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    FAQ by DBM11085

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Mega Man X3 FAQ
                               For the Super Nintendo
                           Version 1.0 (Created 7/28/2002)
                                  By Devin Morgan
        This file is Copyright (c)2002-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Stage Guide
    5. Weapons
    6. Bosses
    7. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
    8. Credits
    9. Copyright Notice
    10. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (7/28/02): The first version of this FAQ.
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    The third installment of the Mega Man X series is possibly the best of the 
    series, even the Playstation ones. All the traditional elements are here, 
    including new enhancements to collect, Heart/Sub Tanks to find, and a slew of 
    new robot masters to defeat. New to this game is the ability to play as Zero. 
    X can switch to Zero via a communications submenu on the main menu screen. 
    That alone is what made this game cool, since the other aspects of the game 
    were already done in the previous 2 titles. Nowadays this game is a rare and 
    expensive find, so if you get the original somehow, you're in luck because it 
    is a worthy play!
    -=  3. Controls -=
    Control Pad: Move
    Start: Pause game, bring up submenu
    A: Dash (after getting Leg upgrade), confirm selections on menu screens
    B: Jump, cancel selections on menu screens
    Y: Use X-Buster or selected weapon
    L/R: Cycle weapons list, access communications submenu on main menu
    -=  4. Stage Guide  -=
    The maps below are straight out of the actual game. They can be found after X 
    receives the Helmet enhancement; when you enter a level, you view the map 
    beforehand with it.
    E - Entrance to Level
    R - Robot Ride
    P - Power-Up
    S - Sub Tank
    H - Heart Tank
    B - Boss
    Blizzard Buffalo
             _ _ _ _ _ _         _ _ _ _ _ _ _
     _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|       |S|_|_|_|_|_|P|_ _ _ 
    |E|_|_|_|_|H|_|_|_|_|       |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|B|
                      |_|_ _ _  |_|
    Power-Up (Leg): In the large area with the snow machine, head all the way
                    right to the very end of the lastplatform. Drop down to a
                    smaller one, then dash jump to the right. If you're lucky,
                    you can jump onto a thin ledge and walk into the room with
                    the capsule.
    Heart Tank: To the right of the Robot Ride platform, you'll notice several
                giant ice blocks stacked in the ground. Use Tunnel Rhino's weapon
                to cut down through each block to the bottom, then go right to
                find the heart.
    Sub Tank: As soon as you enter this area, jump to the first ledge with the
              shooting robot. Jump to the left, then dash upward (you need the
              Leg upgrade for this) to the ledge with the tank.
    Toxic Seahorse
              |H|_ _ _ _ _         _ _ _ _ _ _ _
              |_|_|_|_|_|_|_ _ _ _|_|P|_|_|_|_|_|
              |_|     |_|_|R|_|_|_|_| |_|     |_|_ _
              |_|     |_|_|_|_|_|_|_ _|_|     |_|_|B|
              |_|     |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
     _ _ _ _  |_|
    Heart Tank: At the top of the vertical climb, simply defeat the enemy on the
                ledge guarding it, then it's yours.
    Power-Up (Leg Chip): With the Frog Robot Ride, go into the water and get to
                         the point where the fans blow you backward if you didn't
                         have a ride. Destroy them with the Robot Ride, then jump
                         out and go up the wall to the surface. From there, jump
                         up the next wall to the top, and go right to find this
    Robot Ride (Kangaroo): From the Leg Chip capsule, go down and left to the
                           edge of the water. Jump and dash to the left, then
                           just as you touch the top of the water, jump and dash
                           left again. Skip across the water to the end, then
                           dash upward to the ledge with the Robot Ride on it.
    Tunnel Rhino
                                             _ _ _
                             _              |_|_|B|
                            |P|_ _         _|_|
               _ _ _        |_|_|_|      _|_|_|
              |_|_|S|      _|_|_|_|_ _ _|_|_|
              |_|_|_|_ _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
     _ _ _ _  |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    Power-Up (Helmet): Use a fully charged Triad Thunder to knock down the giant
                       boulder blocking the path, then continue up the wall to
                       the top where you'll find the capsule.
    Heart Tank: Use a fully charged Triad Thunder to knock down the giant boulder
                blocking the ledge, then dash jump to reach it.
