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    Job Classes FAQ by DConnoy

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy V: Job System FAQ
    Version 1.1--28 March 2003
    by Dave Connoy
    | Preface |
    I recently played through Final Fantasy V for the first time, and while I was
    satisfied with a couple of FAQs on the game, I didn't find enough discussion
    to satiate my interest in the mechanics of the game's job system.  Nor have I
    seen any real insight into how to use it efficiently, besides notes like
    "turn all your guys into black mages against this boss".  So I decided to
    just figure out how everything works myself, come up with some conclusions,
    and put it all here in hopes that someone else might find it useful.
    My idea with this FAQ is to provide detailed information on each of the jobs,
    their statistics, what they are able to equip, and the usefulness of their
    skills.  I hope I can make it all come together to make a sort of "gestalt"
    view of the job system that will help those who are new to the game not waste
    money on equipment they don't need, or waste their time learning useless
    jobs or skills that won't work together in the long run.  And heck, maybe
    even FF5 old-timers will learn something too.
    | Table of Contents |
    I. Version History
    II. Overview of the Job System
    III. Job Classes
         Warrior Classes
         Skill Classes
         Caster Classes
         Hybrid Classes
         Special Classes
    IV. Putting It All Together
    V. Credits & Copyright Info
    | I. Version History |
    Version 1.1--28 March 2003
         Grizzled FF5 veteran Alex Jackson (awj_in_japan@hotmail.com) has clued
         me in to a bunch of FF5 subtleties, resulting in some improvements to a
         few of the ability commentaries and a new segment on glitching the game.
    Version 1.0--17 February 2003
         This may be the fist and last version, since I have a pretty good idea
         of what I want to have in this FAQ.  Still, corrections and additions
         are possible.
    | II. Overview of the Job System |
    The game has a manual, and many FAQs cover the basics.  You should know
    already that each job has its own command that comes with it, and you have a
    second "free" slot to put one of your learned command or support abilities
    in.  I'll cover how the "Mime" and "Bare" jobs are exceptions to this rule
    when I get to them.
    Getting the most out of the job system requires changing jobs very often.  AP
    costs to level up jobs are very low early on, but rise quickly as you gain
    levels.  So to earn abilities at a steady pace, each character should
    "bounce" rapidly between five or more jobs instead of mastering them one at a
    However, it's important to know that if you don't pay attention to what each
    job can equip, you will find yourself running out of money repeatedly because
    you are buying too many different types of helmets and armor.  If you have a
    character bouncing between Knight, White Mage, and Ninja, you'll need to
    carry three different helmets and three different armors in your inventory,
    just so that character has something to equip at all times.  If you try
    something like this, you'll be pulling your hair out at how much gear you
    have to buy and keep track of.
    So instead, think carefully about what equipment the jobs can use before
    assigning characters to them.  There are three major types of helmets and
    armor, and if we look at the jobs in terms of which types they can equip,
    there are five major job types.  The following section, which describes each
    job in detail, should help with this.
    I'll call the major armor and helmet types Heavy, Medium, and Light.  Here
    are a couple of charts laying out the different helmets and armor.  I'll
    include the basic Def and M.Def stats for each piece, but consult a
    comprehensive FAQ (I recommend Matt Hobbs & Dragon Fogel's walkthrough) to
    learn about any special abilities of each one.
    The Leather Cap, Plumed Hat, and Coronet can be used by all classes.
    Light          Def  MDef|Medium         Def  MDef|Heavy          Def  MDef
    HairOrnament   0    2   |Green Beret    3    2   |BronzeHelmet   2    2
    Lamia'sTiara   3    7   |RopeHeadband   6    2   |Iron Helmet    4    2
    Wizard Hat     4    2   |Tiger Mask     9    2   |MythrilHelmt   6    2
    Poet Cap       6    2   |Black Hood     12   2   |Gold Helmet    8    2
    Circlet        10   2   |                        |DiamondHelmt   10   2
                            |                        |CrystalHelmt   13   2
                            |                        |Genji Helmet   15   2
                            |                        |Thornlet       20   5
    LeatherArmor can be equipped by any class.
    Light          Def  MDef|Medium         Def  MDef|Heavy          Def  MDef
    Cotton Robe    2    4   |Bronze Plate   3    2   |Bronze Armor   4    2
    Silk Robe      4    6   |Kung-fu Suit   5    2   |Iron Armor     6    2
    Poet Robe      6    8   |Silver Plate   7    2   |MythrilArmor   9    2
    Earth Robe     8    10  |Ninja Suit     9    2   |Gold Armor     12   2
    LuminousRobe   11   12  |Power Tasuki   11   0   |DiamondArmor   15   2
    Black Robe     14   14  |DiamondPlate   13   2   |Crystalmail    20   2
    White Robe     14   14  |Mirage Vest    14   4   |Genji Armor    22   2
                            |BlackCostume   17   2   |
                            |Bonemail       30   5   |
    | III. Job Classes |
    Now that you know what I'm talking about when I refer to the different types
    of armor, I'll start a run-down of all the job classes.  Each entry will
    include the following:
    --The job's default command.
    --The innate abilities of the job.  These support abilities come "for free"
    to a character using the job, and don't need to be equipped.
    --What types of weapons the job can equip.  The "special weapons" are the
    Double Lance, Moonring, and Razor Ring.  Everything else should be self-
    --The job's effects on the attributes of the character using it.
         Vigor determines the damage done by the character when he/she attacks.
         Speed determines how fast the character's action comes up in battle.
         Stamina determines how much HP the character has.
         Mag.Pwr determines the character's MP and the potency of his/her magic.
    Following all this will be a list of the job's abilities, with some
    commentary on their uses.
    When discussing the stats given by many of the EqX and magic abilities, I'll
    be putting attribute bonuses in [brackets].  These increases do not "stack"
    with the character's other bonuses; instead, the character will get the
    bracketed attribute increase only if he doesn't get a better one from his/her
    job or another equipped ability.
    Warrior Jobs
    Warrior jobs ("tanks" for short) are meant to deal and take physical damage.
    They can equip the most damaging weapons, and because they have the most HP
    and can equip shields, they are the only type of job that can consistenly
    withstand attacks in the front row.  I recommend dedicating two of your
    characters to warrior jobs; have them learn the 2-handed ability as soon as
    possible so they can be the backbone of your damage-dealing and defense.
    Other useful tank abilities include the Samurai's !$toss and Swrdgrab, and
    the Sorcerer's !Sword.
    Warrior jobs can equip medium or heavy armor, but only heavy helmets.
    The Knight is the first warrior job you'll acquire.  Have any characters that
    are going to be tanks use it exclusively until they learn the 2-handed
    ability, which works well with the other warrior jobs.  After that, it's not
    of much use until the heavy swords (Flame Saber, Blizzard, Blood Sword,
    Defender, Excalibur, Ragnarok, and Brave Blade) show up late in the game.
    This class also has great synergy with the Sorcerer's Sword Magic ability.
    Job Command: Guard
    Innate Abilities: Cover
    Can equip: Daggers, Light Swords, Heavy Swords, Shields
         Vigor:    +23
         Speed:    +1
         Stamina:  +20
         Mag.Pwr:  -14
    Total AP to master: 690
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   Cover     Protect KO'd ally
    Hooray for clear description.  The Cover ability will actually cause the user
    to jump in front of any single-target physical attacks directed at an ally
    that is *near* being KO'd (stooping over), and take the damage instead.
