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    MD+1 Puzzle Mode Solutions FAQ by Russell Marks

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magical Drop 3 (PS) - Magical Drop Plus 1 Puzzle Mode Solutions
    Copyright 2003 Russell Marks. You may freely use/distribute/modify
    this document in any way and for any purpose, but ONLY if you preserve
    this copyright/licence notice in full.
    1. Changes
    2. Introduction
    3. Key
    4. Solutions
       a. Beginner
       b. Very Easy
       c. Easy
       d. Normal
       e. Hard
       f. Very Hard
       g. Expert
    5. Contacting me
    1. Changes
    Version 1.0 (2003 Sep 4) - initial version.
    2. Introduction
    This FAQ lists solutions for all 210 puzzles in the "Puzzle Try!" mode
    of Magical Drop Plus 1, which comes as part of the European (PAL)
    Playstation version of Magical Drop 3. The original version of this
    package was released in Japan as "Magical Drop 3 + Wonderful!", so the
    solutions should also work with the Magical Drop Plus 1 disc there.
    And they may work with the original Japanese PS release of Magical
    Drop, which is presumably what MD+1 is based on.
    I think it's worth briefly explaining my rationale for calling this a
    Magical Drop 3 FAQ, when it's really for Magical Drop Plus 1. Well,
    looking at it from a UK perspective, the original PS version of
    Magical Drop was never released here. And Magical Drop Plus 1 doesn't
    seem to be available as a separate game *anywhere*. So ultimately, in
    terms of the game you bought, this FAQ is for Magical Drop 3. :-)
    Now, to take the drudgery out of doing so many puzzles again I wrote a
    program to brute-force most of the solutions (C source available on
    request). If some of the solutions seem a little odd, that's why. But
    every solution listed here has been tested, so it shouldn't matter.
    And to be honest, I did have to solve quite a few of them manually, as
    my program was less than perfect... :-)
    3. Key
    The moves are listed first with the position to move to (1=leftmost
    column, 7=rightmost column), then "c" for catch or "t" for throw. So
    "4c" means move to the middle column and do a catch.
    Once drops start disappearing etc., you should almost always wait for
    the drops to settle down before making the next move, if there is one.
    (In particular, it's often possible to mess things up by doing a catch
    too early.) The *only* time you should make the next move before then
    is if the solution says to e.g. do the following move quickly.
    Any solutions marked as "under" do the puzzle in fewer moves than the
    limit. There aren't many of those here, but on the ones I did myself I
    found a few. :-)
