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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MonMaster Julian

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DDDDD    II    GGGGG    II   MMMM  MMMM   OOOO    NNN    NN 
    DD  DD   II   GG   GG   II   MM MMMM MM  OO  OO   NNNN   NN 
    DD   DD  II  GG         II   MM  MM  MM  OO  OO   NN NN  NN
    DD  DD   II  GG  GGGG   II   MM      MM  OO  OO   NN  NN NN
    DD DD    II   GG  GG    II   MM      MM  OO  OO   NN   NNNN
    DDDD     II    GGG      II   MM      MM   OOOO    NN     NN
    WW  WW  WW   OOOO    RRRRRRR   LL      DDDDD     II  II  II
    WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RR    RR  LL      DD  DD    II  II  II
    WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RRRRRRR   LL      DD   DD   II  II  II
    WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RR RR     LL      DD   DD   II  II  II 
    WWWW  WWWW  OO  OO   RR  RR    LL      DD  DD    II  II  II
    WWW    WWW   OOOO    RR   RR   LLLLLL  DDDDD     II  II  II
                        == Walkthrough ==
    Julian W. (aka MonMaster Julian)
    Started: July 2nd, 2002
    Version 1.0
    Latest Update: July 3rd, 2002
    If you wish to make a contribution to this FAQ please 
    contact me at tpmjulian@hotmail.com or on AOL Instant 
    Messenger at SummonerJulian. You may also submit any errors 
    you find. If you are searching for a certain side-quest, 
    hit CTRL+F and put in a key word like MIC to find what you 
    need faster.
    =-------[ Table of Contents]--------=
    1. Updates
    2. Copyright
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Credits
    =-----------[ 1.Updates ]-----------=
    7/3/02 - Version 1.1 - Alright, big update, the walkthrough 
    was updated and it goes much further into the game now, it 
    should be done in the next update. 
    7/2/02 - Version 1.0 - Started typing it up, haven't sent 
    it in yet. It goes all the way up to South Sector so far.
    =----------[ 2.Copyright ]----------=
    This Walkthrough was typed up by Julian W. and is not to be 
    sold or displayed anywhere else other then www.gamefaqs.com 
    and other websites that have received permission.  This FAQ 
    may be printed for __PERSONAL USE ONLY__.  IF you wish to 
    use this FAQ in your personal website, please contact me at 
    tpmjulian@hotmail.com or via AOL Instant Messenger, where 
    you can contact me at SummonerJulian. 
    The game itself is copyright of Bandai 2002.
    =---------[ 3.Walkthrough ]---------=
    Alright! I finally decided to type up a walkthrough to help 
    out all the people who need help with Digimon World III. 
    This walkthrough will help you get through the whole game, 
    you may use it for the whole game, or just one part, but 
    just know that there might be some spoilers. If you are 
    looking for a certain part, use CTRL+F to find it.
    =[ Chapter A.The Adventure Begins! ]= 
    Kusanagani City - Street Corner - Real World
    This is Kusanagani City, the hometown of the heroes of this 
    game. Junior, the main character which you will be playing, 
    is waiting in the Street corner by the electronic store, 
    then the TVs show a Newsflash informing that the terrorist 
    group A.o.A. has been captured. This must be great news! 
    Anyway, Teddy and Ivy will arrive and you will have a short 
    talk with them, and then you will head on to the Internet 
    Cafe, Game Center, Digimon Center, whatever you wish to 
    call it, and you will register for the newest online game 
    out, Digimon Online, you get to pick a new name to replace 
    Junior and you can pick 1 begginer pack with 3 digimon to 
    start your adventure.
    Pack A: Balanced
    Description: Supposed to be "balanced" it contains one 
    digimon that's pure strength, one is a magic caster, and 
    the other is a healer and weak attacker.
    Kotemon: A swordsman type of digimon who learns various 
    sword techs.
    Renamon: She learns a lot of magic attacks, mostly between 
    ice and lightning.
    Patamon: The game says he will be the most reliable digimon 
    in your group, but he isn't that good, he will learn mostly 
    healing techs.
    Pack B: Strength
    Description: This pack has digimon who use pure strength to 
    win battles.
    Renamon: Good magic spells, mostly ice and lightning.
    Agumon: Good attacking.
    Monmon: Also good attacking, what do you except from pure 
    Pack C: Maniac
    Description: A Maniac pack for maniac people, it has good 
    digimon but they aren't as strong as they could be.
