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"Its about time for Bandai and the Digimon World 3 Series"

Let me start by stating that this is (arguably) the best Digimon World game of its series. The Original Digmon World was made after the key chain giga-pet type game that let you raise a digimon and after good care, allowing it to digivolve. However many flaws followed its original experience. Like the life span of digimon, the semi-uncontrolable battles, and improvement on some graphics but it wasn't too much of a problem. However one major flaw was its boring and undetailed story which hurts the game. One year later, a sequel to its series Digimon World 2 introduced an RPG type style. It cleaned up some mistakes however introduced more. The game (now this is my opinion) still poses a problem in the aspect of story and is much like a ''dungeon-crawler'' and more than half the game, you will be finding your way through it, beat a boss, repair your ''buggy'', and restart the process over. Another problem was its DNA Digivolving process. What is the point of DNA Digivolving to get a weak digimon you have to train all over again? Then came Digital Card Battle, out of the Digimon World Series but it introduces the card game in the Playstation game console. A much improvement in game play. Digimon Rumble Arena follows it and introduces a fighting game play. Now Bandai introduces Digimon World 3. A huge improvement from its others.

Story 9/10
When I started this game and found out this story, I figured is very much like the first 2 games. But when I actually watched as it unfolds, I couldn't help but be amazed at how Bandai actually made one interesting and actually have some surprises. Some originality but some copies like Badges from leaders (familiar?? its like pokémon). Only one fault, many parts of the story leaves you trying to find the most hard to notice characters and digimon and you end up going back and forth to cities you past half a game ago.

Audio/Video 8/10
Playstation is alive! It is really alive! Thats what I thought when I saw the opening FMV of this game. Some of the music was very kiddish but very good for the game. Like the battle music sets you in a good, fast paced mood and the sewers seems dark and gloomy. One huge fault that annoyed me though was the digimon never talk. (Wha!?!?) You would attack in battle but the digimon would say nothing unlike Digimon World 2 as they speak in eh.. Japanese...It makes me feel that they rushed this game to release... They could've waited this release if they would just leave voices out.

Gameplay 8/10
The fact that the digimon are running around with you is kind of cute. However the loading boxes get in the way even if you are used to it. The battles are fun. Very fun but um... the digimon look rushed and not very good even for Playstation. Another difference is the availability of partner digimon and there are only 8 digimon at most you can get (no names). You will find out later something else about them that might be annoying but I won't spoil anything. This is a straight-forward RPG style game which is very much like Final Fantasy but have some major differences. You are allowed to train in gyms like the original Digimon World and equip WEAPONS and ARMOR that increase stats... not bad eh?

Replayability 5/10
This drags the game down. I currently haven't beaten the game but 50% of the game is spent on training and the other is yapping and going back and forth looking for who-knows-what. Fun game but I wouldn't recommend beating this game again unless you are either Digimon or RPG Fanatic.

To buy or rent
You can't beat this game in just a few days... If you like Digimon or RPGs... Just buy it. If you don't like either... rent, then if you really like it like me, buy it.

Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/02, Updated 06/28/02

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