    4. Solutions
    a. Beginner
    #1 - 3c; 5t
    #2 - 3c; 4t
    #3 - 2c; 5t
    #4 - 2c; 3t
    #5 - 1c; 4c; 7t
    #6 - 2c; 4c; 5t
    #7 - 1c; 3c; 6t
    #8 - 1c; 3c; 6t
    #9 - 6c; 7c; 1t
    #10 - 1c; 2c; 4c; 5t
    #11 - 2c; 4t
    #12 - 6c; 3t
    #13 - 2c; 5t
    #14 - 1c; 2c; 4t
    #15 - 3c; 4t
    #16 - 6c; 6t
    #17 - 4c; 7c; 5t
    #18 - 1c; 7c; 3t
    #19 - 4c; 2t
    #20 - 1c; 7c; 3t
    #21 - 1c; 7c; 4t
    #22 - 6c; 5t
    #23 - 7c; 5t
    #24 - 4c; 5t
    #25 - 3c; 6c; 5t
    #26 - 2c; 4t; 3c; 5t
    #27 - 4c; 5t; 6c; 4t
    #28 - 5c; 4t; 3c; 5t
    #29 - 1c; 1t
    #30 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 2t
    b. Very Easy
    #1 - 1c; 5c; 7t; 6c; 4t
    #2 - 2c; 5c; 6t
    #3 - 7c; 4t; 7c; 5t
    #4 - 7c; 6t
    #5 - 3c; 1t; 3c; 7t
    #6 - 5c; 2t; 1c; 5t  (2 under)
    #7 - 1c; 2c; 3t
    #8 - 1c; 4c; 6t
    #9 - 5c; 3t
    #10 - 2c; 5t
    #11 - 3c; 2t; 4c; 6t; 7c; 1c; 4t  (1 under)
    #12 - 5c; 2t
    #13 - 2c; 3c; 6t; 6c; 1t
    #14 - 2c; 6t; 7c; 3t
    #15 - 7c; 4t; 7c; 6t
    #16 - 5c; 4t; 5c; 6c; 4t; 6c; 3t
    #17 - 3c; 4t; 1c; 2t
    #18 - 3c; 6t
    #19 - 4c; 5t; 3c; 4t; 6c; 3t; 2c; 6t
    #20 - 6c; 1t
    #21 - 2c; 1t
    #22 - 1c; 4t; 2c; 5t; 3c; 6t
    #23 - 2c; 6t; 7c; 2t
    #24 - 4c; 2t; 7c; 4t
    #25 - 7c; 1t; 7c; 2t; 1c; 7t
    #26 - 2c; 3t; 1c; 2t
    #27 - 1c; 7t; 2c; 3t; 5c; 2t
    #28 - 2c; 6c; 4t; 2c; 3c; 5t
    #29 - 4c; 1t; 2c; 7c; 4t
    #30 - 1c; 2t; 3c; 6t; 7c; 3t
    c. Easy
    #1 - 4c; 5t; 3c; 4t; 5c; 6t
    #2 - 5c; 6t; 5c; 7t; 3c; 5t; 3c; 7t; 2c; 3t; 7c; 2t
    #3 - 2c; 4c; 5t; 2c; 6t
    #4 - 2c; 3t; 4c; 5t
    #5 - 7c; 2t; 4c; 7t
    #6 - 1c; 6t; 5c; 3t
    #7 - 4c; 5c; 6c; 3t
    #8 - 3c; 4t; 1c; 3t; 7c; 2t  (1 under)
    #9 - 3c; 5t; 4c; 5t; 3c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 5c; 4t
    #10 - 1c; 4c; 7t
    #11 - 6c; 7t; 6c; 6t
    #12 - 2c; 3t; 5c; 6t; 4c; 2t; 1c; 1t  (2 under)
    #13 - 1c; 4t; 4c; 1t; 7c; 4t
    #14 - 2c; 4t; 3c; 5t; 1c; 7t
    #15 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 2t
    #16 - 4c; 5t
    #17 - 6c; 2t; 6c; 6t
    #18 - 1c; 2t; 1c; 7t; 2c; 1t
    #19 - 7c; 4c; 3t; 1c; 2t; 7c; 5c; 4t; 6c; 5t
    #20 - 1c; 4c; 7t; 1c; 4t
    #21 - 3c; 1t; 3c; 4t; 4c; 1t; 2c; 4t; 5c; 2t
    #22 - 1c; 2t; 4c; 3t; 1c; 4t
    #23 - 1c; 1t; 7c; 4t
    #24 - 5c; 4c; 3t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 3t  (1 under)
    #25 - 4c; 5c; 6t; 3c; 5t; 4c; 4t
    #26 - 1c; 2t; 4c; 5t; 4c; 3c; 2t
    #27 - 4c; 5t; 2c; 7c; 4t
    #28 - 4c; 5c; 2t; 6c; 1t; 7c; 4t
    #29 - 6c; 2t; 3c; 4c; 6t
    #30 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 5t; 3c; 6t; 3c; 3t
    d. Normal
    #1 - 3c; 5c; 2t; 4c; 5c; 3t
    #2 - 4c; 7c; 5t; 1c; 2c; 4t
    #3 - 2c; 5t; 1c; 7c; 3t; 2c; 6t; 2c; 3t
