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"It's surpirsingly addictive, but dissapoints a little."

When I first got my hands on the PlayStation, this is one of the first games I tried out. It brings back so many memories...anyways, like with my other PlayStation game review (reviews, by the time you read this), I've forgotten some of the details, like names of things and such. But I still know this game well, trust me!


A guy named Junior [wait a minute, JUNIOR? What kind of name is that? We can't change it? Phooey.] gets trapped in the Digital World somehow and has to get out. Well, I didn't really expect much of a plot to form, anyways, and neither should you. Still a disappointment.



The graphics are usually pretty eye-pleasing. There's no color too vibrant, nothing noticeably out-of-place. The grass and trees look surprisingly nice and a little - JUST a little - realistic. The overhead view works well for this title. The Digimon aren't too polygonal, but when they are it's probably the system's capabilities, or it's minor. Most of the game is 2 - D, but the battles are 3 - D, and the area around it always looks nice. There's nothing particularly awe-inspiring, though, but once again, nice graphics.



The music is nicely orchestrated and thought-out. A few tunes are easily forgettable but one or two might be memorable and you may even be caught humming them. The upbeat music heard in stores is very memorable, along with the albeit a little repetitive battle music. There are some nice sound effects in battle when you attack. It's all very nice and polished.



Whoever said Pokemon battles were too similar to Digimon battles was wrong - kind of. In battles you have MP - Move Points, I think - which are used to attack. If you run out of MP, you can't attack. That's a standard RPG thing, but it's also a standard Digimon thing, and it hasn't gotten old or tiring. And there's the whole factor of Digivolving - letting your Digimon change forms and get stronger. I really love the concept, but then I found out you have to train THAT Digivolution after you've Digivolved your Digimon. Your previous stages are STILL there for reasons unknown to me (why you would battle with them, I don't know), and THEY gain levels sometimes when the Digivolution fights. That's a little unnecessary, don't'cha think?

A majority of the game is roaming around the digital universe, going to the next town and fighting the occasional boss. The bosses are at a nice difficulty level: though the first boss was a little hard and required all of my semi-pre-set party to join in, it was doable. After all, all games should be CHALLENGING. But it's not the BOSSES.

You see, most of the time while you're trying to get out of an area, tons of Digimon will spring out at you from who-knows-where. Since many areas are large and winding, this can be hard to deal with.

One annoying thing that happened to my brother in the game was this: once in some train, when he was going to another area, he found a Digimon! It took him a LONG time to dwindle its health down to the nitty-gritty, but just fled.


Was that a boss or something? Is it supposed to run away?

And fortunately, the concepts for the Digimon are great. There's no "ToyAgumon" and "BlackToyAgumon" in this game (well, except for VeggieMon and its differently-colored cousin...and just a FEW others). Look at other games for those...

There's a bunch of other crunch I'd talk about, but I'll just end it here. Find out about its in-game card game and random Digivolution gauge-=thing (my Monmon transformed into a tank!?) by yourself.

Overall, I think that this has its high points, but a few low points, giving it...



Definitely! The story will probably take more than a day to complete, and you might have some fun leveling up and maybe even collecting all of the Digimon card game cards. But for some, they'll just want to get over with the game.



+ A bunch of Digimon!
+ Great graphics!
+ Great sound!
+ Great music!
+ Digivolution is always a plus!
+ Good challenge!


+ Only nine Digimon are available for use by you, and you can only take three
+ Standard RPG repetitive battle syndrome may take over


Storyline: 3/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound/Music: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Replay Value: 8/10

Total: 70%

An exact 7.0! That makes it a "good" game!

It's a great game for RPG lovers, but those who aren't used to the system should seek other titles instead - preferably, something NOT Digimon - related.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/13/08

Game Release: Digimon World 3 (US, 06/05/02)

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