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    Bare Job Class Walkthrough by SetzerGabbiani

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 08/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy V Bare-Job Class Guide
    Version 2.2 (02/01/2004)
    by SetzerGabbiani (Christopher Lesure)
    Table of Contents:
      I.) Date/Version History
     II.) Introduction
    III.) Basic Tips and Strategies
     IV.) Disclaimer/Copyright Notice
      V.) Walkthrough
    Versopm 2.2 - 02/01/2004
        Ninth version. Didn't think I'd update again, but I fixed many typos.
    Version 2.1 - 06/29/2003
        Eighth version. Re-wrote some areas and fixed a few typos and errors.
    Version 2.0 - 02/17/2003
        Seventh version. Completed walkthrough. 
    Version 1.9 - 02/14/2003
        Sixth version. Finished world 3. Started N-Zone
    Version 1.8 - 02/13/2003
        Fifth version. Completed first section of world 3. First lithograph is
    Version 1.7 - 02/10/2003
        Fourth version. Finished everything up to the final battle in World II.
    Version 1.6 - 02/08/2003
        Third version. Finished World 1.
    Version 1.1 - 02/06/2003
        Second version. Touched up the first 4 sections, and got to the Library of
        the Ancients on walkthrough section.
    Version 1.0 - 02/05/2003
        First version. Added sections I, II, III, IV, and started V.
    In Final Fantasy V, there are many job classes to choose from. Just like in
    other Final Fantasy's, there is a "crutch" that you rely on to beat the game.
    Job Classes is FFV's crutch. What I plan to do, is beat this game without
    using the crutch at all. Meaning I beat the game without changing jobs from
    the "Bare" Class once.
    Sounds hard? Not entirely. The Bare class can equip ANYTHING, meaning that you
    don't have to worry about getting the best equipment for a specific class, you
    just grab the top stuff and move on. This guide is here to help you out if you
    need it.
    Caution, do not attempt a "Bare Game" (BG, henceforth) unless you have beaten
    this game once normally. A BG is very tedious, as you can only attack and use
    items in battle.
    I will not mark Spoilers, so beware.
    + There aren't too many options in a battle, but use what little to have to
      your advantage!
    + Breaking Rods in boss battles is not only a good idea, sometimes, it's
      absolutely needed. Try to have a stock of 15 of each kind of Rod at all
    + Keep your HP at full. Until you beat Garula in the Waltz Tower, your only
      means of healing will be Potions (Elixers if you won them from enemies, but
      you shouldn't even need to use them yet). Afterwards, in Tycoon Castle you
      get the Healing Rod, your best friend through a good portion of the game.
    + Always keep a good supply of Phoenix Downs and Potions with you. They won't
      be that hard to come by, and after you get the airship in the first world,
      the items in Rikks village are half-price.
    + Magic is useless. You will never buy magic. Sell all Ethers. MP is never
      important because the Bare Class can't use magic, meaning they don't need
    + LEVEL UP! I can't stress this enough, besides equipment, levels are the most
      important thing. My suggested levels are high for a reason.
    This FAQ is for PERSONAL USE only, copyrighted 2003 to me, SetzerGabbiani. You
    are not allowed to use this FAQ on your websites, magazines or any form of
    public media without receiving MY permission first.
    IF the permission is granted, you will not be allowed to change any single
    word in this FAQ, and must leave it as a .txt file. If you cannot agree the
    statements above, then don't use it, simple as that. DO NOT dare to violate
    this disclaimer. If you ignore my warning and I spot your actions, I will
    pursue the legal rights and make you regret it.
    The only sites that are allowed to host this walkthrough are as follows:
    I did not intend for this walkthrough to be very specific. I will not tell you
    what way to go, or what chests to get unless it is important. This guide is
    for players who should know where most things in this game are and don't need
    This will be straight forward. It will tell you where to go and what to do in
    each area. I am assuming that everybody who is reading this has already beaten
    this game. I will NOT answer emails asking where a certain thing is, go look
    at a different FAQ if you need help on the location of a certain item.
       World One....................V1
       World Two....................V2
     World Three....................V3
    V1: World One
    1.1 + The Beginning
    1.2 + Pirate Cove-Wind Shrine
    1.3 + Torna Canal-North Mountain
    1.4 + Town of Walz-Tycoon Castle
    1.5 + Town of Karnak-Karnak Castle
    1.6 + Library of Ancients/Side Areas
    1.7 + Sand Tides Desert-End of World 1
    Blargh. Pick up the Phoenix Down and then fight the Goblins. Whoo! Shortest
    section of a walkthrough ever!
    In the Pirate Cove, there is a free healing spring. Fight around here until
    level 5. 6 if you really want to. When you're content head out and meet Faris.
