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    FAQ/Move List by HMoriarty

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    Ver 1.00 + Plus  -Text Version-
     You are free to distribute this list, but please give acknowledgment to me, 
    Henry A. Moriarty (Howlin' Mad -H-).  If you are in need for contact, 
    please write to me at
    					Or find me at www.deathsdoor.com/mmcafe
    If you have any new info concerning RBFFS, please send them in. Shall any 
    info you sent in appears in the updated versions, you will be given full 
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     Also, please keep in mind that unauthorized duplication or modification is 
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    PS- Please don't sue me SNK. Thanks in advance.
    1-  Basic Moves
    2-  The Line System
    3-  Hidden EX Characters 
    4-  Character Profiles
    5-  Character Moves
    6-  Additional Moves
    7-  Combo Arts
    8-  Endings
    9-  Tips on Getting to Geese Howard
    10- Author Notes
    11- Music Info
    12- Noteable Voices
    13- Voice Actor Credits
    14- Version Lists & Last Note
    --BASIC MOVES------------------------------------
    Combinations of the controller and buttons can be used for many moves. During 
    fights in opposing lines it is possible to foot sweep, but also to guard any 
    moves as well. Any controller movements done from the following is based on 
    the character facing right upon fighting.
    UP- Jump
    DOWN- Duck 
    BACK- Guard, walk backwards
    FORWARD- Walk Forward
    BACK   x  2 Quickly - BackDash
    FORWARD x 2 Quickly - ForwardDash
    A- Punch / Line Move Punch (while in a different line)
    B- Kick  / Line Move Kick  (while in a different line)
    C- Feirce Attack / Line Pull Opponent (while in a different line)
    D- Line change   / Change directions while in air
    Forward + C Near Opponent
    Line Roll- (Decreases Power meter by 25%) 
    Back, BackDwn, Down + D  After falling on the ground from an attack OTHER 
    To do this Line roll, the Power meter must be H-Power or more.  
    The power meter can build by using special moves or Guarding.
    When the meter reaches halfway, H-Power is enabled. When the meter reaches 
    full capactiy, S-Power is enabled. If the life meter is blinking upon the 
    power meter reaching its maximum, P-Power is enabled. 
    Enablement of Breakshot(Guard Cancel. Decreases Power meter by 50%) or Line 
    roll (Decreases Power meter by 25%). The Power meter will decrease a bit if 
    you use any of the two.
    Enablement of  DM. Power meter will decrease 100% upon its use.
    Enablement of SDM. Power meter will decrease 100% upon its use.
    RBS Line System
    The new line system in RBS is somewhat difficult to grasp, but it will 
    definitely act as a positive system of offence if you master it. 
    1- What use does it have?
      By line swaying, you can dodge opponent's moves and projectiles. In fact 
    there are some moves like Krauser's Kaiser wave which can't be dodged in the 
    same line, or Sokaku's SDM which is totally unguardable. You can also piss 
    off beginners.
    2- What demerits does it have?
      Although you can guard any moves once you are in another line, you are 
    totally opened to attacks during the time you are moving to the other line, 
    and right after you get there. Thus if you decide for some awkward reason to 
    line sway while your opponent is right near you doing nothing, you can be 
    attacked and comboed. Also, jumps done while the opponent is on a different 
    line can be used to dodge line attacks, but you cannot do any attacks while 
    in the air.
    3- What should be done if the opponent line sways?
      You should attack them of course. You can move to the other line without 
    doing any attacks with the D button. You can punch youself to the other line 
    by pressing the A button, and you can kick yourself to the other line with 
    the B button.  Although there is good reason to kick to the other line with 
    the B button(which we'll discuss later), the normal attack to the opponent 
    should be done with the C button, which sucks the opponent to your line, 
    eitherr guarding or not. One reason to suck your opponent to your line 
    instead of jumping to theirs is so that you won't go into the opponent's 
    projectiles, but another is because the C button attack can be comboed. 
    4- Extra tips
    Although the C button line attack is very useful, the B button kick can be as 
    useful as well because, depending on the character, it can't be guarded 
    standing or crouching.
    Characters with B Button Line attack which cannot be guarded standing
    Characters with B Button Line attack which cannot be guarded sitting
    Awful Abuse of Line Sway
      If you are fast enough to line sway right after you get the opponent on the 
    ground, try lining up (or down) right on your opponent (on the opposite line 
    of course). Right when the opponent gets up, do the C line attack. The 
    direction of guard in this situation becomes very severe, and in most cases 
    (human cases, not against CPU) the C attack will hit, leaving a chance for a 
    fierce combo. If the opponent line rolls, throw them. 
      To use this tactic, you will need to use a move which leaves you free to 
    move right after the opponet falls on the ground, like Andy's Quicksilver 
    Elbow or Mai's Dragon's Flame tail.
    Hidden EX Characters
      In RBS, there is a way to get a "Shadow" version of certain characters. So 
    far only 4 have been confirmed, and in most cases the characters become 
    masocists or Sadistic. Just looking at their faces in the victory screen 
    tells the whole story. (Look in the "Author's Note" section for more 
    The characters who can be "EX" ed:
    Has old moves from RBFF, has a smile on his face and isn't a Goody-goodie 
    Plays similar to Billy in RBFF, same moves including SDM & Counters. He has 
    no pupils, he has stitches on the side of his face, he calls himself (VS) 
    Geese's dog, and he finds himself similar to Yamazaki.
    Plays similar to Mary in FF3 except for her DM. Looks wicked and talks evil, 
    like the way the 2P color Nakokruru usually does. Likes beating up Terry to 
    hear his screams.
    Plays similar to Tung in FFS.  
    How to get EX Characters
    To get the "EX" version of a character, go to the character select screen and 
    do the following:
    1- Put the cursor on one of the four characters.
    2- Hold on the Start button. Never let go of it.
    3- Press B, B, C, C
    4- Hold on the B button. Never let go of it, just like the Start Button.
    5- Wait for at least half a second and hold on the C button. Never let it go
       of it, like the Start and B button.
    6- Finally, Press A or D, depending on the color you want (1P or 2P).
    7- Voila, you got the "EX" character. You can now let go of the 3 buttons. 
    --Character Outlines ----------------------------
    Wolfgang Krauser
    Krauser Considers himself to be an artist just like Mozart or Van
    Gough. Thus he searches for the ultimate masterpiece to beat up on.
    Tung Fue Rue
    After the death of Jeff Bogard, Tung decides never to retire. But for
    what reason...?
    Cheng Chinzan
    In the old days when Cheng was learning under Tung, Cheng took
    advantage of his well known martial arts and lost purposely on a
    Street Fight match which was prohibited by his teacher. Although he
    became dirty rich by betting on the other opponent, from that day on
    Cheng's reality of the world became money itself.
    Laurence Blood
    After crushing too many living organisms with his bare hands,
    Laurence who was once a hero of Spain became a symbol of hatred among
    the citizens. Krauser Took an interest in the mad matador and made Laurence 
    his right arm.
    Terry Bogard
    Although Terry started to learn the Martial arts out of his hatred
    towards Geese who killed his adoptive father Jeff, he now fights in
    order to make true friendships out of opponents. Perhaps he is just
    looking for true love.
    Andy Bogard
    Andy who just loves to practice and practice his martial arts came to
    a point where he can read the opponent's mind like... uh, a gradeschool 
    reader (ohh, that's bad. And unoriginal too). But he has yet to beat his big 
    brother Terry who doesn't have a mind to read.
    (Ok, bad joke. He's just undecryptable like the Dead sea scrolls,
    that's all!)
    Joe Higashi
    Joe who is seen by the adults as wacky and immature is seen as a hero
    from the kids in Thai who are fed by him. But the only thing he's
    thinking during his match is how cool he's looking, even when he's
    being punched right in his face.
    Mai Shiranui
    Unlike the diligent Andy, Mai doesn't give a rat's ass about her
    Ninjitsu, and she refuses to learn from her elders because they are
    all old geezers.
    Mochizuki Sokaku
    After seeking for evil all across the globe, Sokaku found it in 3
    scrolls which were owned by Geese. Fortunately the scrolls were
    burned by Geese already. UNfortunately, since Sokaku fought too much
    using his dark force to try to get possession of the scrolls, he,
    little by little, started to become evil itself...
    Bob Wilson
    Ever since getting hired by Richard Meyer to manage Pao Pao Cafe #2,
    for some reason Bob seems to be fighting more than before. Perhaps
    Richard and Bob's intention isn't to make a living from restaurants,
    but to teach the whole world a hurtful lot with their Kapoeira.
    A supercop in Hon-Kong, Hon-Fu is well known by the citizens there.
