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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mac Wildstar

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    Harry Potter, and the Chamber of Secrets. For PS1.
    Basic Walk thru, by Mac Wildstar.
    First, let me say that my experience with EA Games  is mostly the 2 Harry
    Potter games, and while I really enjoy the Harry potter Books, the games really
    stink! If EA puts out the 3rd game, the HP:POA, I will not waste my money on
    What's wrong with this game? Aside from the poor controller interface that
    changes with each time you power up your PS1,  a number of other problems.
    If you fail a task, sometimes you have to watch what seems like an endless play
    of various scenes, where people are telling you something. For example, in
    Herbology. You need to pick up at least 3, Mandrakes. Before you get to the
    first one there is a "playing instruction sequence" by Hermonie. There is no
    way to skip it, and hitting the square button only shortens the time to get
    thru it by about 2 seconds. This same kind of situation is prevalent thru out
    the game.  And it gets to be a pain in the rear.
    Second, The gnome toss game. They have this "press the triangle button to
    release" flashing right over the arrow, making it hard to line up the rotating
    arrow to the targets. It's bad the first time, at the Wheesleys place, but even
    worse at Hagrids. Also, many times when you hit the triangle button, the
    release key, it won't release the gnome, or there is a slight delay, causing
    your gnome to be thrown off target.
    And then the targets themselves.. I have thrown Nomes THRU the car at the
    Wheesleys, and thru the far back target, as well as the center chest cavity
    area of the scarecrow at Hagrids.
    Also, the timing sequence while learning spells. It is necessary to get an A in
    the class. You have to get a 90 percent or better on 2 of them, and at least an
    85 on the one of them to get an A. But even if you press the button and you
    hear the professor say EXECLENT, every time, you can still end up with a 66
    percent! What the heck is this?! 3rd rate programming to make the game "seem"
    harder than what it is.
    There are 2 slides you have to negoatiate. 1 is to diagon alley, the other is
    to the chamber of secrets, which is very difficult at the end, as the view
    changes and I don't think anyone can do it the first time.
    And, if you have autosave on at the time, you cannot go back and re-do the
    And Chocolate frogs are SCARCE in this game
    And the cards.. Sometimes the cards do not appear when they are supposed to!
    For example, I got the final A, in DADA class, and Lockhart said there would be
    a wizard card in my common room,.(there is supposed to be, at that time).. but
    when I got there, no card.
    The way EA saves their games, is 4th rate at best. Even the PC version of HP:SS
    was the same. Not to mention the darn near impossible Mine Ride on the PS1
    version of HP:SS.
    So what about the game? Well, it does have Autosave. Which is a good thing, at
    times.. But there are times when you want to turn it off.  Graphics are great.
    And the story line pretty much follows the book.
    So, part of this game is to collect all 24 cards. Imagine if you will, a Battle
    ship grid.
    A1 A2 A3 A4 A5     A6
    B1 B2 B3 B4 B5     B6
    C1 C2 C3 C4 C5     C6
    D1 D2 D3 D4 D5     D6
    Cards A6 thru C6 you get for defeating the House dueling champs. You get D6 if
    you win all 4 class trophies.
    You get all 4 trophies by being first to class, and getting an A in the class.
    But there are 3 A's you need to get to win this thing completely.
    Now, these locations are NOT exact, but are close enough, so that you can find
    A4  Ginny Wheeseley gives it to you after you lead the puffskins around the
    B4 800 point Gnome toss at the wheesleys place.
    D2 Wheasley forest.. on a top ledge.
    B2 The train ride/flying car.. When ya get to the point where you see the
    "wrench" to fix the cars damage, watch the tunnels.. a branch off the right
    hand side, is the one you want, and you have to hit/run over the card.. its
    about 2/3rds the way up, on the right side, about 2/3rds down this side tunnel.
    At Hogwarts
    C5 Neer 2 bird statues.
