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    Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 23:14:09 +0700
    REAL BOUT SPECIAL "Dominated Mind"
    FAQ / Movelist ver. 5th
    by. Grandchester Resurrection (grandc@indosat.net.id)
            Having some trouble finding some great SNK games on your
    Playstation? Try Real Bout Special Dominated Mind, you should find the
    differences. Cool animation intro, some new characters, arcade game
    style, etc. This is real great game from SNK. 2D fighting fans,
    especially SNK fans, should try this out!
            in this FAQ / Movelist, I'm gonna tell you everything about this
    game... Welcome, I hope this FAQ / Movelist'll answer whatever questions
    you have about the game. Feel free to distribute, however in it's
    current form. Well, lets starts!!!  
    F       - Forward (walk forward)
    B       - Back (walk away/block)
    U       - Up (jump/pounce)
    D       - Down (crouch)
    DF      - Down-Forward
    DB      - Down-Back
    UF      - Up-Forward
    UB      - Up-Back
    T       - Triangle Button
    S       - Square Button
    C       - Circle Button
    X       - X/Cross Button        
    Dash    - FF
    Retreat - BB
    Jump    - Hold U (UB/U/UF)
    Pounce  - Tap U (UB/U/UF)
    Punch   - X
    Kick    - C
    Special - S
    Taunt   - T 
    * Power Gauge
            The Power Gauge is the key to new techniques found in this game.
    As you perform special attacks and inflict damage to your opponent, the
    meter will charge up. Like in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
    (Arcade/Saturn) there are three different indicators that appear above
    this meter. They are H, S, and P Power. S and P power expire after a
    predetermined amount of time, but H power stays until you use it up.
    1. H Power : Break Shots
            When the meter becomes half full, H Power will appear above the
    Power Gauge. This will unlocked the Break Shots technique. These moves
    are counters technique. Use them like the Zero Counter from Street
    Fighter Zero series. 
    2. S Power : Super Moves
            If you allow your H Power meter to become maxed out, the next
    step is the S Power meter. This moves are the same as Desperation Moves,
    the only difference is this power allows you to perform them when you're
    not in desperation mode. 
    3. P Power : Ultimate Moves
            Ultimate Moves are more powerful than the standard Super
    Moves/Desperation Moves. You can only gain access to the P Power meter
    if you are in the desperation Mode.
    * Desperation Theory
            Desperation Moves can only show up when you are in Desperation
    mode. If your Life Bar flashing red, that seem you are in Desperation
    Mode. The Desperation Moves have been a part of Fatal Fury series since
    the 2nd title. These attacks are designated by an S in the Movelist
    because they also work in S Power Mode.
    * Rush Hits
            When linking button presses together, you'll make some Rush
    Hits. These means you have done some combos. Keep practicing these,
    because these are very useful in this game.
    * Final Impact
            This is the fresh thing in Fatal Fury series. I don't really
    about this moves, there's a
    in-depth-FAQ about Final Impact too from K-Koh. I think it'll help you. 