    Usually a good thing, as long as your character with Cover isn't also the one
    with the ability to resurrect allies.
    2    30   !Guard    Defends against physical attack
    Guard is like Defend, but reduces physical attack damage to zero.  With a
    Knight in the party, you can "lock out" enemies that only use physical
    attacks by reducing the other characters' HP to critical levels.  The Knight
    will then jump in front of all the enemy's attacks, but take 0 damage from
    each one.  If you want to play really dirty, you can use this against just
    about *any* enemy by putting Berserk on it.  It even works against Shinryu!
    3    50   2-handed  Can hold sword/katana/axe in 2 hands for 2x effect
    This is probably the most all-around useful ability for a tank character.  It
    doubles the damage from any weapon that works with it, and the only
    limitation is that you can't use also a shield.  No big deal, since the huge
    amount of damage the character will be doing will end battles twice as fast,
    subjecting you to half as much damage anyway.
    4    100  EqShield  Can equip shield
    Most of the EqX abilities are a waste of an ability slot.  If you really need
    to have a shield (and I can't really see why that would be), just switch to a
    class that can use one in the first place.
    5    150  EqArmor   Can equip armor
    Very lame.  This only allows you to wear heavy armor, not helmets.  If you're
    hellbent on making a caster that can tank, give a Knight a magic ability
    instead of giving this to a caster.
    6    350  EqSword   Can equip sword
    This ability allows you to equip all types of swords (heavy and light) and
    gives a [+23] Vigor bonus.  Unfortunately, there is no corresponding Stamina
    bonus, so the user will probably have to fight from the back row, making the
    whole exercise rather pointless.
    Lancers are probably the least useful of the warrior jobs, since they work
    poorly with the other warrior abilities.  Spears don't work with 2-handed,
    and obviously, you can't use Sword Magic with them either.  The Jump ability
    might seem fantastic, but remember that your tanks are *meant* to take
    damage.  If your Lancer spends too much time in the air, that will just cause
    your more fragile characters take all the damage instead.
    Job Command: Jump
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Spears, Shields
         Vigor:    +18
         Speed:    +5
         Stamina:  +15
         Mag.Pwr:  -12
    Total AP to master: 600
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    50   !Jump     Jumping attack; 2x stronger with spear attack
    The Lancer jumps high into the air, removing himself from combat for one
    round.  He then comes down on the targeted enemy, doing twice normal damage
    if equipped with a spear.  I outlined the limitations of this technique
    above, but it still has its uses.  In the battle with Minitaurus at the top
    of Fork Tower, change both of your characters into Lancers (with the Swrdgrab
    ability if you have it).  Put them in the back row and Jump repeatedly, and
    it's all over for him.  Also, against enemies that use missiles, a Jumping
    character will cause the missile to fly off course and do no damage.  Weird,
    but true.
    2    150  !Lance    Suck HP/MP
    A great idea, but it doesn't absorb enough HP or MP to make it worthwhile.
    If you use this at all, don't use it against undead enemies.
    3    400  EqLance   Can equip spear
    The character can equip a spear and gets [+18] to Vigor.  As a weapon, the
    spear is only useful for enhancing the Jump attack, so either just use a
    Lancer or give a Bare character !Jump if you absolutely have to jump.
    Samurai are a very strong warrior class.  Their katanas do a lot of damage
    and are one of the only weapons that seem to get critical hits regularly.
    The job's only real limitation is that katanas don't work with Sword Magic.
    I'd highly recommend mastering this class, to pass the Swrdgrab ability on to
    the Bare and Mime jobs.
    Job Command: $toss
    Innate Abilities: Swrdgrab
    Can equip: Daggers, Katanas, Shields
         Vigor:    +19
         Speed:    +2
         Stamina:  +19
         Mag.Pwr:  -12
    Total AP to master: 820
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Sslap    Petrify enemy
    Sslap does as much damage as a regular attack, with a (very, very) small
    chance of petrifying the target.  It's probably not worth wasting an ability
    slot on unless you're using a Mime, in which case you could use this instead
    of !Fight and not really be losing anything.
    2    30   !$toss    Throw GP, damage enemy
    The Samurai hurls your money at all the enemy targets, doing heavy damage.
    Use it, don't abuse it.  At the very end of the game, when you've bought
    everything you're possibly going to buy, !$toss becomes the ultimate damage-
    dealing ability.  Use it sparingly until you have no more use for money,
    though, because you will literally be throwing it away.  Most of the damage I
    did in the final battle came from two characters using !$toss every turn.
    3    60   Swrdgrab  Catches attack
    Swrdgrab simply gives you an added chance to dodge an enemy physical attack
    completely, and works often enough to be a real life-saver.  It's a good
    second ability choice if (for whatever reason) 2-handed isn't an option.
    4    180  EqKatana  Can equip katana
    Yay, another EqX ability.  It also gives [+19] Vigor.  Katanas have some
    advantages, but not enough to justify taking up an ability slot.
    5    540  !Fdraw    Route enemy
    I think they mean "rout" the enemy.  After taking a turn or so to charge up,
    the Samurai kills all enemies on-screen.  Sounds great, but due to its high
    AP cost, you probably won't learn this ability until late in the game, when
    most enemies are immune to it.  I didn't get much of a chance to play around
    with this, so if someone knows more about how it works (or maybe some neat
    ways to use it for AP or Exp farming), then send me an email.
    In case you didn't know, you have no control over a character in the
    Berserker class during a battle--he or she will attack a random enemy every
    time his or her turn comes up.  It may seem unattractive to have a character
    that you can't control, but consider that your tanks will probably not be
    doing much besides attacking anyway.  Unless you have some great command
    ability that you'd really like your tank(s) to use, the Berserker's immense
    attack and defense can at least be entertaining during random battles.
    Job Command: None
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Axes, Shields
         Vigor:    +21
         Speed:    -9
         Stamina:  +25
         Mag.Pwr:  -23
    Total AP to master: 500
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    100  Berserk   Attack until enemy dies
    The Berserker does not actually have this ability as an innate, per se--he's
    just uncontrollable.  The "Berserk" ability not only makes a character attack
    every turn, it boosts his damage by 25-50%.  It's a decent alternative to
    2-handed if you want to equip a shield but also want extra damage.  Or, put
    this *and* 2-handed on a Bare or Mime for some serious brutality.
    2    400  EqAxe     Can equip axe
    The character can equip axes and gets [+21] Vigor.  For what it's worth,
    you'll find an axe late in the game (Thor'sHammer) that is thrown instead of
    swung and does full damage from the back row.
    With its amazing speed increase and ability to do severe elemental damage to
    single targets for very little MP, you'll find yourself using the Sorcerer a
    lot.  Try to have !Sword at whatever level of magic is currently available to
    you, so you can give it to another class and not lose any effectiveness.
