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    Music Track List by ACE Spark

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    Megaman X3 - Track List
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    1) Introduction
    2) Track List
    3) Misc Music Info
    4) Special Thanks
    5) Copyright Info
    1) Introduction
    Megaman X3 for the Playstation is one of those very rare Megaman games.
    Hardly anyone knows it exists in English, (since it was never released
    in America.. er duh Capcom!..), but personally, I feel its worth
    finding (at the right price of course.
    Without further ado, heres' the most mixed up track list ever!
    (Why do Megaman games have wierd music orders?)
    2) Track List
    Track 01 - Zero's Theme
    Track 02 - Vile Vava's Stage
    Track 03 - Title Screen
    Track 04 - Stage Select
    Track 05 - Megaman X Victory
    Track 06 - Neon Tiger's Stage
    Track 07 - Tunnel Rhino's Stage
    Track 08 - Crush Crawfish's Stage
    Track 09 - Toxic Seahorse's Stage
    Track 10 - Volt Catfish's Stage
    Track 11 - Gravity Beetle's Stage
    Track 12 - Blizzard Buffalo's Stage
    Track 13 - Blast Hornet's Stage
    Track 14 - Doppler Stage Select
    Track 15 - Fortress Battle
    Track 16 - Doppler's Lair
    Track 17 - Outer Fortress
    Track 18 - Dr Light Capsule
    Track 19 - Save Data
    Track 20 - Maverick Hunter HQ
    Track 21 - Introduction
    Track 22 - Maverick Battle
    Track 23 - Kaiser Sigma Battle
    Track 24 - Sigma Battle
    Track 25 - Dr Cain's Theme
    Track 26 - Weapon Received!
    Track 27 - Sigma's Lair
    Track 28 - Unused Track - Credits (!?)
    Track 29 - Maverick Appears
    Track 30 - Hilltop Ending
    Track 31 - Game Data (Do NOT Play)
    3) Misc Music Info:
    Heres a few strange facts about Megaman X3's music:
    It appears that The Credits music, while remixed, isn't used in the 
    Bit odd that.
    Where's the Boss Selected music you ask? It's not a CD Track, it's 
    part of the boss's anime sequences. Great idea Capcom.. shame you
    didn't use it afterwards..
    The Japanese Version of the game has J-pop for the Introduction
    and Credits seqeunces, the Europeon has a Remix of Megaman 6's
    credits for the Introduction and a brand new credits music.
    Anyone notice... Neon Tiger's music is a remix of Guns and Roses
    song My Michelle. Pritty neat.
    Unlike teh Snes version, the Weapon Received music lasts only a 
    few seconds. The Snes version loops continuously.
    The music repeats itself often. It gets annoying during gameplay.
    4) Special Thanks:
    Planet Megaman - For providing me with MM Mp3s, including the lost
    Zessie Chan - For her help with musical notes and stuff. :-)
    Megaman Network - For providing me with most of my facts on Megaman.
    Capcom - For making Megaman games.
    Virgin - For releasing Megaman X3 in Europe.
    My Mom - Buying me Megaman X3 off Ebay.
    Who-Ever Sent me Megaman X3 - Thanks for the bargain!
    5) Guide Copyright 2003/04 Adrian Nock. 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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