There, rest and save if you want to. After 
    you're done, take the ladder and go down, meeting a woman dusting. there are 
    two doors. Take the one next to the ladder and enter the underground path. 
    There will be a fork in the road. Take right turn and you'll reach a door.  
    (No Ladders, kay?) Yak with everyone again. You've probably noticed the two 
    buildings. Enter the yellow one first. The divermon will give a folder bag 
    as soon as you start a conversation with him. Then, yak with every one for 
    tips. Now, Go into the other the other one and yak with every one, but the 
    one at the counter should be spoken to a few times. Then, exit the town and 
    start training. Before you do so, buy a spear from the armory. If you got 
    access to the auction in the building that was for item freeks, you'll gain 
    access to the black market here later on. To get access, train your Digimon 
    to high levels.
    Central Park
    Train here. Aim for level 5. Then, train the evolved form to level 20 at 
    another place, not here. Train ocasionally at Leomon's Gym. Go to the west 
    side of the Park and go to a guy standing there. ( west, as in facing 
    Leomon's side ) He'll start kicking trees. You'll start yaking annd get info 
    about Tree Boots. Go to Lamb Chop in the city for more info later. Go up the 
    'mountain' and fight a few Triceramons. Hopefully they will drop a TNT ball 
    for you as they did for me:) Keep at least one TNT ball in your bag cause 
    we'll need it later. Then exit the place and goto lamb chop to yak with one 
    of the waitress. She'll give you info about Veemon. (It's about your tree 
    boots) Then, go south of central park and you'll reach Shell Beach. Talk to 
    the old man there and he'll offer to make you a Fishing Rod. He'll ask for a 
    stick, a string, and something else, I can't remember! Anyway, We got the 
    stick and let's head east of Central Park and go to East Sector.
    East Sector
    Tah Da! We are in wire forest entrance. ...Not exactly a big acomplishment 
    but okay. Find your way through while striking a conversation with every one 
    you meet. Some of them are not worth talking to twice unless you are 
    confident in your card battle skills.
    West Wire Forest
    Repeat steps above.
    East Wire Forest
    Here's an inn. Rest up and save. When you're done, go north and enter 
    protocol forest. Train here until the Digimon here drops a spider web. 
    (Again, I can't remember) Now, leave and enter the inn if felt needed to. I 
    suggest you do so just at least to save. Now, head east and you'll reach 
    Divermon's lake.
    Divermon's Lake.
    Nothing to do here. just get a red snapper out of one of the Divermons and 
    we'll be ready to make a fishing rod. Now head east again and we'll reach...
    Wind Prairie
    What are we doing here?! To get some easy EXP. Talk to Akiba there twice and 
    we'll digibattle. If you have MetalMamemon, Kyubimon, Digitamamon, or any 
    digimon gained from leveling your champions to level 20, he will be a piece 
    of cake. ( My MetalMamemon was level 7 when I fought him, but you don't need 
    to train so high ) Keep to the north side of Wind Prairie and you'll find a 
    way heading up. Follow it and you'll reach Seiryu city. Yay! An inn, 
    savepoint, and a gym leader who is ... not around?! Oh boy, let's head back 
    to protocol forest and find our way through the trees to reach Protocol 
    Protocol Forest
    It's a pain in your @$$ to find your way through the trees but we'll make 
    Protocol Ruins
    For easy EXP, take right at the fork and keep going until you meet a stairs. 
    Hello stairs. I'm going up to fight ...
    He did not pose much of a challenge to me but I suggest you train and heal 
    before finding fault with him. After defeating him, or if you did not, jump 
    down at the place that Pharoahmon is, ( to the right, at the ^^^^ thingy) 
    make your way through that place, and... what's this? Veemon, Guilmon, and 
    Agumon for adoption? Naw. Talk to the guy standing there and he'll tell you 
    to defeat MasterTyranoMon. And I knew his location without that guy telling 
    me. Head back to Seiryu city and rest and save up first, cause we got to go 
    to Wind Prairie, to head east to Kicking Forest.
