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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02

Bandai Did It!!!

Well now....
So far we've had a somewhat enjoyable breeding RPG.
A hideously annoying, random-dungeon generating, battle boring, very slow rpg.
An interesting Card Battle Game.
And a Smash Bros knock-off.
After looking at these, people won't think highly of this game...think again. It is an awesome game in it's own right and weilds the genre RPG very well in it's own respect. Graphics are much better than it's predecessors and the storyline is basic, but good. As Junior, you and your friends Teddy and Ivy go into the Digital World and get to pick Digimon from one of three packs and then go around fighting random battles and other Tamers. There are also bosses which don't surface for a while, but are really cool when they do. (Ex: Pharohmon and HiAndromon)
Unfortunatly, you can only raise 55 different Digimon, but many of the others make appearances as enemies...and almost all of them are in the Mini Card Battle mini-games...

Story: 5/10
-At the beginning there is a story...then you play for about another 12 hours and the story starts up again. But that doesn't mean it's bad, it resembles Pokemon a little bit...but I think that's a good thing.

Graphics: 9/10
-For a PS1 game, it's magnificant. The Digimon graphics are sometimes a bit blocky, as are the backgrounds...but at least there are backgrounds this time! And the Digimon all have different animations and attacks this time around. The out of battle graphics are very cute and I like them, if only those annoying loading squares weren't around...but if they weren't this game would be alot slower. It loads very fast...except for saving. *Grumbles*

Sound: 8/10
-Yes, sound. Some of the music and sound effects are ripped from the first two games. But the battle music is good as are the numerous tracks they play in the overworld. And once you get Submarimon to go'll hear some really cool music!

Balance: 3/10
-Here is where the game bugs have to level up alot or you'll be getting your ass whupped every single new area you enter. Keeping your levels and Digivolutions up is a must...
And this game shouldn't be played by kids who aren't good at gaming. Some of the puzzles are very complicated and sometimes require you to talk to just the littlest person you may have missed to activate a switch for the game to go on.

Rent or Buy?
With all the options and enemies to fight and areas to explore, you'll be renting this game for more than the worth of buying it anyway...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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