    D4 A room with stacked stairs.. You need to defeat 2 armors in a room, 2 rats,
    then pull a switch then defeat another armor.
    A1 hidden room in library.
    A3, A5, C2, D1, D3 are all bought from Fred and George in the common room.
    A6 gold.. Raven claw Duel Champ
    B6 Gold, Huffellpuff  Duel Champ
    B1 Upper floor, by turrnets, with a flag.
    C1 Upper castle hall
    C3 In a room with a horizontal wind blowing..
    B5 Hagrids Gnome tossing
    D6 Gold, Get all 4 class awards.
    A2 Professor dumbleore, Spiders, in cave, single spider, with cauldron on side
    D5 On a high platform.
    C6 Gold, Defeat Slytherin Duel Champ
    C4 Neer lockharts office.
    Diagon alley. Another "shooting" game.. One is like the cauldron game of HP:SS.
    Only this time its pixies..
    The other thing to do in Diagon alley is exactly the same at Magical Menageri.
    Run to the boxes, find the one that shakes, zap it, zap the flys that come out,
    run back up stairs and repeat, then run down stairs and find the box that
    shakes, zap it, and repeat it up and down the stairs till you get all 5 flys..
    Remember HP:SS, where ya did that with a Frog to get Frog warts?  Same thing..
    Nothing new.. POOR Programming by EA.
    Ok the walk thru.. From the beginning.. Remember, collect ALL Beans.
    1. The Wheasleys house. Knock the 2 crates in line, and climb up on the roof.
    Once inside, catch the number of pipes being thrown by the Ghoual. Get used to
    doing this, as you have a similar thing to do later, with ron's puking slugs.
    2. After this, follow ron and blast the barrels.
    3. Again follow ron and talk to Ginny. Lead the pufskin to the bushes  and let
    him eat all of them, and get the Berti Bott beans.. Ginny will give you your
    first wizard card.
    4. Follow ron and find his dad.. Levitate the 3 items and smatch them aginst
    the rocks to find the de-gnomeing  gloves.
    5. At the Gnome patch.. You gotta get a score of 800 to Get a wizard card. Now
    here is how you do it: Hit all 4 targets! And now you will see what I mean
    about that annoying "flashing" instruction on how to release the stupid Gnome.
     a. Power setting of max for the tall fire phone box in the middle.
     b. Power setting of just under max,  for the bee nest in the tree on left
     c. Power setting of 2.5 to 3, for the car, and aim between the left side of
    windshield and the trunk.
     d. Power setting of 3 to 3.5 for the frog in the pond. You may get either 150
    bonus, or 250, depending on where your gnome lands
     e. Final toss, FLING IT as far as you can. I aimed for left corner and got a
    00, my best score so far, 1188.
    Now you know that sometimes when you hit the release button, it won't let go of
    the gnome.. what a pain.
    6. Ok.. Next is Fred and George's "wizard duels", and its kind of fun. Get used
    to it, you have several more duels to do thru out the game.
    7. Ok, now next is the forest. The forest has lots to do. Blast barrels, lawn
    mowers and washing machines. Find one wizard card on a ledge.
    8. Immeaditly after the forest is the SLIDE to Diagon ally. Get as many beans
    as you can.
    9. Next is the train ride.. You may want to turn autosave off, after you get
    the train/car chase ride going.  After the first series of tunnels, there will
    be a point where Ron is telling you about driving up some wrenches, that will
    cause the damage on the car to be repaired.  THIS is the point you need to
    really pay attention to. There are 3 series of tunnels.. the 3rd one is the
    critical one.  About 1/2 way down the 3rd tunnel, on the right side, is a side
    tunnel. You need to use this, as on the right hand side, 3/4ths of the way down
    the tunnel, about 2/3rds up in the air, is a wizard card.. You need to "hit it"
    with the car, just as you did the power packs while outracing the train..
