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Reviewed: 08/02/02 | Updated: 08/02/02

The best of the series;magnificently created

Digimon World 3 is the third game in the Digimon Wolrd series.It brings the best of the first two together with a great storyline.Digimon World 3 has unique characters and Digimon.It also has sneak peeks of season 4 Digimon!there are many features and lots of items and digivolves,so it will keep you busy for a while.Now,for the reveiw;

The story is great and the best of the series.A kid named Junior(you get to name him later)and his friends Ivy and Teddy try out a new program by MAGAMI called Digimon Online.Digimon Online is acually on the internet!The kids choose a starting pack of Digimon and are then digitallized and sent on the net!The arrive in Asuka city,on Asuka server.Their quest is to battle the leaders of each of the four sectors using their Digimon and become world champs!Sadly though,the hacker group called the A.o.A. mess things up!

This is an auto plus.The controls are simple to get used to,and the features are sweet.You get a party of three Digimon(but only one can be used at a time),and they grow levels from battle,like most RPGs.As they grow,they learn abilities and new Digivolves.Even their Digivolves grow levels!Digimon can Attack,use abilities,Digivolve,Tag(switch),use items,and run during battle,making every battle interesting.You can get special items,and weapons throughout the game,and even equip them to your Digimon.And if that weren't enough,there is also a card game to play!

I wasn't too pleased with the graphics of this game.Sure,the world graphics and FMVs are ice,but the in-battle graphics are too blocky and rough.You can't really make out the features of the digimon,but that shouldn't be much of a problem.As a plus,areas like Tyranno Valley look very nice and well done.But all in all,they could have done better.

Again,I am dissapointed.The battle noise is good,but the music is poor.There are some decent tunes,though,like the city music.But really,I prefer places like Freeze Mountain and Noise Desert,because there is NO music.Again,they could have done better.

This game has excellent replay value.There are tons of Digivolves to get,and special items,and it can take two tries through the game to really get the best digimon you can.Trust me,you'll want to play it again.

Buy this one.It takes about 40+ hours to beat,but if you want the most out of it it is about 60+ hours long.You might want to rent it to try it out.


This is a great game,you need to at least rent it to see how wonderful it can be.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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