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"Digimon World III: Here We Go to Digimon Online!"

After the terrifying Digmon World II, Digimon World III proved to be better. This game introduces a whole new packet of Digimons which most of them, made a debut in Digimon Tamers. There are also some, which will make their turn in Digimon Frontier. Anyway, onto the review.

Digimon World III focuses on an RPG-like genre. It takes some aspect from most of the famous RPGs like the Final Fantasy series. It also introduces new features, like the DNA TAG.

Gameplay: 7/10
I bought Digimon World III and quickly boot it to try it out. I crossed my fingers, pray that it will not be like Digimon World II and the introduction had already caught me. The graphics were astonishing, everything was fun and exciting. It seems as if you were in that world instead! The game is irritating at first, this is normal for all RPGs as leveling up is the first thing you should do. After the first few levels, your Digimons will get their first Digivoultions form. Then, you would want to witness the Ultimates, you carry on playing and find yourself sinking into Digimon ONLINE...

Story: 7/10
You start off as a little kid called Junior waiting for your friends Teddy and Ivy. You start to complain, then a news report caught your attention. It seems that a terrorist group called A.o.A. had been subdued. That doesn't matter much as Teddy and Ivy turned up shortly later. The trio went to the application center and choose your first 3 partners. You have a selection of course, each have their advantages and disadvantages. After choosing them, you approach the Chamber Room and get teleported into the world of Digimon ONLINE.

Audio/Video: 9/10
Every single Digimon World game always score high in this area. The audio are good, catchy and really suit the surroundings. In the Inn, you have the kinda cool tone. Then in battle, the action tone starts to boot on. And when in the ruins, you get to hear the suspense type of sounds. In the video format, the FMVs are cool, awesome. In the RPG itself however, the graphics aren't that good but still applicable.

Controls: 6/10
Here's where DWIII kinda slack in. The directions in this game are a bit haywire. North doesn't seem to be north. These controls really reminded me of the Harvest Moon: Back To Nature game. Also, the shoulder buttons weren't even used for much purpose, leaving it to collect dust instead.

Replayability: 7/10
If you are a hardcore Digimon fan, you will definitely want to spot Gallantmon when you ended up with Metalgarurumon instead. However, the gameplay is pretty tiring and for an average gamer, he will actually decide to call it a day.

To Rent or to Buy?:
BUY dammit buy! Even if you aren't a Digimon Fan, RPGs are good for you right? What? You said you like Quake III? Ah, shut off the PSII for once and try this out!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/02, Updated 03/01/03

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