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"One game you'll never forget!"

Ok, this is game is just awesome. Bandia made the gameplay much better then Digimon world 2. Unlike Digimon world 2, this game has WAY better storyline. This game is extremeley challenging and frustrating but also fun at the same time. Ok let's get on with the review.

Story: 9 This story is 1000 times better then Digimon world 2's story! You run all over place fighting leaders and monsters training your digimon up. It might sound like Pokemon, but it really isn't. Anyway, you're trying to be the best tamer in the world.

Controls:7 The controls are pretty good. The reason why I didn't like it was because you run too fast. Other people seem to like that though, and I don't know why.

Graphics: 9 The graphics actually aren't that bad. When you aren't battling the graphics are awesome, but when you are battling it's not so great. It's not the best, but for me it'll do. Trust me, it'll do for you too.

Sound: 6 Okay, I gotta admit, the music is kinda kiddish. No not kinda, really kiddish. The music are like the music 4 years old listens too. It gets really annoying after awhile.

Gameplay: 10 JUST AWESOME! I love it! It's great, way better then the last 2 digimon world. The gameplay is like pokemon and final fantasy combined together. You can buy weapons and armors to raise your attack power and defense power. You can also play a card battle which is awesome. But the bad point is that you can only have 8 rookies but lots and lots and lots and lots of champions forms, ultimate forms and mega forms. You can also dna digimon together, which means combining 2 digimon into 1, making a new digimon. If you played digimon world 2, and thought it was crappy, and if still think digimon world 3 will be like 2, then you are totally wrong!!! You'll know just what I mean when you play this game!

Overall: 9 This is a great and addictive game. But what really pulled it down was the music. But anyways, you didn't buy this game just to listen to the music right?

Buy or rent?

I would say buy. But if you have any doubts, rent first then buy. Even if you hate digimon, this game is still pretty good. And I mean, for 35$ canadian, it's not that much. Besides, this is a new game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/02, Updated 06/16/02

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