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    Walkthrough by X

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                             Mega Man X3 FAQ
                                   By X
    * Updates to this guide can be found at the end.
    Story: In the year 21XX, all the Mavericks have been neutralized thanks
    to the efforts of a Reploid scientist named, "Dr. Doppler". Using his
    Neuro Computer he has been able to suppress any abnormal behavior in
    the reploids and prevent them from going berserk. Many of the most
    advanced reploids have gathered near their mentor and founded "Dopple
    Town", a perfect Utopian community. With Dr. Doppler guiding them, the
    world seemed ready to enter a new golden age...
    After a few months...
    The Mavericks who were supposed to have been neutralized by the Neuro
    Computer suddenly appeared and began to riot...
    At Maverick Hunter Headquarters, all the intelligence indicated that
    Dr. Doppler was the mastermind behind the invasion. Soon, the call went
    out to X and Zero to destroy the invading Mavericks and to bring Dr.
    Doppler to justice.
    Maverick Hunter X and Zero. Dispatch!!
    A few hours later, emergency contact was made by the headquarters of
    Maverick Hunter.
    "This is the headquarters of Maverick Hunter. We are under attack from
    the Doppler force. All units return to base immediately and return
    Mega Man X's and Zero's controls:
    A - Dash (In this game you start with the Ground Dash, though your
    boots do not show it like the original Mega Man X did).
    B - Jump (Longer you hold it down, the higher X or Zero will go).
          Wall Jump (Performed by touching a wall and then pressing the
    button, and you will climb the wall, able to be done multiple times by
    pressing the button again when you touch the wall again)
    Dash Jump - Performed by hitting the Dash button and the Jump button at
    the same time. This will let you jump much farther than a regular jump.
    Y - Shoot X-Buster shots. Hold down for more powerful (charged) blasts.
    Longer you hold it down, more powerful the shot will be.
    L or R - Cycle through the weapons you have earned from the Mavericks
    (explained below).
    Start - Opens the Status Screen. Here, the game is paused, and you will
    be able to select which weapon you wish to use (convenient if you don't
    have time to use L or R to cycle), absorb a Sub-Tank, or exit the
    Basic Things for Beginners: (those that have played either of the
    previous two Mega Man X games need not read this section)
    - If no enemies are around, take the time to charge up your X-Buster.
    This will make it quite easier when enemies come, as charged shots keep
    going after destroying an enemy, whereas basic shots will not. Your X-
    Buster can reach three levels of power:
    1)	No charging. Small yellow sphere fired forward.
    2)	Charged to blue level. Larger, green rocket-shaped shot fired
    forward (does not stop unless multiple hits are required for enemy).
    3)    Charged to yellow level. Even larger, blue and pink, circular
    shaped shot fired forward (does not stop unless multiple hits are
    required for enemy, much more powerful than the previous two shots).
    - The X-Buster specifications above do not apply to Zero. His Z-Buster
    reaches four levels from the very start. The first two levels are
    identical to X's. The third level (pink) shoots first a first level
    shot, then a second level shot. The fourth level (green) shoots two
    fully powered shots, followed by the use of Zero's Z-Sabre. The sabre
    is more powerful as well.
    - Wall Jumping will be necessary to complete most levels. Be sure to
    get the hang of it, it's not that hard.
    -	Sliding down walls will also help. To slide down a wall, touch
    the wall and press the direction of the wall on the control pad. You
    can fire your X-Buster or Z-Buster while sliding down as well.
    -	If you Dash forward and fire while doing so, the increased speed
    makes a non-charged shot more powerful, equivalent to two non-charged
    shots. (Thanks to Freespace2dotcom at Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com for
    pointing this out.)
    - You can select the Exit feature from the subscreen when you return to
    a level in which you have already defeated the Maverick there.
    Selecting Exit will cause you to teleport out of the level, and return
    you to the Maverick selection screen.
    - There are five main different power ups you will see on the ground:
    White and Yellow Capsules - These will refill X's energy meter. There
    are small and large ones. Obviously, large ones will refill more life
    than small ones.
    Blue and Red Capsules - These will refill the Maverick weapon's meter.
    There are small and large ones. Again, the large ones will refill more.
    Extra Lives - These look like X's head, and are glowing. They will give
    you an extra chance to play the game. You can have a maximum of nine.
    - Zero can ONLY take energy capsules. All other items in the game are
    off-limits to him.
    - Bosses will be invincible temporarily after hitting them. You will
    see them flashing white during this period, so any shots used at this
    time will be wasted. Once the white flash dissipates, you may freely
    shoot at the boss again.
    Level 1: Maverick Hunter Headquarters
    You will begin the game as X. Travel through a short distance and
    eventually you will be captured by Mac. Once that happens, Zero breaks
    through the ceiling and you will play as him for a short while. Zero is
    virtually identical to X now, with the exception of the X-Buster
    difference, and the fact that his life meter is larger. Keep going, and
    you will fight Mac. Only used powered up shots on Mac. Once you beat
    him, shoot the robot holding X, then you resume control as X. Finish
    the level and you will fight yet another boss.
    Just as in Mega Man X2, this boss is not hard. Just stand at the back
    and use fully powered shots on him. You will probably take a few hits,
    but it doesn't matter.
    Before we go into the actual Maverick fighting in this game, I'd like
    to explain the Zero situation in this game. Playing as Zero earlier
    will not be your only time doing that (though it can be). On any level,
    pressing R on the subscreen will shift the screen over so you can see a
    comlink to Zero. Selecting him will cause Zero to replace X. There are
    some things to keep in mind about playing as Zero however.
    -	Zero has an improved form of the X-Buster, the Z-Buster, plus the Z-
    Sabre, bestowing to him a great advantage over X in the beginning of
    the game.
    -	Every level in this game has three enclosed rooms. The first two are
    blocked off by doors that you fought X-Hunters in while playing Mega
    Man X2. The last one is the boss room. Zero cannot pass through any
    of these doors. The only doors in the game he can pass through is
    the first one in Maverick Hunter Headquarters, a door in Crush
    Crawfish's level, the first door to the boss of any level (but not
    the second) and one more in the final fortress eventually. If you
    try to take Zero in one, X comes and replaces him.
    -	Zero cannot be summoned more than once per level, and he cannot be
    summoned if X is too close to a door that blocks him off. Thus, you
    cannot use Zero for more than one-third of any level.