    Equipping the !Sword ability gives [+14] to Vigor and [+1] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: Sword
    Innate Abilities: Magiwall
    Can equip: Daggers, Light Swords, Shields
         Vigor:    +14
         Speed:    +14
         Stamina:  +14
         Mag.Pwr:  +1
    Total AP to master: 680
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   Magiwall  Auto-Mbarrier when KO'd
    The Sorcerer will automatically cast "Shell" on himself, at no MP cost, when
    he is near KO (stooping over).  Okay, but not worth an ability slot.
    2    20   !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 1
    The Sorcerer "charges" his sword with the magic chosen, and it is cast at
    whatever enemy he attacks (in addition to the attack damage).  Note that you
    only need to cast the Sword Magic once, and it will always go off whenever
    you attack thereafter.  This keeps MP costs down a lot.
    3    30   !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 2
    Level 2 Sword Magic only includes status ailments: Poison, Mute, and Sleep.
    It's actually quite a bargain to be able to stick enemies with this kind of
    stuff *and* get attack damage in too.  Keep these in mind for long battles.
    4    50   !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 3
    The second-level elemental damage spells (Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2).  Great against
    early-game bosses like Shiva and Biblos that are weak to an element.
    5    70   !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 4
    Drain, Break, and Bio.  Not all that useful, but Bio Sword will waste enemies
    weak to poison (what few there are).
    6    100  !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 5
    The third-level elemental damage spells (Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3).  These will
    instantly kill some enemies that are weak to the element, such as those
    annoying robots in the Pyramid.
    7    400  !Sword    Use Sword Magic up to level 6
    Holy, Flare, and Asper.  Asper is not that useful because the Sorcerer
    doesn't use much MP, but Holy and Flare Sword will wreck some of the end-game
    bosses like Twin Tania.  As expensive as it is, don't pass this level up.
    Skill Classes
    "Skill" classes (as I've dubbed them) tend to have useful commands and decent
    attack power, but are typically too weak to fight from the front row.
    Thankfully, most skill classes can equip long-range weapons that do full
    damage from the back row.  There are a lot of useful abilities amongst the
    skill classes, so pick at least one character to work with all of them so
    that you're never caught off-guard.
    Skill classes can equip only medium helmets and armor.
    The Monk has the highest HP of any class, and as a result can fight well from
    the front row even with only medium armor equipped.  Be aware that while the
    Monk seems incredibly powerful early on, his attack power will level off as
    the game goes on and the other fighting classes continue to upgrade their
    weapons.  !Blue makes a great second ability for a Monk--White Wind works
    well with the Monk's high HP, and most of the best Blue Magic spells
    (BlackShock, Blow Fish, Guardian, and White Wind to name a few) don't depend
    on the user's Mag.Pwr rating in any way.  With its immense Vigor and Stamina
    increases and powerful Counter innate, this is a class well worth mastering.
    Job Command: Kick
    The Monk does a flying kick that damages all enemies equally.  It generally
    does too little damage to clear out anything but the smallest weenies, but in
    the fight against the Dragon Grass in the Valley of Dragons, a Monk's Kick
    can consistently wipe out the Dragon Bulbs and keep them from troubling you.
    Innate Abilities: Barefist, Counter
    Can equip: None
         Vigor:    +26
         Speed:    +1
         Stamina:  +26
         Mag.Pwr:  -23
    Total AP to master: 700
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    15   !Store    Save power, 2x attack
    The Monk spends a turn charging up his chi and attacks for twice the damage
    shortly after.  Useful only if you're looking to really pour on melee damage.
    2    30   Barefist  Same attack power as Monk
    This allows you to do Monk-like damage while unarmed.  It is basically like
    an EqX ability, though this will allow you to attack with two punches if you
    leave both hands empty.  The character also gets [+26] to Vigor.
    3    45   !Chkra    Restore HP/Poison/Dark
    This is a good early-game healing ability to help keep a character's HP high.
    It gets less useful as the game goes on since it doesn't heal a lot of HP and
    can only be cast on the user.
    4    60   Counter   Counter when attacked
    The Monk launches a counter-attack whenever he is attacked physically by an
    enemy.  This works well with the Knight's Guard and Cover abilities, and it's
    definitely worth mastering Monk to pass it on to Bare and Mime as an innate.
    5    100  HP+10%    Max HP 10% up
    A whopping 10% HP increase.  Can you feel the awesomeness?  I can't.
    6    150  HP+20%    Max HP 20% up
    I swear, these three are just in there to pad out the AP cost to master the
    7    300  HP+30%    Max HP 30% up
    There's nothing keeping you from using multiple copies of the same skill, so
    you could give this to a Mime three times to nearly double his HP!  Whee!  He
    won't be able to actually *do* anything, but hey, it's there.
    The Thief has the best Speed in the game, and several useful abilities.
    !Steal can get you items before you're "supposed" to have them, if you're
    patient, and !Flee is great to have in dungeons with irritating enemies.
    This is an excellent class to master for its innates and Speed attribute.
    Job Command: Steal
    Innate Abilities: Secret, Dash, Caution
    Can equip: Daggers, Special Weapons
         Vigor:    +1
         Speed:    +16
         Stamina:  +2
         Mag.Pwr:  -6
    Total AP to master: 635
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   Secret    Can find "hidden rooms"
    This ability will allow you to see secret passages while exploring.  Equip it
    as needed if you're in an area where you know there are hidden passages.
    2    20   !Flee     Escape quick; no good on some enemies
    Much faster and more consistent than holding the L/R buttons to run, so equip
    this as an ability in areas where there are enemies that are just too damned
    annoying to fight.
    3    30   Dash      Use Directional Key while holding the O button; 2x speed
    This ability is actually more annoying than anything in the PSX version, as
    it turns the manageable and useful O-button dash into a hyper-fast sprint.
    4    50   !Steal    Steal monster treasure
    If there's something you really need to steal, change a character to a Thief
    rather than giving this ability to another class.  The Thief's higher Speed
    rating will increase your chances of successfully stealing.
    5    75   Caution   Protects against back attack
    Self-explanatory.  A good innate, but not worth using an ability slot on.
    6    150  !Mug      Attack and steal treasure
    An upgraded version of Steal that also does damage.
    7    300  Footwork  Same speed as Thief
    A character equipped with Footwork gets [+16] Speed.  You're probably better
    off giving the Thief a good second ability than equipping this on another
    job.  Or, use a Bare or Mime, which will get the Speed bonus for free.
    The Ninja is almost as fast as the Thief, and can equip two weapons to boot.
    A good choice if you want damage output (from the back row if you use the
    Moonring and/or Razor Ring) and a few useful commands.  Also, unlike
    2-handed, 2-swords will get passed on to the Bare and Mime classes for free,
    since it's an innate.
    Job Command: Throw
    Innate Abilities: Firstatk, 2-swords
    Can equip: Daggers, Special Weapons
         Vigor:    +15
         Speed:    +14
         Stamina:  +3
         Mag.Pwr:  -10
    Total AP to master: 690
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Dustb    Escape quick; no good on some enemies
    Identical to the Thief's !Flee ability.
    2    30   !Twin     Def phys attack 2x
    The Ninja creates phantom images of himself that will absorb the next two
    physical attacks directed at him.  Having everyone use !Twin is an ideal way
    to withstand the attacks of Gilgame in the second world's "money cave".
