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"Digimon Forever!"

As you may already know, this game is slightly based on the Digimon series, a great japanese anime/manga that unfortunately is rated most of the times as ''for kids''. But this time, unlike the other 2 Digimon World games released before him, you will play a great game, which can even be compared to the mythic Final Fantasy series.

This time, as soon as you get to play (and after some cool scenes) you will be able to choose between 3 different packs of digimons (each one with 3 different digimons) and those will be the first members of your team. Once they get experience, each of them will be able to turn into 3 different digimon, and you can ''equip'' them at your own will. No more collecting Digimons like in Digimon World 2 or strange evolution paths like in the original Digimon World game. By winning experience your digimon evolutions will also be able to learn different attacks and techniques, which will greatly improve their power. Mainly the evolutions get abilities concerning their natural abilities (which means that you can't have Greymon or Guilmon learn water techniques), but they can also be taken from other digimons, if you have them in that same digimon... How? This is somehow hard to explain, but every of your digimons can evolve into 3 different digimon at each time (for example, you could have an Agumon which could be able to evolve into Greymon, Imperialdramon and Wargrowlmon, a Patamon which could become Angemon, Angewomon and Digitamamon and a Guilmon which could become Gallantmon, Blackwargreymon and Imperialdramon), and if a certain digimon has a technique, other of his digimons can use it as well. You can get lots of those digimons you know from the series, but there is something that is strange... Sometimes, you can see unique digimons (like Piedmon, Puppetmon, Arukenimon or even... APOKARIMON!) as field enemies, which isn't very normal. I must also say that this game is quite easy to understand, you will not even have to read the manual in order to understand how to play it, and even when you see the first battle (a practice one) you will already know how to play. Another nice thing about this game is that you are able to use DNA Evolutions, making you able to join two digimons in the middle of the battle to summon a more powerful digimon, who will unleash his special attack and then disappear. You can also join them outside battle (ONLY FOR SOME DIGIMON), if you have the required digimon at a certain level. You can get hundreds of digimon to get, and as you may imagine this is pretty cool.

It all starts when some hackers attack a game called Digimon Online. Junior (the hero of this story and the kid you are going to control) and his friends were at the game at that time, and so they aren't able to quit it when they want. This is how the plot starts, and as you progress in the game you will find that things far more dangerous than a group of hackers lie in the inside of that online game, but you have to discover them by yourself.

Most of the times the graphics look nice, but when you fight a certain digimon you will notice that they look even better. The only problem is that most of the techniques from your digimon, WHATEVER they are, always appear as a little pink ball (for example, Blackwargreymon's powerful Tera Destroyer finishes by only shooting a small pink energy ball), and this turns weird since some of the opponent Digimons use the same techniques and the send missiles and more things like those. As for the sound, it is great, it changes from place to place and you can even have large battles without having to turn it off, since the music is nice.

Play Time/Replayability
This game will take you much time to finish, since it is somehow hard and there are surely many digimons for you to get, since you can have up to 9 partners (of course you can only have up to 3 at a time) and all of them have their own evolutions, making you wanting to play with all of them and getting as many evolutions as possible. Also, there are lots of side quests (you can even play card games with digimon cards you get through the game!!) and if you have the pal (it's the european version, for those who don't understand it) version of this game you will even be able to enter a tournament.

Final Recommendation
You must buy this game, even if you don't like Digimon at all. You can play it for much time, but it will always be fuuny since there are always new things to do!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/02/03, Updated 05/02/03

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