    10. You arrive at Hogwarts, Now blast the mouth of the tree, and watch out for
    tree when it uses the car. When the tree hits the ground with just its fist it
    sends out one damage ring. But with the car, it sends out 3,  that follow you!
    So watch out.
    11. Ok. So ya got thru the tree, and now you got caught by snape.. You are now
    in the castle. LOOK AROUND.. Look at the bookcases, and find the hidden ones.
    Many contain a wizard card somewhere..
    12. On your way to the common room, look around, and find a few rooms with
    beans and wizard cards.. Blast the flying books for house points.
    13. So ya found ron. And he doesn't know the password. Go to the library to
    find Hermonie.. There are 2 hidden rooms off the main library area, and one of
    these has a second hidden room, with a wizard card in it; of YOU! Harry Potter.
    Find Hermonie and she will tell you the password to the common room.
    14. enter the common room, and listen to what fred and george tell you.. By now
    you should have over 300 beans. You can now buy all 5 cards from them. See the
    trophies? That's what you need to win.  Colin's photo book allows you to go
    back to specific parts of the game, where a card is won or found. If the
    picture does not show a card, then you missed it, and can go back and try to
    find it.
    15. Next is Herbology class. Follow ron down to the castle grounds. Once ya get
    outside, there are 3 ways you can go. Straight ahead to the quiddish practice
    field, to the left to a locked door that I have no idea what its for, or to the
    right. Follow the kids to herbology class.
    16. herbology class.
     a. First, like HP:SS this is a timed event, Hop on the leaves and start
    jumping! I collected the beans first then went back and did this for the time
    trophy. Get to class first and beat the "record" and get the first of 4
    trophies. I did it in 40 seconds.
     b. The spells. Tricky. My controller lagged bad.. you want to hear professer
    sprout say nothing but "PERFECT". You need two, 90%'s and one 85 or better to
    get an A.. If you do not on this first try, you can come back later and keep
    trying until you do.
     c. Next is the mandrakes. You need to collect 3 to pass, 5 to earn house
    points. Again the long media sequence that you cannot skip, if you mess up. Now
    here are some pointers: Forget the slugs on the way to the mandrakes,
    concentrate only on those attacking the mandrakes. Target them with you R1
    button and walk backwards, getting them to chase you, thus leaving the mandrake
    alone. This is easy on the first 3. The last 2 are a pain, but it can be done.
    Black slugs require 2 fully charged wands, and the Yellow 4 to 5.  The little
    purple bouncy things, blast and get beans. One room has a health potion in it.
    There are NO wizard cards here. What I did was go and get all 5 mandrakes, then
    came back and blasted all the remaining slugs in the corridors for house
    points, and collected all the beans.  Class ends.
     d. After I left the class, I immeaditly went back in and did the lesson until
    I got an A.
    17. Ok Now then after this class is quddish practice. Go to the front of the
    castle, cross the bridge and enter the training field. You got 4 things to do.
     a. Fly thru the 10 sets of posts
     b. Fly thru rings with different broom control settings and then choose your
     c. Fly thru 10 sets of rings and catch the snitch
     d. Fly thru 10 sets of rings aginst another seeker and then catch the snitch.
    And earn Bronze wings, 10 house points, Silver wings 15 house points, or Gold
    wings with 25 house points.
    18.  Ok.. after this, Ron challenges you to a duel.. waste him!
    19. immeaditly after this, is Draco Malfoy as the new seeker, and ron's
    backfiring wand giving him the slugs. Ron is belching slugs and running to
    hagrids. Follow him and do not loose him, (pick up beans, etc). Eventualy he
    will reach hagrids. You have another "follow him" type thing to do, later in
    the game.
    20. At hagrids, its just like at Ron's house. Catch the Slugs only this time
    you have to dump them out too. Watch rons head. It will tell you in which
    direction he is going to belch another slug.. You should be able to do this
    with no problem.