    He never carries a gun, not because he doesn't need it but because
    he'll never be able to hit the criminal. Then again perhaps he
    doesn't need a gun at all, for Hon-Fu is a master in Kunchuck combat.
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    Ever since taking revenge of his Mafia bro', Yamazaki just couldn't
    forget the taste of blood, the noise of bones cracking, the sounds of
    muscle parts ripping, and the scream of agony as his subject of torture had 
    his knee disk scraped out of his body together with his
    bare skin.To experience the Kodak moment one more time, Yamazaki 
    enters his fight.
    Jin Chon-Shu & Chon-rei
    Ever since FF3, the two normally peaceful twin bothers sometimes
    become unconscious and wake up with blood all over, remembering
    nothing that ever happened. Their participation to RBS may be one of
    those cases (As well as FF3 and RBFF...).
    Duck King
    In his childhood Duck was a pretty strong kid, but he was beaten by a
    blondie. Later in his life he found out that it was Terry, the
    Southtown Hero. Up to today Duck still Practices in order to beat him
    at least once, and make it on time to the dance floor as a famous
    Kim Kaphwan
    His love towards his Country made Kim a Tai-quan-do machine. Together
    with his hatred towards evil, Kim just may kick himself to victory.
    Franco Bash
    Ever since his comeback from retirement as a famous kick boxer,
    Franco... changed. Perhaps it was the fumes from the airport.
    Strong at heart as well as muscles, Franco no longer had any
    opponents in the squared circle. Thus he decided it was time to step
    out of the ring and into the wide world of street fighting.
    Billy Kane
    In a Town where the strong live and the weak die off, Geese was
    Billy's ultimate idol. As time passed Billy became Geese's right arm,
    and although he is as strong as the world's top two nutzoids Joe and
    Yamazaki, he stays in second place because of his loyal oath to Geese.
    Blue Mary
    Receiving blood from a martial arts family, Mary showed great strength in 
    Command Sambo despite her small and not-so-strong-looking physique. When a 
    human body comes into her grasp, it breaks intopieces like a windowsill 
    during the LA Riot.
    To study the weakest points of the body is what makes her a pro in
    her job as a secret agent, but the ability to use her studies in
    daily life is what makes her top class.
    --SPECIAL MOVES---------------------------------
    The following is the complete list of special moves, except for the EX 
    Fwd- Forward
    Dwn- Down
    The above two are sometimes combined.
    -NEW CHARACTERS------------------------------------------------
    Wolfgang Krauser
    Biltz Ball (Upper / Under)
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or C
    Leg Tomahawk (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Forward + B
    Dangerous Throw  
    1/2 Circle Forward + A Near Opponent
    LiftUp Blow
    1/2 Circle Backward + B Near Opponent
    Phoenix Counter Throw (Special & Jump Attacks)
    1/2 Circle Forward + C
    Kaiser Wave
    Back(Hold), UpFwd, + BC (Hold for 3 levels of power up)
    (Level1: Normal   Wave)
    (Level2: Stronger Wave)
    (Level3: Line-hit Wave)
    Gigantec Cyclone
    1/2 Circle Backward, Fwd, DwnFwd, Down + C Near Opponent
    SDM #2
    Deadly Rave(?)
    1/2 Circle Backward, Fwd, + A, A, B, C, B, C, A, B, C, 1/4 Circle Backward+AC  
    1/2 Circle Backward, Fwd, + A, A, B, C, B, C, A, B, C, C, C  
    1/2 Circle Backward, Fwd, + A, A, B, C, B, C, A, B, C, 1/2 Circle Backward x2 
    + C
    Tung Fue Rue
    Step Fist
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or C
    Thousand Kick (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Spit projectile
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Feirce Show-ha
    Dwnback(Hold), Fwd + C
    Super Taunt
    Rapid buttons during taunt.
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down, Up + C
    Fwd, Back, Dwnback, Down, DwnFwd + C (Hold to power up)
    Cheng Chinzan
    Dropping Projectile 
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Anti-air Projectile
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd  + A
    Ground Roll (Breakshot on C)
    Back(Hold), Fwd + A or C
    Tummy Float
    Down(Hold), Up + A
    Tummy Counter
    1/2 Circle Backward + B
    Electric drop
    Dwnback(Hold), Down, Fwd + BC
    Floating Cannon
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down, Dwnback, Fwd + C
    Laurence Blood
    Bloody Saber
    1/4 Circle Forward + A (Can be done 3 times in a row) 
    Bloody Spin (Breakshot on C)
    Back(Hold), Fwd + A or C
    Ole Dodge
    A + B
    Bloody Axel
    1/4 Circle Forward + A or C
    Bloody Cutter
    A, B or C from Bloody Axel
    Bloody Shooter
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or B or C  from Bloody Axel
    Bloody Press
    Back or Fwd + C (near opponent) from Bloody Axel
    Bloody Flash
    DwnFwd, 1/2 Circle Forward, Dwnback + BC
    Final Death Bloody
    Down, DwnFwd, 1/2 Circle Backward + C
    -MAIN CHARACTERS------------------------------------------------
    Terry Bogard
    Burn Knuckle
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or C
    Power Dunk (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Power Wave
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Round Wave
    1/4 Circle Forward + C
    Passing Sway
    1/4 Circle Forward + D
    Power Charge
    Back, Fwd, Fwd + A
    Rising Tackle
    Down(Hold), Up + A
    Power Geyser
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + BC
    Triple Geyser
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + C
    Andy Bogard
    Quicksilver Elbow
    Dwnback, Fwd + A or C
    Ku-ha-dan (Breakshot)  
    Dwnback, 1/4 Circle Forward + B
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + C
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Explosion Quake
    1/2 Circle Backward + C
    Down(Hold), DwnFwd, Fwd + BC
    Zanei reppa
    Dwnback, 1/4 Circle Forward + C
    Joe Higashi
    Explosion Punches
    A Rapid
    Explosion Finisher
    1/4 Circle Forward + A from Explosion Punches
    Slash Kick
    Dwnback, Fwd + B or C
    Tiger Kick (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Golden Heel
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Pressure knee
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + C
    Hurricane Uppercut
    1/2 Circle Backward + A
    Explosion Hurricane
    1/2 Circle Backward + C
    Screw Uppercut
    Fwd, Back, Dwnback, Down, DwnFwd + BC
    Sliding Screw Uppercut
    Fwd, Back, Dwnback, Down, DwnFwd + C
    Mai Shiranui
    Fan Throw
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Gale Fan (Can be does 4 times in a row)
    1/4 Circle Backward + C
    Flaming Dragon tail (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Fire Replicas
    Down(Hold), Up + C
    Mussasabi Fly
    Down + AB in Air
    Ankle Tackle
    1/2 Circle Forward + C
    Triangle Jump 
    UpFwd, At edge of screen
    Flaming Ankle tackle
    Fwd, Dwnback, Fwd + BC
    Crimson explosion
    Fwd, Dwnback, Fwd + C
    -CHARAS AFTER FF3, ETC-------------------------------------------
    Sokaku Mochizuki
    Replica stick blow
    A rapid
    Replica Stick Finisher
    Fwd + C or
    DwnFwd + C or
    Dwnback + C or
    UpFwd + C from Replica Stick Blow
    Demonic Punches
    Fwd, Back, Fwd + C
    Spike Throw
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Petite Sokakus (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Electricity Shots
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Demonic Piledriver
    1 Circle + C Near Opponent
    1/2 Circle Backward + B
    Flame Float
    1/4 Circle Backward + D
    Throw #2
    Back + B Near Opponent
    Hell Gate
    Back, Dwnback, Down + C from Throw #2
    Super Lightening Elemental
    Fwd, DwnFwd, 1/4 Circle Forward + BC
    Splatter Shot (Unguardable)
    Fwd, DwnFwd, 1/4 Circle Forward + C
    Bob Wilson
    Rolling Turtle
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Monkey Dance (Breakshot) 
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    1/4 Circle Backward + C
    Bison Horn
    Down(Hold), Up + C
    Wild Wolf
    Back(Hold), Fwd + B
    Hornet Attack
    DwnFwd, DwnFwd + C from Throw