    Sub Tank: Dash jump to the upper wall, and jump up to the ledge with this
              item (must have the Leg upgrade to reach).
    Volt Catfish
          |P|            _ _
          |_|_ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|
        |_|_|_|H|   |_|_|_|_|
        |_|_|_|     |_|  _|_|
          |_|_|_    |_|_|S|_|
          |_|_|_|   |_|_|_|
     _ _ _ _ _|_|   |_|_|_|
    |E|_|_|_|_|_|       |_|_ _
        |_|_|           |_|_|B|
    Power-Up (Body): At the very top of the third elevated platform, go left and
                     you'll see a weird greenish block. Stand on it and use a
                     fully charged Gravity Well to pull the platform to the top
                     of the room, where you'll find the capsule.
    Heart Tank: Jump to the wall just above the tank, then slide down to collect
                it. Be sure to quickly jump up as soon as you get it, or you'll
                lose a life!
    Sub Tank: When you enter the last large room with the electric charges on the
              walls, go right and head up the wall instead of down. Get a Robot
              Ride, then go right and drop all the way down. The impact will make
              you fall through the floor to a hidden room with the Sub Tank.
    Crush Crawfish
     _ _ _ _
        |R| |_|_
            |_|H|_ _ _ _ _ _ _               _ _ _
            |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|             |_|_|B|
            |P|_|         |_|_|_ _ _ _      |_|
                            |_|_|_|_|_|_ _ _|_|
    Robot Ride (Hawk): There is a section of the floor you can break through, so
                       stand on it and use a fully charged Triad Thunder to
                       destroy the platform. Then, drop down and grab the item.
    Heart Tank: With the Hawk Robot Ride, get to the section where the red robot
                drops through the floor to an area below. Fly to the right side
                and drop down a couple levels to find a cracked wall. Destroy it
                with the mech and enter the room to get the heart.
    Power-Up (Body Chip): From the Heart Tank, take the Hawk Robot Ride down to
                          the bottom and continue right to a pit. Drop down it,
                          then destroy the cracked wall to the left. Enter there
                          to find the capsule.
    Neon Tiger
             _ _ _ _ _ _ _
            |_|_|_|_|_|_|P|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
     _ _ _ _|_|_|S|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |E|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|                 |_|_ _ _ _ _
                                              |_|_|_|_|_|H|_ _
    Power-Up (X-Buster): When you come to the cracked wall, shoot a Tornado Fang
                         to cut through it. Dash jump to the right ledge, then up
                         to the higher one (you need the Leg upgrade for this) to
                         reach the capsule.
    Sub Tank: This one is right on the upper-right ledge in the first large area.
    Heart Tank: In the last area of the level, you'll find a flying green enemy
                in the air. Jump on it and let it fly you to the right. When it
                stops, dash jump to the ledge and continue to the heart.
    Gravity Beetle
                                                   _ _ _
                                       _     _ _ _|_|_ _
                                     _|_|_ _|_|_|_|_|_|P|
                           _ _ _ _  |_|
                       _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|
                      |R|_|_|   |_|_|_|
                 _ _ _|_|_|
             _ _|_|_|_|_|
     _ _ _ _|H|_|_|
    Heart Tank: After you beat the level, return and the blocks preventing you
                from reaching the ledge will be gone. Jump onto that ledge and
                get the heart.
    Robot Ride (Frog): Jump up the left wall, then jump to the right. Do a second
                       air dash straight up and cling onto the ledge, then jump
                       to get this item.
    Power-Up (Head Chip): After the tall vertical area, go right and jump up to a
                          high wall, and go up to a Mech platform. Take a Robot
                          Ride and continue onward until you find a cracked wall.
                          Destroy it and enter the room to find this capsule.
    Blast Hornet
           _ _|_|_ _ _
     _ _ _|_|   |_|_|      _ _ _ _ _ _       _ _
    |E|_|_|_|   |_|_|_ _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|_ _ _|_|H|_ _
                                    |_|_|_|       |_|
                                    |_|_|R|       |_|_ _ _ _ _ _
    Power-Up (Energy Chip): From the top of the conveyor area, go down and right
                            to the wall. Jump up it until you reach the spiked
                            part, then dash jump directly upward to the top, then
                            go right to the capsule.