    When asked to be taken to the Wind Shrine, say no and head Northwest to Tule
    Village. Get all the items. Sell any Ethers you may have. Buy 4 sets of
    optimal equipment and sell your crap. Leave.
    Go Northeast to the Wind Shrine. Get all the items, and level up to 8, use the
    Recovery Jar when you need to.
    BOSS:  Wingrapter
    HP  -  250
    Attack full force. He should fall before he closes his wings. If not, halt
    your attacks, and take the time to heal.
    Get the Crystal and get out. Go back to Tule Village, sell all your crap again
    and then go meet Zokk. Zokk gives you the key to the canal.
    Enter the canal and use the key. Fight Karl Boss.
    BOSS:  Karl Boss
    HP  -  650
    Interesting name. Tail Screw reduces one characters HP to single digits, so
    watch out for that. Attack this sucker and he'll go down. Not too much trouble
    if your levels are 8+.
    Your ship crashes, and you're screwed. Yay. Collect all the items. When you
    get to the room with the beds, take a nap and discover Faris is a girl. Wow.
    Who couldn't tell by her purple hair? Move on and then raise the sunken ship
    on the far right. Move forward and you'll meet Siren.
    BOSS:  Siren
    HP  -  900
    First hard boss if you aren't leveled properly. When Siren becomes a Zombie,
    DON'T ATTACK. You will do 12 damage per shot. Take this time to heal. Siren
    isn't too hard. Just don't do anything stupid.
    Go South to the Town of Kerwin. Get the ICE ROD! It's hidden under the dock in
    a crate. It's easy to find. Buy 4 Long Swords, Bronze Shields, Helmets, and
    Armors. Sell your crap. Fight around the town to get enough money to buy 99
    Potions. They're 40 GP, so it will cost a bit less than 4,000 total. You
    should have this money, but fight around if you don't. Get to level 10 and 
    buy 20 Antidotes. Go Northeast to North Mountain.
    In the mountain, get the items and save.
    BOSS:  Magissa and Faltzer
    HP  -  650         850
    Use and Antidote on Reina and attack full force. Magissa will summon Faltzer
    before you can kill her. Faltzer has 850 HP. Attack Magissa once, she should
    die. If not, finish her off and then go for Faltzer. It's not too hard.
    Give the whip to Butz and stick him in the back row. Continue on to get your
    Sell your crap at the Waltz Town, and buy 4 sets of the various Iron
    equipment. Stock up so you have at least 10 Phoenix Downs. Go to Waltz Castle.
    Talk to the King and then go to the Waltz Tower. NOT THE WATER TOWER.
    Get the items. Make your way to the top and fight Garula.
    BOSS:  Garula
    HP  -  1200
    Easy if you have the Whip. It will Paralyze him for most of the fight. If it
    doesn't, you have potions for a reason.
    Leave and go to Tycoon Castle. Talk to the Chancellor and rest. Get all the
    items. The most important being the Healing Staff, the Katana (Ashura), and
    the Elixers. Give the Healing Staff to Reina and the Katana to Gauluf. Put
    Reina in the back row. She will be your healer for a long time. Go to the
    Meteor and warp to your next destination.
    From the meteor, make your way to Karnak. Wow! The prices here sure are cheap!
    Try to buy something. You get thrown in jail. That sucks. Watch the event, get
    better equipment. Buy three more Ice rods, so you should have 2. You'll need
    to use them both in section 1.5, so make sure you purchase them. Level up to
    15 now, then buy 20 Eye drops.
    On board the Fire Ship, collect all the items, the enemies are fairly easy and
    give good Exp, so it's worth the walk. The Green Beret is a good item to have
    on an attacker. I'd recommend putting it on Butz, as he should be in the back
    row, so he doesn't need as high of defense as the others, but it boosts his
    Attack and Agility. When you get the Crescent, give it to Galuf and stick his
    old ass in the back row.
    Equipment should look like:
    Whip (BR)......Ashura.........Crescent (BR)..Cure (BR)
    If you couldn't figure it out, BR means Back Row. The equipment is
    interchangeable. Actually, it might be wiser to have Galuf in the front row,
    as he has the most HP. Do what you wish.
    When you meet the queen, equip an Ice Rod on everybody and stick them in the
    back row.
    BOSS:  Liquid Flame
    HP  -  2 Ice Rods
    Break an Ice Rod on this sucker. He'll change into his "Hand Form" keep healed
    and when he changes back into human form, break another rod. He's dead.
    Heal and then move forward. Watch the scene.