    Frog Hunting
    Back, Fwd, Fwd + BC from Frog Hunting
    Dangerous Wolf
    Fwd, 1/2 Circle Forward + BC
    Madspin Wolf
    1/4 Circle Backward x 2  + C
    Kulong's Prediction
    1/2 Circle Forward + C
    Flaming Knunchucks (Breakshot on C) 
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + A or C
    Aerical Smasher
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Berserker Knunchucks
    1/4 Circle Backward + A Rapid (Stop pressing to hit dick)
    Berserker Flip
    1/4 Circle Backward + C
    Rolling Headbutt
    Dwnback(Hold), Fwd + B  
    Finishing headbutt
    C rapid after Rolling Headbutt
    Explosion Roll
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + BC
    Kadentsa's Storm
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + C
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    Snake arm (Up, Middle, Down) 
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or B or C
    Multi-directional Snake Arm
    Hold onto button for a while after snake arm 
    Knife Slash (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Dwnback, Fwd + A
    1/2 Circle Forward + B
    Projectile Reflector
    1/4 Circle Forward + C (Hold on to reflect or release quickly to power up)
    Explosion Headbutt
    Fwd, Back, Down, Up + C
    La Guilotinne
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down, Dwnback, Fwd + BC
    La Drill
    1 Circle + C Near Opponent
    Rapid repeat C for 4 Different levels of strength
    (Level1: Combo A)
    (Level2: Combo B)
    (Level3: 8 straight HeadButts)
    (Level4: 21 killer Snake Arms)
     + Headbutts
    Jin Chonshu
    Elbow Smash
    Fwd, Fwd + A
    Emperor's Teleport     (Same place,   Air,  Opponent's Back)
    1/2 Circle Backward + A or B or C (Can be done in air) (Breakshot on C)
    Twisting Uppercut
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + A or C
    Energy Ball
    1/4 Circle Forward + A or C
    Aerial Energy Ball
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Soul Stealer 
    1/4 Circle Backward, Fwd + BC  (Can be done in air)
    Emperor's Fury
    1/4 Circle Backward, Fwd + C
    Jin Chonrei
    Elbow Smash
    Fwd, Fwd + A
    Extended Elbow Smash
    Fwd, Fwd, Fwd + A
    Twisting Uppercut (Breakshot on C)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + A or C
    Energy Ball (Hold on for 5 levels of Power -up)
    1/4 Circle Forward + C
    Ground Roll
    1/4 Circle Forward + B
    Projectile Reflector
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Soul Stealer
    1/4 Circle Backward, Fwd + C
    Neo Emperor's Fury
    Fwd, Back, Dwnback, Down, DwnFwd + BC
    Emperor's Rage
    Fwd, Back, Dwnback, Down, DwnFwd + C
    Duck king
    Headspin Attack
    1/4 Circle Forward + A or C
    Dancing Dive (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Flying Spin Attack 
    1/4 Circle Backward + A in air
    Neo Break Storm
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Cross Head-spin
    1/4 Circle Backward + D
    Aerial DuckFake
    Down x 2 in Air
    Ground Duckfake
    DwnFwd + C during dash
    Break Spiral
    1/2 Circle Forward, UpFwd, Down + BC Near Opponent
    Duck Dance
    Down x 2 + ABC (Hold down for maximum effect)
    After SDM...
    Rolling Punisher (DM#2)
    Back(Hold), Fwd, Back, Fwd + BC
    ???????????????? (DM#3)
    1/4 Circle Forward x 2 + BC in Air
    Duck Deadly Rave
    1/2 Circle Backward, Fwd, + A, A, B, C, B, C, A, B, C, C, C  from MAX Duck 
    Kim Kaphwan
    Crecent Slice
    1/4 Circle Backward + B or C
    Air Twister (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + A
    Flip Kick
    Down(Hold), Up + B
    Down in Air + B
    Crime Sweeper
    DwnFwd + A from Stomper
    Energy Kick
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Phoenix Stomp
    1/2 Circle Forward + BC
    Phoenix Combo
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + C
    Franco Bash
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Double Gong (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Weaving Blow
    1/2 Circle Forward + BC
    Golden Bomber
    Dwnback(Hold), Fwd + C
    Guts Dunk
    1/4 Circle Forward, UpFwd + B
    Barom Punch
    A + B 
    Megaton Screw
    1/4 Circle Backward, Dwnback, Fwd + BC
    Aarmagedon Buster
    1/2 Circle Backward + C
    Billy Kane
    Stick Attack
    Back(Hold), Fwd + A
    Flamer Stick
    Back, Fwd + C from Stick Attack
    Stick Twists
    A Rapid
    Dragon Flame (Breakshot)
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Vertical stick attack
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Flaming Tornado Stick
    Down, DwnFwd, 1/2 Circle Backward + BC
    Death Tornado
    Down, DwnFwd, 1/2 Circle Backward + C
    Blue Mary
    Straight Slicer
    Back(Hold), Fwd + B
    Sting Fang
    Back, Fwd + B after Straight Slicer
    Vertical Arrow (Breakshot)
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Mary Snatcher
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B After Vertical Arrow hits
    Spin Fall
    1/4 Circle Forward + A
    Bashoot Elbow
    Fwd x 2 + C from Throw
    Backdrop Real
    DwnFwd x 2 + AB Near Opponent
    Counter Throw (Normal Attacks)
    1/4 Circle Backward + B 
    Counter Throw (Special & Jump Attacks)
    1/4 Circle Backward + C    
    Mary Splash Rose
    Fwd, 1/2 Circle Forward + BC
    Mary Typhoon
    Fwd, 1/2 Circle Forward + C Near Opponent
    Ex. Tung Fue Rue
    Old Step Fist
    1/4 Circle Backward + A or C
    Thousand Kick
    Dwnback(Hold), UpFwd + B near opponent
    Old Geki-Hou
    Rapid C
    Old Show-ha
    Dwnback(Hold), Fwd + C
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down, Up + BC
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down + C
    Ex. Andy
    Neo Quicksilver Elbow
    Dwnback, Fwd + A
    Flaming FlipKick
    Back, Down, Dwnback + B
    Neo Geki- Hishouken
    1/4 Circle Backward + C
    Spider tackle
    Down(Hold), DwnFwd, Fwd + BC
    Neo Zanei reppa
    Dwnback,1/4 Circle Forward + C
    Ex. Billy
    Stick Attack
    Back(Hold), Fwd + A
    Flamer Stick
    Back, Fwd + C from Stick Attack
    Stick Twists
    A Rapid
    Old Dragon Flame (Special & Jump Attacks)
    1/4 Circle Backward + B
    Dragon Buster (Normal Attacks)
    1/4 Circle Backward + C
    Vertical stick attack
    1/4 Circle Backward + A
    Flaming Tornado Stick
    Down, DwnFwd, 1/2 Circle Backward, UpBack, + BC
    Scarlet Uppercut
    Fwd, DwnFwd, Down + C
    Ex. Blue Mary
    Old Straight Slicer
    Back, Fwd + B
    Mary CrabClutch
    Neutral, 1/2 Forward + B from Old Straight Slicer
    Old Mary Snatcher
    Fwd, Down, DwnFwd + B
    Mary Spider
    ????????? + C
    Mary Dodge
    A + B
    Neo Backdrop Real
    1/2 Circle Backward from Mary Dodge
    Old Mary Typhoon
    Fwd, 1/2 Circle Forward + C 
    <Extra Moves>
    Multiple hit throws (Must be done near opponent)
    Cheng, Joe, Hon-fu
    DownFwd + C
    Forward + B
    High hit moves (Must be guarded upwards, not crouching)
    Cheng, Yamazaki 
    Forward + A
    Forward + BC
    Forward + C during Dash
    Duck, Chon-shu 
    Back + A
    Forward + B
    Line push moves (Pushes opponent to opposite line)
    Back + B -Joe 
    Back + A -Mai 
    A  + B -Cheng 
    Forward + B -Laurence, Terry, Franco 
    Anti Aerial Attacks
    DownFwd + A -Tung, Andy, Joe, Terry, Sokaku, Hon-fu, Yamazaki, EX Mary
    DownFwd + B -Joe 
    DownFwd + C -Duck, Chon-shu 
    Aerial Throw
    DownBack or Down or DownFwd + C in Air
    Laurence, Mai, Sokakau, Bob, Duck
    Ground Attack
    Down + C -Krauser, Joe, Sokaku, Hon-fu, Duck, Billy, EX Mary 
    Up + C -Mary, Bob, Yamazaki 
    Wakeup Attack
    C Before getting up
    Mai, Franco, Yamazaki, Bob
    Laurence- DownBack or Down or DownFwd + A in Air
    Krauser- Down + C in Air
    Andy- Forward + B 
    Joe- Back + A
    Bob- Forward + A During Dash
    Bob- Down + B in air
    Hon-fu- Forward + B
    Mary- Back + B
    Yamazaki- B + C in Air
    Chon-rei- Forward + B
    Combo Arts
    Also known as chain combos, each character in RBS can make multiple hits by 
    pressing buttons in a certain order. Since these chains are made of normal 
    moves, most of the times they can be comboed into special moves as well. 
    Combo chart
    Terry, Andy, Joe, Kim, Tung, Hon-Fu, Chon-Rei, Billy
    (*1- Chon-Rei and Billy can't do this.)