    #4 - 4c; 3t; 6c; 4t
    #5 - 3c; 4t; 3c; 6c; 5t
    #6 - 3c; 1t; 3c; 6t; 1c; 3t
    #7 - 1c; 3c; 5t; 7c; 2t
    #8 - 7c; 1t; 7c; 5t; 2c; 6t
    #9 - 4c; 1t; 7c; 3t; 2c; 3c; 4t; 1c; 3t
    #10 - 2c; 6t; 1c; 2c; 6t
    #11 - 4c; 5t; 2c; 7c; 4t; 2c; 7t
    #12 - 2c; 7c; 4t; 2c; 7t; 3c; 4t
    #13 - 6c; 3t; 5c; 6c; 2t
    #14 - 1c; 7t; 4c; 5t; 2c; 6c; 4t
    #15 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 5t; 2c; 4t; 3c; 6t; 6c; 1t
    #16 - 4c; 2t; 1c; 4t; 3c; 4t; 3c; 6t
    #17 - 7c; 1t; 7c; 3t; 4c; 5t
    #18 - 1c; 4t; 2c; 1t; 6c; 3t; 6c; 2t; 7c; 2t
    #19 - 6c; 3t; 5c; 7c; 6t; 4c; 7t; 2c; 4t
    #20 - 2c; 5c; 3t; 4c; 3t; 6c; 2t; 2c; 6t  (2 under)
    #21 - 3c; 1t; 6c; 4t; 6c; 7c; 2t; 3c; 5t
    #22 - 2c; 3t; 2c; 5t; 3c; 5t  (2 under)
    #23 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 6t; 2c; 1t; 2c; 4t
    #24 - 2c; 3c; 7t; 2c; 3c; 5t; 2c; 7t
    #25 - 2c; 5t; 6c; 4t; 6c; 3t; 2c; 5t
    #26 - 2c; 6t; 6c; 1t
    #27 - 7c; 2t; 7c; 6c; 2t; 1c; 6t; 7c; 1t; 3c; 3t
    #28 - 1c; 2t; 6c; 1t; 2c; 6t; 3c; 7t
    #29 - 2c; 6c; 4t; 2c; 2t; 7c; 7t; 1c; 3t
    #30 - 5c; 2t; 7c; 5c; 4t; 1c; 4c; 5t
    e. Hard
    #1 - 5c; 6c; 1t; 7c; 5t  (2 under)
    #2 - 5c; 3t; 5c; 3t; 5c; 6c; 2t
    #3 - 1c; 4c; 7c; 2t; 1c; 7c; 4t
    #4 - 5c; 5t; 6c; 7c; 4t; 6c; 7c; 5t
    #5 - 1c; 2c; 4t; 3c; 5t; 1c; 2c; 3t
    #6 - 1c; 5c; 6t; 6c; 4t; 5c; 6t; 5c; 3t
    #7 - 5c; 1t; 5c; 2t; 1c; 5t
    #8 - 7c; 7t
    #9 - 1c; 7c; 4t; 1c; 2c; 6t; 1c; 2t
    #10 - 1c; 7t; 1c; 2t; 2c; 5t; 7c; 2t
    #11 - 2c; 4t; 2c; 7t; 3c; 2t; 6c; 5t; 3c; 6t
    #12 - 6c; 5t; 3c; 4t; *then very quickly* 3c; 6t
    #13 - 1c; 6c; 5t; 1c; 4c; 6t; 4c; 7t
    #14 - 4c; 5c; 6t; 5c; 4t; 5c; 5t
    #15 - 6c; 1t; 6c; 5t; 3c; 4c; 6t
    #16 - 3c; 1t; 3c; 4c; 6t
    #17 - 5c; 4t; 5c; 1t; 6c; 7t; 5c; 6t
    #18 - 4c; 2t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 7t
    #19 - 5c; 7c; 6t; 4c; 5t
    #20 - 4c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 4c; 5t  (1 under)
    #21 - 3c; 6c; 4t; 4c; 6c; 7c; 1t
    #22 - 7c; 1t; 3c; 4c; 7t
    #23 - 2c; 1t; 5c; 4t; 6c; 2t
    #24 - 1c; 3t; 4c; 7t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 3t
    #25 - 1c; 6t; 3c; 7t; 7c; 1t; 1c; 6t
    #26 - 6c; 5t; 4c; 2t; 4c; 3t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 7t
    #27 - 3c; 1t; 4c; 3t; 4c; 3t; 1c; 4t
    #28 - 4c; 5t; 3c; 4t; 2c; 3t; 1c; 6t; 7c; 2t; 7c; 1t; 7c; 7t
    #29 - 2c; 1t; 4c; 5c; 2t
    #30 - 2c; 3t; 4c; 3t; 5c; 1t
    f. Very Hard
    #1 - 3c; 6c; 5t; 3c; 6t; 5c; 3t; *then very quickly* 4c; 6c; 5t  (2 under)
    #2 - complicated. First, do 1c; 2t; 6c; 3t. Then as soon as you've
         done that very quickly do all of 1c; 7c; 3t. In particular, you
         have to do those two catches before the yellow drops disappear.