    Get the Elf Cloak and the Hunting Knife, but most importantly, THE RIBBON. DO
    BOSS:  Iron Claw
    HP  -  900
    Beat him up a bit and when he shows his true form, break an Ice Rod or two.
    Easy Cheesy. The funny thing is, I paralyzed him, so he didn't even change.
    Either way, it's an easy fight.
    Go back to Karnak, sell your crap. Be sure to have 15 of all three types of
    Rods. You'll need them. Sure, it will cost a bloody fortune, almost 34,000,
    but it gives you a chance to level up. =D
    When ready, head to the Library of Ancients. Your level should be nearing 18,
    if not already there.
    1.6 + Library of Ancients/Side Areas
    Blargh, make your way through this library. Eventually, you will reach a book
    shelf that won't let you through, go back and then climb the ladder to the
    left. Examine the top and walk through the passage. You meet Ifrit.
    BOSS:  Ifrit
    HP  -  3000
    Easy. Break 2 Ice Rods. He dies. If you don't want to waste your rods here,
    break one and then attack him while keeping healed. Easy battle.
    Then get the Ninja Suit from the chest and move on to fight Biblos.
    BOSS:  Biblos
    HP  -  3600
    Easy again. Break 2 Fire rods. He dies. =P Feh.
    Go back to Karnak, sell your crap, stock up to 15 rods of each type again. Go
    to the top floor of the Pub, meet up with Cid. Go back to the fire ship, and
    then you'll be able to said around the first world! Yay! First things first,
    go to Jachol Village. Southern tip of the western continent. Between the
    mountains. Save, and heal. Then go to the caves if you didn't free the ware
    wolf in Waltz tower. You'll get a tent, a Shuriken (worthless), but most
    importantly, a Shock Whip. Give this to Butz, he won't be able to paralyze
    anymore, but his power will be greatly increased and he can sometimes cast a
    low level bolt spell doing some small, but extra damage. You need all the help
    you can get, right? After getting that, leave and go back to Jachol. Buy 3
    Ninja Suits for 9,000 total GP. Sell your Mithril Armor. Head to Crescent town
    From there, go to the Chocobo forest and get a Chocobo. Go to Rikks Village
    and max out your supply of Potions, Antidotes, Eye Drops, Maiden's Kisses,
    Cornucopias, Softs, and if you want to, buy a few tents. If you don't have the
    cash, don't worry, just buy what you can and then head over to Easterly
    Village if you want to get Ramuh. If not, go back to the Library. In case you
    BOSS:  Ramuh
    HP  -  4000
    You can break an Ice Rod on him for about 1200 Damage, if you like. Fire rods,
    do around 1150, so they work too. You don't get anything for beating Ramuh
    that you can actually use, so I wouldn't suggest breaking rods on him as they
    are rather expensive to use on an optional boss. Stay healed with the healing
    rod, and pray that Butz's weapon doesn't cast Thunder. If it does, it heals
    for about 80, so it's not a big deal, but it can be annoying at times.
    At the Library, Cid and Mid tell you to go to the Desert. *Sigh.* Go there.
    1.7 + Sand Tides Desert-End of World 1
    Go forward, Cid and Mid will show up and ask if you're ready. Say yes and you
    will have to fight the Sandworm.
    BOSS:  Sandworm
    HP  -  3000
    Ouch. This guy is pretty hard. Break 6 Fire rods on this sucker. Go ALL out,
    don't heal. Break the rods. If 6 Rods doesn't do it, then break a 7th. It
    won't take more than that. Save your Thunder rods and Ice rods for later.
    After the battle, make your way back to the Library to heal at the pot. Then
    go back and journey through the desert.
    You'll reach the Town of Gorn, the Ruined City. Follow the King, and then you
    will fall into a trap and be in the Airship base. You finally get to fly! YAY!
    Before you can go anywhere, a ClayClaw attacks...
    BOSS:  ClayClaw
    HP  -  2000
    Break ONE Lightning rod. Battle ended. Whee!
    Go to the town of Gorn. Blargh. Stuff happens, then return to the airship base
    to talk to Cid and Mid. Afterwards, go to the Tycoon Meteor and you will fight
    BOSS:  Admantaim
    HP  -  2000
    Break two Ice rods and he dies.
    Back to the Airship base. When done there, fly up high and take out the Rocket
    Guns on either side of the Soul Gun Launcher. There are 4 battles, and each
    requires 2 Rods and then a physical attack or two. If you run out of Rods, go
    back down and buy more. Try to have 10. (5 is probably the least you can get
    away with, unless you leveled up to 30 or something.) I know it's a lot, but
    the Soul Gun/Launcher aren't easy without them. They're near impossible,
    BOSS:  Soul Gun/Cannon and Launcher
    HP  -  22500               1080
    Break Thunder Rods like crazy. If you're quick (and lucky), you can get away
    without needing to heal.