     _________     _________        ___________
    |A        |-->|B        |----->|C          |
    |Down + A |    --------- \      -----------
    |B        |    _________  \     ________________    ____
    |Down + B |-->|Down + B |  \-->|Forward + C (*1)|->|Back|
     ---------     --------- \  \   ----------------   | +C |
                              \  \  _______________     ----
                               \  >|Down + C       |
                                -> |ForwardDown + C|
    Combo chart
    Yamazaki, Bob, Franco, Duck King, Krauser
    (*2- Duck only.)
     _________     _________        __________________
    |A        |-->|B        |----->|C                 |
    |Down + A |    --------- \     |Forward + C (<-*2)|
    |B        |    _________  \     ------------------
    |Down + B |-->|Down + B |  \
     ---------     --------- \  \
                              \  v_______________
                               \ |Down + C       |
                                >|ForwardDown + C|
    Combo chart
    Blue Mary, Sokaku
    (*3- Either 1st or 2nd hit in case of Blue Mary.)
     _____________     _________        ___________
    |A            |-->|B        |----->|C          |
    |Down + A     |    --------- \     |Forward C  |
    |B(*3)        |    _________  \     -----------
    |Down + B     |-->|Down + B |  \
     -------------     --------- \  \
                                  \  v_______________
                                   \ |Down + C       |
                                    >|ForwardDown + C|
    Combo Chart
     _________     _________        ___________
    |A        |-->|A        |----->|C          |
    |Down + A |    ---------   |   |Down + C   |
     ---------\                |    -----------
     _________ \               |
    |B        | v  _________   |     ___________    ____
    |Down + B |-->|B        |------>|Forward + C|->|Back|
     ---------    |Down + B |        -----------   | +C | 
                   ---------                        ---- 
    Combo chart
     _________     _________        ___    ___________
    |A        |-->|B        |----->|C  |->|1/4 circle |
    |Down + A |    --------- \      ---   |Forward + C|
    |B        |    _________  \            -----------
    |Down + B |-->|Down + B |  \
     ---------     --------- \  \
                              \  v_______________
                               \ |Down + C       |
                                >|ForwardDown + C|
    Combo chart
    (*4- All of Chon-shu's 1st and 2nd hits are two hit attacks.
         They can be comboed to the next move in either hits.)
     _________       _________
    |A        |---->|A        |    ______________
    |Down + A |  |  |Down +A  |-->|C             |
     ---------   |   ---------    |Down + C      |
     _________   |   _________    |DownForward +C|
    |B        |  v  |B        |--> --------------
    |Down + B |---->|Down + B |
     ---------       ---------
    Combo chart
     _________       _________       ___________
    |A        |---->|A        |---->|C          |
    |Down + A |  |   ---------   |   -----------
     ---------   |   _________   |   ___________    ____
     _________   |->|B        |---->|Forward + C|->|BACK| 
    |B        |  |   ---------   |   -----------   | +C | 
    |Down + B |  |   _________   V   ___________    ----
     --------- ---->|Down + B |---->|Down + C   |  
                     ---------       -----------
    (Dwn = Down, Fwd = Forward)
    A, C
    DwnFwd + A, C, C, C, Fwd + C
    Dwn + A, Dwn + C
    DwnFwd + A, C, C, C, Fwd + C
    A, C
    Back + A (either hit), C, C, C, Fwd + C
    B, C, C, 1/4 circle forward + C
    C (1st hit), C, F + C, Fwd Dwn DwnFwd + A
    DwnFwd + A, C, F + C
    DwnFwd + A, C, C
    A, C
    C (1st hit), C, Dwn + C, 1/4 circle forward + C
    A, C
    Dwn + A, C
    Dwn + C (1st hit), C, 1/4 circle forward + C
    A, C
    Fwd + A, C, C, C, C, Back + C
    C (1st hit), C, Up + C
    C (1st hit), C, C, Up + C
    C (1st hit), C, C, C, Fwd + C
    DwnFwd + A, Dwn + B, Dwn + C
    A, C
    C (1st hit), C, C, C, Fwd + C
    Duck King
    C (1st hit), Dwn + C(2 hits) x 2, Dwn DwnFwd Fwd UpFwd + B
    A, C
    C, C (1st hit), 1/4 circle forward + C
    Blue Mary
    A, C
    C (1st hit), C, C, Back Fwd + B
    C (1st hit), C (either hit), Dwn + C x 3 (*5)
    (*5- Make sure you let go of the "Down" each time before you
    do the next command.)
    Dwn + A, Dwn + C
    C (either hit), C, C, Dwn + C
    A, C
    C (1st hit), C, Fwd + C, Back Fwd + C
    C (1st hit), C, C, Fwd Back + C
    A, C
    C (1st hit), C, C, C, Fwd + C
    The ending to every character is a quick skit cheaply made out of the big 
    sprites used in the VS screens. The skit lasts about 10 seconds, then a very 
    long (and unskippable) credits scroll can be seen, with little sketches like 
    those in Fatal Fury Special
    . There seems to be over 20 varieties.
    Takes Mary out to a secret place, like a date.
    Gets taken to somewhere by Mai, like a honeymoon, with Joe shouting from the 
    Takes Andy to somewhere, like a honeymoon.
    Takes rule over Hong-Kong, Cheng shaking in the back.
    Gets taken somewhere secret by Terry, like a date.
    Finds Yamazaki and decides to "Re-educate" him with his kicks while he pleads 
    for mercy.
    Looks for a fighter to waste his energy on, and finds Laurence, shaking and 
    Argues with Duck about what kind of music is best.
    EX Billy
    Talks to his stick like his girlfriend and calls it Catherine. Mai comes over 
    and tells him it's gross, then he changes the name of his stick to Mai. Mai 
    naturally freaks out.
    EX Mary
    Evil Mary decides to make Terry her new puppy, but Terry freaks out and runs 
    away. Joe comes over to take his place, but Mary refuses because he's already 
    a dog to begin with.
    Dream or Nightmere? Geese is Back!
    Geese Howard is Back as a hidden character. Although the conditions to his 
    appearance is still uncertain, the following are the assumptions concluded at 
    the current time.
    1- The player must finish off the game up to Krauser with No Losses.
    2- The player must score over 750000 by the time Krauser is defeated.
    3- The player must score over "S" at least once, and never score a          
    If the three conditions set above are fulfilled, the player should see a 
    screen with the words "Nightmere" instead of the usual "congratulations" 
    screen, and fight with Geese is a stage similar to that in FFS. His 
    background music is an arranged 
    version from FFs as well.
      First up, for those of you who's thinking of skipping these notes because 
    you've read them in the previous FaQs, guess what, this stuff's been updated!
      Well folks, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Geez that's a long name, don't 
    you think?) has been out for about one month now. The game seems to be 
    floating in all the arcades now so there shouldn't be any problems playing 
    it, except if you're in a country where NeoGeo access is hard to get. I've 
    heard from an avid reader in Belgium that he probably won't be able to play 
    it for another month or so...
    1-  Basic Gameplay
    A button = punch, B = kick, C = Fierce attack. 
    You still have a POW meter and a double life bar like in RBFF.
      I've emphasized in my previous notes that this game is combo based, but I 
    also find that guarding is a very effective action in RBS, especially since 
    special moves don't scratch off much energy this time. So as much as people 
    hate to throw (which reminds me of one particular compadre of mine who goes 
    nuts every time he gets thrown), throwing seems to be a nessecity in this 
    games. In RBS your opponent can't escape out once they're thrown, and they 
    can't roll to the other line either.
     I've mentioned that the D  can still change your direction in the air with 
    the D button like RBFF, but there's one major difference. In RBFF, you were 
    able to change direction after a small jump, which was a really cheap and 
    quick way to end the game (as well as get people annoyed). This time you can 
    only change directions in a normal or high jump, so that's been taken care 
    of. Unfortunately the line system can be used cheaply (Check out #4 in the 
    "Line System" section of this guidebook), so the system seems evened up, in a 
    bad way.
    The POW system hasn't changed from RBFF. If you power up over half the bar 
    you'll get "H-Power" which'll let you do a move called Break Shot, a catchy 
    name for nothing but Guard canceling. If you power up to a full bar you'll 
    get "S- Power" which is a DM, and if your life bar is blinking you'll be able 
    to do a P- Power" in place, which is a SDM. Use of the Line-roll takes off 
    25% of the meter while Breakshot takes off 50%, and the DM/SDM takes off 
    100%. But don't hesitate using it because this time it builds up upon 
    guarding as well. 
    The rounds seem to end pretty fast because some of the combos and special 
    moves take up colossal amounts of damage (i.e.: Kim's combo which can drain 
    almost a full bar in 5 seconds, Mary's Straight Slicer"s", etc...). The meter 
    turns red very quickly, but after that it seems to go down a lot slower, even 
    on SDMs.
