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"The best Digimon game"

Out of all the Digimon World games who were not that great Bandai releases another Digimon World in Digimon World 3. I was not that optomistic about it until i played it. This is great much better than the previous Digimon Worlds actually the best Digimon game out now. Bandai finally landed a winner here. Now lets start the review.

Story:9 The story is basic yet good. You are a boy called Junior and your pals Teddy And Ivy decide to play Digimon online. A reason of being in Digimon Online is to become champ by beating leaders located in the region. There's is more to the story but you have to find out by yourself. Or help by a walkthrough. Bottomline the story is great not superb just great. The story was a bit slow at times to advance further.

Graphics:8 The field graphics look like the ones form Digimon World so there all right. The battle graphics are good in detailing the digimon. The battle techniches are not that great some atacks look the same except they change color. They could've put time in them. The signature moves are good. Bottomline they are alright nothing that will destroy the game.

Music/Sound:9 The music is good the battle music will put you in the mood. The field music is alright some of the music just sounded a bit kiddie it is rated E anyway music does not make a game. In conclusion the music is good nothing bad and i enjoyed most of it.

Gameplay:9 Being the controls are easy the gameplay is good you run beat up Digimon get new Digimon as partners there is eight to get. You have to level up alot if you want to advance why? You dominate in one area you go to the next and you get whooped fast this lost points with me. Countless hours of training this makes it hard to advance in the story. The training is all part of an RPG so it didn't lose many points. Everything in the gameplay is great and getting new Digimon only adds to more hours of gameplay.

Replay Value:6 Okay replay depends you will have to get through all the training all over again. But you can decide to start the game with a different starter pack although you can get them later in the game. You can try to get all of the cards in the game. The replay on this depends if you want to play it again. You can get things you didn't get. Bottomline Play it again like if you missed something like the game alot, don't mind hours of training, and you didn't collect all the cards.

Buy or Rent: Rent to get a feeling in the game and if you like it buy it. Buy immediately if you're a Digimon fan and if you are an Rpg fan.

Overall:8/10 The game is good especially for Digimon fans. A good game for RPG players. This is definetly one of the best RPG'S out now. This is a definite buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/03/02, Updated 07/03/02

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