    After the battle, go back down to Earth and save, heal if needed. Go into the
    Floating Ruins when you feel ready. It's fairly easy to navigate, although
    there are invisible bridges. Just make sure to get all the items. The Shuriken
    isn't needed, but you can sell it for a few GP, so you can snag it if you want
    to. After all the items have been collected, save at the save point, leave,
    sell your crap, and stock up on Rods. If you have ANY money left at ALL, you
    didn't buy enough rods. (Unless you had over 250,000 GP and got 99 of each,
    however you should be at such a high level you don't even need that many.) 20
    of each will suffice. If you have more money, feel free to buy more than that,
    you're going to have to, eventually. When fully stocked up, head back in and
    then fight Archeoavis. Hopefully, the Fan Wizards (the Golden Circle looking
    things) have dropped 3 or more Darkness Bows. You will use them for the next
    fight. Put yourself in the back row before you talk to the king. BE ABSOLUTELY
    BOSS:  Archeoavis 1st Form   2nd Form
    HP  -             6400       2500
    Hardest boss on World 1.
    For the first form, break Rods like crazy. You'll probably heal him a few
    times, but don't worry, that's why you got a bunch of them! Keep using them,
    and his first form will die eventually. When his second form comes, give three
    people Darkness Bows and the 4th person the Healing Rod. Attack him like crazy
    heal every round. Don't revive if somebody dies, keep whoever you can healed,
    and hope for a win.
    Go forward, and watch the scene and get a few more worthless jobs. Galuf will
    leave your party for the rest of World 1. =(
    Go back to the Airship base and then head to the Meteors in the following
    order: Tycoon, Karnak, Waltz, and then Gorn. You will fight a boss at each
    BOSS:  Titan
    HP  -  2500
    This sucker is at Karnak. He's not particulary hard, just break rods. Any kind
    works. 3 should do him in. He'll use Earth Shaker as his final move, which can
    damage your party greatly.
    BOSS:  Byurobolos x 6
    HP  -  2200
    These guys are at Waltz. Break more rods. Kill them all at the same time, or
    they will regenerate and you'll have to break more rods than needed.
    BOSS:  KimaBrain
    HP  -  3300
    Gorn, of course. Break more rods.
    After beating all of these bosses, buy as many rods as you can (40 of each is
    the recommended minimum) and then head to the Warp Zone. World one is over.
    V2: World Two
    2.1 + New World-Lugor Bordertown
    2.2 + Moogle Forest-Val Castle
    2.3 + Kelb Village-Gill's Shrine
    2.4 + Surgate Castle-Chocobo Island
    2.5 + Moore Village-Moore Forest
    2.6 + X-Death's Castle
    2.1 + New World-Lugor Bordertown
    Fight around on the island and kick the crap out of the Pao enemies to get
    free tents. You win one after every battle, but get no Exp. or GP. Fight as
    many as you want, while you heal with the healing rod. I got up to 31 tents,
    and then used one. When you decide to use you fight the Abductor.
    BOSS:  Abductor
    HP  -  ???
    Just attack him. Don't heal. You'll lose, but it doesn't matter. Nothing will
    When you awaken, you are in X-Death's Castle. Yay! You control Galuf. Make
    your way through the castle. Find the Recovery Pools and give Galuf a Darkness
    Bow. Put him in the back row while you're at it. Fight a few battles. If you
    are over level 20, they shouldn't be too hard. If you're struggling, level up
    around the pools a bit. Go down a few floors and you'll meet Gilgamesh.
    BOSS:  Gilgamesh
    HP  -  ???
    Attack him and heal when you need to. He'll escape after 1500 damage or so.
    After rescuing everybody, save your game and then heal. Be at level 21, at
    minimum. Then exit the castle and go to the Big Bride, west of here. You have
    to fight some losers. After a few dumb battles, you have to fight Gilgamesh
    BOSS:  Gilgamesh
    HP  -  ???
    Break a bunch of rods and he'll escape. He'll do strong attacks, but keep
    breaking them. Don't stop and he'll eventually escape.
    Continue along the bridge until you get blown off. Head east to Lugor. Buy 3
    Chain Whips, and make sure everybody has a Gold Shield. Those are the only
    equipments worth buying. When satisfied, head to the Moogle Forest.
    2.2 + Moogle Forest-Val Castle
    Talk to the Moogle. It will become scared and run off. Follow it into the
    Underground River. Ride the water to the two chests. Then you must fight:
    BOSS:  Tyrannosaurus
    HP  -  5000
    Use a Phoenix Down. Battle over.
