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"DW3 is on my top three favorite RPG list"

I go to the store to see the new Digimon game for the PS.I recall playing the fair DW1 and the absolute horrible DW2. I then ask my self ''Do I want to spend 20$ so I can be fed up with having to raise digimon to a certain level for hours just so I have to start out on level one again after I DNA digivolve like in the horrible DW2?'' Let me tell you folks there was QUITE a hesitation point. But then I forked over the twenty bucks and I was in for a great suprise. This game is awesome, it has everything a RPG should have! And best of all, it lost some of it's kiddy past. They finally put ''Sucks'' in the game.

Graphics:Tired of all that dark,gloomy atmosphere in FF games? Well if this game dosn't make your eyes bleed then nothing will! The graphics outside battle are fair,closely resembling Saga Frontier. But the graphics in battle are very good. Though the tiny little energy balls may be dorky looking,they are a major improvment from the horrible,horrible,horrible, looking attacks on DW2.

Story:Nothing new here. Probably the only downfall in this game. Hackers blah blah blah become champion so fourth and so on. But the cool part of the story is that the ''Digimon Online'' game takes your very essence and puts it in the game. That is a fairly good plot but it's the only interesting part of the game.

Game Play: I have listened to reviews after reviews on games saying over and over 'This RPG sucks because GamePlay isn't as good as it it in Action Games'. Well this game's gameplay isn't the greatest, but it certainly isn't poor.

Difficulty: If you ever went and played DW2 you will be very happy to know it isn't that hard are nearly that annoying. You don't have to battle millions of digimon to buy one stupid part for your 'Digimon Beetle'. And you don't have to DNA digivole just once you finally get a MEGA digimon just to start all over again. There are alot of battles where you get killed but that only means one thing- YOU AREN'T ON A HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL!!!! Does it make sense to not get killed in one hit my a dragon once your a bug 1/14 of it's size?

Fun Factor:This game is quite fun. No matter how 'cool' you are that you don't like digimon, there has to be SOME THING in this game that you like. There's dragons, angels, giant killer bunnies with huge riffles, it has it anything a freaky power hungry psycho would want.

Overall:An excellent game. BUY IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/02, Updated 06/20/02

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