    Heart Tank: After you get the Robot Ride in this level, take it all the way
                to the door at the far right. Jump out of the ride, and air dash
                upward to the high wall. Climb up it and go right at the top to
                find the heart tank.
    Robot Ride (Chimera): To get the Robot Ride that allows you to use any others
                          you've collected when you stand on the Mech platforms,
                          get to the top of the warehouses. Get past the second
                          one, and destroy the blocks on the bridge to break a
                          hole downward. Use the Tornado Fang on the cracked left
                          wall, then go down to a new room. Shoot down the Robot
                          Ride and it's yours.
    -=  5. Weapons  -=
        Get From: N/A (You start the game with this weapon)
        Description: Your regular buster; charge it up to shoot a bigger and
                     stronger blast. Once upgraded, you can charge it further to
                     shoot two shots, or a massive cross-shot.
    Acid Blast
        Get From: Toxic Seahorse
        Description: Shoot an acid bubble a short distance ahead. When it hits
                     the ground, it shatters into 4 smaller bubbles, still
                     causing damage to whatever they hit. When charged, a couple
                     of acid bubbles are shot, and they bounce ahead, leaving a
                     trail of acid in their path.
    Parasite Bomb
        Get From: Blast Hornet
        Description: Shoot a spiked bomb straight ahead. When charged, 4 small
                     crosshairs surround you as you hold down the button. When an
                     enemy comes near, they turn into small hornets to attack the
    Triad Thunder
        Get From: Volt Catfish
        Description: Shoot out 3 thunder orbs to surround you, forming an
                     electrical shield around you so you can harm enemies on
                     contact for a moment. When charged fully, Mega Man causes a
                     quake, sending electrical charges in both directions.
    Spinning Blade
        Get From: Crush Crawfish
        Description: Shoot out 2 spinning blades to hit the enemy, then fly back
                     in the opposite direction like boomerangs. When charged, a
                     giant spinning blade is extended and rotates around you
                     once, damaging anything in its range.
    Ray Splasher
        Get From: Neon Tiger
        Description: Shoot a straight ray at the enemy to attack. If it's fully
                     charged, a small device floats overhead, shooting rays in
                     all directions.
    Gravity Well
        Get From: Gravity Beetle
        Description: Shoot a gravity ball ahead, which opens up and causes damage
                     to enemies in the room. When fully charged, a giant black
                     hole is created to suck in enemies for further damage.
    Frost Shield
        Get From: Blizzard Buffalo
        Description: Create an ice spike that flies straight ahead to hit the
                     enemy. When it's fully charged, a giant spiky ice ball
                     sticks on your buster, allowing you to hurt enemies head-on
                     until it breaks (after a few hits).
    Tornado Fang
        Get From: Tunnel Rhino
        Description: Shoot a drill bit straight ahead, which can destroy cracked
                     walls and hurt enemies. When charged, a drill bit sticks out
                     of your buster as you hold the button. As long as you have
                     the energy and are holding down Y, it stays.
    Hyper Crush
        Get From: Arm Chip or Ultimate Armor
        Description: With this, your buster is always fully charged, allowing you
                     to constantly shoot full charged shots at the enemies. When
                     you get damaged, you charge up this move, so remember that
                     for when you run out of this weapon.
    Escape Unit
        Get From: N/A
        Description: Well, this really isn't a weapon, but it's listed in your
                     weapon list. If you're in a level you already defeated the
                     boss in, you can select this from the list at any time to
                     exit the level. You can use it as many times as you want,
                     but only in levels you already beat.
    -=  6. Bosses -=
        Found: Intro Stage
        Strategy: This is the first fight of the game, and Zero is the one you
                  use to fight. If you were already holding the high green charge
                  before entering the room, simply run up and use the Z-Saber to
                  kill Mac instantly.
    Giant Robot
        Found: Intro Stage
        Strategy: The traditional giant robot fight at the end of the intro stage
                  is also simple to beat. It floats up and down, stopping every
                  few moments to extend one of its spiked arms at you to attack.
                  Jump or dash to avoid those, and blast its eyes with the X-
                  Buster until you win.