    Follow the Moogle to his village. Get all the items in the chests and then go
    into the middle house. Put on the Moogle Suit and go to the left house and get
    the Elf Cape. Equip it on somebody. Talk to the Moogle that you saved and you
    will watch the scene and be taken to Val Castle.
    Get all the items and then buy a Gauntlet for the person without an Elf Cape
    or Power Ring. After getting everything, (don't forget the Angel Robe, Regal
    Cutlass, and Lamia's Harp!) talk to Cara (Krile) and talk to the guards to
    leave. Go straight north to reach Kelb.
    2.3 + Kelb Village-Gill's Shrine
    All the doors are locked! Crazy. Go inside the unlocked place, go forward, and
    then try to leave. Watch the scene. Sell your crap. Buy a RopeHeadband for the
    three fighters, and also a Power Tasuki. Give your Ribbon and Angel Robe to
    your healer. Leave and go to the Valley of Dragons.
    Make your way through this place, picking up all the items. BE SURE TO GET THE
    BONEMAIL, CORONET, and WINDSWORD. After equipping the Bonemail, only heal that
    character with Potions, OUTSIDE of battle. The healing rod will hurt them. It
    is impossible to cure them in battle, but the Bonemail has awesome defense, so
    (s)he shouldn't need healing anyway. Save when you get to the save point, and
    then un-equip the Bonemail and give the person back their Power Tasuki. When
    you're ready go forward and fight the Dragongrass and Dragonbulbs.
    BOSS:  Dragongrass   Dragonbulbs
    HP  -  12,000        ???
    Break Rods with three characters and heal with the 4th. Don't break Fire Rods,
    because they are resistant to Fire. After breaking a few rods, switch to
    physical attacks. It will take forever, but you can't buy more rods for a long
    time, so try to save as many as possible.
    After the fight, return to Val Castle. Get the dragon. Then go to Gill's
    Shrine. It will collapse immediately. Afterwards, head to Surgate Castle
    directly west.
    2.4 + Surgate Castle-Chocobo Island
    Get the 5000 GP from the hidden room after you visit the library. The shops
    aren't worth checking out, unless you decide to purchase Regal Cutlasses. They
    have 5 more power than your whips, but cannot paralyze, and it loses power
    when you're in the back row, meaning you'll take more damage if you move to
    the front row. It's your call. I prefer to stick with the whips, but go ahead
    and take the swords if you want. After you do everything, go to Zeza's Fleet.
    It's east of X-Death's castle (where you started in World II). He'll ask you
    to rest, take him up on this chance. However, you wake up in the middle of
    the night and are attacked by monsters!
    BOSS:  Gilgamesh   Enkidoh
    HP  -  ???         4000
    The battle starts with only Gilgamesh, though Enkidoh joins soon. Break rods
    like crazy until Enkidoh dies. Afterwards, switch back to regular attacks. Be
    sure to save at least 20 Rods for the rest of World 1.
    After making him flee once again, talk to Zeza and then head into the Shield
    Generator. He'll then run off. Go into the leftmost room and save. Get the
    money from the chest and then circle around to the other chest. Heal up before
    you try to open it. You'll have to fight a Red Dragon. They're pretty tough.
    They have around 7500 HP, and strong attacks. For defeating it, you get a
    BloodSword. Don't equip it, because it has horrible accuracy, but you get 750
    EXP for defeating the dragon, and can sell the sword for money later. Go back
    and save again. When you have two choices for stairs, the left takes you to a
    Hair Ornament, which has zero Defense and crappy M Defense and is guarded by
    It can be sold for a good price though. If you want to get it, go for it,
    otherwise, go save. Fight ReflectKnights until they drop at least two Wall
    Rings. You **WILL** need these.
    Then, go right, and up the staircases. You'll be attacked by Atomos.
    BOSS:  Atomos
    HP  -  19,997
    This fight is no joke. Break rods constantly from the start. Don't bother to
    revive, because Atomos will most likely kill off the revived character and
    another character in the next round. It will take probably most of the rest of
    your rods. Try to win without rods first. If it seems hopeless, try leveling
    up. You need to save as many rods as possible, but you may have to use them
    all. Just expect a MUCH more difficult end of World II.
    After killing him, sell your crap at the nearest town, and stock up to 99
    Potions, HiPotions, and Phoenix Downs. Go to Gill's Shrine using the Submarine
    now. Move the rock in the chest to the upper left. Go in the door flip the
    switch. Now move it to the bottom left. Go speak with Gill now.