    -	Zero has only one life. If you let him die at some point (with the
    exception of the first level), he teleports to Dr. Cain and explains
    his power generator is damaged, thus taking him out of the game
    permanently. This will ruin the ending and alter the chance for an
    incredibly powerful upgrade later. Therefore, if you accidentally do
    this, simply reload the game from your most previous password.
    -	Zero cannot receive any enhancements, Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, etc.
    He can only take energy capsules.
    -	Zero has a larger life meter than X, though not as high as when X
    receives all eight Heart Tanks.
    -	Thus, in conclusion, Zero is better than X in the beginning, but by
    the end will be greatly inferior.
    The first Maverick's level to visit will be Blizzard Buffalo.
    X* XX
    XX XX
    (Note the above X's and the * correspond to where the Maverick is
    located on the selection screen. This is particularly needed in this
    game as the names are not listed, contrary to the previous two titles.)
    This level is covered with ice. Watch out as you can easily slide into
    spikes. After the enclosed rooms I spoke of earlier, the level will
    have snow falling. When you see the tornado-like winds, use them to
    jump up and stay on the top of the ledges. Blast the enemies and stay
    as high as you can on the icy ledges here. Once you reach as far right
    as you can go, Dash Jump to the right, and Wall Jump off of the tiny
    ledge to the right. If done right, you can walk forward into the small
    room. Here you will receive your first enhancement.
    AIR DASH - Better in this game than in X2. When you have these on, X
    can Dash in the air to the right, left, or straight up (hold up while
    in the air prior to hitting the Dash button).
    Once you take it, (practice a little for the way to go up) return to
    the ledge that got you there. You can switch to Zero if you want to
    reduce damage to X. Return all the way back to the tornado, then Dash
    Jump left to the bottom. You should see a Sub Tank above you. Get on
    the ledge a little to the right that has a ground enemy and a hovering
    enemy. Destroy them, stand at the edge, then jump left, Dash straight
    up, then you should be able to get close to the ledge with the Sub
    Tank. Wall Jump over to get your first SUB TANK.
    SUB TANK - There are four of these in the game. When you take one, it
    is added to the subscreen. From now on, whenever you take an energy
    capsule (only as X, not as Zero) and you have full energy, the energy
    is transferred to the Sub Tank. Whenever you use a Sub Tank, the energy
    is drained out and added to your own life meter.
    Now that you have the tank and the Air Dash, proceed to the Maverick
    (below where you got the Air Dash).
    Power: 9200 rp  Speed: 3200 rp
    Blizzard Buffalo is a large Maverick, and you don't have his weakness.
    However, there is a trick to beating him. Enter with a charged shot and
    release it immediately. Attacks:
    -	Blizzard Buffalo will attempt to ram you. If he catches you, you are
    placed between his horns and you are smashed into the wall. The only
    way to avoid this is to try to get to the Wall and Dash Jump off to
    safety, or Dash straight up in the air.
    -	Blizzard Buffalo will fire three ice balls at you, which are are
    aimed straight at you every time. You have to constantly move to
    avoid these. Once they make contact with the floor or wall, they
    become large ice shards.
    -	Blizzard Buffalo will fire an ice ray at you, freezing you in your
    tracks. He will then ram into you, damaging you severely. Avoid this
    at all costs.
    These all together make Buffalo hard. However, there is a special trick
    to defeating him. Thanks to my brother for pointing this out to me. In
    the beginning, release one shot, then Wall Jump up to avoid getting hit
    by him. Get close to him and fire one shot. He will turn around. As
    soon as he does, then jump and Dash straight up into the air. He will
    turn back around. When you drop, shoot him again. Repeat this process
    and you should quickly claim victory. You can try charging while doing
    this if it doesn't interfere with your ability to Air Dash.
    This weapon fires an icicle forward, guided by a rocket thruster. If it
    hits the ground or a wall, like Blizzard Buffalo's weapon, an ice shard
    remains there temporarily. Charged up (see later), this weapon instead
    forms a shield for X which he holds in front of him temporarily. If it
    is charged underwater, then it instead becomes a large ice block which
    will rise to the surface, providing transportation for you.
    The next Maverick to face is Toxic Seahorse.
    XX X*
    XX XX
    I usually start this level as Zero. Keep going through the level, and
    you will soon come to a part where you must climb the walls (with
    sludge running down them). Eventually when you get almost to the top,
    you can see the way out, by going right. Instead, keep climbing up and
    you will receive your first HEART TANK. Remember to switch off Zero if
    you were using him.
    HEART TANK - There are eight of these in the game. When X takes one
    (won't work for Zero) two points of energy are permanently added to X's
    life meter.
    Don't worry about the fans that blow you away later on. You can't get
    use out of this area until later. When you come to the second enclosed
    room of this level, you will fight a mini-boss. Remember that mini-
    bosses do not have energy meters. Fire at the top of the robot, and
    avoid the projectiles it produces. Its dual tentacles are not lethal,
    just Dash under them.
    Continue through the level until you reach the next Maverick.
    Power: 5800 rp  Speed: 4300 rp
    This boss isn't too hard now that you have the Frost Shield. Enter the
    room with it ready. His attacks:
    -	Toxic Seahorse will jump up and try to land on you. Dash out of the
    -	Toxic Seahorse will fire off an Acid Burst, which rebounds around
    the room. Just avoid it and attack.
    -	Toxic Seahorse will glow green, then liquify, thus slipping beneath
    the floor. He then will reform somewhere. Stay on the walls to avoid
    getting hit.
    -	When reaching half energy, Toxic Seahorse instead fires off two Acid
    Bursts, which stay on the ground. Stay on the walls now, and don't
    attack until they dissolve.
    A quick way to defeat this boss is to Dash away from him in the
    beginning, fire a Frost Shield, then Dash once Toxic Seahorse jumps.
    He'll land on the Frost Shield and become damaged. Then, repeat the
    procedure and you can defeat him in a matter of seconds.
    This weapon fires a ball of acid which splits into four smaller acid
    bursts when it strikes something. Charged up, this weapon fires two
    acid balls which bounce around the floor and walls.
    After this fight, you will see story line involving Dr. Doppler, Bit,
    Byte, and a Mysterious Maverick (Players familiar with the characters
    of the original Mega Man X game should easily recognize this guy, but
    for those of you who don't, this is Vile).
    Now head over to Tunnel Rhino's stage.
    XX XX
    XX *X
    Go through this level until you reach the part with conveyor belts and
    dirt being shot out of the ceiling. At the part where you have to start
    going down, Dash Jump over to the section of wall jutting out. Climb up
    and you will receive your second SUB TANK.