    * Plane Shifting
            No! There's no Plane Shifting in this game... Yup, it's sounds
    weird... But here's it. The first Fatal Fury game without Plane
            Here's some movelist from all the characters that I've found. If
    you have some that I don't know, mail me... I'll write down your name by
    Terry Bogard:
    Burning Knuckle         D,DB,B + X/S            
    Power Dunk              F,D,DF + C
    Crack Shoot             D,DB,B + C
    Rising Tackle           D charge U + X
    Quick Burn              F,D,DF + X
    Power Wave              D,DF,F + X
    S - Power Geisyer       D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Triple Geisyer      D,DF,F + S
    Critical Wing           D,DB,B + X/S
    Aukmentor Wing          D,DF,F + X
    Diver Jens              D,DF,F + S
    Mayday!0-Mayday!             (jump) D,DB,B + C, C, C
    S. TOL                  F,UF,U + C
    S - Shock Stall         (jump) D,DB,B + SC
    P - Web Rider           D,DB,B 2x + S
    Andy Bogard
    Zan Ei Ken              DB, F + X/S
    Yami Abise Geri         B,D,DB + C
    Sho Ryu Dan             F,D,DF + S
    Ku Ha Dan               DB,D,DF,F + C
    Hi Sho Ken              D,DB,B + X
    Geki Hi Sho Ken         D,DB,B + S
    Shiranui Bee (jump) D,D + S		
    Shuriken (opponent grounded, player close) D+S 
    S - Cho Reppa Dan       D charge DF F + SC
    P - Zan Ei Reppa        D,DF,F 2x + S
    Blue Mary
    M Spider                D,DF,F + S
    Stright Slice           B charge F + C
    Stun Slice              After Stright Slice DB, F + C 
    Vertical Arrow          F,D,DF + C
    M Snatcher              After Vertical Arrow F,D,DF + C
    Extra Snatcher          After M Snatcher DB,F + S
    S - M Typhoon           D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - M Driving Smasher   D,DF,F 2x + S   
    Mai Shiranui
    Ka Cho Sen              D,DF,F + X/S            
    Ryu En Bu               D,DB,B + X 
    Kagero No Mai           D charge U + S
    Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi  B,DB,D,DF,F + S 
    Musasabi No Mai         (jump) D + SX
    S - Cho Hissatsu Bachi  F,DB,F + SC
    P - Leotard Bachi       F,DB,F + S
    Joe Highasi
    Slash Kick              DB,F + C/S
    Golden Heel             D,DB,B + C
    Tiger Kick              F,D,DF + C
    Exploder Blast          X + X + X ...
    Preasure Kick           (guard) F,D,DF + S
    Hurricane Upper         B,DB,D,DF,F + X
    S - Screw Upper         D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Slight Screw        D,DF,F 2x + S
    Bob Wilson
    Rolling Turtle          D,DB,B + C
    Bison Horn              D charge U + C/S
    Wild Wolf               B charge F + C
    Hornet Attack           (drop) DF,DF + S
    Frog Hunting            After Hornet Attack B, F, F + SC
    Side Winder             (guard) D, DB, B + S
    Monkey Dance            (guard) F,D,DF + C
    Headgehog               D,DB,B + X
    Regular throw-Hornet Attack-Frog Hunting
    F+S---------->DF, DF+S----->B, F, F+KS
    S - Dangerous Wolf      D,DB,B 2x + SC
    P - Mad Spin Wolf       D,DB,B 2x + S
    Franco Bash
    Double Kong             D,DB,B + X      
    Meteo Shot              D,DF,F + X
    Power Mash              F,DF,D,DB,B + S
    Power Stomp             D,DF,F,UF  + K
    S - Omega Shot          D,DB,B 2x + SC
    P - Amargedon Buster    D,DB,B 2x + C
    ....then tap any attack for a kind of custom
    combo, try to follow with a special afterwards...^_^
    Sokaku Mochizuki
    Makibishi               D,DF,F + X
    Hyoi Dan                F,B,F + S
    Higi Kaminari Otoshi    F,D,DF + C
    Jashin Kohe             D,DB,B + C
    S - Ikazuchi            D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Raijin No Ibuki     D,DF,F 2x + s
    Kim Kaphwan
    Hi En Zan               D charge U + S
    Finisher		After Hi En Zan, D + K
    Han Getsu Zan           D,DB,B + C/S
    Hisyo Kyaku             (jump) D + C
    Hisho Koe               After Hisyo Kyaku DF + C