    After talking to him, you can go to Chocobo Island to get Shoat. I strongly
    recommend you do NOT go here, because you will more than likely be forced to
    use some rods. Unless you started with 100 or so rods, you're probably down to
    about 5 or 6 of each type. If you have 30 or so total, go ahead and use 5 to
    kill Shoat. Otherwise, go to Moore Village.
    2.5 + Moore Village-Moore Forest
    Immediately buy the best equipment. That means, 4 Diamond Shields, 3 Diamond
    Helms, 3 Diamond Armors, and 1 Luminous Robe. Give the Helms and Armors to the
    fighters, and the Robe to your healer. Equip everybody with a Shield. Sell
    your crap. Level one character up to 35. The others can get that high too, but
    it's a waste of time really. I used Galuf, as he has the most HP.
    After all that, go across the bridge into Moore Forest.
    Go straight through, you'll be accepted when you hold up the branch. Get what
    items you want. When the forest burns down, get the items, and leave through
    the south. Save your gave, go back to the town and restock if you want. When
    you want to, go back in and go north to the master tree.
    BOSS:  Seal Guardians x 4
    HP  -  7777
    *Strategy sent in by Solarious*
    Try this : get Flame Rings(4 of something that absorbs an element), attack the
    corresponding crystal until it casts the spell then you can merrily attack
    the rest without having to heal, since the Crystal will do it for you! ^_^
    Now many of you probably don't have 4 Flame Rings.
    *Sent in by OMNI22*
    Why not keep the fire crystal alive so it can heal one character then just
    take out the others. But it could do more harm than good, it really just
    depends on luck.
    Using these strategies, wear down the top crystal until it starts using Fire3.
    Then kill the front crystal, and then the bottom one. When it comes to the 
    last one, the one that uses Aero3, he can attack twice in a row every FIFTH
    round. This would normally be bad news, but using the SAME number of hits
    (that I told you to count) attack the far left crystal. Hopefully, it won't
    use Aero3 next round. Then, wait until it's gone twice in a row. Attack it
    IMMEDIATELY. Attack once more, while you're counting. After the Fire Crystal
    has gone 3 times, HOLD YOUR ATTACKER. Wait until you get hit by Aero3, then
    use an ELIXER. You should get hit by Aero3 again, but you'll survive because
    you used an Elixer. Do this tactic once more, and the Thunder Crystal will
    fall, and then you can attack the fire dude until he's dead.
    Fight Exdeath. Galuf dies. How sad. Time to check out Exdeath's castle.
    2.6 + X-Death's Castle
    Collect all the items as you make your way through here. The enemies aren't
    too tough, but don't let your guard down. Once you get the Blizzard Sword and
    IceShield, move two people to the front. Give one person the Ice equipment, 
    and the other the Fire equipment. They can now heal themselves. Give the
    attacker in the back the Gale Bow, which randomly does X-Fight, meaning they
    attack enemies 4 times. So it ends up doing a lot of damage. Your fourth 
    person should still be your trusty healer. When you reach the save point,
    save, and then enter the next room. Go into the top, righthand room, get the
    contents, and then save again. Try to enter the next room and you'll fight
    Use the same strategies as before, just attack him for a few rounds and he'll
    run away. Go back, save, use a tent if you need to. Then go into the room and
    fight Exdeath.
    BOSS:  Exdeath
    HP  -  32,768
    Break ALL of your rods. Hopefully, you have 15 or more. That should do near
    18,000 damage. More than half way. He's got some nasty attacks, don't worry
    about killing him fast. Concentrate on staying alive. He'll fall eventually.
    He always starts with Condemn, which gives one of your characters 30 seconds
    to live. After you do about 20,000 damage, he goes crazy and uses all sorts of
    spells and stuff that does HEAVY damage.
    V3: World Three
    3.1 + Beginning-Library of Ancients
    3.2 + Pyramid-Crescent Town
    3.3 + Island Shrine
    3.1 + Beggining-Library of Ancients
    Blargh, wasn't Exdeath hard? =D Well, anyway, go up into the castle AFTER
    SAVING. I REPEAT: AFTER SAVING. Did you save? Good. Now, un-equip Faris and
    Check out the castle and watch the scene. 
    Then go to the far west cave and get Boco back! YAY!
    After getting your trusty Chocobo back, stop by Tule and stock up to 99
    Potions and Tents. And of course, sell all the stuff you don't need. After
    going a little farther, you fall into a cave. Sucks. Equip Cara with the Ice
    Equipment and Butz with the Fire Equipment. You'll have to fight Antolyon.
    He's not too difficult, not even a boss, really. Just attack him, and heal if
    you need to, which you probably won't need to more than once or twice. Faris
    will rejoin, so equip her up to par. Then continue left and go visit the old
    Tule. He'll take you to the Library and give you a special book that lets you
    get into some dungeons. That's fine and dandy. Now is the fun part. =) Go
    north, west, north, east. And you'll reach Karnak. Remember what they sell?