    Kicking forest
    Ignore the Veemon waiting in Wind Prairie for now. Stay north and go up 
    ladders to reach...
    Tyrano Valley
    Which has strong enemies and gives a lot of EXP. If you did not get the TNT 
    ball earlier, Get one here. It's important! Take the ladder up and make your 
    way to
    As usual, he will post no threat to you if you have a high level. I beat him 
    in 3 to 5 turns only. After you beat him you get an item. That's the old 
    claw. Equip that and go to wind Prairie. This time, yak with Veemon and play 
    hide and seek with him.
    Kicking Forest
    Just keep south, presing X  among the trees and you'll see a Voice saying 
    "OOPs, You found me". And you know what happens next. Now Go to Seiryu City 
    and fight with the Seiryu Leader ... after resting and saving. My goodness! 
    I took his digimon down each with only 3 hits! Again, a high level will do 
    you good. Now, go to east station and get another task, that you have to get 
    a Blue card. First, go back to Asuka City and to the Inn, 2nd floor. Then, 
    go get your fishing rod and train at the Gym. Next, go to the forest Inn and 
    another Guilmon will be there. After Talking with him, go to Seiryu City's 
    Inn and Get the 'Blue Card' from him. Yay?! Check your bags. He made a 
    sucker out of us. It's a 8lue card. Goto east station and try it out. It 
    won't work. Now, go to Seiryu City and walk straight to talk with a Guilmon. 
    Now, go back to forest inn and down the ladders to meet the Tricky Guilmon 
    for the real Blue Card. Yay! Let's head back to east station to talk with 
    the girl there twice for a digibattle. Rest and save in an Inn, put the blue 
    card in and we'll get on the gondola to meet a Bulbmon. Just Get his HP to 
    critical level and he'll run away. He's quite deadly so be prepared with 99 
    Power charge ( You don't need that amount, I just bought it for safety) and 
    a high level.
    South Sector
    Talk to the guys ( or Gals ) twice here for a few Digibattles. When you are 
    done, make your way to Bulk Bridge to keep west and reach
    Tranquil Swamp
    Go to the Inn, save up, rest, and be on our way to Jungle Grave. A Zanbamon 
    will be there. Challenge him, take a blow from him and you'll run 
    automatically. Go back to Tranquil Swamp's Inn, rest, save, talk to the 
    Gatomon in front the counter and goto shaman house in the same area, 
    Tranquil Swamp. Sepikmon turned out to be the ghost. He'll tell you to find 
    his mask. Head to the South Station and you'll gain info about Baronmon from 
    Kail. Now, Go to Seiryu City and talk to Agumon. He'll tell you something 
    that'll make you head right to protocol ruins. Baronmon will be up the tower 
    to the left. Talk to him and he'll say Sepikmon is in
    Asuka City
    Talk to everyone and you'll find out that Sepikmon is terrorizing the city. 
    Now, go to Asuka Bridge and go to the docks. And who do we have here... 
    Sepikmon?! " I found my mask. A way to defeat Zanbamon? I-I found my mask 
    myself so I'm not going to tell you!" So says 'Sepikmon'. Go into the city 
    and to the couple talking about becoming Digimons. An Etemon will be there 
    saying something that will make you head to
    Divermon's Lake
    A man will be behind the kicking trees. ( Near the exit ) He will be 
    complaining about Etemon stealing his Shield. Go back to
    Asuka City
    And go to where Etemon was. Eh? He's not here! Well, go to the underground 
    path and goto the sewers. Etemon! Give back the shield! Ta Dah! There's also 
    an item here. Head back to Shaman House and Sepikmon will give you a smelly 
    herb. Go challenge Zanbamon and he'll run away. Now, find your way around 
    the graveyard and we'll reach another swamp area.