    It should be noted now that you could fight Bit at any time when you
    reach an enclosed room. It won't necessarily be this level, but it
    could be, therefore I shall list the strategy here. Refer back to this
    level when you do actually fight Bit.
    Power: 9400 rp  Speed: 18000 rp
    Bit will put up a good fight. Enter the room with your X-Buster fully
    charged. Then switch to the Frost Shield and use that for the remainder
    of the battle. Release it when the battle starts, then Wall Jump to
    avoid his attacks:
    -	Bit will Air Dash towards you with a blade outstretched. He is
    invincible in this form. If he is in the air, Dash under him to the
    other side. If he is close to the ground, Wall Jump up and Dash Jump
    off to the other side.
    -	Bit will fire a ring at you. Avoid this as it will immobilize you
    until Bit hits you.
    -	Bit will shoot tannish fireballs at you. Avoid these at all costs.
    Try evading them all around the room.
    Use a Sub Tank if you need to and after some practice you should win.
    There is a special trick to Bit. If you use his weakness (Frost
    Shield)on the final hit, Bit will be destroyed rather than teleporting
    out. If either Bit or Byte (see later) live, you will refight them in a
    new form later on. If not, you will fight a different boss. In my
    opinion, the refight between Bit and Byte is easier than the Elephant
    Reploid you will face instead, but do whatever you want here. Thanks go
    to Freespace2dotcom (Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com) for telling me how to
    actually destroy Bit and Byte.
    When you come to the second enclosed room, you will fight a mini-boss.
    Wall Jump immediately when the battle starts to avoid getting hit.
    Shoot it in the head when you fall down, then Wall Jump up again.
    Repeat this process and charge your X-Buster while on the wall.
    Keep going and soon you'll reach the boss door.
    Power: 4200 rp  Speed: 8000 rp
    This boss is another one easily defeated with his weakness. Enter the
    room with the Acid Burst ready. The only real attack Tunnel Rhino has
    is trying to ram into you. When the battle starts, release an Acid
    Burst, then quickly Wall Jump up. When he comes close to the wall, Dash
    Jump to the other side, turn around, and fire another Acid Burst. He
    will then try to ram you again, so repeat. When he reaches half energy,
    Tunnel Rhino will glow sometimes. If this happens and he strikes a
    wall, then you wall immediately fall off of it, so watch out for this
    attack. Soon you should win.
    This weapon fires a drill forward. The drill will continually strike an
    enemy if it needs multiple hits. Charged up, X holds a drill in front
    of him until he gets hit. You can fire three of these at a time.
    Next go over to face Volt Catfish.
    XX XX
    *X XX
    Avoid the platform in the very beginning. It will take you to Vile, who
    you should not fight right now.
    When you reach the second rising platform (not counting the one I told
    you to skip) ride it all the way to the top. Go into the small room to
    the right, and you will see a Heart Tank on some spikes. Drop a little,
    Air Dash over to the wall, and slide down to take your second HEART
    TANK. Once you hear the sound of receiving it, immediately start Wall
    Jumping back up again. Jump off and Air Dash back to get out unharmed.
    Don't worry if you lose a life, Heart Tanks are rare, lives aren't.
    Continue through this level. You might want to switch to Zero once the
    walls with electricity running along them come. Soon you should reach
    the boss door.
    Power: 8200 rp  Speed: 1600 rp
    This boss is yet another one that is incredibly easy when it's weakness
    is used. Begin the fight by releasing a Tornado Fang, then Wall Jump up
    and Dash off to the other side. Attacks:
    -	Volt Catfish will fire an energy ball at you, which trails the floor
    and wall. Jump over it.
    -	Volt Catfish will fire three energy spikes at you, these are hard to
    avoid and you will probably take a hit. Once they are released, he
    sucks them back in. If you hit him fast enough, they will dissolve.
    -	Volt Catfish, when reaching half energy, will stand in the middle of
    the room drawing in energy about to release it. Strike him to stop
    this process.
    Just like the past bosses, just fire, Wall Jump up and Dash to the
    other side, then fire again and repeat the process. He gets easier once
    he reaches half energy as he will only stand in the middle and he won't
    stop using the lightning drawn attack.
    This weapon creates three energy spikes around X which form a two-
    second force field, which then shoot lightning in three directions.
    Charged up, X will slam the ground with his fist, damaging robots. Then
    two large energy balls will shoot across the floor, continuing on walls
    and ceilings.
    The next Maverick to face is Crush Crawfish.
    XX XX
    X* XX
    There are no enhancements available to you in this level. One
    interesting thing to note is that the second enclosed room can be
    entered with Zero, and it is a good idea to use him from then on
    anyway. Just keep going until you reach the boss.
    Power: 4000 rp  Speed: 7600 rp
    Crush Crawfish is a tad bit harder, even with his weakness. Enter with
    the Triad Thunder ready. Start Wall Jumping up immediately and use the
    weapon. Attacks:
    -	Crush Crawfish will shoot a brown object at you, pulling you down
    off the wall. You can easily get back up though.
    -	Crush Crawfish will fire a pincer at you. If you are high enough on
    the wall, you can avoid it.
    -	Crush Crawfish will grab you if you are too low. Press buttons like
    crazy to get out of his grip.
    After beginning the battle, cross to the other side of the room and
    hopefully he will stay in the center instead of following you. If he
    does, stay on that wall, stay at the top, and continually use the Triad
    Thunder until he is destroyed. If he comes over to you, cross back to
    the other wall. Soon the Triad Thunder should destroy him.
    When you use this weapon, two razor sharp blades fire out, then turn
    around and shoot behind you. Charged up, this weapon will instead fire
    a huge blade connected on a green energy string. You can spin the
    string around using the directional pad.
    Now it is time to take a little detour in the game. Return to Volt
    Catfish's level. Use Zero right from the start to avoid losing health
    for X. Take the first platform there I told you to avoid earlier. When
    you reach the bottom, switch back to X since the teleporter won't work
    for Zero. Go through this small section and use the energy capsules to
    refill your Sub Tanks. When you reach the boss door, you will find
    Note: You do NOT need to do this if you don't want to. If you have a
    hard time here, you can always come back later on when you have more
    enhancements. You don't have to do this to begin with, though you will
    have to fight Vile later on in Doppler's Fortress and you will skip the
    chance for an incredible power.
