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    Player Guide by BPGalway

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                         All-Star Slammin' D-Ball
                               Player Guide
        This is a very short list of the special throws and other brief
       miscellaneous information about the fun, little known PlayStation
                  dodge ball game, All-Star Slammin' D-Ball.
          by Benjamin Paul Galway             March 15, 2006
       e-mail = bpgalway@netscape.net            ver. 1.1
       PayPal = bpgalway@netscape.net
         Created April 12, 2002 (1.1). Latest update: Minor editing.
      ------< Special Throws >-------------------------------------------
      ------------------------------------< Special Throws >-------------
      ---------------------< Special Throws >----------------------------
      The manual does an okay job of listing all of the basic special
      throws, but it doesn't detail the level 3 team captain secret moves
      nor explains how to pull them off. Think back to the first Street
      Fighter II when trying to perform the rolling motions since the
      movements must be entered slowly and precisely. Quick taps will not
      register and make the special throws impossible to perform. Despite
      the slower input speed, all moves can be entered during a jump --
      don't exagerate the sluggish commands.
            D-pad key:    D = down  U = up  L = left  R = right
      Note that any two directions not separated by a space indicate a
      diagonal move, such as the "UR" being "up-right" in the grenade's
      input. All directions given are for the left team. Reverse the
      left and right positions if playing on the right court.
      The factors which allow a special throw to be performed are
      explained well enough in the instruction manual, so consult it for
      information about acquiring points, how the players' level affects
      earning points, and so forth.
          ---------------=======  LEVEL ONE  =======---------------
         Input: D DR R + (square)
                The canon is a really good move. The ball moves very fast
                along a straight path to the selected target and can
                quickly get by an opponent's reaction time of he or she
                is close to the release.
         Input: L L R + (square)
                The slow ball is a straight, slow release that simply
                isn't useful. Every players' catch animation resets
                quickly enough so that the person can make a second grab
                to catch a slow ball.
         Input: R R U + (square)
                This will release the ball with a randomly selected
                level one special throw, which is pointless. Unless
                you're having trouble with the rolling controller inputs
                required for the canon or grenade, there's no point in
                using the random throw.
         Input: R L R + (square)
                The double special throw is one of the better moves in
                the whole game. The ball is thrown fast along a straight
                path and soon followed by a second ball. Both balls can
                knock the opponent and each must be avoided. However, if
                a player can catch the first ball released before the
                second is thrown, then the special will end prematurely.
         Input: R UR U + (square)
                The grenade special throws the ball along a slight
                elevated arch toward the target. It is useless.
          ---------------=======  LEVEL TWO  =======---------------
      Screw Driver
         Input: D R R + (square)
                This puts a brief twisting motion into the ball's path
                after it is thrown. It's not too good and can only be of
                some use at close range since the ball's speed isn't fast
                enough to hope to catch a player off guard with its
                initial jerk release.
         Input: D U D + (square)
                The snake very much resembles the canon for speed except
                this special throw travels along a high arch toward the
                player. It's one of the better level two moves which
                isn't saying much since it's more or less does the same
                as a level one throw.
      Hyper Magnum
         Input: D U U + (square)
                The ball size doubles when thrown. Unless it freaks out
                an opponent, this special throw serves no real purpose
                since the size has no affect on the difficulty of
                catching the ball.
         Input: R DR D + (square)
                The boomerang toss releases a slow ball which travels
                along a side arch. It may very well return to the player,
                but the ball is simply too slow to not have your opponent
                catch it by the time it could start returning. As with
                most all slow moving throws, this is useless.
         Input: D DL L + (square)
                As the name implies, this ball will flash (disappear and
                reappear) over and over until it stops. Despite being a
                slow ball, the flashing can disorient a player and could
                prove useful.
         ---------------=======  LEVEL THREE  =======---------------
      Wild Cats' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                A myriad of light circles surrounds the captain and forms
                a sort of vortex then trail behind the ball like a comet.
                The ball is thrown very fast (this is the fastest throw
                unless one counts the trip around the Earth for the Ninja
                team) and is very difficult to catch. Still, with really
                quick reflexes and being familiar with the Wild Cats'
                special team captain throw, it's not impossible to stop.