    Blizzard Buffalo
        Weapon: Frost Shield
        Strategy: This big guy is the first Maverick you should go up against in
                  the game. When the fight starts, jump and cling to the wall,
                  and chances are the boss will charge at the wall. That's when
                  you dash jump over him, hit him from behind with a charged X-
                  Buster shot, and dash to the other side of the room. When he
                  comes by you again, repeat the same attack pattern. Sometimes,
                  this boss won't hit the wall, but stop just before it to throw
                  out 3 ice pellets that turn into tri-spikes when they hit the
                  floor/wall. Avoid those, as well as the ice beam he'll shoot
                  across the room on occasion (cling high on the wall to avoid
                  that). Jump down and hit him when you have the chance, and dash
                  to the other side of the room and repeat to win.
    Toxic Seahorse
        Weapon: Acid Blast
        Strategy: The fight with Toxic Seahorse is a VERY quick and easy one,
                  especially if you're beating the bosses in the order I list
                  here. Shoot a Frost Shield so the boss lands on it to take
                  damage. It'll then jump again towards you, so place another one
                  again. Repeat this until you win.
    Tunnel Rhino
        Weapon: Tornado Fang
        Strategy: This boss can be a bit tough, but he's still something you can
                  take down. He mainly charges back and forth across the room,
                  crashing into the walls, so jump onto the wall and over his
                  head when he comes near. Then, turn around and blast it with an
                  Acid Blast. Sometimes it'll shoot off drill bits from its
                  shoulders, or shoot 3 drills straight ahead in a row, so be
                  careful of those attacks. Continue dropping acid on it and you
                  will be fine.
    Volt Catfish
        Weapon: Triad Thunder
        Strategy: This boss jumps back and forth, using electrical charges to
                  attack you. Use the Tornado Fang so it lands on it when
                  jumping. Then, jump over to the other side of the room and lure
                  the boss over there, and repeat the attack. When you weaken it
                  enough, it'll start jumping in the middle of the room to get a
                  full electric charge to hit you with. Use a Tornado Fang to
                  null out that charge. Just a few more hits and the fight will
                  be over.
    Crush Crawfish
        Weapon: Spinning Blade
        Strategy: This guy is also another simple boss to beat. Use the Triad
                  Thunder to attack it once, then jump and dash over it to avoid
                  its attacks. The boss will either extend its big claw to hit
                  you, or send a couple of little things moving up and down the
                  walls, which can hurt you too. Avoid those and continue the
                  attacking to win.
    Neon Tiger
        Weapon: Ray Splasher
        Strategy: To beat this one, use the Spinning Blade. When you use it, the
                  boss will jump to the opposite wall and shoot its weapon at
                  you. Jump and hit it with another blade, then repeat when he
                  jumps to the other wall. If he gets weak enough, he may glow
                  yellow and charge you with his claws to attack. That won't
                  happen if you use the Spinning Blade technique to kill it.
    Gravity Beetle
        Weapon: Gravity Well
        Strategy: This boss is a VERY simple one, quite honestly. Shoot it with a
                  Ray Splasher as it hops towards you. Hit it a few times, then
                  jump over it to the other side, and repeat until you win.
    Blast Hornet
        Weapon: Parasite Bomb
        Strategy: For this guy, use the Gravity Well to freeze it in the air, all
                  while causing it damage from the gravitational pull. When the
                  well retracts, shoot it out again to continue. If Blast Hornet
                  shoots out miniature versions of itself, avoid them and the
                  Gravity Well will destroy them as well.
        Found: Random rooms
        Strategy: Bit is the smaller hunter to deal with, and is annoying to
                  defeat. He can shoot out a homing fireball, rings that hold you
                  in place for several moments, and he dashes back and forth
                  across the room with his sword drawn. Fight him with the Frost
                  Shield by standing at the opposite side of the room he's at.
                  Jump up when he jumps, so when he's level to you and starts
                  charging, he's still above in the air. Land and shoot out the
                  Frost Shield so he hits it when he drops. Repeat this while
                  avoiding his other attacks to totally defeat him (you can use
                  other weapons to fight him, but if you don't want to fight a
                  harder Bit/Byte combo later on, you'll use the designated
                  weapon above).
