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"The best Digimon game EVER!"

I've been a fan of Digimon since the day I first watched the anime. When I heard about Digimon world for the PS, I was really happy. Then, I saw Digimon world 2 in my Video club. Not even one year after, I saw Digimon World 3. When I tried it, I was in heaven. This became my Favourite game for a really long time. It's the best Digimon world game ever, although Digimon world DS is not far behind.

The game begins in the real world as Junior, a young 12 years old boy, who's waiting for his two friend, Teddy and Ivy.While he's waiting, he hear an announce from a T.V. saying one of the Chief of the A.o.A. ( Digimon version of the Pokemon's team rocket) has been arrested. Then your friend finnaly show up and you go to the center of Digimon online. There you Register and choose you first Digimon Pack. After doing that, you finally go to the Digimon Online world. Your objective: Get all four Gym Badge and participate in the world tournament. At least that's what you're told, because after Getting the first badge, an incident occur. A hacker appeared and trapped everyone in the digital world! At first nobody consider this as a big deal. But your objective completely change when you first enter the city where you're supposed to get your third badge. What happened? I won't spoil the story. You're going to have to play yourself!

Storyline 10/10

Compared to other DW, Bandai really worked hard on the storyline, and I'm glad they did. What I just said about the story migh seems like spoiler, but in fact, I'm just saying what's written on the back of the CD case... with more text. The real, cool, interresting part of the story begins when you enter the city of the third Gym Badge.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are similar to Final Fantasy VIII. There's pretty good, but considering the time this game was created (2002) I would have expect something better. At least, the digimon looks real-sized and more detailed in DW3 compared to DW1 and 2.

Music: 9/10

I would choose another music for the Normal Battle theme, it gets boring really fast, but beside that, Every music in the game are good and entertaining!

Gameplay: 10/10

This is what I liked the most. You can finnaly wear armors, weild weapons and accessories to boost your stats. And I like the Charisma stats. At first it won't be important at all, but at the end of the game,you will need a VERY high charisma to complete some side-quests.

Oh and the Card Game is really cool, and imple to learn, I wish this card game got real =(


This game got some minor flaws, like every game in the world. No game can be perfect, but Digimon World 3 is near Perfection.


I suggest you rent it first, if you like it, then Buy it. For veteran digimon fans, don't hesitate, BUY BUY BUY!

-Good Storyline
-Many Side-quests
-More that one way to get a certain digimon in your team

-For those who care about it, only average graphics
-Bad sound
-Normal Battle Music can get boring

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/07

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