    Kumamon: Cute cuddly bear digimon, heh.
    Guilmon: Powerful.. do I need to say more?
    Patamon: Just like in Pack A, its only useful to level it 
    until it learns a healing tech, not that useful.
    Anyway, you will probably have a tough decision picking, 
    but guess what, Junior also has a tough time picking, heh, 
    anyway, after you pick, you can go on to the Digital World! 
    Now since you are tired of waiting, go ahead into the next 
    room to go to the Digimon World, you will see some VERY 
    nice graphics while going there. Wow, nice, isn't it?
    Asuka City - Central Sector - Asuka Server
    Alright, you made it to the digimon world! Pretty cool, 
    huh? Anyway, just head onto the lobby and talk to the staff 
    at the main desk, and you will receive your digimon. Now 
    once you leave a old man will challenge you to a battle, 
    your first battle, he has a kuwagamon, but he is very easy 
    and will fall in 2 hits. Now you can go around the city and 
    talk to all the people and gather some information, the 
    first door heading down is the inn, in the inn you can rest 
    at gatomon's inn or save with Guardromon, __ALWAYS SAVE__ I 
    advice you, save, it only takes about 15 seconds, yea, I 
    know its long, but saving is very important because you 
    never know when the game __might__ crash on you or you 
    might die. The game sometimes crashes a bit and doesn't 
    load right when I leave it on too long, heh. Anyway, the 
    next 2 doors will take you to Smith's Shop, I advice you to 
    buy 99 Power Charges because they are very cheap, and they 
    heal 500hp, I am in the end of the game and I still use my 
    power charges, check Gargomon's artillery, and buy yourself 
    a bamboo spear, you don't need to equip it, its for later 
    in the game. You can head to the pub which is the last door 
    in the bottom. Now, you might be wondering where the yellow 
    cruiser is, just go to the inn, go down the stairs, and go 
    in one of the doors, one should take you to the underground 
    path, now take the path that does not lead you to the 
    stairs, you will be in another part of the city, here you 
    will find El Dorado which is a pretty important place, 
    ignore it for now, and head to the next building to find 
    the Yellow Cruiser, I wont explain the card game in my 
    walkthrough, just check the card section for help, just get 
    a folder and leave the city.
    Sometime while you are here Teddy and Ivy will meet up with 
    you, Ivy changed her name to Kail, and they decide to take 
    their own paths.
    Central Park - Central Sector - Asuka Server
    Here, you can go and battle random digimon, I suggest you 
    level up for a bit, when you reach level 5 you will gian a 
    digivolution, to use it, hit start and click on status, 
    then put battle digivolve on. Now you will automatically be 
    that digimon in the beginning of the battle unless you get 
    an "ambush attack" which means the enemy surprised you and 
    gets to hit you first, when ambushed, you will be in your 
    rookie form. You can choose to level up here until later 
    levels, anyway, the digivolution you are using will gain 
    skill levels which come pretty fast, and these skill levels 
    will give you new techniques, if you get a message that 
    says you can load a technique you can go to the digimon lab 
    or piximon and "load" that tech, by doing so, you will be 
    able to use that technique when using another digivolution 
    on the same digimon, pretty cool, huh? Now, there are some 
    things to do, go south to shell beach, don't stay too long 
    because there are some strong digimon, just talk to the guy 
    fishing, now go back to central park, and go to the left 
    (facing city) and you will see a kid kicking a tree, talk 
    to him and he will tell you about cardmon and the kicking 
    boots, now of course you want the boots because defeating 
    cardmon will give you booster packs which you can open with 
    divermon for 6 cards, he says he will tell you how to get 
    it if you find his Gabumon card. So head back to asuka 
    city, go to the inn, and go down the ladder where the girl 
    is cleaning, look in the cupboard for the gabumon card, so 
    go back to him and he tells you that you have to become 
    friends with Veemon. Go back to Central park and go to the 
    right (facing city) and you will reach..
    Wire Forest - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Here, just go to the next screen, this is West Wire Forest, 
    now go through to the next screen, that is East Wire 
    Forest! Now you can go to the Forest inn and rest there and 
    I recommend you save. Leave East Wire Forest through the 
    southern exit to reach..