    3    50   Firstatk  Raises % first attack
    You'll get pre-emptive attacks more often with this equipped.  Like Caution,
    it's not really worth an ability slot, but is welcome as an innate.
    4    150  !Throw    Throw/attack with weapon; use with Ninja/shuriken "throw"
    Man, that in-game description is a mess.  Anyway, throwing Shuriken and
    MagiShuriken does a lot of damage to single targets, and throwing "Skills"
    yields good elemental damage to one or all targets.  It's up to you whether
    this is worth the cost of buying the "ammo".
    5    450  2-swords  Hold weapon in each hand; Bow/Harp excluded
    Not as damage-effective as 2-handed, but almost all the weapons will work
    with this skill.  Give the Ninja two Double Lances for four attacks, or two
    Razor Rings (you'd have to steal one from a Belfagel) for back row damage.
    This rather unassuming class has a few benefits.  As a weapon, bows are
    surprisingly powerful and can be used from the back row with no loss of
    damage.  !Critt can have interesting results, !Aim has its uses, and !Sshot
    is one of the uber abilities of the game.
    Job Command: Aim
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Bows
         Vigor:    +16
         Speed:    +12
         Stamina:  +1
         Mag.Pwr:  -5
    Total AP to master: 600
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    15   !Critt    Call friends from the woods
    Pretty much all of the !Critt effects you will ever actually see will suck.
    Supposedly the effects get better as the user gains levels, but I'm sitting
    near the end at level 40 and the best I've ever seen is Nightingale, which
    restores a decent chunk of HP to all allies.
    2    45   !Aim      Raise accuracy
    An attack that (usually) never misses, !Aim actually has its uses against
    "evasive" enemies like the Ninjas in the Dimensional Castle.  Not something
    you'll want to equip all the time, but don't forget you have it.
    3    135  EqBow     Can equip bow
    This is probably the best EqX ability.  Bows are highly damaging, do full
    damage from the back row, and you'll get [+16] to Vigor and [+12] to Speed
    when this ability is equipped.
    4    405  !Sshot    4x attack
    Four half-strength attacks, directed at random enemies, like the Offering in
    FF6.  As expected, a great ability and, along with !Sword, essential for
    beating Omega.
    Don't think you can get by without ever using a Trainer.  It's a vital class
    to take advantage of, as the !Cntrl command is the only way to get the best
    Blue Magics, and it can take even very powerful regular enemies out of a
    fight completely.  A Trainer can even hold his own in a fight, since whips
    can randomly paralyze enemies and do full damage from the back row.
    Job Command: Catch/Free
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Whips
         Vigor:    +13
         Speed:    +1
         Stamina:  +8
         Mag.Pwr:  -3
    Total AP to master: 460
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Tame     Calm monster
    Basically has the effect of paralyzing the target for one or two turns.  Does
    not consistently work, so use !Cntrl instead if you want to take a monster
    out of a fight.
    2    50   !Cntrl    Control monster
    One of the most vital abilities in the game.  Try it out on everything--
    you'll be surprised at what you can control, and once you're controlling a
    monster, it'll stay under your control until it gets "woken up" by a hit with
    a physical attack.  The success rate is excellent--most enemies can be
    controlled after only one or two tries, even without the Coronet equipped--
    and it has a myriad of uses.  Obviously, you could use the monster's own
    attacks to wipe out all the enemies (just stick to magic, or you'll lose
    control).  Or, you could learn Blue Magic by having the monster cast it on a
    Blue Mage or someone with the Learning ability in your party.  Or, you can
    just keep the monster out of the fight by having it repeatedly use some
    rinky-dink ability, then gang up on it when all the other enemies are dead.
    This is a flexible second ability for just about any job.
    3    100  EqWhip    Can equip whip
    Along with EqBow, one of the more useful EqX abilities.  The user gets [+13]
    to Vigor and [+1] to Speed, and whips' abilities to attack from the back row
    and paralyze enemies make this a decent option for a caster.
    4    300  !Catch    Catch drunk monster
    Catching an enemy removes it from the fight and changes the command to !Free.
    Upon being freed, the enemy will cast one ability and then leave (kind of
    like a summon spell).  An enemy has to be at less than 1/8 of its max HP to
    be caught, or less than 1/2 HP if user is equipping the KornagoGourd.
    Catching with the KornagoGourd equipped is a way of removing HP-intensive
    enemies with only half the work, but be aware that you gain no Exp, AP, or GP
    from catching a monster.
    Caster Classes
    Caster classes, as the name might imply, specialize in using magic.  They
    typically have incredibly high Mag.Pwr, but are average or low in every other
    stat.  The abilities afforded by magic are considerable, but have a second
    option ready so that a caster can do constructive things in combat that don't
    use their MP.  Some suggestions are "free" healing with the HealingStaff, the
    !Earth command, or back row attacks with EqWhip or EqBow.
    Caster classes can equip only light helmets and armor.
    White Mage
    White magic spells are not very strong early on, but late in the game you
    will find yourself hurting without the ability to cast them.  Try to keep
    your !White level up so that you can use spells like Esna, Cure3, and Arise
    as soon as they're available.  Have the White Mage provide free healing with
    the HealingStaff while you're building up his/her job level.
    Equipping the !White ability on another job gives [+25] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: White
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Staffs
         Vigor:    -7
         Speed:    +1
         Stamina:  0
         Mag.Pwr:  +25
    Total AP to master: 580
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !White    Use White Magic up to level 1
    The basic White Magic spells: Cure, Scan, and Antdot.  Cure doesn't heal
    enough HP to be useful even early in the game, so just swap this in when you
    need to heal poison.
    2    20   !White    Use White Magic up to level 2
    Mute, Protes, and Mini.  Protes is helpful against physical attacks, but the
    other two won't work on anything worth using them on.
    3    30   !White    Use White Magic up to level 3
    This level includes Cure2, Raise, and Muddle.  The HealingStaff is a better
    deal than Cure2 on a single target, but you may want to have Cure2 against
    enemies that damage everyone at once.  And obviously, Raise is a must since
    Phoenix Downs are astronomically expensive in this game.
    4    50   !White    Use White Magic up to level 4
    Blink, Shell, and Esna.  Blink is identical to the Ninja's !Twin ability but
    can be cast on anyone, and obviously Esna's ability to heal any status
    ailment (except Zombie) is irreplaceable.
    5    70   !White    Use White Magic up to level 5
    This is where the class really starts to shine.  Cure3 is an incredible
    value, completely healing the HP of one target or healing well over 1000 HP
    to everyone. Rflect can seriously mess up the plans of magic-using enemies,
    but remember that you can't cast healing magic on yourself while using it.
    Bersrk is a cheap way of squeezing some extra damage out of your tanks if you
    don't plan to have them do anything but attack.
    6    100  !White    Use White Magic up to level 6
    Arise, Holy, and Dispel are all absolutely essential for the end stages of
    the game.  Arise allows you to resurrect a character with full HP so they
    don't immediately get smacked down again, Holy allows your White Mage to
    actually do damage, and Dispel will get rid of bosses' annoying buffs.
    7    300  MP+10%    Max MP 10% up
    I hate these "filler" abilities that just seem to be in there to drive up the
    AP cost to master the job.  You can get away without actually mastering White
    Mage if you master Black Mage or Summoner, so just get it up to level 6.