    BOSS: VILE mk-2
    Power: 9200 rp  Speed: 7200 rp
    In the beginning, Vile will be in his Robot Walker, a Kangaroo model
    (you can check later in this guide for what I mean by that). Fire off
    an X-Buster shot, then Wall Jump up as he is about to ram into you.
    Dash off to the other side, then fire another shot at him. Repeat this
    process until he loses his Walker. Once he does, you will have to fight
    him without it. Switch to the Spinning Blade now. When fighting him
    alone, he only has two attacks. If he jumps over you, quickly Dash
    straight up in the air as fire is about to hit you. Use the Spinning
    Blade when he lands. If he just jumps straight up, bullets are headed
    for you, but they are easily dodged. Make sure NOT to use up all the
    Spinning Blade. When you have about one use left, switch to the X-
    Buster. Make sure you inflict his destruction with the Spinning Blade,
    otherwise you will need to fight him again later on in Doppler's
    Fortress, and you'll still skip the rare power-up.
    Once Vile is defeated, you have fifty seconds to reach the teleporter
    before the factory explodes. This could take a little practice to
    reach. Once you are back in Volt Catfish's level, Exit out.
    Now head over to Neon Tiger's level.
    XX XX
    XX X*
    Not too long after you start this stage, you can easily see a Sub Tank
    above you on a ledge. Kill the robots near it and Air Dash straight up
    to take your third SUB TANK.
    Keep going on and before you climb down a ladder, you will see a
    cracked wall near it. Pull out the Tornado Fang to drill through the
    wall. Once through, Air Dash straight up to reach the ledge with the
    second enhancement capsule.
    X-BUSTER UPGRADE - This upgrade allows you to charge your X-Buster to a
    fourth level, pink. Once done, X shoots two charged shots. If you can
    time it right, both shots cane be fired at once, covering half the
    screen as they go. You can also now charge the weapons you earned from
    Soon you should reach the next mini-boss in an enclosed room. Just fire
    at the head with charged shots and avoid the projectiles it shoots,
    nothing much to it.
    The next enclosed room, however, could have Byte in it (you may fight
    him later though, so just scroll to here when you actually do).
    Power: 18800 rp  Speed: 8200 rp
    Byte will not be an easy fight. In the beginning, he will throw a
    wheel-like projectile which attaches to the wall. Wait a second or two,
    then Dash straight up in the air to avoid being hit by him, as he is
    charging towards you. Fire at him whenever possible. He repeats this
    procedure, so learn it, practice, and eventually you should win. If you
    are lucky enough to have the Ray Splasher, use that instead. Just like
    Bit, you need the proper weapon to actually destroy him if you want to.
    Ray Splasher seems to inflict a lot of damage (I recommend using it if
    you have it already), but apparently the destruction factor is the
    Tornado Fang.
    When you see the boss door, don't enter it. Instead, go back to the
    edge of the small hill you just passed. Dash Jump off the edge, and you
    should come in contact with the wall above the boss door. Wall Jump up
    for your third HEART TANK.
    Now enter the door for the next Maverick.
    Power: 3600 rp  Speed: 9900 rp
    This boss isn't that hard at all. The previous strategies don't apply
    to him however. Enter the battle with the Spinning Blade ready, but
    don't fire whenever he begins. Attacks:
    -	Neon Tiger will jump up on the walls. Just avoid him.
    -	Neon Tiger will fire rays at you from his tail. Shoot him with the
    Spinning Blade and he'll stop.
    -	Neon Tiger will become a solid color, then charge at you with his
    claws. Wall Jump up to avoid him.
    All you have to do is hit him with the Spinning Blade wherever he is,
    and he will switch sides of the battle room. That way he won't be able
    to hurt you and you can quickly win. Staying in the center of the room
    practically makes you untouchable.
    This weapon fires rays of light forward. Charged up, a light bulb like
    object shoots into the air, firing the rays into different directions.
    Now return to Tunnel Rhino's stage. Switch to Zero right away. Go
    through until you reach a part where, after you climb a bit, can either
    go left and up again, or right. If you go right, you should see a Heart
    Tank blocked by a boulder hanging from the ceiling. Switch back to X,
    then charge up the Triad Thunder to knock the boulder off the ceiling.
    Air Dash over to get your fourth HEART TANK.
    Keep going through the level until you see the same type of boulder
    hanging from the ceiling. Same thing as before, use a fully powered
    Triad Thunder to knock it down. When you Wall Jump up there, you will
    find the third enhancement capsule.
    SENSOR HELMET - This helmet upgrade gives you a digital map layout of
    the level you visit, also noting what power-ups still exist there. On
    the selection screen, it will tell you what power-ups still need to be
    found on that specific level.
    Exit the level and now return to Crush Crawfish's level.
    When you start, drop down immediately and after you destroy the second
    hovering robot, you should see some ground right below you that looks
    slightly different than the rest. Charge up the Triad Thunder to smash
    through, and you will earn the Hawk Robot Walker (it is useless now, I
    will describe it later).
    Now return to Toxic Seahorse's level. Start with Zero again. After the
    first enclosed room, you will reach a part where you enter water.
    Underwater you should see a small pit. Kill all the enemies around it,
    then stand on the right side of the pit. Charge up the Frost Shield,
    then stand on top and ride it all the way to the top. Air Dash straight
    up to earn the Kangaroo Robot Walker (again, you can't use it now, I'll
    tell how later).
    Exit the level and now go to face Gravity Beetle.
    XX *X
    XX XX
    Go through this level (I recommend Zero for the first third) until you
    come to the part with a sunny sky. It's right after the enclosed room.
    Climb up the tower to the left, then jump off the side at the right
    time (practice to learn how) then Air Dash straight up to earn the Frog
    Robot Walker (last time I'm gonna say this, but you can't use it yet,
    you will be able to soon).
    There are no other enhancements available right now, so just continue
    through until you reach the next boss door.
    Power: 6200 rp  Speed: 3600 rp
    Gravity Beetle isn't incredibly hard either. Enter the room with the
    Ray Splasher, but don't charge it up. Release it as soon as the battle
    starts. Attacks:
    -	Gravity Beetle will jump a very small distance. You can't get hit
    unless you're incredibly close to him. Just shoot him.
    -	Gravity Beetle will glow then try to ram into you. Just Wall Jump up
    and Dash off to the other side, then fire.
    -	Gravity Beetle will fire a small energy ball which ricochets around
    the room getting larger. Avoid it and return fire.