    Ku Sajin                F,D,DF + X
    S - Hoh-Oh Kyaku        (jump) D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Hoh-Oh TenBu Kyaku  D,DF,F 2x + S
    Hon Fu
    KuuRon no Yomi          B,DB,D,DF,F + S
    Seikuu Rekka Kon        F,D,DF + X/S
    Denkousekka no Chi      DB charge F + C
    Denkousekka no Ten      D,DB,B + C
    Hissho Kyakushu Kyaku   D,DB,B + X ~ x
    Koku Ryu                (jump) D,D + S
    S - Bakuhatsu Goro      D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Gadenza no Arashi   D,DF,F 2x + S
    Tung Fu Rue
    Spit Fireball           D,DF,F + X
    True Power Wave         DB charge F + S
    Step Fist               D,DB,B + X/S
    Thousand Kicks          F,D,DF + C
    Power Attack            DB charge F + x
    S - Iron Hurricane      D,DF,F 2x + SC  
    P - Outrageous Man      D,DF,F 2x + S
    Cheng Sin Zan
    Green Fireball          D,DF,F + X
    Anti-air Green Fireball F,D,DF + X
    Belly Blast             D charge U + X
    Body Roll               B charge F + C/S
    Belly Counter           F,DF,D,DB,B + C
    S - Burning Heaven      DB charge D,DF,F + SC
    P - Creation Collapse   D,DF,F 2x + S
    Duck King
    Head Spin Attack        D,DF,F + X/S
    Flying Spin Attack      (jump) D,DB,B + X
    Dancing Dive            D,DB,B + C
    Break Storm             F,D,DF + C
    Fake Air                (jump) D,D
    Fake Ground             (dash) DF + S
    Duck Attack             F,B,F + S
    Ground Head Spin Attack (opponent grounded, player close) D+S
    S - Break Spiral        B,DB,D,DF,F,UF,D + SC   
    P - Duck Dan            D,D + XCS
    Duck Dance sets you up for four new P.Power moves, and refills the
    meter, each can only be done once per dance.
    Break Hurricane QCF x2+KS
    Dancing Caliber QCB x2+KS
    Rolling Punisher B(charge), F, B, F+KS
    Diving Punisher (air)F, DF, D+KS
    Ryuji Yamazaki 
    Dynamite Headbutt F,B,D,U + S
    Hebi Tsukai (upper level) D,DB,B + X
    Hebi Tsukai (middle level) D,DB,B + C
    Hebi Tsukai (lower level) D,DB,B + S
    Dai Hebi    Do any Hebi Tsukai and hold the button. After 3 "Ikuzo..."'s
    release. Press taunt to cancel...
    Judgement Dagger F,DB,F + X
    Sado/Maso    B,DB,D,DF,F + C
    Double Return D,DF,F + S (Absorbs ALL fireballs, hold button for
    S- Guillotine D,DB,B, F + SC
    P- Drill      (close) 360 + S (one level only....=3D(...)
    Jin Chonsu
    Teio Jin Sho Ken        F,F + X
    Teio Tengan Ken         D,DF,F + X/S
    Teio Tenji Ken          F,D,DF + X/S
    Teio ShiGan Ken         F,DF,D,DB,B + X/C/S
    Teio ShiGan Setsu Ken   (jump) F,DF,D + C
    S - Teio Rojin Ken      D,DF,F 2X + SC
      - Shin Shigan Ken     (jump) D,DB,B,F + SC
    P - Teio SyukuKyo Ken   D,DF,F 2x + S
    Jin Chonrei
    Ji Sho Ken              F,F + X
    Tengan Ken              D,DF,F + X/S
    Tenji Ken               F,D,DF + X/S
    Rojin Ken               D,DB,B,F + S
    Tashin Ken              D,DB,B + C
    Ryu TenShin             D,DF,F + C
    S - Syuk Myo Ken        D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Ryu Sei Ken         D,DF,F 2x + S
    Laurance Blood
    Bloody Saber            D,DF,F + X/S
    Bloody Spin             B charge F + C
    Bloody Axle             D,DB,B + S
    Bloody Cutter           After Bloody Axle C
    Bloody Press            After Bloody Axle X
    Bloody Flip 	After Bloody Axel (close to standing opponent) S
    S - Bloody Flash        D,DF,F 2x + SC  
    P - Certain Death       D,DF,F 2x + S
    Wolfgang Crauser
    Blitz Ball              D,DB,B + X/S
    Leg Tomahawk            D,DF,F + C
    Pheonix Thrust          B,DB,D,DF,F + S
    Deadly Charge           D charge U + X
    Break Smash             F,DF,D,DB,B + C
    S - Kaiser Wave         B charge UF + SC
    P - Gigantic Cyclone    D,DF,F 2x + S
    Billy Kane
    SanSetsuKon Mid Hit     B charge F + X
    Flame Insult            After Mid Hit B, F + S
    Sparrow Drop            D,DB,B + X
    Whirlwind Pole          X + X + X ...
