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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

Bandai finally pulls off a worthy Digimon RPG

As a Digimon fanboy, I was very disappointed by Digimon World 1 and 2 for different reasons, so I was very skeptical about DW3. Then I realized that it had a card game similar to Digimon: Digital Card Battle as a minigame. This is what compelled me to buy it and I realized that Bandai can pull off a great RPG with everyone's favorite Digital Monsters.

Graphics - 9 - The 2D graphics are beautiful. Overworld animations are smooth and the Digimon look great. HOWEVER! Go into a battle and you shall see the blockiness that has plagued many Digimon games and the backgrounds are decent (at least there are backgrounds, unlike DW2).

BTW, the opening cinema still kicks butt. But when did a Digimon PSX game not have a cool opening cinema?

Sound - 9 - The music is a lot more tolerable than DW2 and if you're a Digimon fanboy that has watched Adventure 02 in the Japanese version, prepare to squeal when you first DNA Digivolve.

Battle System - 10 - BOOYAKA! The battle system is what keeps me in the game. Aside from battle graphics, there's nothing I don't like about battles. The skill level idea for Champion/Ultimate/Mega Level Digimon is pure genius. Having a seperate level-up for different forms of the same Digimon is great and keeps it diversified.

Replayability - 7 - Sadly, replayability is lacking compared to the other parts of the game. The only thing to come back for is trying to get the most powerful evolution and getting all the cards for the mini-game. Even though sometimes I turn it on just to see the opening cinema.

Gripes - No game goes without its downfalls, and this is no exception.
Blocky Digimon -- When you enter a battle, your Digimon go from beautifully 2D sprites to gaudy 3D models
Difficulty jump -- Take a wrong turn and you're as good as dead. I remember when I was starting out, took a wrong turn, and got destroyed by a Triceramon. The difficulty also can spike in the middle of a battle. You can easily take care the first 2 Digimon in one guy's group then have his Mamemon turn you into kibble.
You cannot get all Digimon -- You only get to train 50-some Digimon and most of all the other Digimon are just enemies. I'm still waiting for a game where you can train Daemon.

Buy or Rent - BUY IT! - Those of you Digimon fans that were disappointed by the first two Digimon Worlds will be greatly pleased.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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