    Black Mage
    It's not that Black Mage is a *bad* job, it's just that its abilities are
    completely obviated by the abilities of other jobs.  Sorcerers can cast all
    of the good Black Magic spells for a fraction of the MP and do melee damage
    at the same time.  Or, you could use Summon Magic and have a much wider
    variety of effects available to you.
    Equipping the !Black ability on another job gives [+31] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: Black
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Rods
         Vigor:    -9
         Speed:    0
         Stamina:  -2
         Mag.Pwr:  +31
    Total AP to master: 680
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 1
    Fire, Ice, and Bolt.  It's really hard to get psyched up for this stuff when
    you know a Sorcerer can do it easier and cheaper.
    2    20   !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 2
    De-buffs: Poison, Sleep, and Toad.
    3    30   !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 3
    More elemental damage: Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2.  Did I mention that the Sorcerer
    only has to cast his spell once to use it every turn?
    4    50   !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 4
    Drain, Break, and Bio.
    5    70   !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 5
    Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3.  It costs the Sorcerer 15 MP to cast these instead of the
    Black Mage's 25 MP.
    6    100  !Black    Use Black Magic up to level 6
    Flare, Doom, and Asper.  Yup, it sure looks cool when the Sorcerer uses his
    sword to stick an enemy with Flare.
    7    400  MP+30%    Max MP 30% up
    More filler.  If you're having MP problems, just equip a HairOrnament.
    Time Mage
    The Time Mage is the king of buffs and de-buffs, has excellent utility spells
    like Telepo and Return, and can cast some damage spells to boot.  He can even
    heal by equipping the HealingStaff!  You can get away with "swapping in" the
    !Time ability as needed instead of carrying it around all the time, but keep
    your job level high so that you can use it without limitation.
    Equipping the !Time ability on another job gives [+24] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: Time
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Rods, Staffs
         Vigor:    -5
         Speed:    +2
         Stamina:  -3
         Mag.Pwr:  +24
    Total AP to master: 530
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 1
    This includes Speed, Slow, and Regen.  Regen is a nice buff, but there are
    more efficient ways of putting it on your characters.  Surprisingly, Slow
    works on just about everything.  Casting it at the beginning of every boss
    battle is pretty much a no-brainer.
    2    20   !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 2
    Mute, Haste, and Float.  There's just no downside to Haste--slap it on all
    your characters at the beginning of any tough battle.  Don't forget you have
    Float when you go up against earthquaking bosses like Titan and X-Death.
    Also, be aware that unlike the White Magic version of the spell, the Time
    magic version of Mute doesn't miss and never wears off.  Unfortunately, it
    also targets everything on the battlefield, including your party.
    3    30   !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 3
    Demi, Stop, and Telepo.  The first two rarely work on any enemy worth using
    them on, but you'll use Telepo a ton in the second and third worlds.  That
    is, unless you *want* to walk all the way back to the entrance of a dungeon
    after you get what you came for.
    4    50   !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 4
    Comet is a cheap attack spell, but is unreliable due to inconsistent damage.
    Obviously, being able to slow all the enemies at once with Slow2 is nice.
    The real star of this level is Return, which lets you time-travel back to the
    beginning of the battle that you're in.  It's great for taking another, fresh
    shot at a boss once after learning what it can do, and is *required* if you
    want to steal the Protect Ring that Odin holds.
    5    70   !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 5
    Demi2, Haste2, Old.  Haste2 alone is worth the price of admission, letting
    your caster Haste everyone in one shot and then get on with healing, nuking,
    singing, or whatever.
    6    100  !Time     Use Time Magic up to level 6
    Meteo, Quick and X-Zone are included.  I didn't play around with X-Zone too
    much, but it could be a way of cheaply getting rid of annoying/powerful
    enemies if they're not immune to it.  Meteo tends to fizzle much like Comet
    does, but since it drops four meteors instead of one, it's still good against
    single targets.  Finally, Quick can only be used on the caster, but it
    immediately gives them two actions in a row!  Its MP cost keeps it from being
    usable in too degenerate a fashion, but the potential of combining it with
    !Sshot, !Redx2, and many other abilities, is frightening.
    7    250  EqRod     Can equip rod
    Apparently this is some sort of joke.
    Though it's expensive to do so, Summoner is the caster class most worth
    mastering.  The !Summn command provides a variety of effects, the class has
    the highest Mag.Pwr in the game, and the !Call ability is at least of some
    use during random battles.  The drawback of the Summoner is that virtually
    all of his spells require some sort of sub-quest to acquire.  Give a Summoner
    !Earth as you build through the levels, to take advantage of his huge Mag.Pwr
    and to give him something to do that doesn't cost MP.
    Equipping the !Summn ability on another job gives [+33] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: Summn
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Rods
         Vigor:    -10
         Speed:    -1
         Stamina:  -1
         Mag.Pwr:  +33
    Total AP to master: 750
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    15   !Summn    Use Summon Magic up to level 1
    Like all the level 1 spells, there's nothing very good here.  Sylph is the
    best spell at this level since it heals your characters as well as damaging
    an enemy.
    2    30   !Summn    Use Summon Magic up to level 2
    This level includes the bread-and-butter elemental attack summons Shiva,
    Ramuh, and Ifrit.  Don't miss the sub-quests that get you these summons if
    you're looking to use this job to the exclusion of Black Mage.
    3    45   !Summn    Use Summon Magic up to level 3
    Titan does good damage (just not to anything that flies), but the real star
    of this level (and possibly of the entire Summoner spell list) is Golem.
    Summon Golem and it will absorb the next 10000 or so (yes, you're reading
    that right) physical damage that's dealt to your characters.  Don't miss the
    stupidly obscure side-quest that gets you Golem, unless you want to build
    your characters about 10 levels higher to compensate!
    4    60   !Summn    Use Summon Magic up to level 4
    You can't go wrong with either of the attack spells on this level.  Odin can
    kill all of your enemies instantly; if they're immune, he'll still pick one
    and do damage to it.  Hydra just does a solid chunk of damage to everything.
    5    100  !Summn    Use Summon Magic up to level 5
    Phoenix, Leviathan, and Bahamut are all simply amazing spells.  Phoenix does
    damage to all enemies *and* resurrects an ally of your choosing with full HP!
    Bahamut does a ton of non-elemental damage to all enemies, and depending on
    the type of enemy, Leviathan can do as much or more than Bahamut, for a lower
    MP cost.  Having these on tap for the final battle is a no-brainer.
    6    500  !Call     Use summon w/o MP; anything could happen
    Using !Call gets you a summon spell chosen at random (I don't know if it's
    from all the summons or only the ones you actually own).  The casting doesn't
    cost any MP, but figure you'll get useless crap like Chocobo twice as often
    as something like Bahamut.  Also, "utility" summons are not immune, so you
    will see Golem (good) and Carbuncle (usually bad) when using this.
    Be sure to learn the !Earth ability immediately upon getting this class; it's
    an abolutely vital skill for a caster, allowing them to do damage and magical
    effects without using MP.  Beyond that, you can afford to use the Geomancer
    only when you need its innate abilities to find trap doors and avoid damage
    from lava and such.  Oh, and don't get excited by the bell's ability to
    attack from the back row--they do pathetic damage.