    Assault Flying Pole     DB,D,DF,F + C
    Fire Dragon Pursue      D,DB,B + C
    S - Fire Whirlwind Pole D,DF,F 2x + SC
    P - Upward Burning Kane D,DF,F 2x + S
    Geese Howard
    Reppo Ken               D,DB,B + X
    Double Reppo Ken        D,DB,B + S
    Joudan Atemi Nage       B,DB,D,DF,F + C
    Chudan Atemi Uchi       B,DB,D,DF,F + S
    Flying Reppo Ken        (jump) D,DB,B + X
    Flying Double Reppo Ken (jump) D,DB,B + S       
    Ja Ei Ken               B, F + C/S
    S - Raising Storm       DB,F,DF,D,DB,B,DF + SC
    P - Deadly Rave         DB,B,F + X 
      - Super Combo         After Deadly Rave, X,X,C,C,C,S,S,S,DB + S
    HIDDEN MOVES: (thanks a lot KD ight)
    1. Customize Moves: You can access these moves if you have finished
    Survival Mode with a character you want. Characters who have been
    finished in survival mode can be customized in what special moves are to
    be assigned for the four buttons. 
    2. Extra Moves: Extra Moves will become available if you finished the
    Single Mode with all the characters with Geese beaten in each game. To
    fight Geese, you have to get 380 fighting point before the 8th fight.
    There's some characters who don't have any Extra Moves.
    These are the Extra Moves:
    P - High Angle Geyser   D,DB,B 2x + S
    P - Shin Sho Ryu Dan    D,DB,B 2x + S
    P - Burn Tiger Heel     D,DB,B 2x + S
    P - Teio Shin Ryu Ken   D,DB,B 2x + S
    P - Fujin Hi So Go      (close) D,DB,B 2x + 
    P - Neo Scarlet Cut     D,DB,B 2x + S
    P - Flying Fists        D,DB,B 2x + S
    S - Hit n' Run          D,DB,B 2x + CS  
    S - Fan Rage            D,DB,B + S 4x  
    P - Ashura Shippuken    D,DF,F 2x + S
    P - Hexa Drive          (jump) D,DF,F 2x + S  
    P - Guts Dunk           D,DF,F 2x + S
    P - Unlimited Desire    D,DB,B,F + X
        X,X,X,C,C,C,S,S,S for his super combo (thanks Kenneth!)
    S - Splash Rose         F,B,DB,D,DF,F + CS
    Headbutt                B charge F + S
    Bloody Axel 1           D,DB,B + X
    Bloody Axel 2           D,DB,B + C
            I know there's one more character left... White, the final boss.
    I don't know if he is playlable or not, but I'll keep trying to find.
    Stay tuned! 
            Omake... Yeah, there's an Omake Option... Beat the game once,
    you'll get the secret menu in Option Mode... The Omake!!! You'll get the
    first and second Omake Option if you beat this game once (without
    continue, maybe), then you'll get the third if you beat the Survival
    Mode. Thanks to Edwin and Michael nash for this info   
            That's all playlable characters' moves... I'm sure I miss
    something, if anybody know the others, please mail me. Your
    contributions will be noted.
    - KD ight (KD900s@aol.com) thanks for your info about Hidden Moves,
    Omake and Geese super combo!
    - Cliff Farrington (clf@hotmail.com) Thanks for every correction… And thanks for Yamazaki's movelist!
    - Kenneth (linaloke@pacific.net.sg) thanks for Wolfgang's super combo!
    - AFS (if090106@rad.net.id) trims juga buat info Omake-nya.
    - Michael Nash (michael@xpress.net.au) thanks for the 3rd Omake!
    Keep In Touch, OK!!!
    Grandchester Resurrection 

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