    21. After this is your first lesson with Lockheart. Again, like the Herbology
    lesson there are 2 trophies, 1 for being the fastest to class, the 2nd for
    getting an A. If you get all 4 trophies, you are supposed to get a wizard card
    in the common room.  After the first lesson, go and collect all the pixies..
    When this is done, do what I did and go back into the class and keep trying
    until you get that A.
    22.  Now after this class is where I went back in and got the A, instead of
    following the "story line". This is where my missing card happened. So, instead
    of going back to class to get an A, you find yourself at the common room
    hallway where Nearly headless nick is waiting for you. I went and got the A.
    And it didn't give me the card, so follow Nick and come back later to get the
    A. See item 30.
    23. At this time, a series of envents that you cannot stop is happening, and
    you won't have time to go back to class and get that A, or do any exploring, so
    I hope you did it before class started.
    24. Follow Nick to the dungeons. At the dungeons defeat the armor, then the
    slugs, and go to the switch room. Hit the switch, and go to the store room, and
    zap 5 snails, and then the 2nd switch room. Now go back to the dungeon start,
    and hop across!
    25. At the death day party, you will find yourself in a "shooting gallery" type
    game with Peeves. You have a similar game in Diagon alley, which is yet to
    come. Hint: aim your shots at Peeves's feet. The faster you hit him, the faster
    you get done with this scene..
    26. After this is potions. Mix a wiggenweld potion and the timer is FAST. You
    have to do it quickly and accuractly  No time for mistakes. Keep trying until
    ya get it right
    27. Right after this is Hagrids Gnome toss. Like the Wheasley's gnome toss,
    this one is about accuracy. And like the Wheasley's toss, this one is just as
    bad when it comes to the controls, in fact, its WORSE. I have thrown gnomes
    thru the scarecrows' body several times, thru the far back bushy target
    countless times and hit the tree by the bird bath so many times I hate it.
    Also, the "arc" of where you can release the Gnome is smaller too, than at the
    Whesleys.  But here's what I came up with. Again, get a score of 800+ and get a
    wizard card.
     a. Big bush in center, rear. 4-5 power
     b. Left side bucket, exactly 4
     c. Scarecrow, 2 1/2 to 3
     d. Birdbath, extreamly hard to hit, same, 2 1/2 to 3.
     e. Final one, FLING it out as far as you can.
    28. Now after this comes  your first quiddish match. Just fly until you crash
    malfoy, then go for the Snitch.
    29. Right after this is Diagon alley. Here you have 2 tasks, take them any way
    you want.
      a. Where Draco is teasing you, he opened a box of pixies. Shoot 20 of them
    within the time limit to get some leaches for your polly juice potion.
      b. Magical Menagery, Just like in the first game. To get the flies, find the
    box that is shaking, zap it, then them. 5 boxes, all within the time limit.
    30. Ok after diagon alley, I found myself in the girls bathroom talking to
    hermonie, and I had to go get something.. Rons going to meet us in the common
    room. At this time, I headed back to DADA classroom to get that A for the
    lesson. Again, the sloppy controller interface programming of EAGAMES just
    angers the heck out of me. I just did the first spell 4 times, with
    "perfection" all but one time, where I got a "splendid" and the dang thing gave
    me a 66, a 54, a 67 and a 58. That really sucks. How can I be "perfection" and
    get a lousy 54 percent?!! That's what makes this game stink! It punishes you
    for being talented. And Im still trying to get that dang A. I just did 3 of
    them, in one lesson, all "perfections". I got a 76, 83 and 66. Talk about 3rd
    rate programming.
    31.  Ok.. so after this, head to the common room. Get your wizard card.
    32. Then, its Polly juice time! Follow the Slytherin, and watch out, As Crabbe
    and Gloyle, you run like an overweight ox. Im not sure if the beans are
    important or not, but I managed to collect all but 2. At the end, listen to
    Malfoy talk about mudbloods
    33. You're at moaning mertil's bathroom again. But as GOYLE! Shoot the items
    until the timer runs out.. Hit Moaning Mertle if you can..