    Job Command: Earth
    Innate Abilities: Findhole, Antitrap
    Can equip: Daggers, Bells
         Vigor:    +4
         Speed:    +2
         Stamina:  +4
         Mag.Pwr:  +24
    Total AP to master: 175
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    25   !Earth    Attack enemy with natural power
    This is the perfect ability to have on a caster during random battles.  While
    the effects typically do small to moderate amounts of damage to one or all
    enemies, once in a while you'll get something cool like a Doom Claw effect or
    instant death effect.  !Earth doesn't use any MP and its potency is based on
    the user's Mag.Pwr, making it even better in the hands of the other casters.
    2    50   Findhole  Can find trap doors
    You can get away with just equipping this in areas where there are trap
    doors.  Walk slowly, one tile at a time, as the traps won't be revealed until
    you try to walk on them.
    3    100  Antitrap  No damage on damage floors
    The utility of this is obvious--bring in a Geomancer or give someone this
    ability whenever there's a surface like lava that does damage as you walk
    across it.
    The Bard is pretty much a useless class, except for the Requiem song, which
    does a huge amount of damage to any undead-type enemies.  Bring along a Bard
    (or give someone the !Sing command) whenever you're in an undead-infested
    area like the Pyramid, to breeze through it (relatively speaking).  Like
    bells, harps do pathetic damage, even if it's long-ranged.
    Job Command: Sing
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Harps
         Vigor:    -8
         Speed:    +8
         Stamina:  -9
         Mag.Pwr:  +11
    Total AP to master: 175
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    25   !Hide     Evade attack when hidden
    Shades of Edward from FF4, and just as useless, since you can't heal the Bard
    while he's hiding.
    2    50   EqHarp    Can equip harp
    [+8] to Speed and [+11] to Mag.Pwr come with this.  Interestingly, harp
    damage is always a fixed fraction (1/16 to 3/16, depending on the harp) of
    the target's remaining HP.  This is almost always a pathetic amount.
    3    100  !Sing     Sing Magic song
    As I described above, Requiem is the best of the Bard's songs.  Str.Song puts
    Regen on all your characters and is of some use; Love Song and TemptSong
    confuse and paralyze enemies.  The remaining songs continuously buff your
    party but tie up the Bard, who sings the song chosen until the end of the
    fight (or he gets killed, I guess).  The inability to change or stop the song
    makes the "buff songs" a novelty at best, but LVL Song is worth using against
    the not-so-threatening first form of the final boss.  You'll then retain your
    pumped-up status when you go into the fight with his final form.
    Hybrid Classes
    Hybrid classes are sort of "catch-all" jobs that don't really fall clearly
    under any other heading.  As the name might suggest, they have elements of
    caster and skill classes, including magic or magic-like skills.  Hybrid
    classes have the weakest overall stats, but they have a lot of skills that
    are hard to pass up.
    Hybrid classes can wear light or medium helmets and light or medium armor.
    Because of this flexibility, it's easy for a character that's specializing in
    skill or caster classes to branch out into one or more hybrid classes as well.
    Blue Mage
    Blue Magic affords you a ton of flexbility by giving you access to buffs,
    de-buffs, healing, and attack spells all under one command.  Blue Magic is so
    versatile, in fact, that you may want to have two or more characters master
    this class (or at least earn enough AP to get the !Blue command).  The catch,
    of course, is that you have to learn the spells from enemies.  Even though
    Blue Mages can equip swords and shields, their poor Vigor ensures that they
    do pathetic damage, even from the front row.  They do get a caster-like
    Mag.Pwr boost, though, so !Earth is an option.
    Job Command: Blue
    Innate Abilities: Learning
    Can equip: Daggers, Light Swords, Rods, Shields
         Vigor:    -8
         Speed:    +1
         Stamina:  +3
         Mag.Pwr:  +23
    Total AP to master: 350
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    10   !Check    Get enemy HP/weakness
    The kind of command that's only useful if you don't have a FAQ around.  It's
    nice to know exactly what you're up against, but is it really worth passing
    up something that could actually help you *kill* it?
    2    20   Learning  Learn monster special attacks
    The character that gets hit by a learnable enemy skill must either have this
    equipped (or be a Blue Mage) to learn it.  If you have a FAQ that calls out
    the Blue Magics for you, then you can just take this on and off as needed.
    3    70   !Blue     Use Blue Magic
    Gives [+23] to Mag.Pwr and the ability to cast any Blue Magic that's been
    learned by the party.  The best Blue Magics are very expensive, but have
    great effects.  Aqua Rake is one of the only water-elemental attack spells in
    the game and does good damage to all enemies; Black Shock is a brutal de-buff
    that cuts an enemy's level in half, reducing all of its stats; Guardian is an
    awesome buff that puts Protes, Shell, and Float on your entire party, and
    finally, White Wind heals all of the party members according to how much HP
    the caster has.  White Wind is especially strong in the hands of a Monk and
    his huge max HP.
    4    250  !View     See enemy's level/HP/weakness/condition
    A more powerful form of !Check that suffers from the same limitations.  I
    don't believe that this tells you anything more than the Scan spell does.
    Red Mage
    The Red Mage is at his most powerful and flexible very early in the game and
    very late in the game.  The !Red command allows you to use both Black and
    White Magic, but only up to level 3; after that, you will probably want to
    set this class aside until you're able to gain the huge amount of AP
    necessary for !Redx2.  As far as its capabilities in a fight are concerned,
    the Red Mage may seem attractive for its ability to equip swords, but the
    job's low Stamina keeps it from being any type of fighter.  You'd be better
    served giving the HealingStaff to the Red Mage.
    Equipping the !Red or !Redx2 ability on another job gives [+8] to Mag.Pwr.
    Job Command: Red
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Daggers, Light Swords, Rods, Staffs
         Vigor:    +8
         Speed:    +5
         Stamina:  -6
         Mag.Pwr:  +8
    Total AP to master: 1159
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    20   !Red      Use White and Black Magic up to level 1
    Obviously, this is more attractive than being able to use only one or the
    other type of magic; just be aware that the Red Mage's low Mag.Pwr means that
    his spells will not be as potent as a White or Black Mage's.
    2    40   !Red      Use White and Black Magic up to level 2
    Ah, the level of the lame de-buffs.  Blow right past this on your way to...
    3    100  !Red      Use White and Black Magic up to level 3
    The 100 AP cost is pretty steep for early in the game, but that's the time to
    gain this skill.  The ability to cast Cure2, Raise, and the second line of
    elemental damage spells with one command is a huge asset in the first world.
    However, this magic is no substitute for the more powerful spells that become
    available in the second world.
    4    999  !Redx2    Back to back spells
    The way this skill works needs a little explanation.  !Redx2 allows the user
    to cast two spells each turn, but the only spells that come "for free" are
    White and Black Magic up to level 3.  If you want to doublecast Sword, Time,
    or Summon Magic, or higher level White or Black Magic, you'll have to equip
    the appropriate magic ability at the appropriate level.  This eats up your
    ability slots very quickly, so only a Mimic can really get a lot from this
    command.  If you want to go for this ability, I would highly suggest waiting
    until the final dungeon, where you can earn 25-35 AP per battle.