    Phoenix Bay
    Okay! Train your digimons, suggestedly to a minimum level of 20 or more, 
    then make your way through again and we will reach
    Suzaku City
    Go rest and save, then talk to everyone twice. Some will Digibattle with 
    you. When you are done, Go rest and save, then go to the gym. A patamon will 
    be learning how to dance from a band of Floramons. Talk to the lady up the 
    ladders watching them and we will fight
    Suzaku Leader
    This is the first battle where I actually blast digivolve. Defeat her 
    digimons and exit the place.Kail will be there. She'll take us back to...
    Asuka City
    Now, we will waste a lot of time yakking. Then we will have to talk to 
    everyone to find out how to go into the Admin Centre. The Agumon in the 
    corner will tell you Digimons without their partners are able to get in. 
    Talk to Kail about the news and she'll tell you to go talk to the couple 
    WWTBD. (Who Wanted To Become Digimons) Well, who do we have here... two 
    Agumons?! Talk to them and head back to the sewers. A man will be here. Talk 
    to him, then talk to Kail. Now talk to him again and get two Agumon suits. 
    Now talk to Kail again. Finally! We can get into admin centre. Move around 
    after a short conversation and talk to the Pink Agumon. Hi Kail! Let's go 
    into this suspicios room. Another long conversation and we have to walk all 
    the way back to Phoenix Bay, to find out about the crest of sincerity in 
    BIOS swamp.
    BIOS Swamp
    can be reached by staying east on Bulk Bridge. 'Talk' to the back of a House 
    and we have to go to Shaman House to gain info that we have to talk to 
    Baronmon in Protocol Ruins. The TNT Balls are needed now. He'll make a TNT 
    Chip out of it and now we have to go back to BIOS Swamp. 'Talk' to the wall 
    again and BOOM! We are in the house. Go down the stairs and we will find the 
    DIGIEGG OF SINCERITY. Make your way back to Suzaku City, Rest, Save, goto 
    Renamon's place, go to the docks, Make your way to the Suzaku UG Lake, and 
    walla! A crossbow lies here. Grab it and let's rest and save if needed.
    Phoenix Bay
    Check the signboard and go to Ether Jungle. Make your way into the Jungle 
    Shrine to get some EXP and Wargrowlmon's DDNA if you need, and make sure you 
    have a high level too! Make your way through the Ether Jungle and a man will 
    be there waiting for a Digibattle( upon exiting you will see him ) . After 
    you are done, a Garudamon will be near the exit of that place, standing in 
    front of a training centre. When you are done, hitch a few easy EXP by 
    fishing and getting a Shellmon at your hook. When done, I suggest you save 
    and rest, then go underwater and the docks. ( At the place where Garudamon 
    was/is ) Now, we are in
    West Sector
    South Badlands
    Here, look for the exit, and reach
    Noise Desert
    Keep right here to reach the pelche Oasis to rest and save. now, head back 
    to the desert and move straight to bump into a Numemon telling you not to go 
    further. Ignore him and Head into
    Byakko City
    Here, everyone is a weirdo and wont do anything for ya! So just go straight 
    to reach the leader who has two Numemons as his partners. Defeat him, and do 
    what he says. We will reach a sewer and have to make our way trough it to 
    meet Numemon again. He will take you to
    Bullet Valley
    Make your way down the hill and reach the North Badlands N. Here find an 
    exit  to the left to reach  The Pelche Oasis to save and rest. ( I'm sure 
    you fought with a few Red Goburimons, am I right or left (Wrong)? ) Now, 
    head to the place uphill to reach Lisa and go straight to reach North 
    Badlands E. There's a Gym here run by Togemon and a dock leading all the way 
    back to Plug Cape. A Taomon will also be here if you talked to the DRI on 
    top of Leomon's gym back in Asuka's Central Park. When you are done, make 
    your way back to the Oasis, rest, save, and then go to the Mobius desert. 
    That's the left side of Noise Desert.