    #3 - 7c; 2t; 1c; 7t; 7c; 1t; 4c; 4t; *then very quickly* 5c; 1t
    #4 - 2c; 1t; 7c; 6c; 5t; 7c; 5t; 6c; 4t; 7c; 6t
    #5 - 2c; 7t; 5c; 4t; 2c; 6c; 5t; 2c; 6c; 7t
    #6 - 6c; 4c; 2t; 1c; 3c; 7t
    #7 - 1c; 3t; 1c; 2t; 6c; 7t; 7c; 6t
    #8 - 4c; 1t; 4c; 5t; 1c; 4t
    #9 - 7c; 4t; 2c; 6c; 3t  (1 under)
    #10 - 7c; 2t; 1c; 2t; 1c; 7c; 3t
    #11 - 3c; 4t; 2c; 6c; 3t
    #12 - 6c; 5t; 6c; 3t; 6c; 2t; 5c; 7c; 6t; 7c; 5t
    #13 - 7c; 4t; 1c; 7t; 6c; 5t; 6c; 2t; 1c; 3t; 3c; 5t
    #14 - 1c; 7c; 3t; 1c; 7t; 4c; 4t
    #15 - 2c; 4t; 6c; 5t; 6c; 2t; 3c; 6t; 2c; 3t; 2c; 3c; 4t
    #16 - 3c; 4t; 3c; 6t; 3c; 5t; 5c; 6c; 3t
    #17 - 5c; 6t; 3c; 5t
    #18 - 7c; 1t; 3c; 1t; 2c; 2t; 1c; 2t
    #19 - 2c; 7c; 1t; 4c; 3t; 7c; 4t; 2c; 6t
    #20 - 1c; 4t; 7c; 5c; 1t; 3c; 5c; 7t; 3c; 2t; 6c; 3t
    #21 - 1c; 4t; 5c; 2t; 1c; 5t; 7c; 6c; 3t; 7c; 3t  (1 under)
    #22 - 1c; 4t; 6c; 3t; 1c; 7c; 6t; 7c; 5t; 7c; 4t
    #23 - 1c; 3t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 2t; 3c; 5c; 1t; 1c; 6t
    #24 - 5c; 6t; 2c; 4c; 6t; 1c; 4t; 1c; 3t; 1c; 3t
    #25 - 1c; 3c; 5c; 7t; 7c; 6c; 5c; 1c; 3t; 6c; 4c; 2t
    #26 - complicated. First do 7c; 5c; 2t; 5c; 4t; 6c; 6t. Then as soon
          as the yellow drops on the right disappear, quickly do 7c then
          1t. Once everything settles down, finish it off with 1c; 7t.