    Elemental rods? That's right. Go buy 50 of EACH rod. You don't have enough
    money? Get some. Fight around until you have enough cash to get them all.
    *NOTE* If you want to, go to N-Zone now. You will be seriously under leveled,
    and will have hardly ANY good equipment at all. But go for it, if you want the
    challenge. I strongly urge you to finish all of this world first though. It
    will greatly benefit you.
    3.2 + Pyramid-Crescent Town
    When you get to the Pyramid, you have to fight two gargoyles. Break as many
    rods as you need to. Don't attack them physically, or they will revive one
    another. So just break rods, you have plenty. There is no boss in this dungeon
    so you don't have to worry about that, although most enemies are hard, it's
    nothing a few rods won't handle. Put everybody in the back row. Make your way
    though the pyramid. Not too difficult. Just make sure to pick up every chest
    as you go along. The only two items that you have to, 100% get are the Ribbon
    and the Protect Ring, both located on the 8th floor. However, most of the
    chests hold good items and should be checked out. After getting everything
    including the tablet, leave. Save. Go east to the forest. You'll have to fight
    BOSS:  Mellusion
    HP  -  20,000
    Haven't had a boss in a while. Use rods on her. She'll sometimes change her
    weakness, so watch out for that.
    Go get your airship and go to the Sealed Castle. It's time to get three of the
    powerful weapons. Whoo! You'll probably fight a ShieldDragon. Just run. For
    the weapons... lets see... The Apollo Harp, Sage Staff, Magus Rod, Earth Bell
    suck. I got the Excalibur, Masamune, and Assassin blades. The Yoichi's Bow is
    also very good. Pick whatever. You'll more than likely have to fight a Sub-
    Boss, Exdeath Soul. Just run.
    Go to Lugor Bordertown and go to the Weapons and Armor store. Go between the
    counters to get a third Ribbon.
    Afterwards, go check out Moore Village and get the Chicken Knife or Brave
    Blade. The Brave Blade is the single strongest weapon in the game. HOWEVER, I
    chose the Chicken Knife because I often run away from tedious battles, and the
    C. Knife only gets stronger. The B. Blade can become extremely weak if you run
    away often. Go for the Chicken Knife if you feel you'll run away from at least
    5 battles, or if you already have. Then, get the Chicken Knife up to optimal
    power by running away constantly. Then go to Moore Village and get the Thief
    Knife and a set of Crystal Equipment for everybody.
    Go back to Boco and take a trip around the world. Then go back and get the
    Mirage Vest. Equip it on some body over the crystal equipment, because it
    creates another image of you and GREATLY increases your evade. Then go get the
    Magic Lamp. Be sure you have 99 of each rod at this point. 
    Then go to the Island Shrine.
    3.3 + Island Shrine
    Make your way through here. It's easy. Break rods against the Gargoyles as you
    enter. The only item you need is the Protect Ring, but it's not in a hidden
    area, so you should be able to find it.
    When you reach the top, you have to fight Stoker.
    BOSS:  Stoker
    HP  -  20,000
    Easy cheesy. Use your magic lamp until you hit Golem. Then you can stop.
    Bahamut, and Hydra should have done good damage.
    If you have at least TWO people equipped with Flame Shields, go ahead and
    break rods. The non-Ice shielded people will die, but you can't lose because
    you will be fully healed by Flame after each rod you break. 
    If you don't feel like wasting your rods, or you don't have two ice shields,
    attack a random enemy each time and hope you get lucky. Stoker isn't tough, so
    you can easily beat him.
    After killing him, grab the stone and you can now enter the Fork Tower. First,
    go back and fill up your Magic Lamp and on the way, get three more weapons.
    Get the FireBrute, Yoichi's Bow, and then the Holy Lance.
    Stock up on 99 of every item that cures a status (Antidote, Eyedrop, ECT.) 99
    Potions, HiPotions, Phoenix Downs, Tents, Cottages, and each type of rod. Get
    the money somehow. And then enter N-Zone if you're above level 40.
    If you want to continue with world 3, you need the Thief Knife to steal two
    wall rings to defeat Omniscient. If you choose to do this, then go ahead and
    get everything this world has to offer. You'll be better off than I am.
    V4: N-Zone
    Wow. Notice how the enemies are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT? Go through the beach area
    and you'll reach the Chain Tower shortly. Run from all enemies until you reach
    Mirage Village. Hit the healing pot to the left and then go back and get the
    items. When you reach the village again, try to leave. You'll be in the Forest
    of N-Zone. Get the items, especially the Ribbon. You'll then have a full set.