    Mobius Desert
    Before entering, a Guilmon will tell you to head north if you get lost. 
    That's right to you guyz. Okay. Up, straight, up, straight, repeat.  
    Eventually we will reach
    Mirage Tower
    Upon entering, I'll guess you will head to Gatomon, then to Guardromon, to 
    Gargomon for better weapons, then to the gym leader. Defeat him with a level 
    of at least 23 or 24. Than save and rest, and head out to the Dum Dum 
    Factory cause Byakko Leader said so.
    Dum Dum Factory
    It's near Bullet Valley. In here, You'll see Numemon. Follow it all around, 
    a pain in the @$$ I'll admit, but awards you with status improving chips and 
    progress in your game. Use the improving chips, you can buy them later in 
    the game. Later, after you hunt for 'Numemon' left, right, and centre, he'll 
    go up a stairs to the operation room where you fight a Mega, HiAndromon. 
    He's quite tough, but a Gallantmon will take him out in 5 turns... just 
    kidding. Be at level 26 or 27 to the least and have a few life disks and a 
    lot of Charges, super or power. He should be *quite* easy to take care of 
    but watch out for his Atomic Ray. You will be prompted to train to level 30+ 
    all your digimons cause there's a real hard job for you ahead.  But not now. 
    Just follow HiAndromon's order and head to the secret stairs.
    Secret Stairs
    Nothing here.
    You see Lisa being bugged by a *horny* Warumonzaemon. Defeat him, he's 
    tougher than HiAndromon. We will see 'Numemon' coming out to reveal himself 
    as to be Lucky Mouse. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah is what you'll get for now, 
    with some important news, Lucky Mouse's real identity, and Kurt being turned 
    into an Oinkmon, Digimon Battle, and news that you have to head to Asuka 
    City to go to the Place left to use Submarimon to get to Asuka sewers to 
    fight Datamon to go back to Secret room to got to Suzaku UG Lake to talk to 
    Keith and Nick to get the pass to see Datamon to get into Asuka city. Few! 
    I'm glad all the 'tos' are over. There's alot of A.O.A. on the path so be 
    careful. Blah blah blah, we'll reach the city. Get some rest, save, and go 
    do what they tell you for now. Soon, you'll reach Admin centre 2f.
    Admin centre
    Here, Vemmon ( No Vee Headbutts here, just Vemmon's secret skills ) will 
    fight with you for your digimon's flesh. Your level should be strong enough 
    if you followed my advice to train your digimons to level 30+. You might 
    want to get a mega here. You need about 33 - 35 for the next battle. Vemmon 
    will run away after being defeated. Head left to fight another A.O.A. Then 
    follow the path to gain a few stuffs to do. Goto the stores before you do 
    toes things, stock up on a few Chages, you'll need it. Rest, save, then head 
    to the Master room. 7 potraits here, having letters M,O,N,S,T,E,R on them. 
    Press them in this order and you'll gain acsess to a secret room where after 
    a few yakkity yak, you'll have to fight two digimons, one of them is 
    Gargoylemon, to hit HP of you, then is the main digimon, Persiamon. She's 
    the main digimon for Game Master so it's really hard. That's why I told you 
    to be level 33-35. Have a Blast meter near full. too. She can de-digivolve 
    you. Buy DV Plugs to increase your blast meter.  After you're done, follow 
    the blah blah blah, and you have to goto Byakko City. Not Mirage Tower. 
    Here, rest, save, and head to talk to Byakko Leader. He'll tell you to go 
    underground. Talk to the leader of the A.O.A. here. He'll tell you about 
    Bulbmon. Use the long way back to South Sector. Here, there will be some 
    earthquakes. Go to Suzaku leader's place and you'll have to talk to Patamon. 