    Probably the most unconventional of the FF5 jobs, the Chemist uses items to
    heal and boost the stats of himself and his allies, as well as attack.  While
    some of the job's commands are good, it's rarely useful to have an actual
    Chemist in the party, because the job's stats are very weak overall and the
    !Drink command can only target the caster.  This job is another good
    candidate to equip the HealingStaff.
    Job Command: Drink
    Innate Abilities: Medicine
    Can equip: Daggers, Staffs
         Vigor:    +2
         Speed:    +3
         Stamina:  +6
         Mag.Pwr:  -4
    Total AP to master: 630
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    15   Medicine  2x Potion/Ether
    Another ability that's good for an innate but not worth a slot, Medicine
    causes any HP or MP healing items used by the character to have twice the
    2    30   !Mix      Make new elixir in battle from 2 old ones
    The results of your concoction are determined by a simple table that you can
    find in most FAQs.  Be aware that the command will choose an ally as the
    default target, even if the result will be a damage effect.  You can get many
    interesting effects from this command if you take the time to master the
    various combinations.  While very few of them are actually any good, one
    result can downright break the game--see "!Mix Weirdness" at the end.
    3    45   !Drink    Power Drink
    This command lets you use the Giant Drink, Hard Body, Hero Drink, Power
    Drink, and Speed Drink.  They're very helpful, but only work on the user, and
    since it's not really any help to have a super-buff Chemist running around,
    give !Drink to a class that's physically strong in the first place.  You'll
    get a lot more bang for your buck from the potions this way.
    4    135  !Recvr    Recover from various conditions
    This is a good way to counter enemies that use a lot of status attacks.  Just
    make sure that the person with the skill also has either an Angel Robe or a
    Ribbon, so that they don't get afflicted themselves.
    5    405  !Rvive    Restore KO'd ally
    Junk.  While it revives all KO'd allies and does so for no MP cost, they come
    back with almost no HP and will certainly just get smacked down immediately.
    Another very quirky class, the Dancer has a lot of potential as a damage-
    dealer, but requires a certain set of equipment to live up to it.  The
    "dancer gear" doesn't appear until near the end of the game, so you can wait
    until then if you want to use this job seriously.
    Job Command: Dance
    Innate Abilities: None
    Can equip: Dagger
         Vigor:    +5
         Speed:    +5
         Stamina:  -10
         Mag.Pwr:  -5
    Total AP to master: 400
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    25   !Flirt    Thwart an attack by "arousing" your enemy
    Ooh la la.  I guess this is supposed to confuse the enemy; I'm not sure
    because I've never seen it actually work.
    2    50   !Dance    Dance the forbidden dance
    You'll get one of four effects at random after choosing !Dance and the
    target.  "Temptango" confuses the enemy and seems to work consistenly (or
    maybe it only goes off when it will work).  "Jitterbug" and "Wonderwaltz"
    drain HP or MP from the target respectively; the latter would be a neat way
    for a caster to regain MP, but you can't ever count on it because it's
    random.  The one you probably want to see is "Sword Dance", which causes the
    Dancer to do an attack for four times normal damage.  You can increase the
    chances of Sword Dance showing up by equipping the Prism Dress and Red Shoes.
    You'll get it about 3/4 of the time with both equipped, turning !Dance into a
    powerhouse attack.
    3    325  EqRibbon  Can equip ribbon
    This actually allows the character to equip *all* of the Dancer-exclusive
    equipment (Man-eater, Ribbon, Prism Dress, and Red Shoes).  Necessary if you
    want to successfully bring !Dance to the Mime class.
    Special Classes
    Finally, the two exceptions.  Bare and Mime are different from the other jobs
    in that they don't have job commands, innate abilities, or attribute
    increases of their own; instead, they have multiple skill slots and possess
    the innate abilities and stat increases of any other jobs the character has
    mastered.  So that means a character that has mastered all of the warrior
    classes will have the Cover, Swrdgrab, and Magiwall abilities as a Bare or
    Mime, without having to equip them.
    Similarly, the highest attribute bonus of any job the character has mastered
    will be transferred to Bare and Mime.  Negative modifiers won't be
    transferred.  So using the same example as above, our uber-tank would have
    +23 to Vigor (from Knight), +14 to Speed (from Sorcerer), +25 to Stamina
    (from Berserker), and +1 to Mag.Pwr (also from Sorcerer) as a Bare or Mime.
    Taking this to its logical conclusion, the classes to master for ideal Bare
    and Mime stats are Monk (+26 to Vigor and Stamina), Thief (+16 Speed), and
    Summoner (+33 Mag.Pwr).  Other options, just for the sake of variety, are
    Knight (+23 Vigor), Ninja and Sorcerer (+14 Speed), Berserker (+25 Stamina),
    and Black Mage (+31 Mag.Pwr).
    Because they have few or no skills to learn, Bare and Mime are best suited
    for the end stages of the game, when you want to amass your party's full
    power against the last few bosses.
    The Mime is the only job without the default !Fight and !Item commands.
    Instead, the Mime only has !Mimic, and three empty slots.  !Fight and !Item
    are added to the ability list if you want to use one or more of them as well.
    At first, this might seem a better option than Bare because of its three
    ability slots, but be aware that the Mime cannot equip the Dancer-exclusive
    gear (including the all-important Ribbon!) without using EqRibbon.  It can
    equip all other armor, helmets, and accessories.
    Job Command: Mimic
    Innate Abilities: From other jobs (see above)
    Can equip: Daggers, Rods, Staffs, Shields, Special Weapons
    Stats: From other jobs (see above)
    Total AP to master: 999
    Lvl  AP   Ability   Description
    1    999  !Mimic    Mimic preceding command
    The Mime will copy the last ally's action.  This includes defending, so it
    can be really hard to set up a long chain of double Bahamut summons (or
    whatever) if your characters' actions don't order up just so.  Mimicing a
    spell costs no MP, but mimicing the use of an item will use up another item.
    Mimicing !Critt, !Dance, or !Earth will result in a random effect, not
    (necessarily) the same exact effect.  Mimicing !$toss will use up money.
    Also note that the power of mimiced actions such as attacks or magic depends
    on the mimicing character's attributes.
    The "default" class of Final Fantasy V, which all the characters start in.
    It has the !Fight and !Item commands like all the other jobs, but two empty
    ability slots.  It's most attractive for its ability to equip all of the
    game's weapons and armor.  Since it has no abilities to learn, the Bare class
    does not earn AP.  Against the final boss, I highly advise changing all your
    characters to Bare, with the best abilities you have available.
    Job Command: None
    Innate Abilities: From other jobs (see above)
    Can equip: All weapons and armor
    Stats: From other jobs (see above)
    | IV. Putting It All Together |
    I organized the jobs according to what they can equip for a reason: you can
    save yourself a lot of hassle, and bounce around between jobs easily and
    rapidly, if you have each character only use jobs of one type.  For example,
    you could have two characters only use the warrior classes, one character use
    the skill and hybrid classes, and one character use the caster and hybrid
    classes.  With this strategy, you would only have to carry two heavy armors
    and helmets, one medium armor and helmet, and one light armor and helmet.