    There's only 8 Stages for the game, compared to the 19 character in the game. 
    Terry, Duck and Mary shares the beach stage. Mai, Andy and Sokaku shares the 
    Japan stage. Joe, Franco and Bob shares the Brazil stage. Cheng, Yamazaki and 
    Hon-fu shares the Hong-Kong stage. Tung, Chon-shu shares the China stage.  
    Kim and Cho-shu shares the Korea stage. Billy, Laurence and Krauser all hog a 
    whole background to themselves in the order of English pop music stage,  
    Entrance to Krauser's castle, and balcony of Krauser's Castle. Geese seems to 
    have his old stage as well, but I've never gotten up to him myself.
      Perhaps what has been even more stunning to me than the hidden Geese Howard 
    was the special "EX" characters I found out about just the day after I 
    completed writing this Guidebook. Thanks to the local arcades (seven in all) 
    which provides me with all these great infos, I had to rewrite portions of 
    this Guidebook... 
      But I have no regrets, mostly because the "EX" characters seem evil, and 
    evil rules. The other reason why I don't regret writing about the Ex 
    characters is since most of them seem pretty techninical so far as I've 
    played them.
      ExAndy's eyes are wide opened, looks a bit posessed like by some creature 
    from the X-Files, actually is smiling, and he looks a lot more like a ninja. 
      In this EX version, Andy has no "Flying" projectiles (Remember KoF96' mon 
    ami?) and his Neo Gei-hishouken doesn't hit the other line. He's lost his 
    uppercut, but gained his old flaming flipkick from RBFF. His Quicksilver his 
    2 times once by his fist and second from his shadow which flys in front of 
    him, and it looks way cooler than his normal one. Unfortunately it has a 
    horrible recovery time and if you miss, you stand frozen for a while.By now 
    you should realize... yup, beginner's shouldn't use Ex characters.
      Also, this pertains to the other 3 Ex characters as well, but his combo 
    arts seem different from normal Andy's, as well as some of the normal moves. 
      Billy has no pupils in his eyeballs (all white), he looks as though he's 
    done some mad drugs, and he sounds like he's just come out of a mental 
    hospital (note: all these stuff are from the victory screens, not from the 
    fighitng screens). Yup, he's seriously sick, and he seems to enjoy beating up 
    on kids too. Maybe they changed the English version a bit so they won't get 
    sued by any associations.... 
    who knows. 
      Anyway, ExBilly seems to be almost identical to the Billy in RBFF, so he 
    has his old SDM and his counters too. The only difference seems to be his DM, 
    which is back to the FFS version. ....Guess what, he's probably stronger in 
    his EX version than his normal state. As long as Billy users don't mind using 
    a character who looks like a modern Frankenstein, take advantage of him.
      Ex Blue Mary looks more like Bloody Mary in the 1P color,  and she has that 
    purple color like 2P Nakoruru in the other. She also has a wicked smile on 
    her face and what she says to Mai is totally different from her normal self. 
      ExMary seemed somewhat mysterious to me at first, but then I realized her 
    potentials. Her straight slicer is slow and it can easily be countered even 
    after a hit, but it needs no "Holding" on the back to execute it, and there's 
    a throw which can be added at the end, although it's hellishly hard to 
    accomplish. Her Snatcher is an aerial grab and it rarely hits, but it can 
    catch opponents as long as they are in the air, which means that you can grab 
    them even right after a foot sweep. 
    Her spider can be avoided just by jumping, but if it hits it takes about half 
    a meter. And what makes Mary really strong is her Dodge, becuase not only is 
    she totally invincible (funny, sometimes you get attacked tho'), you can 
    throw from it if the opponent comes close.  So that leaves Mary to be the 
    most throw- based character in the game, but guess what, there's one thing I 
    haven't written in this guidebook yet. No, it's not her SDM becuase I still 
    don't know what it is, but it's a certain chain combo. Once you figure out 
    what I'm talking about, then you'll truely learn why she may even be more of 
    a throw based character than Street Fighter's Zangief. Oh, and her DM. It's 
    mighty strong, like I mentioned before.
     EX Tung seems as strong as the normal one. His Geki-hou seems to be very 
    useful not only as an anti-aerial attack, but also against... well, 
    practically any move except line attacks and Yamazaki's Snake Arm. It works 
    well against dash-moves like Terry's Burn-Knuckle and Andy's Elbow, and it 
    also erases projectiles. 
    Now on to "normal" characters-
    His voice is different. Ok so everyone's voices are different, but his power 
    wave sounds a lot deep in throat than before. This time he appears with his 
    jacket off, throws it in the air and lands it right on his body.  His 
    background music is back to the old one from FF2/FFS and his monkey's still 
     Terry seems pretty strong. Although his Power Geyser doesn't hit the other 
    line, it comes out pretty fast and seems tilted a bit to the front so there 
    shouldn't be much problem hitting opponents. He still has his Round wave 
    which hits the other line but goes nowhere, and now a new move called the 
    Power Charge which tumbles the opponent long enough for a rising tackle, etc. 
    The motion to his Triple Geyser changed, but he seems strong enough without 
    it- both his normal and special moves drain life as much as they used to in 
    He still has his lagtime-less special moves. His projectile comes out fast, 
    flys fast, and he recovers fast from motion. Too bad it only reaches half a 
    screen. In his new move he looks like he's homping his opponent to death. But 
    then again so's Cheng's throw..
    I suppose it depends on the user, but Joe seems to be strong as well. I've 
    seen a player get 13 wins in a row with him. His DM hits  6 times max and he 
    hasn't lost any moves. His new move comes out slow, but it can still be used 
    for combos.
    Her costume is back to the sexy one in FFS/KoF, but mind all of you readers, 
    she really isn't that revealing at all-  in fact I'd say that her be-hind is 
    more emphasized than her chest. Either way she still looks better (and more 
    like a ninja than a Geish a girl) back in her old costume. Her 1st round 
    victory pose is the traditional "Nippon Ichi!" while her 2nd round victory 
    pose is new- she sits down on the ground exposing her legs and says 
    'Ochanoko-Sai sai!" which can be translated as "Peice of Cake!" in English. 
     Mai seems strong, but not cheap, one reason being that her A attack is can 
    no long hit crouching opponents. Her fire replica from RBFF & FF3 has totally 
    been renewed and now not only is it strong from the sides like before, it 
    totals anyone hovering over her (except if they're air-guarding) and it's 
    invincible for a while. 
    Her triple fan throw from RBFF has been replaced with uppercut fans which can 
    be done multiple times(like Genjuro's triple slash move in SS3), and it 
    finishes off with stabs of fans similar to that of Billy's special chain 
    combo in RBFF. This uppercut fan of her goes flying in the air, so it might 
    be effective as an anti-aerial move. 
     Her DM is nowhere as useful as it once was: this time she goes flying 
    diagonally into the air, so if you miss, you're Shish-ka-Mai. Her SDM isn't 
    much of use either because although it's a throw = unguardable,  even a 
    stoned gerbil would be aware enough to dodge a girl flying 1 mph across the 
    screen while shooting out pink shadows.
    I'm sure that players remember his cheapness in RBFF where all you had to do 
    was press the B and C buttons, no skill needed. Well guess what, he hasn't 
    changed a bit. In fact he might be even worse now that there's the new line 
    system. I've seen Kim hit the opponent 3-4 times on the same line, push them 
    over to the opposite line, follow them up with a kick and finish off the 
    combo with his crescent slice. Took practically a whole life bar. 
    And yes, there was a player having a winning streak with him. Fortunately the 
    guy was well-humored and forfeited after his stomach started to rumble. We 
    have some weird players here, I guess. 
    A Phoenix appears in his SDM, and his new move can erase projectiles.
    He seems to have powered up a bit, but then again he wasn't so strong to 
    begin with. Will his chick ever grow up?
     Duck's got himself a nice looking Combo Art this time, where he breakdances 
    while going forward and then rises upwards into the air like his old move in 
    FFS.  Quite some people chose him than I had expected, but noone was good 
    enough to win a full set. 
     Duck's DM counts as a 16 hit combo now, and it does substantial damage. He's 
    still got his dance for his SDM but it ends much quicker now. 
    His DM is still the same old fire roll, and it's still weak against line 
    attacks. Billy's SDM hits twice in a swing upwards and then downwards, so 
    even if you guard the first hit, if you stay guarded crouching down you'll be 
    hit from the second one. 
