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Reviewed: 06/14/02 | Updated: 06/14/02

With an addictive Leveling up system,Bandai just mayhave created an RPG that can grab even those not-so intersted in Digimon!(shock)

Before you read on,let me be honest with you with this one.This RPG when i first take a look at it was kinda bad...but being faithful to all games i must agree that it's hard to say no to even this game.Whether or not the game has bad graphics or is a game about Digimon,it still somehow gets me to play this game...but do i have a shocking thing to say about this RPG.this game is actually great! is a great RPG's just too bad that this game has a title that not many serious gamers out there plan on taking seriously at all...Pokemon is something people consider to be good and Digimon was alright,but the thing now is that the first two Digimon games were bad...the first one had bad graphics & the second one's battles were FAR too long!...but when you taste the baby's porrage it taste juuuust right.

I think i'll give this game a in-depth review as well.


Okay,the story for this one is very isn't a story that will win an award,but it's a good one...supposedly you play the hero named Junior and your two friends Teddy and a young girl who i still haven't gotten her name just yet want to play Digimon online with of course wait for your friends at a store for them and then you register with them.and just like on on-line games,you log-in and use a username and all...when you start the game off you pick a Digimon pack and start going around the Digital world and beating 4 Gym leaders at each of the 4 cities...i know it sounds like Pokemon once you hear this...but here's the thing:there's only 4 of them and while you're here on Digimon online challenging others to get experience to fight the Gym leaders,an announcement is heard that Digimon Online is being repaired and that everyone playing the game will have to stay until it's fixed...they even say that the game will be free while they're staying[Almost every online game is pay-to-play,right?].So far that's the story...the rest you have to learn yourself.


RPG's don't need controls...but i do give it point value for the walking speed....the walking speed is auto-run and is very fast...

Graphics:7's the problem:The walking-around graphics are something you'll never forget.there's so many things that you can see while walking'll see a kid thinking of a Patamon and a balloon pops up and then there's the speed of walking.But the best thing about the graphics in this game is that they don't give out any plot-holes in can't really tell if this is what you should do because it's brighter than the rest or if it's just simply predictable.the graphics are so blend-in with stuff that it can truly make this RPG hard and questionable...but the problem with the graphics in this game come in the battles...and MAN the graphics in the battles are terrible!....Renamon doesn't even look like Renamon all that much...she's so skinny & Greymon's teeth look like Godzilla's!...saying that,that maybe the only reason for not renting or even buying this game...the battle graphics are me,not even the PS2 could fix it...they move so slowly in battle[by slow i mean animation,not meaning how long it takes to execute a move]that it looks like they were TRYING to go back to making a regular NES game.So that's it...what's better?Seeing a kid thinking of Digimon while you brag about them,or seeing beautiful Digimon fight? a tuff one.but i still like the game despite it's bad battle graphics.


Sound & Music have been copied from their previous games...Digimon world 1,Digimon world 2, & Digimon Card battles as well...however,they added quite a bit of new music to this RPG...Boss battles,town music,the start of this Game...there is quite a bit of new music you'll notice in this game that the others haven't thing's for sure,the sound is still kinda boring...the music?...that's a different story altogether...


I LOVE Leveling up in this game!When you level-up,there's so many things that happen!You get to train your Digimon with TP[Training points] which greatly increase your Digimon's skills IF they are successful and they even put an option in this game to have Digimon wear THAT is classic!...i never thought that Digimon could wear weapons until i learned of a few names that were familiar from the show.they just been removed from the Digimon and are equippable now.There's even a Card battle in this may sound like it ripped off Final Fantasy 8 & 9,but i think the truth is no...Bandai created their own card game and i'm sure they just wanted it to be in the game as well.besides,the card game is idectical to the card game in Digimon Card Battle...another great thing about this game is that there's so much to do!You get your Digimon stronger and he/she can affect the story as's because of the fact that the story is revolved around you being in an online game...and somewhat in online games certain things can only happen if you reach enough the more you level,the more that happens...leveling up in games is an instant classic RPG favourite thing for me...that's why i definitely give the gameplay a 10/10.


This game is very's only got bad battle graphics,that's all...everything else is just so good! feels like you're playing the Nintendo early days for some reason.

Buy or rent?

For those that Hate Digimon,i'd rent it...or better yet,stay away from it...
for those that enjoy RPG's and games....I'll say this:This game is REALLY good...i suggest that you buy the game to your collection of RPG's...guys that enjoy games will like to rent this game...
for Digimon fans?....aheh....(Gets run over by a crowd of Digimon fans) @_@

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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