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"Great game"

Digimon World 3 is a nice game. It has digimon from season 1 through 3. It also has extra digimon as a preview of season 4. You start as a boy named Junior. He has two friends, Terry and Ivy. They go into a building that registers kids to go to the digimon world. Terry gets registered and is given a choice of three groups of three digimon. They are called Balance,Power,and Maniac. Each pack has someone from season one,3, and 4. Balance has Patamon,Renamon,and kotemon. Power has Agumon, Renamon, and Monmon. Maniac has Guilmon,Patamon, and Kumamon. Which ever pack you pick you can still get the rest partners by fighting the ultimate form of the rookies. This game is great once you are used to it.It is fun training the levels of your digimon.

(Gameplay)10- The gameplay is alright when you are used to it. You have to train you digimon to obtain better forms. While you are trying to get to the ultimate and mega form of you digimon they will get other digivolutions. Like for example,Patamon can digivolve to angewomon if his champion form angemon gets to level 20. Digimon also learn many moves as you train it. There is also a training gym in the central park that Leomon is in charge were you are able to raise status of your digimon with TP. TP are training points which you can use in a training gym. There are leaders in some cities which you have to beat to get badges. There are also Digimons that are bosses. This game is great to play when you want time to fly by.

(Story)7- The story is about Terry and his journey in the digital world. In the way he battles leaders and bosses. tha story is similar to pokemon. The difference is that at the end you fight an evil digimon. There not much emotion like other role playing games.

(Graphics)9- The graphics are great. The movie clips are nice, especialy the first one. The graphics of the backgrounds when walking are good. The people are made in animation style. The only graphics that needed a lot of work were the battles. They were plain and some models of the digimons were done badly. The movie clips make up for the battle scenes. other than the battles this game is sharp in some parts of the game.

(Sounds)10- This game sounds great. The music sounds like Japanese animation. You can hear the tapping of the main characters feet when your walking. When you hit the trees with the kicking boots you can hear the thump. The sounds are perfect.

(replay)6- You would not like to restart this ridiculously long game. You would have to train your digimon partners all over again and it takes time.

(buy or rent?) I think you should rent first. If you like it you should buy because it is a new playstation game and it is only $20.00. If you have the older Digimon World games, Digimon World 3 is a great to your Digimon collection, especially if you are a fan of the show!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/15/02

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