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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02

Digimon World 3 is the latest attempt at making a decent digimon game from Bandai

After the first 2 average(at best)Digimon games Bandai decided to mix things up and try for a more rpg style game rather than the action/adventure of DW1 or the RPG/Adventure of DW2.

There were some obvious reasons that both of the first games were disliked by so many gamers,and many of these are addressed and fixed in the third version,but of course has its own new problems.

The first game had virtually no storyline whatsoever,this games storyline is much more solid and defined,and is an interesting change from many of the other rpg's out there like the final fantasy's.But even with the stronger storyline it is still VERY cliched,I won't ruin it for you but it follows the most basic rpg guidelines there are,(wandering youth finds his way into an adventure that would eventually lead him to saving the world)and while all rpg's are variations of this Digimon World 3 follows this to an extreme.

Digimon World 2 may have been an ok game had it not been for the endless,monotonous,randomly generated dungeons.And even though DW3 has none of these features the areas can get very redundant as well,but this is more my opinion than what many others may think.

As for the graphics this game is a big improvement on DW2's terribly poor dungeon crawling graphics.While some may not like the out of battle images of your person running around with his digimon i found it refreshing and sort of funny.The in battle graphics are a huge improvement too,now all the individual attacks look different,which was annoying to an unbearable degree in the first two games.The digimon animations are very smooth as well,with no noticeable slow down at any points in battle.

The battle system itself is rather unique now as well.There are many options from Attacking to DNA digivolving.After playing many hours training in the same spot i found that the battle system still provided me with enough variations to make it interesting,but i can see how it would become redundant rather quickly to some people.

At first the battles in a new area are unbelievably hard,but after some leveling up(which is necessary in this game),they become much easier.An annoying part however is that most of the time either you or your enemy can and will be killed in one hit,making it very difficult sometimes,especially since a faster enemy will attack your new character you put in before you have the chance to run,very annoying if you have not saved recently....which brings me to one of the most annoying parts of the game,SAVING....

The save/load times are still absolutely terrible.Even going to and from the in game menu can become a cumbersome chore due to the time it takes.Moving from screen to screen though is usually pretty quick.But for some reason the developers decided to include these blue square boxes that blank out the edges of the screen until you wait or run throuhg the area they are in,causing the map to appear as you go through it,a rather stupid inclusion seeing as its only purpose seems to be annoying the hell out of you.

All in all this game is pretty enjoyable.The rating does not matter much since many bad games can be the most fun of all,and this game is certainly far from bad.I gave it a 7/10 because of its still annoying flaws,which can be easily overlooked for the fun gameplay.And if you are a digimon fan you will definately want to pick this game up since it is easily the best out of the three(although Digital Card Battle was better than them as well).Almost all digifans should enjoy this game,especially with all its new features and digimon.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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