    -	After weakening Gravity Beetle to half energy, if you don't hit him
    for awhile, he will fire a different form of energy into the air,
    creating a vortex in the upper center region of the room. Coming
    into contact with it damages you, making it almost impossible to
    cross the room with a Wall Jump. Hit him rapidly so he can't recover
    and pull off this attack. Thanks go out to Tyrael,
    z_master3001@hotmail.com for pointing out I missed this attack in
    the FAQ.
    If you just fire at him, all his abilities are disabled except for the
    ability to jump. You should win this battle quickly.
    This weapon fires out a small object into the air, which creates a
    field around it, damaging all weak robots on screen. Charged up, all
    weak robots are flung off the screen.
    Now return to Volt Catfish's stage yet again. Switch to Zero in the
    beginning, then switch back to X when you find those capsules guarded
    by the robots to refill Sub Tanks. Go all the way to the third rising
    platform, and ride it all the way to the top. There you will find a
    strange machine on the floor. Stand on top, charge up the Gravity Well,
    and release it. The machine will rise to the top and you can find the
    last enhancement capsule.
    BODY ARMOR - This armor will generate a protective field around you
    when you get hit, protecting you further from enemy attacks.
    Exit the level and now go to the final Maverick, Blast Hornet.
    *X XX
    XX XX
    Keep going through the level until you reach the first enclosed room.
    Inside you will fight a small mini-boss. Just use non-charged X-Buster
    shots constantly, and avoid it by Dashing or Wall Jumping.
    Keep going through, and eventually you will be on top of warehouse
    buildings. On the paths between them, there are some blocks. Destroying
    the second set brings a hole. Fall down, and destroy the cracked wall
    with a Tornado Fang. Do so through the walls that follow, until you see
    another block on the ground. Destroy it, and fall through the new hole.
    You will see a Chimera Robot Walker being held by the robot that Mac
    held you with in the beginning. Destroy the robot and you can now use
    the Chimera Robot Walker. Take the rising platform to the left to get
    Keep going with the Chimera until you reach the part that stops you,
    close to the second enclosed room. Jump with the Chimera, jump out,
    then Wall Jump up there to find your fifth HEART TANK.
    Soon you should reach the next boss door.
    Power: 3400 rp  Speed: 8600 rp
    This boss is yet another incredibly easy one. Enter the room with a
    fully charged Gravity Well ready, and release it when the battle
    starts. Then learn his attacks:
    -	Blast Hornet will fly around the room. This is constant throughout
    the entire battle, just dodge by staying in a corner.
    -	Blast Hornet will fire miniature versions of himself. These can be
    destroyed with the Gravity Well.
    -	Blast Hornet will fire a targeter at you. If it latches on, his
    children will seek you out better.
    If you just constantly use the Gravity Well, he will constantly be
    damaged and thus no threat to you.
    This weapon will fire out a bomb which latches onto an enemy, then
    paralyzing it and destroying it. Charged up, you will target enemies
    and fire Blast Hornet's children at them.
    After this fight, you will learn where Doppler's fortress is, as well
    as his plans.
    Now return to Blizzard Buffalo's stage. Travel through until you reach
    the up ladder. To your left, you should see a strange platform. You
    most likely noticed many of these on your trips through this game. You
    have already collected the four Robot Walkers. These platforms allow
    you to activate them. I will explain them here.
    Chimera - Marked with an N. This Robot Walker is the same kind found in
    the original Mega Man X. It can jump, Dash, and attacks by punching. A
    basic yet powerful Robot Walker.
    Kangaroo - Marked with a K. This Robot Walker is similar to the Rabbit
    model, which was found in Mega Man X2. It can jump, and attacks with
    spiked claws on the ends of each arm. These can be charged, which
    shoots the arm out connected on a rod. The Robot Walker can also jump
    and Dash. It cannot, however, hover like the Rabbit did. Once you have
    this kind, the Chimera model is obsolete.
    Hawk - Marked with an H. It can jump, Dash, and hover like the Rabbit
    did in Mega Man X2. It attacks with twin missiles from each arm.
    However, it cannot destroy certain blocks that the Chimera and Kangaroo
    can, for example, the icy blocks in Blizzard Buffalo's stage.
    Frog - Marked with an F. This is the only Robot Walker that is operable
    underwater. All others explode upon entering water. It walks by
    hopping, can jump, and attacks with homing torpedoes. It cannot Dash,
    but underwater you can use the button to spin the propeller on back for
    increased mobility.
    Any one of these four Robot Walkers are available upon stepping on the
    center of a Robot Walker platform with X. When you enter one, a new
    life meter replaces your original, so in this game you can tell how
    close your Robot Walker is to destruction. You cannot give energy back
    to a Robot Walker, picking any up goes to X or his Sub Tanks.
    In Blizzard Buffalo's stage, select either the Chimera or Kangaroo
    Robot Walker. Use the attacks of the Walker to destroy the icy blocks
    just to the right. In the hidden area below, you will find your sixth
    HEART TANK. (Thanks go out to Daniel McGarry, dan-the-man2000@juno.com
    for pointing out to me that I missed this Heart Tank.)
    Now Exit the level and return for the last time to Volt Catfish's
    level. Select Zero again, and use him until you find some energy, then
    switch back to X to give it to his Sub Tanks. Go through the level
    until you pass the first enclosed room. After that, Wall Jump up the
    right wall and you will find a Robot Walker platform. Select whichever
    one you want (but Frog is a bad choice), then go back down. When you
    fall, the Robot Walker's mass will crush the floor. Go to the left and
    you'll find the fourth and final SUB TANK. Exit this level and now
    return to Gravity Beetle's stage.
    You will soon see ledges all over in a room that once had crates. They
    are gone now that you have beaten Blast Hornet. Work your way up to the
    top left one, and take your seventh HEART TANK. Exit this level and
    return to Crush Crawfish's level.
    In this level, once again drop in the beginning. Go left and select the
    Hawk armor. Go to the right until you see the part where the robot
    destroys the floor. Hover over to the right side. Drop down and stay to
    the right each time. After a few drops, you can see a cracked wall.
    Destroy it with the Robot Walker, then go through to take the eighth
    and final HEART TANK.
    There are no more standard enhancements in this game. However, if you
    look at the selection screen, you will see ???? not taken in four
    levels. These levels contain upgrades to the enhancements you already
    have. I will list how to get each one, however you are limited to
    selecting only one of these. If you skip them, however, you can get all
    four later in the game. Since you can get all four later, there is no
    reason to get these, but my guide feels incomplete with them.