    He'll tell you something, and you have to goto Ether Jungle again. On the 
    way, talk with someone to know where Suzaku Leader is headed for. Now go to 
    Jungle Shrine
    Here, the blue Numemons are the ones you have to watch out for. Make your 
    way to the centre, go through a 'hidden gate' and you'll reach the Catacomb, 
    where in my case, a defeated Zanbamon is. ( I defeated him earlier in the 
    game. I found him accidently while training here ) There's also alot of 
    Mushamon here. He is deadly, having a Hunting Knife or something like that 
    to KO you instantly ( Zanbamon, not mushamon ). But will not be thaaat much 
    of a trouble since you could beat Persiamon. Now head to the lower section 
    of the Catacomb and Suzaku Leader will be there. There's a hole made by 
    Bulbmon here. Make sure you rest and save before you come in here.
    Network Break
    Bug Maze
    Here, it's a real pain in the @$$. Worse than any before. Go down the steps. 
    Head to the other steps. ( It's just actualy a slunt ) Now keep along a wall 
    and you'll reach an invisible ladder. It's hard to find, but you'll manage. 
    If you can't, pls refer to another FAQ ( Not that I'm insulting you, but I 
    can't remember ). Now that you are upstairs, or upladders, look for another 
    place, use your items if you need, and prepare to fight
    This time, he's bigger, stronger, and IDKW. His tough, so watch out. Once he 
    is defeated, you will end up in
    Amaterasu Server
    A place that is definately NOT for playing the fool. Tough digimons left, 
    right, and centre...at least for those who NEVER train their digimons. I 
    trained like mad, so most of the digimons are just to get EXP. Kenny will 
    yak with you for a while so listen up. After that, Go to Seiryu city to find 
    out it's new name, Qing Long, or something like that. Rest, Save, and goto 
    the Qing Long Leader. Qing Long Chief is his name. DEoK ( Digi Egg of 
    Knoledge ) he does not know where, annihilate you he wants, with high level 
    you'll defeat him is the fact. Now, go to Zhu Que city (Suzaku). Here, 
    defeat the chief and go to the Zhu Que underground lake to find... the DEoK! 
    Now, go back to Asuka Server, don't act clever and go to Byakko city or 
    North secter here. You'll get a no entry from the AOA. Now, head to plug 
    cape os Asuka and use the hole on top of the hill. Save before you do so. 
    Circuit Board
    Here is a maze, not too confusing. Make your way north, talking to any 
    digimons on the way.
    North Sector
    Boot Mountain
    Now, remember the exit location. You'll need it. Make your way right to the 
    Genbu city and save, rest, then fight Genbu leader. He is tough, but not 
    tough enough... If you have a Mega. My Gallantmon took care of him pretty 
    easily. Now, go back to the boot mountain, go left to the Kulon mines, then 
    go straight to the legendary gym if you like, run by Flamedramon. Or else, 
    go down, serch for a hole. Here is the
    Kulon Pit
    Okay, a monmon will be here for IDKW. Make your way into the Kulon Armory to 
    save, then go past Agumon to reach the Ice dungeon. Make your way to the Ice 
    Witch Teleporting here and there. Then, watch out for TNTs at the Fire 
    Dingeon, then defeat the Fire Knight and go on to the Dark Dungeon to meet 
    the Dark Knight after having walk in the dark, teleporting to the begining, 
    and etc. He is suppose to be the strongest boss in Asuka Server. Now go past 
    him... Wait, I forgot to mention train your digimons to level 43-45. NOW! Go 
    past him and go to a room where an Inn and a Guardromon will be. Rest save, 
    and talk to the woman there. She'll tell you something, talk to her again 
    and you'll be in the real world again.
    Magasta B1
    Now move quickly. Do anything you want here. Just collect the items, fight 
    the AOA member, and that's all you have to do here. There'll be only one, 
    and I mean ONE person there. Talk with him and you'll fight. You'll get 
    Veemon's 'best' weapon after defeating him. After that, when the time is up, 
    you'll be back in Digimon World and you'll see the Juggernaught ( What's the 
    real spelling?! ) launched. Now, a Digimon will be formed, aka Destromon. 