      Pranksters' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                A black cylinder of light surrounds the captain and he
                launches the ball up into the air. After a few seconds
                the ball flies back down fast into the target opponent.
                This is perhaps the best special throw in the game. More
                often than not the opponent will have little warning as
                to when the ball is coming down, particularly for a
                character near the top of the screen.
      Heart Breakers' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                Hearts rain from the ball around the captain a moment
                before she throws the ball to the opponent. The ball
                zigzags a bit toward the target along a pair of heart
                wings. This special throw is just pathetic. It will not
                fool anyone and lacks speed.
      Ninjas' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                The captain throws the ball off the screen to the left,
                the game switches to a shot of the ball actually
                traveling around the Earth, and then it finally returns
                to the court from the right side of the screen. As with
                the Pranksters' special throw, this one can be especially
                good if the targeted player is close to the edge of the
                screen so that as little "warning room" as possible is
                available. Unfortunately, the short Earth clip is a good
                give-away to the timing of the catch, reducing the
                special throw's effectiveness somewhat.
      Snipers' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                The captain jumps and throws the ball at the selected
                opponent amid a shower of transparent balls. Besides not
                being fast, this special throw is also weakened thanks
                to the fact that the "ghost" balls which are supposed to
                trick the opponent are obviously different from the real
                one. None of the transparent balls affect the player in
                any way as well.
      Fireballs' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                This is a basic fast ball but with flames streaking
                behind it. Flames will stream around the captain before
                release to warn of the approaching fast ball. Since there
                are "cheaper" special moves which achieve the same
                effect, there really is no point in using this move.
      Thunder Bolts' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                A couple of lightning bolts strike the ball in the
                captain's hands. The captain then throws the ball along a
                quick zigzag route toward the opponent while lightning
                bolts tag behind. This special throw is both visually
                impressive and fairly decent if only because the bolts of
                lightning tend to help confuse players trying to catch
                the ball (as opposed to the Heart Breakers' special).
      Elementals' Captain Special
         Input: L DL D DR R + (square)
                The screen turns completely black, white spheres eminate
                from the ball, and then it's thrown to the targeted
                player with the spheres trailing behind. This is a very
                weak special throw for the "boss" team to have. It looks
                nice, but there's really nothing special about it.
      -----------------------------------------< General Advice >--------
      --< General Advice >-----------------------------------------------
      ----------------------------< General Advice >---------------------
      Random tips for random people!
      -- The best attack is a dashing leaping throw. The Pranksters and
         Ninjas are the best at this since their players can leap far
         across the half court line and throw the ball well into the
         opponent's territory.
      -- Remember to mix up the special moves when used. An over-reliance
         on one move will rob it of any usefulness. It helps to throw out
         even a pathetic move once or so before unleashing something
         worth doing.
      -- Special throws aren't nearly as effective as they could have
         been thanks to the fact that all players must shout out some
         word bubble before performing the throw. Unless you're playing
         against the computer, most all hits are going to come from
         regular throws. 
      -- The basic throw can be thrown at different speeds depending on
         the length of time the button is pressed, so use this to your
         advantage to catch opponents off guard. This can be used
         advantageously when playing against or with the clock.
      -- It is possible to leap and catch the ball when the opponent
         tries to pass to the far outside teammate. Although difficult to
         do, it's a good technique to know and to watch out for. While
         this can be avoided by passing the ball around the court along
         the sides, this also does eat up the number of passes allowed on
         a given possession.
      -- Finally, using the shoulder buttons to switch the targeted
         opponent just before release can really confuse your opponent
         and catch him or her off guard. This coupled with the fast
         leaping attacks explained above can really cut down on an
         opponent's reaction time.
      ------< Secrets >--------------------------------------------------
      --------------------------------< Secrets >------------------------
      -----------------------------------------------------< Secrets >---
      There's only one secret -- the code to unlock the Elementals as a
      playable team. The code is given upon winning the tournament. To
      unlock the Elements, enter the following at the title screen:
                   D L U R X (square) (triangle) (circle)
      The Elementals are a good team, but surprisingly aren't the best
      available. They're still fun to play with, though.
      As always, this document may be used if and only if it is not
      altered in any way or profitted from either directly or indirectly.
      The latest updates can be found at GameFAQs [ gamefaqs.com ].

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