Review by Emennius

"This game excells at mediocrity."

This is the most mediocre RPG I have played since Breath of Fire. Since I have never played Digimon World 1 or 2, I cannot base my review on those two games, like most of the other reviews have. The only reason I've played this game is because my little brother bought it. I'm not a big fan of digimon, but this is a decent RPG.

Story: 4/10
Not very imaginitive. It imitates pokemon, and Mega Man Battle Network. You're a kid wiht two friends. You go ''online'' to defeat 4 gym leaders. Sounds a lot like pokemon. But there's hackers doing something evil. SOunds like the WWW on Mega Man. You stumble your way through the game, and somehow the fate of the world depends on you, etc.

Graphics: 7/10
The field graphics are alright. Sprites. The only problem I have is the stupid blue blocks that get in my way. The battle graphics are the highlight of this game. When you go into battle it switches to 3D digimon. There are minimal jaggys, the animation is smooth, and almost no slowdown. But all the graphics in the world can't save a game if the gameplay sucks.

Gameplay: 4/10
I've read most reviews, and some people said the battle system is like Final Fantasy. No, this is wrong. Final Fantasy had the ATB(Active Time Battle) system. This game has...the worst battle system I've seen. It resembles pokemon, but it's worse. You can fight, use techs, digivolve, use items, or run. It's not the options that annoyed me, its the cheap shots the enemy gets on you. I started a battle, expecting the menu to pop up, but instead the enemy attacked me twice in a row. This can also happen in the middle of battles too. They get 2 or 3 hits in a row. It seems completely random. Why don't I get 2 hits in a row to make it fair? Another thing that annoyed me was leveling up. The game is not balanced. One section of the map the enemies are simple and do not give you much exp. But the next section, the enemies can kill you in one hit! And with the cheap shots, it hard to level up. Also, leveling up is very slow, so it is hard to advance in the game, and you don't know how much more EXP you need for a level up. Insanely long load times don't help either. This is a big downside to the game. It takes half a minute to save or load. Also, whenever you go to the next screen it takes about 5 seconds. 5 seconds doesn't sound long? Count to five. It's longer than you think. One good thing is the ability to equip your digimon, but this is common in any decent RPG.

Sound/Music: 6/10
The music doesn't really get annoying. The battle music is pretty good, but nothing special. The sound is OK too.

Overall: 5/10
Like I said this is a very mediocre RPG. The story is mediocre. The sound is mediocre, but most importantly, the gameplay is mediocre. That was the only thing that hurt this game. The battle system was unimaginitive, and leveling up was a chore.

If you're an RPG fan like me, steer clear of this game. There are a lot better RPGs out there. But if you're a digimon fan, you should rent this first to see if you'll want to buy it after.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/15/02, Updated 07/15/02

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