    34. Next is a private lesson with Gildaroy Lockhart. And here is a MAJOR GLITCH
    in the program! So pay attention.
      a.  Before you enter his office, at the hall way, make sure auto save is ON,
    then enter the first door, and it will save your game.
      b. Now turn OFF the auto save. This is because there is NO way to return to
    this lesson after its been completed! See "C"  below! This spell is needed to
    collect one of the remaining wizard cards, as well as necessary to get thru the
    woods to the spiders. Yes, you are going there, eventually.. at the end, he
    says you may return to get a better grade, but thanks to EA, there is no way to
    return to this lesson.
      c.  ***OK. Here is a MAJOR flaw in the EA Game. He says you can come back to
    try it again, but there is NO WAY TO DO SO! If you have autosave on when you go
    into his office and do the lesson, you are SCREWED if it saves after the
    lesson! Stop the lesson and turn of the damm auto save. The only way to replay
    this lesson to get an A  is by quitting the game and loading it game again and
       d.  Damm I hate EA Games...This flaw is as bad as the mine ride in Game 1.
    35.  Next is the Valentine dwarfs, RUN like you did in the troll run in the
    first game!
    36. Then, it's a story line where you find out about the diary. And it's the
    invisablity cloak again. You're in a garden, with TEACHERS and  you need to
    avoid them. Its pretty simple, except for Snape. Hes good at catching you.
      a. There are 2 bad areas. Where Snape and Filtch are, come in after snape has
    gone to the right, get on the left hedge. Wait till he goes back where you just
    came in, and Filtch is way away then jump down and run to the left. Hit the
    switch to unlock the door, then creap out near the opening. Wait until you can
    no longer see filches light  on the left, and run for the cloak, walk along the
    tree line to the right of the cloak, and STAND still next to it just before you
    run into filches light. He will walk right by you even if the cloak gives out.
      b. The second bad one is at the end with Snape. Here is a timed "door
    trigger" that you have to step on, and get past him. Step on it once to see
    what door it opens.  When you first enter the area, go the hedge on the right,
    and wait till snape goes left. Then jump down and run down to the switch. Look
    back, and when snape moves back to where you just were, and starts to return to
    where you came in at, hit the switch and run like the wind! You have about 3
    seconds of extra time to get into the door. This will lead you to Hagrids..
    37. Ok. Next is the dark woods, following the spiders.
     a. First is a bunch of spiders and  a few giant snails. On one track, you will
    find 2 spiders, Each one protecting a web. One of the webs is a place to make a
    wigginweld potion (healing). Keep going. You will come to a place where you
    cross infront of a water fall. On the other side is a cave with one spider, Zap
    it. Then go thru the cave opening.  Somewhere along the way you have to wooden
    bridges to cross, and one of them is a 2 bridge side by side situation. You use
    the wand to cause the wood to be exposed (dark arts stuff) cross on the left,
    jump to the right and then continue. Shortly after this, you come out of a
    cave, on a cliff.. Look to you right.. See that orange sparkle? Its  a hidden
    room. Use the wand, open the door and zap the spider inside. Then zap the web.
    In this side room is a cauldron to make another healing potion and to the RIGHT
    of it, is a wizard card.
     b. Next is Trolls.. Out think, out run them.. get past them and you will find
    yourself facing a cave with 3 boulders. Zap them and face your nightmare.
     c. Arogog. To defeat this spider, make sure your health is topped off. Target
    spiders and kill them. When they are done, position your self so that when
    arogog jumps, he knocks down one of the 4 corner trees holding up his web. So
    there are 4 sets of spiders you need to Zap.. and keep locking on and running
    backwards facing them, zapping the whole time.. When arogog takes out the last
    tree, he will fall into a pit with a cave in it. Follow him down and get the
    beans and then head out the cave. The car picks u up at that point.