    Divermon's Lake - East Sector - Asuka Server
    When you get here, go down the ladder and you will see a 
    divermon, talk to it to get the red snapper. This is 
    another important item, just go through the bridge and 
    cross to get to Wind Prairie, in Wind Prairie just head 
    north to reach Seiryu City.
    Seiryu City - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Here, just search around, Airdramon does nothing, so just 
    talk to the guy that tells you the leader is training at 
    protocol ruins, now leave and head back to Wind Prairie, I 
    suggest you train there, if the digimon are too strong, go 
    back to Wire forest, you might want to level until level 20 
    to get your ultimate digivolution, which will be very 
    useful. When you are ready, head to West Wire Forest, and 
    from the exit to Divermon's lake, go north to reach 
    Protocol Forest.
    Protocol Forest - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Here, fight the Dokugumon until you get a spider web, an 
    item you will need, now go to the right and you will find a 
    maze, I cant tell you how to get through it, but there are 
    3 types of grass, and you have to walk through all of them, 
    a hint is to go around, it should help, just keep trying. 
    You will reach the Protocol Ruins.
    Protocol Ruins - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Take the path to the right, and you will reach Pharaomon, I 
    suggest you do not talk to it as it is a pretty hard 
    battle, and you might not be ready for it, you can go ahead 
    and try, but remember, if you die its game over and you 
    reload one of your save files, just look in the right of 
    pharaomon, you will see a ledge, jump down, and take the 
    secret path to the other side, talk to the leader, he will 
    tell you to battle MasterTyrannomon, so jump down the ledge 
    and head back to Seyriu city, I suggest you save, you 
    should have money for 99 power charges, just get as many as 
    you can, then take the bottom right exit from wind prairie 
    to reach kicking forest, from there, take the top path and 
    keep heading right, go up the ladder and head over to 
    Tyranno Valley.
    Tyranno Valley - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Just head all the way up and fight MasterTyrannomon, he 
    isn't that hard, after you beat him, head back to Seyriu 
    city and go to the tower and battle the Leader for your 
    first badge! Hooray! Now you have to go to South Sector, so 
    head to Kicking forest.
    Kicking Forest - East Sector - Asuka Server
    Take the bottom path going through the little bridge 
    through the water, then go south, then take a left (facing 
    screen) to reach the Station, you will find out you need a 
    Blue card, so head back to Asuka City to talk to Guilmon to 
    get it.
    Asuka City - Central Sector - Asuka Server
    Go to the inn, and had to the 2nd floor and talk to 
    Guilmon, one of his family members has it and he is going 
    to Seiryu city but guilmon doubts he can make it that far. 
    Go to the pub and talk to the lady, she will tell you about 
    Veemon, so head down to Shell beach and talk to the guy, he 
    will make you a fishing rod if you have the bamboo spear, 
    red snapper, and spider web. This item is very important 
    for getting cards. Now go to the forest inn, Guilmon 
    doesn't have it, and talk to the lady there, now go back to 
    Asuka city and talk to the pub lady, now go back to Seiryu 
    city and talk to guilmon by the inn, he will give you a 
    8lue card, now go the entrance of kicking forest, talk to 
    veemon, and play hide and seek with him, he is hidden in 
    the trees south of the entrance, don't go near the entrance 
    or you will automatically give up, so just keep hitting x 
    in the trees and u will find him and get the kicking boots, 
    if you by any chance leave, talk to the lady in the pub, 
    then the one in the forest inn, then the pub and come back 
    to wind prairie and play again. Just head to the station, 
    and guess what! The 8lue card is fake! So head back to the 
    forest inn, go to the basement, guilmon is there and will 
    give you the real Blue Card, now go back to Seiryu city, I 
    really recommend you save, then head to the station and you 
    will head to South Sector, but its just your day. Bulbmon 
    is going to attack you, he is very hard, so I suggest you 
    train before fighting him and get your Blast gauge near 
    full. Once you defeat him, welcome to south sector!
    =----[ B. Journey to the South ]----=
    Please note that from now on I am going to put brief 
    information so I can release this Walkthrough already! 
    Don't worry, I am going to make it more detailed in the 
    next versions..
    Bulk Swamp
    Just head south onto Jungle grave..
    Jungle Grave
    Follow the little bridges and you will find Zanbamon, don't 
    bes cared, you are supposed to fight and lose to him. After 
    he kills you, head back to Bulk Swamp, and go to the left 
    exit to reach Transquil Swamp.