    You'll still need to carry one or two of each type of weapon, but having a
    minimum of "contingency gear", at least on the armor/helmet side, saves tons
    of money and time.  Of course, this is just one suggestion.  You can mix the
    job types as you see fit, so long as you make sure you use them all.  This
    also has the benefit of giving you a well-rounded party that can use all the
    abilities at the end of the game.
    Base Character Attributes
    The five player characters actually have slightly different base attributes.
    The differences are very small, but if you're the type that wants every edge
    you can get, you can tailor your job group choices to particular characters
    based on their attributes.
    Name           Vigor     Speed     Stamina   Mag.Pwr
    Bartz          28        25        27        25
    Reina          25        26        25        28
    Galuf/Krile    27/25     24/28     28/24     24/27
    Faris          27        27        26        26
    As you can see, Bartz's high Vigor and Stamina make him a good candidate for
    the warrior jobs.  Galuf also makes an excellent tank, but bear in mind that
    he's replaced by Krile about halfway through the game.  She has much
    different attributes, so if you choose this strategy, plan accordingly.
    Personally, I would train them in skill and hybrid classes to take advantage
    of Krile's high Speed.  Reina is ideal for caster jobs, as she has the
    highest Mag.Pwr; Faris has well-rounded attributes and can handle anything.
    Special Bonus Secion: The 4th Protect Ring
    By far the best all-around accessory, the Protect Ring gives the wearer +10
    to Defense, +10 to Magic Defense, *and* puts them in Regen status.  There are
    exactly four to be found, though getting one of them will take some work.
    First the easy ones: chests in the Pyramid, Island Shrine, and Easterly Falls
    lithograph sites.  The last one is held by Odin in the basement of Val
    Castle.  It is *extremely difficult* to successfully steal from Odin, and
    this is compounded by the time limit on the battle.  For this reason, some
    careful choosing of job classes and commands is necessary.
    Make one character a Thief, and give her the Thief's Glove and any gear that
    will increase her Speed.  This character needs to have the highest Speed in
    the party.  The next fastest character needs to be able to use Blue Magic
    (for the Guardian spell) and Time Magic up to level 4 (for Return).  Ideally,
    you should do this by giving !Blue to a Time Mage, because Haste2, while not
    required, will help a lot.  The remaining two characters simply need to be
    able to do damage (Samurai with 2-handed work well) or cast the !Sword spell
    When the battle begins, immediately have your Thief steal (since she will be
    acting first).  If she is unsuccessful, have the Time Mage (whose turn should
    come up next) cast Return.  Repeat this until the Thief successfully steals;
    it may take several dozen tries, so don't space out.  When the Thief finally
    does steal the Protect Ring, have the Time Mage cast Guardian instead so that
    you don't immediately get wasted by VengSwrd.  After that, just pour on the
    damage as fast as you can and heal the damage Odin does.  Or, you can just be
    cheap: the Break spell works on Odin, so you can kill him instantly by using
    the Break sword magic.  The Black Magic version can work too, but will
    usually miss; the Sword Magic version will always get him.  If you want to
    beat him without using Break, I'd advise a "trial run" before this process to
    make sure you have the power to deplete Odin's HP within the time limit.
    It's your call whether a complete set of Protect Rings is worth all this
    trouble.  But I thought I'd include this as an example of how to make the job
    system work for you and for those completists out there.
    Super Special Bonus Section: !Mix Weirdness
    I just thought this was too weird not to include, and I know there are some
    people out there who get a kick out of this kind of stuff.  Alex Jackson
    (awj_in_japan@hotmail.com) has clued me in on a lot of FF5 nuances, the most
    bizarre of which is a particular abuse of the !Mix command.  I'll reprint
    what he told me, since I've yet to try doing it firsthand.  There are
    spoilers below, so don't read this until after you've finished the game.
    "If you mix a Maiden's Kiss and a Holy Water, you'll get an effect which puts
    nearly every buffing spell in the game on the target simultaneously...
    including Berserk.  For some reason (possibly because all those multiple
    effects are being applied at one) the game doesn't bother to check that the
    target actually should be affectable by each of those buffs.  The upshot of
    this is that you can but the Berserk status on any enemy in the game.
    "You can combine this with the "Knight lockout" or !Twin abuse to defeat,
    say, Omega easily, but that's not much fun after the first time you do it.
    What is fun is that Berserking the enemy in a "story battle" (i.e. a battle
    which gets interrupted by dialogue or something of the sort partway through)
    really confuses the game.  Apparently, all special events in battles (even
    dialogue spoken by your party members) are treated by the program as actions
    performed by the enemy, so if you Berserk the enemy these events just won't
    happen any more (since the enemy can't do anything but attack).
    "If you Berserk Ramuh (or Shoat or Golem), the internal flag that the game
    sets to indicate that you've already gotten them doesn't get set, so you can
    fight them again and again.  If you Berserk Gilgamesh in X-Death's castle in
    World 2, he'll never get X-Zoned away by X-Death, so you can actually kill
    him yourself (he'll still appear in the final dungeon, though).  Weirdest of
    all, if you Berserk the final X-Death, he won't be able to transform into Neo
    X-Death.  When you deplete his HP, the game will apparently freeze for a
    while, and then abruptly jump straight into the ending movie (or possibly
    just freeze forever... the exact behavior may vary depending on the game
    Weird, wild stuff.  Thanks Alex!
    | V. Credits & Copyright Info |
    That's all I've got.  Drop me a line at connoy@lycos.com and let me know if
    any of this has been of help to you, or if you have any suggestions!
    Thanks to the following for their help:
    CJayC, for maintaining www.gamefaqs.com.
    Alex Jackson (awj_in_japan@hotmail.com), for information on the "Knight
         lockout", !Sword effects, using !Twin against Gilgame, the differences
         between the two Mute spells, the utility of Slow, harp damage, !Singing
         in the final battle, glitching the game with !Mix, and !Breaking Odin.
    Matt Hobbs and Dragon Fogel, for the best FFV walkthrough out there.  Ideally
         organized, it tells you everything that you need to know.  And, just as
         importantly, very little that you don't.
    Basil Brush, for his efficient list of FFV gear, monsters, and spells.
    David Cassady, whose Final Fantasy Anthology Strategy Guide made a great
         scratch pad for my notes on how the game *really* works.
    Finally, the copyright warning, reprinted with the gracious permission of Kao
    Megura.  Take it seriously or suffer.
    Unpublished Work Copyright 2003 Dave Connoy
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in any
    way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being 
    placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, 
    unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used for profitable 
    purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotional 
    purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction.  It 
    cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as 
    this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.  Furthermore, this 
    FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees or associates, etc. 
    of any company, group, business, or association, etc., nor can it be used by 
    game sites and the like.  It cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. 
    or in any other form of printed or electronic media (including mediums not 
    specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, 
    reference or inclusion), without the express written permission of the 
    author, myself.  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Dave Connoy.  All
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
    specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
    To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by the 
    Berne Copyright Convention of 1976, not to mention International Copyright 
    Law.  Please remember that plagiarism is against the law.  I will take 
    appropriate action against transgressors, period (the same goes for people 
    who put this up on web pages claiming it's their FAQ).

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