    38. ok after this is completed, you have 2 options. You can skip the Founders
    tower  or you can now finish collecting those missing wizard cards. One is
    located right next to Gildaroy's office. That bookcase? It's a door. Use it.
    And there are others. If you want to skip the founders duels and just finish
    the game, jump to item 43. below. If not, continue with the next item on this
    list, number 40.
    39. At this point you should need 1 or 2 cards. The last Card, D5 is located
    off a secret room, which is behind a bookcase in gryfindore tower. Go to the
    fat lady and from there go down the stairs where the doors to the Upper castle,
    and Lockharts office is.. Between these 2 doors is a bookshelf that opens into
    a room. Right inside is a door to your left. Use the new spell to get across
    and do what needs to be done with the knights and you will find the final card.
    40.  Once you have all the wizard cards, go back to the common room, and use
    the statue.. Run down the hall way, straight ahead. Don't go to the left
    branch. There are 2 lady paintings, and 1 knight. Do the lady paintings first.
    These are hufflepuff and ravenclaw. The knight, sir duggon, is the Slytherine
    41.  Once you defeated all 3, go to the "founders tower" and what do you find?
    A BOOK! With drawings and pictures of all the characters.. What a waste of
    time. This was a BIG disaspointment.
    42.  Ok.. on to the Final battle, Go find Gildaroy and take him to the
    43. ok. On the way to lockharts officee. The door is locked, so ya gotta find
    another way around. Watch those swirls. The first one is easy, the 2nd a pain..
    ya gotta move fast. Once ya find him, take him to the bathroom. Next is the
    44. Here you have a slide to do, its tricky, so it may take a few attempts.
    Watch that bottom! Its got a slight kink it in it and the camera angle changes
    making it difficult, but not impossible to get over.
    45. Ok, at the bottom of a slide is another duel, this time with Lockhart.
    Avoid his memory charms.
    46. Enter the first room there is a cauldron. Use it and get max health.
    47. Then next room, Zap 2 slugs
    48. next room, zap 2 rats.
    49. The switch room There are 3 doors, 2 on left, one on right.
      a. Start with the farthest on the left.. Enter it and blast a super knight,
    It will take a few zaps and a rock drops. Blast the rock to move it sideways
    and another rock will fall over a grate in the floor, drop down it. Next is
    another room with more knights, zap the first one, get on the ledge, zap this
    one and cross over and go to the next room with even more knights. Zap these as
    well. The trigger switch you want is on the ledge with the 2 kights.
      b. Ok. Now go to the first door on the left. Zap a few slugs, then drop down
    and go thru a small opening, and zap 2 rats before you jump down to the
    walkway. Next is more slugs and a hidden room. I had a problem here with my
    wand, it kept using the knockbackjinx (sounds like hes saying rependo), instead
    of the spell that causes the slugs to burn. After this is a quick run across a
    bridge with fire going over it, hit the switch. And exit.
      c. Go to the door on the right. First is a rat, and a slug, then drop a rock
    over the grate. Next is Troll patrol. You know how to do this.
    50. Ok so ya come out of the  3rd door, and you will see all 3 steps are now
    set up so you can go into the next, final, room. WAIT. Go to the cauldron and
    make a wiggenweld  (healing) potion and then go to the last room.
    51. It's the Dreaded snake. There are 2 battles here. First Shoot its mouth,
    while avoiding the Venom. Second, use the sword to reflect the lazers back to
    its mouth.
    52. DONE! Watch the end.. Hope you found it worth the 40 dollar price tag - I
    did not.  I watched the credits role, thinking there might be something at the
    end, like at the movie.. After the credits. Over 100 names where shown. Nothing
    spectactular. You end up in the common room, and Colins's photo book turns out
    to have more pages in it. Other than that. It's a 20 dollar game.

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