    Tranquil Swamp
    When you get here go to the inn and talk to the gatomon 
    that isn't in charge of resting, he will tell you that 
    Sepikmon has been missing, go ahead and save, then head to 
    the Shaman house, the ghost is really Sepikmon, and he lost 
    his mask, he knows how to defeat Zanbamon so you have to 
    help him or he doesn't say anything, anyway, he lost his 
    mask when he was with Baronmon, so head back to the 
    station, in your way, Kail will say she was a digimon with 
    a pretty face went to east sector, so head there! BTW, 
    Baronmon is in Protocol ruins, so go there.
    Protocol Ruins
    This time take the path to the left and you will find 
    Baronmon, but he said that Sepikmon was in Asuka City. So 
    head there, and before you go in, before the gate, go to 
    the right to find Sepikmon, he will say he found his mask 
    first and wont help you, humph.. 
    Now go back to the Shaman House and you will find out that 
    Sepikmon was a fake and has his mask, so head back to Asuka 
    city, and everyone will complain about Sepikmon.
    Now head to divermon's lake and look for a secret path 
    after crossing the bridge, you will find a guy there and he 
    will say that a digimon was being rude to him and had a 
    So head back to Asuka city, and look for Etemon by the old 
    couple that wanted to become digimon, he will deny 
    everything and leave, go to the underground path and take 
    the stairs this time to get to the sewers, you will find 
    etemon there, and he will give you the mask, so head all 
    the way back to the shaman house, Sepikmon will help you 
    and give you a Smelly Herb, and it will scare Zanbamon 
    away, so go back to jungle grave. And scare him, then head 
    on toward Phoenix bay, and when you read the other side 
    take a right to reach Suzaku City
    Suzaku City
    Finally made it here, go and save, and beat the Suzaku 
    leader, and when you leave Kail will say that they should 
    return to the real world, and you will both return to Asuka 
    City to search for Teddy because he said he would be in the 
    Admin Center and to return to the real world. :)
    When you arrive the Asuka GM (GameMaster) will say that the 
    servers are unstable and therefore no one can return to the 
    real world, and they wont be charged for this time. 
    You will both head to the Admin Center but they wont let 
    you in, so head to the pub and the people there will say 
    only staff and lost digimon can go in, so then kail 
    mentions about the old people that wanted to become 
    digimon, go there, and they will say etemon gave them 
    agumon suits, so head to where etemon was in the sewers, 
    some guy is there. Head back to the lobby and kail will say 
    that the etemon is that guy, he was using a etemon 
    digisuit! So that means that the guy was also Sepikmon, 
    doesn't it all make sence now? Anyway, talk to the guy, he 
    will give you agumon suits if you don't tell, so go back to 
    the tunnel and you and kail will put the suits on, so head 
    to the admin center, and head through the stairs to the 
    main room, the GM will tell you that Lucky mouse took Teddy 
    prisoner. You have to go to west sector now, so u need the 
    digiegg of reliability.
    Go to phoenix bay, the girl will say she saw the crest in 
    Bios Swamp, so go there, its to the right in Bulk Swamp, 
    you will find a hut, look behind it to see it, but you need 
    to explode it, so go see Sepikmon, he will say to talk to 
    Baronmon, so go back to East Sector, if you don't have a 
    tnt ball go to tyranno valley and battle the triceramon, 
    get a tnt ball and head to protocol ruins, there you can 
    talk to baronmon, he will make a tnt chip, so go back to 
    bios swamp and explore the hut and go inside, and get the 
    digiegg! Now that you have it, head to ether jungle which 
    is north of phoenix bay, then head left there to reach 
    south cape, there is a gym here that trains dark 
    resistance, anyway, go to the end of the cape and look for 
    the little pad and summon submarimon. You might want to 
    train until level 20 to get an ultimate.. I really 
    recommend so.
    Use Triangle to move and the control pad to change 
    directions. You will reach East badland soon, once you get 
    there, go left to the noise desert, if you haven't saved in 
    a while, go to the top-right and save and rest, then go 
    back to noise desert and go to the top left to reach Byakko 
    City. A numemon will tell you not to go in, but we are in a 
    hurry! Gotta save teddy!
    Byakko City
    When you reach here you will notice something weird is 
    going on, but we are in a hurry, right? So just head to the 
    main building and go to the leader, he has 2 numemons, 
    after you beat him, go into the other room to get your 
    badge, it's a trap!