    Toxic Seahorse's level:
    In this level, past the first enclosed room, is a pit. Don't go down
    it. Instead, go to the right and use the Robot Walker to summon the
    Frog armor. Drop down into the water, and destroy the fans with the
    homing torpedoes. Go to the part where the fans were, jump, jump out of
    the Frog and then Wall Jump up to find the Leg Chip upgrade. With it,
    you can now Dash twice in the air before coming back down to the
    ground. Not the best choice of the four, but useful nonetheless.
    Blast Hornet's level:
    In this level, you will see an area you can go up by Air Dashing
    straight up. Do that, and you will find a Robot Walker platform. Choose
    the Hawk armor. Keep going, and you will reach the edge of the floor
    you are on. Dash Jump over and hold down the jump button to hover over.
    You will land on a new ledge. Get out of the Hawk and then go over to
    find the Energy Chip upgrade. Now when you stand still, X will
    gradually regain health. It will also fill his Sub Tanks. The best
    choice out of the four.
    Crush Crawfish's level:
    In this level, drop down immediately and choose a Robot Walker. Go
    forward until a robot destroys the ground beneath you. This is just
    like when you found the Heart Tank, but this time instead fall all the
    way to the bottom. Keep going down there until you find a hole in the
    fall. Drop down through it, and destroy the cracked wall to the left.
    Get out of the Robot Walker and find the Body Chip upgrade. Now X's
    defensive shield is stronger. The most obsolete of the four choices.
    Gravity Beetle's level:
    In this level, right after the second enclosed room, Wall Jump up and
    activate either the Chimera or Kangaroo armor. Go through the rest of
    the level until you can see the weak wall on the right. Destroy it with
    your Robot Walker, then proceed through to find the Arm Chip upgrade. X
    now has a new weapon on the subscreen, the Hyper Cannon. You can absorb
    damage from enemies (I think certain types of projectiles). When fully
    powered, you can use the Hyper Cannon, which uses fully powered X-
    Buster shots. One of the better choices of the four.
    Remember that skipping these for now allows you to get them all soon.
    Now it's time to go to Doppler's Fortress.
    Soon you'll come to a mini-boss in this level. Zero will come down to
    help you (if he's still in the game). Just constantly fire at it and it
    won't take long. Keep going on. Once you climb up, you will be at the
    edge of a ledge. Get as far to the right as you can, then Dash Jump to
    the right, and you'll probably hit an enemy. Keep Wall Jumping up to
    the Robot Walker platform though. Use a Sub Tank if you don't have full
    energy. Choose the Hawk armor, and then drop back down and keep going.
    Soon you will see an area with a pit, and to the right are spiked balls
    dropping out of the ceiling. Get out of the Hawk and then slide down
    the left wall in the pit. You will enter a secret area. This is the
    equivalent of the Hadoken Fireball in X1 and the Dragon Punch in X2.
    You will see a pink capsule in there. For it to appear, you must have
    collected every Heart Tank, Sub Tank, Robot Walker, defeated every
    Maverick, every blue capsule enhancement and you must not have any pink
    capsule enhancement chips. In other words, when looking at the Maverick
    selection screen, every item must be white (thus meaning acquired), and
    the four ???? must be pink (thus meaning yet to be taken). When you
    come out of the capsule, you will have the Gold Armor, which contains
    all four enhancement chips. Scroll up just before this area to read
    what each does. Later you'll come to the boss door. If you're not at
    full energy, or if your Sub Tanks aren't full, just stand still outside
    the boss door and the Energy Chip in the Gold Armor will refill you.
    BOSS: GODKARMACHINE O INARY (Bit and Byte fusion)
    Power: 22900 rp  Speed: 7200 rp
    You will fight these two combined if the door is on the bottom of the
    room. If either Bit or Byte lived, you will fight this boss. Attacks:
    -	The combo of the two will fire a blade at you. Wall Jump up to avoid
    -	The combo will fire an arm at you, which is hard to avoid. If it
    does grab you, you will be smashed into the ceiling, but then it
    pulls you down into perfect firing position.
    If you just constantly use the Ray Splasher while aiming at the head
    region, you should easily win.
    If neither Bit nor Byte lived, you will face a different boss.
    This boss will be fought if you successfully destroyed both Bit and
    Byte, and if the door is on the top of the room at the end. Attacks:
    -	The elephant will fire a hooked arm at you, grabbing, damaging, and
    then releasing you. Just stay far away from the boss and you won't
    be caught. You can try faking out the arm by staying stationary as
    best you can on one section of wall, and then moving quickly when
    the arm shoots out.
    -	A machine above it will drop junk, which can be noticed when it
    shakes. If you aren't caught under it, you can stand on it to your
    advantage. If the junk is the smaller type, it will fire projectiles
    at you, so constantly move to avoid the shots.
    -	The boss will drop down after shaking. Use this time to hit its eyes
    with the Tornado Fang.
    -	The boss will fire small projectiles of acidic material, which
    resemble miniature Acid Bursts. Avoid them. You can try the fake out
    technique with these as well.
    Learn these attacks, and hit it in the eyes with the Tornado Fang
    whenever possible. If timed correctly, when the boss doesn't move, the
    Tornado Fang can continually dig in for extra damage. Climb up the left
    wall and hit it when you can. Aim for the eyes, not for the trunk. If
    you destroy its trunk, then the eyes are easy to shoot at, but the boss
    will leak out acid covering the floor. If this is done, you can't step
    on the floor for the rest of the fight without being damaged. This is
    one of the first instances I've seen in a fight of common sense in this
    game. You see, with the trunk gone and the gaping hole existing the
    reploid, then it can no longer contain the acidic liquid it once
    launched at you. You may need a Sub Tank for this fight. Another way to
    fight him, if you have trouble with the timing on the Tornado Fang, is
    to use the Ray Splasher. It seems to also be a weakness, but it can't
    do extra damage by continually digging in. Also, you're going to hit
    the trunk instead of the eyes about 80% of the time, so that has to be
    out of the way before the Ray Splasher is really effective.
    Whoever you fight, after that reselect Doppler's Lab, and then go to
    the next level.
