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Reviewed: 06/13/02 | Updated: 06/13/02

This game is a treat to play if your a fan of Digimon

Welcome to my review of Digimon World 3, I hope it is helpful to you, The reader.

In the future when computer technology has advanced, Junior a 12 year old boy and his friends Teddy and Ivy are playing the hottest game around, ''Digimon online'' in this game the players enter the digital world and travel on an exciting adventure with digimon. But one fateful day when the friends are in the middle of the game,An accident occurs and they become trapped inside the digital world...

You start out waiting for your friend Teddy who had the idea of taking a girl named Ivy with you. You think its a waste of time waiting for him to get her a pass to play the game, As she isn't a the biggest fan of digimon. So a news report appears on one of the stores TVs so you watch it, It says some stuff about a group called the a.o.a, So once that is over Teddy and Ivy are done in the store.Then the 3 of you set off to play. You pick a Pack of 3 digimon, Input your online name and...

Decent story though it advances at a snails pace, Very much like Digimon world 2.

The designs for everything are neat and well thought out, I like the square things, They where a neat idea they made it seem kinda like the game was loading areas while you where walking in them i love that idea, As your a kid who is playing an online game. All the areas backgrounds are great.The battle digimon graphics, However, are not THAT great.

Music fit the surroundings/things your doing perfectly, There is some reused sounds from
digimon world 2 brings it down a little from being the perfect soundtrack for the game.

Some areas can be confusing and there are quite a few random encounters going on , So id say its sort of hard.

It has a few flaws Like not all that many digimon that can join you. But for the most part great. I like the idea of digivolving in battle, But i would have liked to have been able to do it outside of battle.
DNA digivolving is only a powerful cool looking attack you don't stay that way for the battle.

This game is a treat to play if your a fan of digimon, I cant really see a non digimon fan enjoy it all that much . So if you are your a fan of the series there should be something you enjoy about this game.

Story: (6/10)
Game design (9/10)
Graphics: (8/10)
Game Play: (8/10)
Fun factor: (8/10)
Sound/music: (9/10)
Hardness: (7/10)

I give this game a: (8/10)

Buy or Rent? Buy it if you a fan of the series. If not, I don't know if this is for you so you might want to rent it first.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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