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Reviewed: 06/25/03 | Updated: 06/25/03

A good digimon game, but not the best RPG

When my brother got the game for his birthday, I didnt know what to expect. The first Digimon World game was good, but the second one do I say it...not good. I was pleasantly surprised when I played this game. From the cards to the storyline, I think this game held out well.

Gameplay - This game has many ''+'' and ''-'' when it comes to the gameplay. I will start off with the good things first. It has a very good card system. They are pretty fun and fun to collect. Something that is worth doing. The ability to actually equip and train digimon at the gym is another thing that may make you come back. Fishing and the sidequests are also fun to do. You may want to explore in this game. Exploring is what makes any RPG fun. The digivolution is cool in this game, and the fact that you can carry moves over to different evolutions. There are so many evolutions for each digimon (even though they are the same for each of the 8 digimon you can get). There is also a ''trance'' system where you can evolve and DNA digivolve to produce powerful attacks. In the end, the many options for this game make it great.

But the ''-'' are not really holding this game up. The only thing I dont like in this game is the battles. That makes up a big part of this game. You really dread fighting in this game. At a certain point in the game you will not want or have any reason to move on. The battles just get impossibly harder, with nothing to do with the story. The battles run too slow. It takes a long time to load the battles in-game, and that alone will make you dread walking in ''random encounter area''. Even easy creatures take an hour to beat because of serious problems with the loading. Running away takes 2 minutes even when you get away on the first try. It get really annoying.

Story - The story is a very good one. It is no Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, or Suikoden story, but it is good none-the-less. You are playing a game called ''Digimon Online'' when something happens to you in the game. Sort of like the TV show ''.hack//SIGN''. It is a story that might have you wondering or thinking about it. Just dont expect a love story, or a great ''anime'' story. It is fairly lighthearted the whole game. You dont see many ''deaths''. Some people dont like it that way, but it doesnt completely mind me.

Audio/Video - The out of battle graphics are good. I like their style. It reminds me of a 16 bit game. If only the in-battle graphics were good. They really did sloppy with the in-battle graphics. You dont really even want to see them. The spell effects look mostly the same, but maybe occasionally some variation depending on the element.

Sound is good for the most part. Nothing you would turn the volume down for. Some of the sound could have been better though. I hated whenever you talked to someone or something that it would make an annoying noise. I just wish they included things like the song ''Braveheart'' in it. That is a good song for this game.

Replayability - Yes, you can play this game quite a few times. While you can get all the digimon this game has to offer on your first game, it is actually fun to start over.

To buy or to rent? - Well, I would say you should buy it. While it may not be the best RPG, and there are better stuff out there, I would say it is worth the purchase

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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