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Reviewed: 06/26/02 | Updated: 06/26/02

I'm No Good In Making Review Titles But This Game Rules

The bad STORY of DW1 & the idiotic dungeon climbing levels of DW2 just made both of games bad. But this latest project of BanDai shocked the world. It is one of the reasons that PSX is not dead.

The Story: (9/10)
This game has the best story in all Digimon Games. Junior and his two friends tried out a brand new Digimon game called Digimon Online. It was fun until hackers spoil the fun and u have to beat leaders and Digimons. You might think that beating leaders sound like the previous DW2 but u're wrong. They are very different!!!

The Graphics: (7/10)
The graphics are nice and cute. The characters are cute looking but the battle graphics aren't that nice. It's still good considering how old the PSX is.

The Gameplay: (9/10)
It's RPG STYLE!!! You equip ur Digimons with weapons and armors then u level them up and make them learn techniques. You can digivolve them and more. The controls are well done. You can even DNA Digivolve in battles to execute a one-turn move. And ya, you no longer catch Digimons like what you did in DW2. You can even play card games in this version too. The Gameplay rocks!!!

Sounds & Musics: (9/10)
The musics are kiddie and childish but they fit the environment very well. The sounds are done well and the musics are very good.

Difficulty: (8/10)
This game is hard. If u can't manage to win enemies in a particular area, level up by fighting against easier enemies. Usually when u can't beat an enemy, u need more training. You'll also get stronger by buying armors and weapons. But of course u have to spend money. You can also train in gyms to raise ur strenght and stuffs!!!

This is a challenging game. It is nicely done and is a MUST-BUY for Hardcore Digimon Fans. RPG Fans should also try this game out too. The flaws are only the slow loading and saving time and also the screen loading thing. And it's no longer a A.RPG Genre. It's plain RPG. It's also good that u no longer need a stupid Digimon Beetle to carry ur items and Digimons. And u also do not need to battle lots of Digimons and spend all ur money for one useless Digimon Beetle part. There are more Digimons in this game too!!! There are even some Season 4 Digimons. So get this game!

I give it an 8/10!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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