        Found: Random rooms
        Strategy: Byte is the bigger of the two hunters, and I would have to say
                  he's the easier one to defeat. He throws a magnetic mine on the
                  opposite wall, which repels you. Then, Byte charges at the wall
                  that the mine is in; if he hits you, he'll throw you up, then
                  punch you into the wall for lots of damage. Stay high on the
                  wall and wait until he throws the mine, then air dash back to
                  the wall until he charges. When he does charge, jump to the
                  other direction and shoot a Tornado Fang at him. Repeat until
                  you have victory. (you can use other weapons to fight him, but
                  if you don't want to fight a harder Bit/Byte combo later on,
                  you'll use the designated weapon above).
        Found: Warehouse (via portals in Volt Catfish/Crush Crawfish stages)
        Strategy: If you get the chance to fight Vile in his hidden warehouse, he
                  is easy to beat. He starts off in a mech that simple charges
                  back and forth across the room. Simply jump high on the wall
                  and avoid him, then jump before he hits it, knocking you down.
                  Drop behind him and attack with the charged buster shots.
                  Repeat this process to destroy his mech. As a standalone, he'll
                  jump in the air and drop a firewall that'll move towards you,
                  or he'll shoot a series of small shots, or he'll charge at you.
                  All those are easy to avoid by dashing/jumping, so attack in
                  the same fashion you fought his mech, but use the Spinning
                  Blades to attack instead. If you defeat Vile with the Spinning
                  Blades, he's gone for good. If not, he'll disappear and you'll
                  have to fight him again in the Doppler stages.
    Bit/Byte Combo
        Found: Doppler Stage 1
        Strategy: If you didn't defeat Bit and Byte properly in the Maverick
                  stages, you must fight the duo fused together here. To attack,
                  they float upward and shoot beams from their sword, or charge
                  ahead at you. Avoid those attacks and hit the front part with
                  charged X-Buster shots to win.
    Acid Shooter
        Found: Doppler Stage 1
        Strategy: This acid-shooting robot is the boss here if you already
                  destroyed Bit and Byte early in the game. From its nozzle of a
                  nose, it shoots acid at you, so avoid it and shoot it in the
                  head with your buster or the Ray Splasher. Watch out for the
                  bucket overhead that drops blocks of junk on you. After it
                  takes enough damage, the nozzle falls off and the bottom area
                  of the room fills with damaging acid. Stay on the wall and
                  continue hitting the head while avoiding the acid being thrown
                  until you win.
        Found: Doppler Stage 2
        Strategy: If you didn't destroy Vile early in the game, he's back with
                  his "Goliath" mech here. This fight follows the same pattern as
                  his first fight; hang on the wall and avoid him charging back
                  and forth, while jumping down to hit him when he stops. After
                  the mech is gone, he fights you alone for a second time. Avoid
                  the small shots, the firewall, and the charging, and attack
                  again with the Spinning Blades to beat him once and for all.
        Found: Doppler Stage 2
        Strategy: Obviously, if you did destroy Vile early on, you fight this
                  creature instead. It's SO simple, so use just the Triad Thunder
                  constantly to win against this easy guy!
    Dr. Doppler
        Found: Doppler Stage 3
        Strategy: Despite what you might think beforehand, this guy is quite an
                  easy one to defeat. He has only 2 attacks to deal with here.
                  For one, he stands still and shoots 3 electrical orbs at you,
                  which you can avoid by jumping. His other move is when he
                  charges to the other side of the room towards you, engulfed in
                  a fireball. When he lands after that, you'll notice a
                  forcefield come up around him. Do NOT shoot him when it's up;
                  it'll HEAL HIM! Attack with charged X-Buster shots when he's
                  standing there without the forcefield, and when he shoots the
                  electric orbs. It's a simple pattern to follow anyway: stand
                  still, forcefield, electric orbs, forcefield, fireball charge,
                  and repeat. Remember that and attack accordingly to win.
    Kaiser Sigma
        Found: Doppler Stage 4
        Strategy: For this round against Sigma, he really isn't as bad as
                  previously expected. He shoots a series of fireballs straight
                  at the opposite wall, and the fireballs go up the wall. Jump to
                  the top of the opposite wall, then dash jump to the other wall
                  and stay above Sigma until he stops. When he jumps in the air,
                  hit him with your X-Buster (hold just a slight charge before he
                  stops the fireballs so you can hit him with a somewhat strong
                  blast). Sometimes he'll stop in mid-air and shoot a few
                  fireballs to go up the wall he was next to previously, so watch
                  out. Halfway through, he'll start throwing his shield ahead and
                  back like a boomerang, then continue the fireball and jumping
                  pattern as before. Continue the attack as usual, then after a
                  while, he'll throw the shield and it'll go to the high area of
                  the room as well; avoid it by staying at the highest point of
                  the wall. Continue the attack while avoiding his own, and
                  you'll defeat his first form.