    Now to get out look for a hole that looks like numemon is 
    stuck in it, talk to the Numemon and it will save you, and 
    tell you that the leader and everyone else is in mirage 
    tower, so head south to get to the Pelche oasis, go ahead 
    and save, then head back to noise desert, and go south, you 
    will reach South Badland, then go south to reach Mobius 
    From here, you will start in the top right of the map, so 
    go to the top left, you will be in the bottom right, so go 
    to the bottom left, you will be in the top right again, 
    follow this pattern until you get there.
    Mirage Tower
    Come in and save, and rest in the inn, and head to the 
    mirage room and fight the real leader, he will give you the 
    badge and will tell you that the AoA have taken over Byakko 
    city, and that Numemon knows more, he will tell you to go 
    find numemon, and he says that Numemon is in DumDum 
    Factory, so leave to Mobius desert and this time to the 
    opposite, from top left go to top right, from bottom left 
    go to bottom right, until you get out. Now head back north 
    to Bullet Valley and you will reach DumDum Factory, when 
    you get in there, Numemon will ask what you are doing 
    there, anyway, get ready for a boring task, you have to 
    chase numemon around, just keep walking around until you 
    see numemon walking into a room, when you go into that 
    room, numemon will be gone, but you will find a treasure, 
    anyway, when he goes up the stairs, follow him in and talk 
    to HiAndromon, you will have to fight him, he is one tough 
    Anyway, he will open up the sewer gate for you, so go down 
    through the other door, not the one you came in from, you 
    will see numemon again, so just follow him in, and go down 
    to the sewers. Here, just keep on moving forward and youw 
    ill hear Lisa screaming, a WaruMonzeamon is harassing poor 
    Lisa, so go and defeat it. Lisa will thank you, and then 
    Numemon comes, and guess who Numemon really is, if you 
    guessed Lucky Mouse, you win the great prize of nothing! 
    Congrats! Anyway, he will tell you to go to his hideout 
    because it is safer there.
    Anyway, Lucky Mouse will just tell you what is REALLY goind 
    on, and to put it short: AoA has Teddy. And that the GM is 
    a bad guy, er, girl. After talking, some AoA soldiers will 
    burst in with Kail as hostage, and they force Lucky Mouse 
    to give back what he stole, and after he gives the digitama 
    back they return Kail, and then you find out that Lucky 
    Mouse, or Kurt, is Kail's brother! So that's what Kail was 
    hiding, anyway, the AoA soldier will turn you into a 
    Oinkmon but Kurt jumps in the way and he ends up turning 
    into a oinkmon, and the soldier notices he ran out of ammo, 
    lucky for you! But you still have to battle him.
    Now Junior gets mad at the AoA and decides to turn Kurt 
    back to normal and to rescue Teddy. So head back to Asuka 
    City to settle it all with the GM.
    When you get there you will notice you are being locked 
    out, so go to where the fake sepikmon was and call 
    submarimon to reach the Asuka City Sewers, when you are 
    down there you have to degeat Datamon, and still, he will 
    only open the gate for you if you have a Staff ID Pass, but 
    luckily Kurt should have one because he was part of the 
    staff, so head back to the Hideout, and they will start 
    searching for the ID Pass, and Lisa will tell you to get 
    Keith and Nick to come help her, she says they are 
    somewhere in south sector, so to save you time go to Suzaku 
    City and take Renamon's hidden path and summon Submarimon 
    in the pad, and now head to the Suzaku UG Lake, there you 
    will find Nick and Keith, and they will go back and help, 
    and this time you don't have to walk back, anyway, they 
    will find the Id pass, now you have to walk back to Asuka 
    City, go underwater, and datamon will let you in, but 
    before you enter, I suggest you save, and get ready for A 
    LOT of battles, and I mean A LOT! There are a lot of 
    soldiers here!
    More to be added in the next version.
    =-----------[ 4.Credits ]-----------= 
    =-= Julian W.
    -=- Me! I typed this FAQ! Duh =P
    =-= Lisa Inverse
    -=- Her walkthrough in the DW3 message board helped me out 
    a lot.
    =-= Bandai
    -=- Well, they made the game, didn't they?
    =-= GameFAQs
    -=- For being a great website and putting my FAQs up to 
    help other people.
    If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, please e-mail 
    me at or instant message me on AIM at SummonerJulian.

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