    If you used a Sub Tank, then just stand still until it is refilled. A
    thing to note, in the coming areas, there will be walls you must climb
    with enemies on them. To combat these annoyances, I suggest you keep
    the Parasitic Bomb out and constantly charged to seek out the wall
    enemies and clear the path for you. Eventually you will reach a Robot
    Walker platform. Don't bother using it if you have already destroyed
    Vile in the Maverick stages, as the coming area is filled with water
    and the gaps are too large for the Frog armor to cross. However, if you
    didn't fight Vile, or let him live, then choose the Hawk Armor. Soon,
    you should reach a boss door. It should be noted that this is the last
    boss door in the game that Zero can pass through. This room also
    contains the second and last boss in the game that Zero can fight. The
    boss here will only exist if Vile has been destroyed already. If not,
    the room will be empty. However, if you do, Zero will be out of the
    game and the ending will change for the worse. However, it will give X
    an incredible power. So, choose wisely. If you aren't too good at this
    game, I suggest using Zero here. If you are, however, don't waste Zero.
    If you are playing as Zero, enter the room with a fully charged shot
    ready. Waste two shots prior to entering so the Z-Sabre is ready. When
    you enter, immediately climb up the wall and then jump off to hit the
    mini-boss with it. If you won't have time to do that, instead Dash
    under it when it dives down, then turn around and strike it with the Z-
    Sabre. Then shoot it until it dies, which won't take long (only two or
    three shots). Don't worry if it grabs you, only a few shots are needed.
    Then, it will land on Zero, almost destroying him. Zero will return to
    Dr. Cain's lab, out of the game, but he will give his Z-Sabre to X.
    Now, your X-Buster can reach a fifth level, a green level. When you
    release two shots, X fires a green beam forward, which removes three-
    fifths of any boss's life meter!
    If you are playing as X, just shoot it with the X-Buster until it dies.
    Dash away from it when it tries to grab you.
    Either way you choose, just keep going now. Soon you should reach the
    boss door.
    BOSS: VILE mk-2
    Vile will be the boss of this level if you have not destroyed him in
    the Maverick stages. Here, he will not have the Kangaroo model of Robot
    Walker, however. Instead, he will have a larger more advanced design
    called the Goliath. This walker is also capable of ramming into walls,
    but also has attacks such as energy blasts. All in all, however, it's
    basically the same fight as before. Just get on one wall, jump and Air
    Dash over before he knocks you off, turn around, fire the Tornado Fang,
    then constantly Dash over to the other side (this room is much larger
    than the one for the fight in the Maverick stages), and then repeat the
    process. As before, once he is Goliath is destroyed, then you must
    fight him again. Use the Spinning Blade. Dash away from his bullets,
    and Air Dash up when his fire attack is used. An alternative is to use
    the Parasitic Bomb constantly charged, which will do the same damage as
    a Tornado Fang. In fact, using the charged Parasitic Bomb will allow
    you to do most of the fight only dodging and Dashing, but you won't be
    able to let go of the fire button the entire fight, so choose the
    strategy that works best for you.
    The Sea Reploid will only be here if Vile has already been destroyed.
    This boss is not incredibly hard, with or without the Z-Sabre. Wait
    outside the door to let the Gold Armor recharge you, then walk in. If
    you have Zero's Z-Sabre, just use it, a two-hit kill. If not, instead
    use the Frost Shield (non-powered, powered up won't damage it) and
    constantly jump off the wall and shooting at it's center to kill it.
    Dash away from the projectiles and avoid the projectile from its arm.
    Thanks go out to Rubyheart (cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com) for pointing
    out the Frost Shield as its weakness. Another way to fight it is to
    stand directly underneath and constantly use the Triad Thunder,
    uncharged. You will take hits, but hopefully yours will be quick enough
    to destroy the Sea Reploid before you are destroyed.
    Note: If you didn't destroy Vile before, you will fight him here
    instead, but use the same strategy as before. I've been told that the
    Ray Splasher is a good choice to fight him with.
    Go to the next section of Doppler's Fortress. In this section, you will
    have to refight every Maverick in the game. Here is the layout:
         Blizzard Buffalo   Toxic Seahorse
    Blast Hornet                     Neon Tiger
      Volt Catfish              Crush Crawfish
         Gravity Beetle     Tunnel Rhino
    Note that every time you beat one, you land on a strange machine.
    Shooting it produces power-ups. Switch sides every time you shoot for
    more. If you nail it with the Z-Sabre, you get an extra life.
    -	Blast Hornet. Same thing as before, just use the Gravity Well on him
    and Dash away if he flies over above you.
    -	Blizzard Buffalo. You can do one of two things. You can either use
    the previous strategy, (non-charged shots and using the Air Dash to
    make him turn around), or you can use the Parasitic Bomb and then
    run over to the other wall to avoid attacks.
    -	Toxic Seahorse. Again, same thing. Pull out the Frost Shield, throw
    one, than Dash away, causing him to land on it, and repeat until
    -	Neon Tiger. Same thing as before, just constantly use the Spinning
    Blade and he won't touch you (unless you're too close).
    -	Crush Crawfish. No different. Stay on top of the wall and use the
    Triad Thunder.
    -	Tunnel Rhino. Use the Acid Burst and use the walls to avoid getting
    hit by him, but Dash off before he hits the wall.
    -	Gravity Beetle. Use the Ray Splasher and he'll barely attack.
    -	Volt Catfish. Use the Tornado Fang constantly and Dash under when he
    jumps until he reaches half energy. Jump over his attacks as well.
    Now go to the door in the top-right corner. Use the power-up inside to
    increase your health, then defeat the robot. If you are not at full
    health outside the door, then wait and let the Gold Armor recharge you.
    Now enter the door.
    Power: 17400 rp  Speed: 18000 rp
    Now it is the time to actually face this guy. After his little speech,
    he'll throw off his lab coat and attack. In the very beginning, turn
    away from him and shoot an X-Buster shot. Then a green field will go
    up. Had you hit him, the energy from the shot would instead of damaging
    him, recharge him. Attacks:
    -	Dr. Doppler will activate a green energy field. This only happens if
    he just finished an attack and you shoot. Any damage the attack you
    did would have done will instead increase his life meter. Hit him
    with the Acid Burst when the field disappears. To combat this
    situation, fire off a decoy shot away from him, then when the field
    disappears, shoot him with a real shot.
    -	Dr. Doppler will cover himself with three red sections. Then he will
    jump up and propel himself forward at whatever level you are. If he
    is above, just Dash under. If he is below, Wall Jump and Dash off to
    avoid him. When he hits the wall, attack with the Acid Burst. When
    he falls, do a sucker shot, then shoot him again.
    -	Dr. Doppler will fire three golden orbs at you. Easily dodged, once
    three are gone, then do a sucker shot and attack him.
    If you have the Z-Sabre, do the same thing, only do two sucker shots
    (the charged ones) then hit with the Sabre. Make sure not to hit him
    with the Z-Sabre when the green field is up, as it will restore three-
    fifths of his life meter.