    Fight the WoodSprite when you're ready.
    BOSS:  WoodSprite
    HP  -  18,000
    Attack this sucker with your best weapons. She'll fall pretty quickly.
    Move through the caves to the save point. If you happen to meet a golden dino,
    RUN. If you attack it, you will be hit by Quake and then his super strong
    physical attacks will kill you. After you save, go forward and fight Omega for
    the hell of it. After you reload, sneak by him and then check the middle book.
    BOSS:  Apanda
    HP  -  22,200
    The best way to beat him is to attack him with the FireBrute and hope for
    Flare. It will do an easy 3500 damage to him each time. Just attack him and he
    will soon die. Don't waste your magic lamp here.
    Go back and save. Then go back and open the book. Go through the floating area
    and into the room with all the cells. Fight the bottom left first.
    BOSS:  Azulmagia
    HP  -  27,900
    Use up your lamp until you hit Hydra. Then break rods like a madman. Do use
    EVERYTHING at your disposal. This dude is tough from the very start. He can
    use White Wind, sometimes healing up to 9999 HP. If he does, you're pretty
    much screwed unless you can hang on for a while. Old and Mini are both VERY
    annoying and he loves using both quite often.
    For beating him, you get a Save Point. SAVE NOW! Save twice or three times.
    That battle is a pain to win, even at level 50. If you want, you can beat up
    the wizard people that transform into Jura Avis's. You only get a Dragon Fang,
    which is useless, but if you're bored, go for it. The two chests you can get
    once you clear the pathways hold Red Shoes and a Prism Dress. They are not as
    good as your current equips and are only beneficial to dancers. You are not
    Dancers, so you shouldn't bother with them. When you try to save the girl,
    you're attacked by something resembling a root.
    BOSS:  Catastrophe
    HP  -  19,997
    Any strong attacks will work. Chicken Knife works very well here, causing near
    2000 damage. Sometimes you try to run, which can be annoying. He sometimes
    will cast Earth Shaker, doing 1000 damage to everybody. Ouch. Use Elixers, but
    don't run out or you'll have to go back and purchase more. The long journey
    back and forth is GREAT for gaining levels, but it can be hard to survive
    without much healing.
    Go up the stairs and all the way to the left, get the Man Eater knife from the
    chest, go back, save. Try to advance and then you fight Halycanos.
    BOSS:  Halycanos
    HP  -  33,333
    Any attacks work. Smash her with your best weapons. She's got some tough magic
    that can do a lot of damage. If you go all out, she'll fall in 5 or 6 rounds.
    Go back, save, heal. You know the drill. Continue to meet Twin Tania.
    BOSS:  Twin Tania
    HP  -  50,000
    He has a ton of HP. It's one of the harder battles, I'll assure you. If you
    refilled your magic lamp, or never used it, now's a good time. Wait until you
    see the message where he's gathering power and use Odin. Hopefully, it will
    kill him, but if not, then good luck. He uses Tidal Wave often, which is a
    water attack that does near 1000 damage to everybody per shot.
    Go back, save, heal, refill your lamp. Stock up on Elixers.
    In the final section of N-Zone, RUN from EVERY enemy. I don't care how strong
    you think you are, RUN. If you can't seem to escape, attack with your Chicken
    knife a few times and hopefully it will make you leave battle.
    BOSS:  Gilgamesh
    HP  -  ???
    Attack him with your Thief Knife and hopefully you can steal a Gengi Shield.
    If not, don't worry too much. Just attack him and he'll go down soon.
    If you've got a good supply (8-10) Elixers, go on, if not, go back and save.
    Don't get the chests in this area. Make your way along the path and you'll see
    a green light. Next battle!
    BOSS:  Necrophobia
    HP  -  44044
    This sucker has four barriers surrounding him. Use your magic lamp until you
    reach Golem. Then you can stop. Kill the barriers and then knock him out.
    Gilgamesh might show up, if he does, halt ALL attacks except for somebody with
    the Thief Knife. Try to steal some Gengi Armor.
    You get a save point for winning. Go get all the chests, (try to beat Shinryu.
    It's fun losing before you even get to attack, isn't it? When you're ready;
    trust me, you aren't; go and try to beat Exdeath, You should be around level
    55 and should have at least 20 Elixers.
    FINAL BOSS:  Exdeath
    HP     -     ???
    He has two forms (duh.). You should be familiar with them because you should
    have beaten this game before. Just attack and heal. Use your brain and think
    about different strategies, Golem helps. A lot. There aren't too many things
    you can do. Attack and pray that you can win.

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