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"Better than those PS2 digimon games out there"

Up to three digimon on your team at a time, but up to 10 digimon in your entire team who can be left at a station when you feel like using them.

A numerous amount of digimon are included, not just the ones you fight but also the ones your digimon can digivolve into. Plus I always liked the ability to DNA a variety of your digimon for much more digimon.

The training system off battles is really easy as well, it doesn't take as long as a regular battle and you can pinpoint a specific area to train for you digimon. Along with your improved techniques Digimon World 3 includes a system in which you can equip your digimon with compatible armor, weapons, and items to improve your digimon's strength.

A card mini-game is also included into the game. While it isn't as expanded as Digimon: Digital Card Battle, I find it suitable and good enough seeing as it was only a mini-game.

Your digimon take a long time to level even when in the small numbers for levels.

I expected it to be a little tougher, in all honesty, I only died/lost a few times against some of the major bosses.

I wasn't to fond of the way you found yourself in battles, walking around in circles to find a digimon just doesn't suit me. I would have liked to see them out in the open and encounter them like that. But I think it may have been due to the size the data the PSX can hold so it was fine.

The story wasn't very interesting as in the Digimon anime, but I think it got through pretty well:

Hackers attack the Digital World on the day you can finally start to train your very own Digimon. Junior (you control him) must now help save the Digital World and possibly even the one one you live in as well.

The thing I didn't like about it was that it wasn't very, Digimon like, the kids don't really go into the Digital World, they get chosen. But on Digimon World 3 that whole concept was removed.

As I said before, you can equip your digimon with certain items to make them stronger. This is a very good addition to the game because it makes things easier at times (sometimes to easy) but some also had certain abiities. Such as the one have equipped on my Kotemon: Ronin Blade - it sometimes increases the amount of damage it would normally do by around five points.

There are possibly over 200 digimon (I don't know the exact number because I don't want to sit there and count them ) and the majority of them are at your "disposal." There are many ways of digivolving as well, such as DNA, or the regular way, but it's all very simple and makes playing the game much easier. My favorite digimon out of the ones your digimon can digivolve into would have to be Omnimon, he is simple to use (as are the majority of them) and has strong attacks.

The battles are turned-based and as I have said in my other reviews I don't like it much simply because they slow down the battle, but besides that they are fun. As with pretty much any turned-based RPG there is a list to pick your options from and they are organized pretty well.

The graphics are done really well for being on an older console, to me it seems like they could have been as an early Playstation 2 game. The majority of the cutscenes where attacks are done are done very well and really depict how the attacks should look.

Another plus to the game is the way you can train your digimon outside of battles. Hm, where would you do that? In the gym of course! In the gym you can train you digimon in various stats using different training routines. And as you progress the game you get cards which allow you a better "membership" for better results. The only thing that is bad about it though is that you don't do much except press a few buttons do get the training done, you can't really interact with it.

Mini-games are fun, especially when they are card games. There is even a Dueling island where there are no wild digimon and all you find is people that you can duel. Probably around 300 cards varying from monster cards and special cards for effects or added bonuses. If you really get into this mini-game it will eat up most of your play time for a while.

I don't recommend this game to anyone who isn't a true digimon fan or at least likes digimon because you'll probably find it to childish and boring very quickly. But those that like digimon, this is a must, it is very fun and certainly takes a long time to beat despite it's easy gameplay in battle.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/07

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