    His new move comes out very fast, hits multiple times and must be guarded 
    downwards. Just hitting the C button like crazy does good damage as a chain 
    and it can be comboed. This is extremely unfair, because if Bob sees you 
    guarding up he can combo the chain into his new move and hit you, if he sees 
    you guarding down he can combo his chain into his DM which has to be guarderd 
    upwards, and if you weren't lucky enough to guard, he can combo his chain 
    into his SDM. When his somersault  kick (Bison Horn) gets guarded, he flips 
    all the way back to his edge of the screen, and not even Terry's crack shoot 
    can counter it. 
    In the beginning of the game, Bobby comes dashing from the opponents side of 
    the screen (like Sakura from SFA2) while Richard Meyer waits for him.
    I've seen 3 of Bobby's victory poses, the most interesting one where he 
    dances with Richard who plays the maracas.  I've seen a player getting 22 in 
    a row with him, and believe me he wasn't that good. Sure tells us something 
    about video games, eh?
    Blue Mary
     I've only seen 2 people pick her, and one of them's me. I sucked, only being 
    able to win a streak once and bringing disgrace to the name "blue" by 
    dripping blood all over (yup, the blood's still in this game). Of course I've 
    gotten better since then and I hit 10 in a row easily with her, together with 
    Yamazaki. But the other guy, man was he good at using her (don't take it so 
    literally)!!!  He had excellent timing, but more than that he knew just the 
    right moves to do at just the right time. 
    Mary's spin fall can now be guarded while ducking (although it hits multiple 
    times). And as though that wasn't enough, SNK took out Mary's main 5 hit 
    combo. Luckily this dude was nice enough to show us how to use her in his 38 
    (whoa!!!!!) winning streak.
    First, the guy never used her spin-fall and did jumping fierces instead. More 
    than that, if the opponent missed a move, he'd always stick in a straight 
    slicer and add the sting fang (electric shock) and ground attack right after, 
    taking away about 70% off the life bar just with that 3 hit. Her Vertical 
    arrow can still hit twice and grab, and now it flys more sideways than 
    before. Her new throw is useful too because of its long range and enablement 
    of a ground attack right afterwards. And perhaps the most interesting thing 
    is her new DM which is invincible in the beginning, is no longer a throw, 
    goes through the opponent, has no recovery time but can easily be thrown. 
      One funny problem about Mary's DM: once you hit the opponent she dashes 
    left and right while doing attacks, but since she's not invincible during 
    that time, she can still be hurt by some leftover residue. I've once seen her 
    go right into a leftover of Cheng's floating projectile while she was in her 
      Franco's moves take up a lot of damage, but they all come out very slowly. 
    He takes his time doing his projectile as well. 
      His Double-gong move has been totally renewed together with most of his 
    graphics, and his new Guts-Dunk special seems to be a good anti-air defense.
     His new move is mysterious- it doesn't do much damage and only erases the 
    opponent's projectile, and sometimes his face looks like a Demon, or as one 
    writer put it, Zankuro. His DM hits both lines and his SDM is slow, but 
     He doesn't seem to have changed much from before, but his off-the-wall-and-
    back move has quicker recovery time. Thank goodness that his flaming 
    knunchuck rises a lot higher than before so it can easily be countered, 
    becuase in RBFF that was about the only move needed to win the game.
     He was another favorite character that people kept on using. Lucky for him, 
    he didn't lose any moves at all.
     First up, his jump kick is much, much better now that it goes way sideways.
    As you all might know, he can now do his snake arm downwards like a foot 
    Unfortunately its aim (up, down, or  middle) has to be chosen by the button 
    you execute the command in, so you can't wait for the opponent to make the 
    first move like in RBFF.
     His Snake Arm cancel isn't as quick as like RBFF either. This time he shoots 
    his arm in all 3 directions if you hold on the move for a while. 
    This time you can control his projectile counter to reflect or just grab by 
    the length of time you hold the C button. His knife slash looks renewed 
    (really sticks it into the opponent). His DM hits from the beginning now so 
    you can combo it from A-C, but since he takes his time to put his hand back 
    in his pocket, so doing it while the opponent guards is a deathwish for 
    combos. He's got a new throw where he head butts the opponent to flames, and 
    his "Drill" SDM uses it a bit too. 
     His uppercut flys straight upwards, hits multiple times, and sucks the 
    opponent inwards to his rotation. His SDM still looks the same as before...  
     Chon-shu can DM from his jump as well as do his normal projectile or his 
    warp. He seems like a warp-based character, even his Breakshot being it.
     Not a popular character at all. I thought that people would keep on using 
    him to cheap out on the games, but he seemed to be powered down compared to 
     His projectile can be powered up for about 5 different levels by holding on 
    to the button. His Quick-elbow move still doesn't throw the opponent 
    afterwards like Chon-shu's, but I don't think he really needs it. His normal 
    moves seem pretty good, and especially his jump fierce which he attacks with 
    a energy-ball in his hands. His DM may look small compared to before, but it 
    hits a pretty good range because of the slightly visible wave which surrounds 
    it. Still comes out pretty slow and can't hit opponents in the other 
    background. In fact I don't think any of the DMs can hit the 
    opposite line. 
     He has a nice looking wife who looks nothing like a tub of lard himself. A 
    generous number of players (no beginners) picked him.
     Actually Cheng is a pretty interesting character to watch. He has  an new 
    counter-move in which he inflates like a balloon. If you hit him during his 
    inflation, he bounces to the edge of the screen, ricochets and rolls back to 
    hit the opponent. His ol' roll takes off a good portion of a life bar with 
    only one hit (although its beginning isn't so fast), and his projectile/ DM 
    still drops downwards. His SDM is no use because it can be line dodged....
     He sounds just like Tung.
     Remember him in FFS? Well... he still seems to suck. But not to despair, he 
    can power up during his taunt! ...Okay, it's not that useful either.
    Actually Tung plays pretty strong when the computer uses him, but when it 
    comes time for a human player to control your oldie-ness, noone had the keen 
    reflexes like the CPU. He now has an Anti-aerial projectile which should help 
    him out a lot.  His old thousand-kick throw isn't a throw anymore, but it 
    hits multiple times and jumps upwards. He still has his burn-knuckle and the 
    "Show-ha!" move. Tung's DM is still the same, and I think that his SDM is a 
    powered-up version of his anti-aerial-macho-replica move from FFS.
    I suppose Laurence is Krauser's right hand as Billy is to Geese. Anyway, 
    Blood seems to be pretty useful, especially his DM which now hits multiple 
    times and is much easier to execute than in FFS since it's the same as 
    Geese's DM command. His bloody cutter (air cape) now takes 2 step to execute, 
    and his new bloody saber move can be executed 3 times in a row (like 
    Genjuro's triple slash from the SS series). 
    Although it's still too hard to tell, I've tried using him once and he seems 
    pretty strong. He can do the ol' dodge from FF2, which is also identical to 
    the dodge in the KoF series. His ol' Bloody Cutter ( air cape attack) can  be 
    altered to a knife throw or a throw so you can fly over to your opponent 
    who's guarding for a expected cape attack and throw them instead... His SDM 
    is Bloody slow, but the computer loves falling for it.  Every one of his 
    special moves has the word "Bloody" in it, including his SDM which has the 
    most corniest name I've heard of : Final Death Bloody.  Is Luarence Gay? When 
    fighting against particular not-so-muscular- guys, his taunt is a love 
    call.... with a throw of a Rose. When Laurence loses, he says "Adios!" 
    He looks totally out of place... in his own castle. Let's face it, SNK's 
    trying to make a total bafoon out of him. His background music isn't the 
    requiem anymore (damn), but it's still classic and it sounds nowhere as 
    muffled & mono as his ol' music on the cartridge version of FF2/S & KoF96'. 
    It matches his stage very well, but not himself.
    Krauser has his own version of Geese's Deadly Rave, which I haven't been able 
    to complete yet. There seems to be 3 different ways of doing it, and i've 
    seen at least one where he ends it with his Gigatec Cyclone. He has a special 
    combo very similar to billy's multiple hit stick in RBFF. His Blitz balls are 
    extremely fast, his Kaiser Wave can be powered up 3 levels, and at its 
    maximum it can hit the opposite line. His SDM is a throw, but it has a 
    extremely wide range. I was right, BJ Love is doing his voice again. 
    Krauser's regained his ol' "I'll chizzle your Gravestone..." voice when he 
    comes out as the last boss, but he sounds like an evil warlord compared to 
    the time back in FF2/S where he sounded like a Royal Kaiser. Personally I 
    think his new one is definitely different, but I enjoy it. An opera singer 
    (female) can be seen in the beginning of his stage. His Counter throw only 
    works against jump attacks and special moves. He's also 2 new throws one 
    which is a rehash of his "throw high and punch up") and the other which stus 
    the opponent for a while so you can combo them. 