    Kaiser Sigma
        Found: Doppler Stage 4
        Strategy: This is the final form of Sigma in this game, and it is quite
                  the challenge this time! In this huge body, he'll start off by
                  floating upward, then a little bit to the left before dropping
                  down. Use that chance to dash behind him. Avoid the group of
                  homing missiles he shoots, and the small orb-like objects that
                  randomly float around. When he floats back to the right again,
                  dash back to the left and when he lands, charge the X-Buster
                  and jump up the wall, then hit him in the head to cause damage.
                  For this frontal attack, he'll shoot a wide beam, hitting the
                  bottom corner of the room, so stay high and send charged shots
                  at his head to damage him more. You'll also have to avoid those
                  floating orbs that can really hurt you. After you cause enough
                  damage, Sigma will alternate the wide beam and sometimes shoot
                  it upward instead, so be careful and watch where he points the
                  buster. Continue the attacking and keep your health high
                  (that's why it's a good idea to come here with 4 full Sub
                  Tanks), and you will eventually beat this guy, and the game!
    -=  7. Secrets/Tips and Tricks  -=
    Ultimate Armor
    In this game, there is an ultimate golden armor you can obtain. You must have 
    all 8 Heart Tanks, all 4 Sub Tanks and Robot Rides, all normal Dr. Light 
    upgrades (NO CHIPS), and full health. Go to Doppler Stage 1 and make your way 
    through the mini-boss fight where Zero stops the collapsing ceiling. Continue 
    onward to a pit where spiked balls fall into. With full health and the above 
    requirements, slide down the left wall to reach a hidden room. Go in and 
    there should be a final capsule, where you will gain the golden armor. This 
    armor gives you the upgrades of all 4 enhancement chips combined, as well as 
    the Hyper Crush move!
    Zero's Z-Saber
    One more great secret in this game is the ability to gain access to Zero's 
    powerful Z-Saber. To do so, you must have Zero still alive (that means if you 
    switched to him in other levels, he didn't lose his life in battle). If that 
    requirement is met, go to Doppler Stage 2. When you get to the silver door 
    leading into a mini-boss room, switch to Zero, then enter the room. Fight the 
    bug creature, then after you beat it, it'll fall on Zero, crushing him. Next, 
    there will be a scene with Zero giving X the saber, then dying. Use it by 
    charging up the X-Buster fully, and then you'll be able to throw the saber 
    forward. This attack is SO powerful that it can destroy ANY boss in two hits, 
    even the final boss!
    -=  8. Credits  -=
    MetroidMoo: I borrowed the name "Squid" for the Doppler Stage 2 boss.
    -=  9. Copyright Notice -=
    This file is Copyright (c)2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
    the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my work:
    This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
    the aforementioned list, you are not currently not allowed to post any of my 
    files on your site. If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me 
    (see the section below); permission may or may not granted at my discretion. 
    Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it without my permission. 
    I only want my most recent work to be available and I do not feel that can be 
    achieved if others take from me without my knowledge or permission.
    If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
    information, contact me and we'll talk. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
    blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.
    -=  10. Contact Information -=
    As of this version, the file contains all the information I know to date. If 
    it is a work in progress, give me time before bombarding me with emails about 
    things being missing. All I ask is that you READ THE FAQ before emailing me, 
    since that's what it's here for! Don't waste my time (and yours) by asking me 
    for information obviously covered in the guide. If it's in reference to a 
    side quest or item, chances are they can be found in another section besides 
    the walkthrough, so check the appendices as well.
    If you have any questions, comments, or things to add that are not already in 
    this FAQ, feel free to email me. I usually do post submissions, credit given 
    of course, so long as I feel they are relevant to the game in question. My 
    email address is: dbmfaqs(at)gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and be sure to 
    check out the rest of my work at this URL:
    =- End of File -=

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