    Once he is beaten, you learn more about the story, then you will
    teleport out. Reselect Sigma's level, and wait to recharge any Sub
    Tanks, then continue on. There are few enemies here, and you will see
    Zero if he is not out of the game. Soon you will have to Wall Jump up
    and use the Air Dash. Once you go through the hole at the top, prepare
    for the fight.
    Power: 19000 rp  Speed: 19000 rp
    Here he is yet again. Though this time I actually like how he looks.
    Charge up the Parasitic Bomb before entering here, if you can. Attacks:
    -	Sigma will shoot fire at you. I still haven't found a very good way
    to avoid this, so your best bet is to try to fire first. Aim at his
    head with the Spinning Blade (the shield will reflect attacks).
    -	Sigma will jump up in the center of the room and shoot fire down at
    you. Use this time to attack from behind with the Spinning Blade.
    -	Sigma, when at half energy, will throw his shield. Wall Jump up to
    avoid this and shoot him when he is undefended.
    The best way to fight this boss is to have the Parasitic Bomb
    constantly charged. In the beginning, climb up the left wall, then Air
    Dash twice over to the right wall, the side Sigma is on, and constantly
    Wall Jump to stay up there. The Parasitic Bomb, constantly charged,
    will always seek out Sigma, damaging him 25% of the time they hit.
    While this may not seem great, you will destroy Sigma before they run
    out. Always Air Dash over to the side that Sigma switches over to.
    Using this strategy, Sigma will never jump up and stay in the middle.
    And, if done correctly, the only possible way to get hit is if Sigma
    throws his shield. The boss once incredibly tough is now easy! This
    will certainly help in the coming fight... Many thanks go out to VivoAnt
    (vivoant@home.com) for sending me this strategy.
    My original strategy to this boss, though inferior to the one above,
    If you have the Z-Sabre, use that (best time to hit is when he jumps in
    the middle of the room) for a two-hit kill. Try not to use any more
    than one Sub Tank while facing him. The best strategy is to try shoot
    him in the head once in the beginning, then start climbing up the wall.
    Once he starts launching fire, do a plain Air Dash off to the right,
    then do an upward Air Dash. By the time you land, he should start using
    his mid-air attacks. This is a perfect time to shoot him with Spinning
    Blade or the Z-Sabre. Once he lands, hit him in the head again, then
    repeat the strategy on the other side. If you used the Z-Sabre first,
    it might be wise to switch to Spinning Blade now because it's hard to
    charge up while constantly moving and Air Dashing. Thanks go to
    Freespace2dotcom (Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com) for giving me the Air
    Dash strategy.
    Once you defeat this Sigma, however, you will face an even greater foe...
    Power: 32000 rp  Speed: 32000 rp
    When I first fought this guy, I had thought that this boss was simply
    impossible, but now I really don't think it's so bad. You will
    obviously note his massive size right away, but the problem is look at
    his head. That is his only weak point! And it only works to hit him
    with either charged X-Buster shots, or Zero's Z-Sabre. Immediately
    activate the Hyper Cannon right away. Attacks:
    -	Sigma will blast himself into the air, float over to the other side,
    then drop. Easily Dashed under.
    -	Sigma will throw various types of projectiles at you, either balls
    or guided missiles. Dodge these at all costs, either by jumping away
    or Wall Jumping or Air Dashing, whatever it takes.
    -	Sigma will fire a large ray covering a large portion of the screen.
    Any time touching this ray drains health. However, it does destroy
    his projectiles as well.
    You will most likely run out of Hyper Cannon before this fight is over,
    so you will have to resort to manual charging then. You will need at
    least three Sub Tanks here, no doubt. That's why I told you to save
    them. Of course, if you have the Z-Sabre, use it for another two-hit
    kill. Though, once you defeat this Sigma, the game isn't over yet...
    Sigma is horrified that he cannot defeat you, even with the battle
    body. So, he has decided to inhabit you to rule the world. Virus Sigma
    appears, and begins flooding the tunnel with lava. If you don't have
    full energy, use a Sub Tank. Climb the walls, though it is difficult
    with the sides. Climb up the right side for a better chance. To avoid
    being knocked down by Sigma, you will have to stay as far up as
    possible. If you get knocked down, constantly jump out of the lava to
    avoid being crushed by the walls, and shift your positioning. Once you
    reach the top, the game takes over and you win. When X hits a dead end,
    he shouts an expletive (that surprised me) and then Virus Sigma is
    about to inhabit him when...
    Here the ending will change, depending on whether Zero is still in the
    game or not. I would include it in the FAQ for those who want to know
    the alternate endings, but I myself have too many times accidentally
    seen endings I did not want to, despite spoiler warnings because I
    didn't notice them. Therefore, if you wish to know, I will be happy to
    tell you, just E-mail me.
    Before I close this FAQ, I would like to include an extra order of
    fighting the Mavericks that was sent to me from Freespace2dotcom
    (Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com). I don't really like this order since I
    typically don't like to switch after playing too long with one, and I
    really have a lot of trouble with Crawfish, but if others can benefit
    from it, here it is:
    1)	Blizzard Buffalo
    2)	Crush Crawfish
    3)	Neon Tiger
    4)	Gravity Beetle
    5)	Tunnel Rhino
    6)	Blast Hornet
    7)	Volt Catfish
    8)	Toxic Seahorse
    This order is beneficial in the fact that some weapons are acquired
    earlier (like the X-Buster in Tunnel Rhino's stage) and the fact that
    you will ALWAYS have the proper weapon to destroy Bit and Byte.
    This FAQ is by me, X. Have any questions, comments, different
    strategies I should know about, or find any typos? Please feel free to
    E-mail me at zero3052001@yahoo.com    I will not respond to any E-mails
    that have excessive swearing or anything like that. Also, if anyone
    wants to know the ending to this game, you may E-mail me to find it
    out. I do this because often times I have accidentally read endings I
    wanted to find on my own, despite spoiler warnings that I missed. If
    you wish to place this guide on your site, please E-mail me first for
    my permission. Although I will most likely give it to you, I need to
    know where to send updates and where it is headed first. Many thanks go
    out to Freespace2dotcom for his help in seriously improving this guide.
    You can see points I particularly thank him for his help throughout the
    This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by X. Thank you to all those that took the
    time to read it.
    Most Recent Update: (This section requested by Rubyheart,
    -	Put my E-mail back in the guide. You may mail me again.

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