    You'll be told to go back to see Lisa. Take the teleporting pad at the left 
    side of the room, go to the exit that you're supposed to remember, into the 
    Circuit Board, and back to Asuka Server/city.
    Asuka City/Server
    Heal, save, then go and talk to Lisa. The game'll tell you what to do for 
    now. After a lot of blah times 3, ( P.S., Lisa should be in the Master Room 
    ) you're suppose to goto Amaterasu's Mirage Tower. Same way as in Asuka.
    Mirage Tower
    Okay, make sure you train to level 40 to save you some work later. ( Don't 
    copy me, my digimons are already level 46 when I reached here ) Here, talk 
    to the people around here. They give you EXP. Before you enter, Kenny will 
    let you in after being 'interrogated' by his pal. Talk to leader Chuck after 
    talking to everyone else. Chuck won't fight you, so don't worry. Rest, save, 
    and talk to Lisa again in the Asuka's Master Room after checking 'Byakko 
    City'. It's Bai Hu, and the guards wont let you in. How's that? Lisa will 
    handle that with just a short conversation with you.
    Bai Hu City
    Now you can go in. Lisa must be telephatic. Anyways, head to Bai Hu Chief to 
    digibattle with the bugger. With a Mega, his digimons are as good as down 
    the tubes, by bring curative items along just in case. Now, same with Asuka, 
    head to the Circuit Board on top of the hill in Plug Cape. Go to Genbu City 
    to find out it's new name, Xuan Wu city!
    Xuan Wu City
    *yawn* The Xuan Wu chief's digimons has high Hp, so train with Magnamon at 
    Amaterasu's Legendary Gym first if you're not confident. A Gold Ticket for 
    training can be found on top of the hill in Amaterasu's Kicking Forest. 
    After you defeat the chief, go to Amaterasu and you'll find that Knightmon 
    can now be controled. ( They are invincible before this, and they wipe out 
    your digimon's pretty fast too )
    Amaterasu City
    I'll now call Amaterasu to be AM and Asuka to be AS. Head to the inn, rest, 
    save, then head to the main lobby and defeat the A.O.A. here. You'll be 
    fighting alot of them along here. Before entering the master room, I suggest 
    you rest and save first. A knightmon will be waiting to follow 3 Royal 
    Guards' commands to take you on and lose to your Mega. ( I blasted onto 
    Imperialdramon for this fight using my Guilmon and DV Plugs ) Before you do 
    the finishing blow to him, use some DV Plugs and heal so that you can get 
    ready for the next fight.
    Chief Officer
    His Raidenmon is the digimon you really have to look out for. Blast 
    digivolve while fighting with him so that you can take him out easier. After 
    beating him, you'll see a scene of Destromon going KA-BOOM! Sounds 
    fammiliar? A little bit of copying from Gargomon. Whew! Rest, save, and get 
    ready to solve another problem. Oink! Oink! + Mon = Oinkmon problem. Talk to 
    Lisa and Keith twice and you'll find out that Nick is in Qing Long city 
    trying to solve that problem himself.
    Qing Long City
    Nick will tell you that he solved the problem!... Almost. The machine has 
    no...Power?! Someone will tell you the machines here works on wind power. 
    So, take the hole in AM's kicking forest to reach AS's Central Park or 
    Kicking Forest. Try to get the one on top of the hill if possible. Now, head 
    to Seiryu City and talk to Airdramon. After you do, Now's a perfect time to 
    do side quest. ( Note that you can't join the server contest thingy ) When 
    you're done, I think it's about time you go home. So goto AM city.
    Amaterasu Server/City
    Here, go to login room. You will be told that the teleportation thing can't 
    work. Goto AS.
    Asuka City
    Here, goto Master Room to find... taada!... Oinkmon?! Follow the storyline 
    and you soon find everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ( ok, maybe a few is not 
    counted ) is now Oinkmon. Head to AM.
