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"A game that rocks our world"

Plot:The plot is great. Of course I don't want to give the game away. You start of in your present state, the real world. You wait for your friends Ivy and Teddy and enter the world of Digimon Online. You get select a set of 3 digimon partners each. Of course each with disadvantages and advantages. Of course during the game something goes horribly wrong. You will have to play to find out the rest. I don't want to spoil it. Get and earn more Digimon and best the world champs!

Gameplay:The game is pretty descent with a blance of hard and easy. Mostly easy bosses and hard enemies. Depends on what level and area your in. Right after you leave the bridge you will have to survive toughly with your weak digimon. Although they could level up within 2 fights on level 1. The more you fight, the more TP (Training points) you have. You spend training points at the training gym to strengthen weakness and disadvantages. Also, a nifty little card game was installed to spice things up! Get a folder and try your best.

Controls:Of course this can get annoying when moving around. There is also a hard time to move around because there is no fast way to get places. I guess the programmers did this to make the game alot more harder. Although the controls are basic, They are very good. They couldn't be better.

Music:I love the music. Its very much anime style.The music can get addicting at times but i won't be gauranteing you will be humming the tune within the first few hours. Music is everywere, although it can get a little annoying once in awhile.

Graphics:The Graphics are very good outside of battle but can get pretty bad in battles. But Graphics do matter, and they are not disturbing. Besides, some digimon look cool outside of battle. The card bested the Graphic catogory. Once playing your hooked.

Overall:This game is very addictive. I play for hours all day, then stay up and play at night. I don't think you all would be doing that, unless your big RPG and Digimon fans. This game is much more of a get up and go type. You spend ALOT of time playing, battling enemies, raising digimon, and playing cards.

Rent/or Buy:A must have. if your not a DigiFreak, then rent and then buy. You don't want to miss this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/17/02, Updated 07/17/02

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