    I've seen 4 victory poses for Krauser as well as Mary. One's where he pulls 
    his hand from the air just like KoF96, second's where he puts his cape back 
    one, third's where he mumbles some stuff (hope he's saying "You were 
    good..."), and the last's where he shoots a ray of energy out of his body 
    like Chon-shu in FRRB. 
    His underhand Blitz ball now has to be guarded ducking, and his Kaiser Wave 
    comes out fast enough that he can hit the opponent right after he sees them 
    jump. His SDM resembles that of Bob's from RBFF, where he floats up while 
    twirling (except in Krauser's case, it's really a throw). 
     All this makes him sound pretty invincible but normally his DM can easily be 
    avoided with the line dodge AND be countered right afterwards, but even more 
    his big physique makes him a sandbag for Combos.
    Extra Stuff
    There's lots of extra stuff inside the game that Fatal Fury fans would just 
    love, especially the jigs that takes place before and after the fight. Here's 
    a list of the stuff I've seen so far:
    1- Terry and Mary
    In the beginning of the match, Mary's dog runs over to Terry's monkey, 
    Terry's monkey does a Power Geyser and hops on to Mary's dog and they run out 
    of the screen together. Sometimes the monkey missing landing on the dog and 
    hops out of the screen by itself. Jubei sometimes makes an appearance too, 
    2- Joe
    Hwa Jai comes out in his Victory pose.
    3- Kim
    When he loses the last round, his 2 sons come out and steps to their father, 
    angrily looking at the victor. Also, Choi and Chan from KoF makes a special 
    appearance in the right edge of his stage flying sometimes when the match is 
    4- Kim and Yamazaki
    Hon-Fu comes out for a second to arrest Yamazaki, but Kim tells him to step 
    back and he disappears.
    5- Cheng
    When he loses, his wife comes out and looks at her beaten up husband, 
    6- Yamazaki
    Depending on the opponent, he comes out with Hwa Jai dead in his hand. 
    Some of the animation from RBFF seems to be cut out while some other parts of 
    the game has more. For instance, Mary's hair doesn't fall down with animation 
    when she loses, but her victory poses has a lot of more frames than before. 
    All the projectiles seems to be much well animated and actually looks like a 
    leash of energy than a huge yellow M&M. If you compare the game to the old 
    Fatal Fury special, you'll know where that 394 megs went.
                                   Sincerely written in Jan. 19. 1997',
                                                 Howlin' Mad -H-
    If you have any questions or comments, send an e-mail to my long and 
    exhaustive address. Again, this Guidebook is free for distribution but do not 
    alter any part of it. Ok, keep that memorized! <G>
    Geese is hidden in the game, and he has quite some new voices. I've sent most 
    of them out to the net, so if you're lucky you might be albe to find his 
    voices on a wave file. 
     There has been few points about this game which really disappointed me, so 
    here I go:
    1- No special stuff when winning/ losing 
    I've played the game a lot during the past week, and there's not much extra 
    stuff when you lose. FF3/RB had a zoom-in when you were pushed  off the 
    screen, RBFF had quick skits had you been pushed out of ring, and for the 
    latest in Sam Sho', there was a "Fatality" imitation. So far there's really 
    noone of that in this game. You don't even see the loser beaten up when you 
    2- Game play too short
    Although the game seems very balanced, each round ends very quickly cuz' 
    there's so many chances to attack the opponent, thanx to the new line system. 
    Also, it seems like this game was made very specifically for versus humans. 
    When playing the computer, there's ONLY 8 fights or so, where the last 2 are 
    always Laurence and Krauser. This is worse than FF2 folks.
    The first enemy can be chosen, and you go rotating the remaining stages. Thus 
    you can't meet up with 2 (or more) characters who share the same stages. This 
    means that if you pick Andy as your first enemy, you'll never meet up with 
    Mai since they Both share the Japan stage. 
    3- Extra stuff only happens on 2P
    As I said previously, this game was really meant to be played human versus 
    human. so, you won't see that much special openings when you fight the 
    computer. BUT there are special openings meant just for VS CPU too, like the 
    scrolling in the USA stage or Krauser's "I'll chizzle your gravestone, sleep 
    well..." voice in the last stage.
    4- Bad Ending, good skit
    The endings are not worth playing the game for. You have big sprites (movable 
    pictures), the same ones used in the "VS" screen, talking 5 or so sentences 
    to each other  and that's all. 
    But there's one good thing about the ending- remember the skits that took 
    place in FFS during the credits roll? Well it's back and powered up, plus 
    there's a whole number of them now (I'm guess ing 20 or so).
     One last thing. Here's a list of current Items that I sent out and should be 
    Lurking around the Net'---
    1-  28 Pics of Screen shots of RBS (Pic series 1)
    2-  16 more new Screen shots of RBS (Pic series 2)
    3-  4 Wave files of character voices, includes rare samples of 
    Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai, Mary, Cheng, Tung, Billy, Laurence, Yamazaki, Krauser 
    and not to mention Geese.
    4-  FaQ, Which you're reading this moment. There's a text version and a 
    MSWrite version. The MSWrite version is of course better with arrows 
    replacing command symbols, and pictures of the game as well as some of the 
    voice actors. Geese's voice actor looks witty as the character himself!
    ----MUSIC INFO----
    Characters With Arranged background music from FF2/FFS
    Geese Howard
    Characters With Arranged background music from FF3/RBFF
    Characters with new background music
    Blue Mary
    Chon-shu & Chon-rei- 
    In FF3/RB, Chon-shu had Pandora's Box #1, and Chon-rei had #2. This time they 
    both share Pandora's Box #3.
    Has same Mozart's Requiem K626 But last time it was Diaz Eres (misspell), and 
    this time it is Lacrimosa.
    -Character select screen (Beginning)
    "Hey, how's it going dude! And let's begin!"
    "Choose your favorite character!"
    -After choosing
    "Your first opponent is bad! Be tough or be dead big guy! Ready, go!"
    -Vs Billy (CPU)
    "Next comes- wow, looks tough and very angry!"
    -VS Laurence (CPU)
    "Pull yourself together! This opponent looks ready to kill!"
    "Stay tough, and good luck!" 
    -Nightmere (Vs Geese)
    "Wow, who can this be? Let's get down to business!"
    -CPU cleared 1
    "Well done,  you've swept blood and came a long way! Now kick back champ, 
    till' we meet again! Stay cool!"
    -CPU cleared 2
    "Well done, you've come a long way! But don't rest on your lowrolls yet. A 
    world of roughnecks awaits!"
    -Continue? Screen
    "Too bad! You want to give it another try? you might win this time! Trust 
    -Game Over (CPU not cleared)
    "Aaaw, game over man! Try again? no? Oh, then see you later man!"
    "Let's party!"
    "G... Geese!!!"
    "Yoshi! OK!"
    (Ok in Japanese, Ok in English.)
    "All right!"
    "Hey, C'mon C'mon!"
    "OverHeat!" (SDM)
    "Zenryoku de iku yo!"
      (I'm coming with all my strength!)
    "Ohisashi buri desu, Tan sen-sei!"
      (It's been a long while, master Tung.)
    "Sakusaku ikuze!"
      (Let's finish it off quickly!)
    "Mou owari kayo! Tate!"
      (Finished already? Get up!)
    "Yappa ore wa tensai dawa!"
      (Yea, I'm a genious!)
    "Koredemo kurae--!"
      (Eat this!)
    "Kakkate ratshai!"
      (Come at me!)
    "Ote-yawaraka ni-ne!"
      (Go easy on me!)
    "Ocha-noko sai sai!"
      (Piece of cake!) 
    "Choushi-ni nottcha dameyo!"
      (Don't get your hopes too high!)
    "Fuu, Kimochii!"
      (Ohh that feels great!)
    "Ho-ra, ganbatte!"
      (Hey, good luck!)
    "Hitotsu, Futatsu, mitsu, yotsu, itsutsu..."
      (One, two, three, four, five...)
    "Joubutsu mesarei!"
      (You shall exorcise!)
      (Ritual chant.)
    "Sadame ja!"
      (It is fate!)
    "Saraba ja!"
    "Meido no miyage ja!"
      (Gift for you to hell!)
    "Funuke ga!"
      (Incompetent fool!)
      (Got it!)
    "Anata denaoshite kudasai!"
      (Go home and try again bub!)
    "Doko miten dayo!"
      (Where are you looking?)
    "Step one-two chestou--!!" (DM)
    "Kakugoha yokane!"
      (Ready for your fate?)
    "Ki, kimatta!"
      (I, I did it!)
    "annta, nakanaka yatta bai!"
      (Hey, you're pretty strong!)
    "Hanashi ni naran cha!"
      (You're nothing to talk about!)