    Amaterasu City
    Before you enter, Kail will stop you to tell you something. You can 
    understand her. She's not oinkmon. Blah, Blah, Blah, and to the Inn, rest 
    save, Equipments, ( The BlackMarket the place, only thing is, if only I had 
    unlimited cash... my stats will be full... mumble, mumble ) and goto da 
    Master Room. Here is a Moron who wants to rule the world. After talking to 
    him, train to level 60 at least, items, rest, save, and to the
    Final Confrontation
    You're here, you can't turn back. Move around destroying blocks that block 
    your way by going into teleports that are green, and eventually you'll reack 
    mr 'Lord Megadeath'. Yeah right. He'll fight you with 3 'Jin' digimons. ( 
    Raijin, Suijin are two of them if I'm not mistaken ) After that, your last 
    chance to heal and prepare is hear. Do so, and prepare to fight
    He'll be talking to you for a while, saying he wants to combine with Earth, 
    blah blah blah, you have to defeat him, and the fight begins!
    First Form ( Tail )
    Gallantmon's Final Purification is needed for the first form. High HP. Use 
    ability enhancing techs, then dish out ya counter attacks.
    Second Form ( Body )
    Comes out, Ragnarok Cannon to your HP 1, Then Final Form appears.
    Third and Final Form ( Head )
    His... big... strong... tough... has high HP... every qualities of a last 
    boss. His Attacks can't be countered. Use another Digimon like Bleezemon or 
    Sakuyamon, any digimon that does not counter attacks. Heal, and Prepare for 
    a long fight. Just heal in time and you can soon sit back and relax. The 
    Ending is your reward. Yay! See you again cause this walkthrough is 
    3) Optional Boss
    1) Zanbamon
    Goto the jungle shrine, deep inside, there's a place called Catacomb. He is 
    quite deadly, so be prepared. Hunting Knife is something you really have to 
    care about.
    2) Pharohmon
    You know the details.
    3) BK Imperialdramon ( Dragon mode )
    Amaterasu server, where Master Tyranomon is in Asuka server. Watch out for 
    his Mega Destroyer.
    4) BK MegaGargomon
    Amaterasu server, where Pharohmon is in Asuka server. Watch out for his 
    Finisher, that's all.
    5) BK Seraphicmon
    Amaterasu server, where Zanbamon is in Asuka server. Tiring, uses Giga Heal 
    whenever his HP is at Critical.
    4) Q & A
    Only one so far...
    Q: How do I get more partners?
    At some level, goto Tyrano Valley, ( AS ), and talk to the guy standing on 
    the right of the 'T Junction' after the ladder, to get the task of finding 
    and defeating (F&D) MetalGreymon. He's at South Sector, very easy to find.
    After getting a certain badge, goto protocol ruins, where near Baronmon 
    stands/stood, is another DRI Agent/ Talk to him to get the task of F&D 
    Paildramon. He's at bulk bridge. Not very hard to find.
    DRI agent is in Mobius Desert, quite hard to find. Armormon is in AS's Duel 
    DRI Agent is in Central Park, above Leomon's gym. Your task of F&D Taomon is 
    made easier with the location revealed, which is in West Sector, near 
    Togemon's gym, a/ a few screens away.
    DRI Agent is in Mobius Desert, Quite hard to find. Kyukimon is in Suzaku UG 
    DRI agent in Central Park, MagnaAngemon's location unknown.
    DRI Agent in Seiryu City after you defeated the leader, WarGrowlmon's 
    location unknown.
    DRI Agent in Mobius Desert, GrapLeomon's location unknown.
    5) Credits
    1) To my Parents, for buying the game for me, making my life nicer, and 
    paying the bills.
    2) BANDAI for yet another great game.
    3) GameFaqs, for letting me gain info on alot of games. And also for posting 
    this up.
    4) Myself, for making this.
    5) DarkPandemona83 ( darkpandemona83@hotmail.com ) for the remaining starter 

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