    #27 - 5c; 7t; 2c; 6t; 1c; 2t; 1c; 4t; 5c; 1t
    #28 - 7c; 4t; 7c; 2t; 7c; 2t; 7c; 5t; 7c; 3t
    #29 - 4c; 2t; 7c; 6t; 7c; 4t; 1c; 7t; 1c; 5t
    #30 - 3c; 4c; 6t; 3c; 5t; 3c; 4t; 1c; 3t; 7c; 1t
    g. Expert
    #1 - 5c; 3t; 5c; 2t; 5c; 6t; 7c; 4t; 1c; 7t
    #2 - 4c; 1t; 4c; 2t; 5c; 1t; 6c; 7c; 3t
    #3 - 5c; 2t; 3c; 1t; *then very quickly* 5c; 4t; 7c; 2t
    #4 - 1c; 4c; 7t; 4c; 7t; 2c; 1t
    #5 - 3c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 1c; 7c; 4t
    #6 - 4c; 2t; 5c; 7t; 6c; 5t; 6c; 4t; 3c; 2t; *then very quickly* 3c; 6t
    #7 - 2c; 6t; 7c; 4t; 1c; 7t; 2c; 7t; 3c; 4t; 2c; 3t; 3c; 5t
    #8 - 5c; 2t; 1c; 5t; 1c; 5c; 4t; 4c; 7t; 3c; 4t
    #9 - 1c; 3t; 1c; 3t; 6c; 1t; 1c; 6t; 4c; 5c; 6t  (1 under)
    #10 - 4c; 5c; 7t; 7c; 4t; 6c; 7t; 3c; 5c; 2t
    #11 - 1c; 4t; 1c; 7t; 1c; 5t; 2c; 1t; 3c; 5t
    #12 - 4c; 3t; 4c; 5t; 2c; 4t; 4c; 2t; 4c; 6t; 1c; 7c; 4t
    #13 - 2c; 3c; 4t; 4c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 2c; 4c; 6t; 4c; 2t; 1c; 4t
    #14 - 1c; 2t; 1c; 3t; 1c; 5t; 1c; 6t; 7c; 1t
    #15 - 1c; 7c; 2t; 4c; 5t; 7c; 6t; 7c; 6t; 3c; 7t
    #16 - 1c; 2t; 5c; 3t; 7c; 1t; 1c; 5t; 7c; 5t
    #17 - 7c; 2t; 6c; 2t; 1c; 6t; 7c; 6t; 1c; 4t; 7c; 4t; 1c; 7t
    #18 - 1c; 3t; 3c; 5t; 3c; 1t; 4c; 6t; 4c; 7c; 3t
    #19 - 1c; 3t; 3c; 2t; 5c; 4t; 5c; 6t; 4c; 5t; 6c; 2t; 3c; 4t
    #20 - 3c; 4c; 5t; 4c; 5t; 4c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 4c; 3t; 1c; 7c; 4t
    #21 - 4c; 1t; 7c; 6t; 4c; 5t; 4c; 3t; 4c; 2t; 4c; 7t; 4c; 4t
    #22 - 3c; 4t; 3c; 1t; 6c; 2t; 7c; 4t
    #23 - 1c; 6t; 3c; 4t; 7c; 1t; 5c; 7t
    #24 - 1c; 2t; 7c; 6t; 1c; 6t; 6c; 7t
    #25 - 2c; 1t; 2c; 7c; 4t; 6c; 1t; 6c; 7c; 2t
    #26 - 1c; 5c; 7t; 5c; 6t; 5c; 1t; 2c; 5t
    #27 - 1c; 4t; 3c; 6t; 7c; 1t; 5c; 7c; 3t
    #28 - 4c; 6c; 1t; 7c; 2t; 7c; 2t; 4c; 7t
    #29 - 5c; 6t; 5c; 3t; 1c; 5t; 1c; 4t  (2 under)
    #30 - 2c; 3c; 7t; 2c; 3t; 2c; 7t; 1c; 5c; 2t
    5. Contacting me
    You can email me at russell.marks@ntlworld.com. While I think the FAQ
    is probably pretty much as good as it's going to get, if you have any
    suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

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