    "Ware nagara sugokaa!"
      (Am I good or what?)
    "Dogyan shitanoka nay?"
      (Hey what's up?)
      (Don't have your nose too high up!)
    "Seikuu rekka conn!"
      (Air-controlling-fire-stick, literary.)
      (Too strong!!!)
    -Blue Mary
    "Are you ready?"
    "Let's go!"
    "Common' Anton!"
      (Anton = name of dog)
    "Miss me Anton?"
    "Bye, see you!"
    "Kiss me! OK?"
    "Good good good!"
    "Mary's Typhoon!" (SDM)
    "I shall return!" (2nd round Loss)
    "Atashi ni kateru?"
      (Can you win against me?)
    "Motto tsuyoku narinasai."
      (Become more stronger.)
    "Kakatte kinasai yo!"
      (Hey, c'mon at me!)
    -Franco Bash
    "Come on!"
    "Aarmagedon buster!"
    "Oh my God!"
    "Kono Zako ga!"
      (Puny ass!)
      (What a joke!)
    "Hyaku nen hae--n dayo!"
      (You're a hundred years too young to fight me!)
    "Mono tari-nay na!"
      (I'm not satisfied!)
    "Nigen-na yo!"
      (Don't even try to run away!)
    "Iteen dayo!"
      (It hurts!)
    "Ameeen dayo!"
      (Too easy!)
    "Okiro kora!"
      (Wake up moron!)
    "Ikuzo, ikuzo, ikuzo!"
      (I'm comin', I'm comin, I'm comin'!!!)
    "Kakatte koiyo!"
      (Come at me!)
    "Iteay darou gayo!"
      (Hey that hurts!)
    "Hore, kaesuze!"
      (Right back at ya!)
      (Go to hell!/ die!)
    "Keshi tobi na!"
      (Blow ya' to bits!)
    "Kiku ze!"
      (Ohh I felt that one!)
    "Shara-ku sei!"
      (Get ready for a ride!)
    "Kono amachua ga!"
      (You amature!)
    "Ippen shinnde koi!"
      (Try a trip to hell!)
    "Temey no tsura ha wasurenei zo!"
      (I'll never forget your ugly face!)
    "Saa tanoshimi mashou!"
      (Ok let's have fun!)
    "Hanashi ni narimasen!"
      (You' aren't anything to talk about!)
    "Mou owari desuka!"
      (Finished already?)
      (It can't be--!)
    "Tsumara nai!"
    "Naze omae ha yowaino da?"
      (Why are you so weak?)
    "Are you ready?"
    "Good morning!"
    "I  missed you!"
    "Lovin' you yo' ! "
    "You're an angel baby!"
      (Let's go!)
    "Makasete oke!"
      (Leave it to me!)
    "Sagatte iro!"
      (Stand back!)
    "Aku wa yurusan!"
      (I'll never forgive evil!)
    "Shugyou ga tarin!"
      (You need training.)
    "Doushita doushita!"
       (What's up, what's up!"
    "I'm gonna bust you so bad!"
      (Sounds more to me like "I'm gonna botch you so badly")
    "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!"
      (VS Geese, A bow to his master)
    "Doumo, arigatou gozaimashita"
      (VS Geese, Thanking his master)
    "Denaoshite kina!"
      (Try again boy!)
    "Want you ba-by!"
    "Bone in my heart!" 
      (This one is wrong. I had a horrible time trying to guess it...)
    "Arigatou san!"
    "Madamada gen-eki ja!"
      (I'm still still active!)
    "Anata yurushimasen!"
      ("I won't forgive you!" against evil enemies like Krauser becuase   
      Cheng wants their places)
      (I'm full!)
    "Harapeko desu!" 
      (I'm hungery!/Empty!   2nd Round loss.)
    "Ooom, it's so sweet!"
    "Try again?"
    "Die forever!"
    "Good night!"
    "I'll chizzle your gravestone, sleep well!!"
    "They're waiting for you in hell!"
    "This is a showdown, Geese!" 
    "Is this the best you can do?"
    "You were good, you fought well!"
    "Gigatec Cyclone!" (SDM)
    "My fists felt ???????"
      (Sounds like "My fists fell grading trout". I have no ida what he's 
    "I've been waiting for you!"
    "Get lost, loser!"
    "Let's boggie doodie!"
      (That's what he's saying alright.)
    "Die, forever!"
    "Double Reppuken!"
    "Double Shippuken!"
    "Nice try!"
    "Good try!" 
      (This may be wrong, only a guess.)
    "Raging Storm!"
    "Thunder Break!"
    "Deadly Rave!"
    -Richard Meyer
    "Let's go Bob!"
    -Cheng's wife
    "Anata, muri nasaranaide!"
      (Don't hurt yourself dear!)
    "Anata, otsukare sama!"
      (You were great dear!)
    "Anata, omedetou!"
      (Congratulations Dear!)
    "Anata, daijoubu?"
      (Are you alright Dear?) 
    "Anata, iki-teruno?"
      (Are you alive Dear?)
    -Small guy
    "Come on Bash!"
    "Have a nice day---!"
    Voice Actor Credits
    Satoshi Hashimoto-  Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan
    Other works- Lawrence Blood (FF2, FFS)
    Keiichi Nanba- Andy Bogard
    Other Works- Cheng Chinzan (FF2, FFS)
    Nobuyuki Hiyama- Joe Higashi
    Other Works- ???
    Atsushi Yamanishi-  Billy Kane
    Other Works- Jubei Yamada & Big Bear (FF2, FFS)
    Akoya Hisogi- Mai Shiranui
    Other Works- ???
    Harumi Ikoma- Blue Mary
    Other works- Yuri (AoF1), King (AoF seires, KoF series), Nakoruru (SS 
    Charlotte(SS series), Mizuki (SS2/SSRPG), Sinclair(AoF3)
    Kong Kuwata- Duck King, Geese Howard
    Other Works- Genjuro Kibagami(SS series), Ninehart Seiger (SS2, SSRPG)
    B.J. Love- Franco Bash, Wolfgang Krauser
    Other works- Born in Michigan, working as actor for about 20 years.
    Toshiyuki Morikawa- Bob Wilson, Hon Fu
    Other Works- ???
    Kouji Ishii- Sokaku Mochzuki, Ryuji Yamazaki
    Other Works- ???
    Kappei Yamaguchi- Jin Chonshu & Chonrei
    Other Works- ???
    Tomoe Morikawa- Bob Wilson, Hon-Fu
    Other Works- ???
    Shigemoji Nakai- Tung Fue Rue, Cheng Chinzan
    Other Works- ???
    Youno Arita- Laurence Blood
    Other Works- ???
    -Version Updates-
    1/17/97 -Ver 0.5 created. Incomplete move list and note written.
    1/19/97 -Ver 0.5 for MSWrite created. Same as Text version except arrow fonts 
    replace the control abbreviations. 
    1/26/97 -Ver .75 for MSWrite and Text created. Almost complete list of moves, 
    no combo chart, Enhanced comments added. Game Graphics and   voice actor list 
    added with face photos in MSWrite version.  
    2/15/97 -Ver 1.00 for MSWrite and Text created. Complete combo list added. 
    Character storylines and some endings added. Voice charts, line system 
    advice, hints to Geese Howards, etc added. Full list of voice actor list 
    added. Extra graphics added in MSWrite Version. 
    2/19/97 -Ver 1.00 Plus created. Minor errors fixed and additions made. 
    -Updates Scheduled-
    4/??/97  -Ver 2.00 
    Last Update. Notes will be deleted. A perfect complete move list, pics of 
    hidden Geese, etc to be scheduled. 
    -Special Thanks to-
    SNK Co.  
    -For making the great game itself.
    Tsukasa Kotobuki 
    -Official illustrator of the Toshinden series, for the nice title 
    -Final Note-
    Thank God (if God plays RBS, or else I'll just thank myself) that I've 
    finished making this Guidebook! If anyone tries to paginate this work, you'll 
    find out that there's over 40 pages. Ain't that something, how many FaQs are 
    out there with 40+ pages? Of course I'm talking about the MSWrite version 
    which has the pics, the Text version might be a few pages less. But then 
    again this Guidebook was made for the MSWrite version than Text. All the pics 
    included in the MSW version gives it a nessecity to be Zipped, but I'm sure 
    that nooone will regret checking it out. Maybe I'll embed some voices in the 
    next version, humm. Well, I'm tired so come the next version in mid-April, 
    that'll be the last. Unfortunately I have no Idea of how many people have 
    read my Guidebook so far, but hope you readers enjoy it!
    "Perfect Player's Guide FFRB" 
    1996, 1997 Copyright Madman's Cafe.
    "Perfect Player's Guide"
    Copyright Henry Moriarty 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

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