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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adori

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    Dedicated to the pure awesomeness that is the Spin Blade. - Yami Shuryou
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    By: Yami Shuryou
    Version: FINAL
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the legal property of Yami Shuryou.
    Stealing of this is illegal under the US and Canada Copyright Law,
    and in all cases, can be taken to court. This means you, Dave.
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    Table of Contents				  Document Information
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    1.	Introduction			(INTD)	  File Name: Megaman X3
    ==============================================	  Finished on February 29th
    2.	Controls			(CTRL)	  Finished on March 6th
    ==============================================	  Number of Updates: 4
    3.	Upgrades/Armor			(UGAR)	  File Size: 78 KB
    4.	Walkthrough			(WLTH)
    4a.	Maverick Hunters Headquarters	(MHHQ)
    4b.	Blizzard Buffalo		(BBFF)
    4c.	Toxic Seahorse			(TXSS)
    4d.	Tunnel Rhino 			(TNRH)
    4e.	Volt Catfish			(VLCF)
    4f.	Crush Crawfish			(CRCR)
    4g.	Neon Tiger			(NTGR)
    4h.	Gravity Beetle 			(GRBT)
    4i.	Blast Hornet			(BLHR)
    4j.	Stages Revisited		(STRV)
    4k.	Vile				(VLE1)
    4l.	Dr. Doppler 1			(DDP1)
    4m.	Dr. Doppler 2			(DDP2)
    4n.	Dr. Doppler 3			(DDP3)
    4o.	Dr. Doppler 4			(DDP4)
    4p.	Bit & Byte			(B&B)
    5.	Questions			(QSTN)
    6.	Contact Information		(CNIN)
                                1. Introduction (INTD)
    Every Mega Man game that is out there, with a few exceptions of the worst, will
    someday get an FAQ that goes down to the very bone of the game. Mega Man X3 now
    is no exception, as my work proves it to be.
    If you're wondering why my paragraphs are pretty short...Well, this is my first
    action game, and I become a bit nervous at letting my paragraphs go on too long
    and confusing the reader.
                                  2. Controls (CTRL)
    Here, I'll basically list the controls of this game. The words in brackets are 
    the Playstation equivalent. If there isn't a bracket, then it is the same 
    button, same name.
    A (Circle) - Dash, dash in mid-air
    B (X) - Jump, jump up walls, slide down walls
    X (Triangle) - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y (Square) - Shoot with buster, hold down to charge shots, use Z-Saber, hit
                 with armor
    L&R (L1, R1) - Change weapons (They are in an order though)
    Left - Move left
    Right - Move right
    Start - Menu Screen
    Select - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    A + B (Circle + X)- Faster jump on walls
    Menu Screen
    D-Pad - Scroll through weapons and SubTanks
    A (X)- Use Subtank
    B (Circle) - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y (Square) - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    X (Triangle) - Nothing. Zilch. Nada. (Getting repetitive, huh?)
    R (R1) - Go to Zero screen.
    L (L1) - Exit out of Zero screen.
    Start - Leave screen, choose weapon
    Select - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    B (Circle) - Jump, Float
    A (X)- Attack
    Right (R1) - Move right
    Left (L1) - Move left
    Up + B (Up+Circle) - Jump out of armor
                                3. Upgrades/Armor (UGAR)
    You may notice an absence of some items. Congratulations. I'm not putting in
    the four chips. That's because this FAQ was written to get you the ultimate 
    upgrade; the Gold Chip.
    Blizzard Buffalo
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Chimera Armor
    Get Chimera Armor first. About halfway through the level, you should see some 
    ice blocks. To the right, there will be an armor pod. Putting on the Chimera 
    Armor, hit the blocks and walk across the spikes to get the Heart Tank.
    Dash Upgrade
    Requirements: None
    Near the end of the level, get on top of the last part of the artificially
    made ledge, and dash jump off of it to the right onto another ledge. It may
    take a few times, but once you do, go in, and enter the Capsule after learning
    how to do the Dash in mid-air from Dr. Light.
    Sub Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    In the last outdoor area of Blizzard Buffalo, at the start, go on the ledge
    with the first green robot, and after destroying it, perform a Dash Jump onto
    the ledge with the Heart Tank.
    Toxic Seahorse
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: None
    When climbing a vertical part of the level where there are pumps of acid that
    will push you back, at the end of, don't go right, but continue up the wall to
    see the easily accessible Heart Tank.
    Kangaroo Armor
    Requirements: Frost Shield, Arm Upgrade
    When going into the underwater area of this level, place yourself a bit to the
    right of the first pit. Charging the Frost Shield, let the ice cube go, and
    climb up onto it. When the cube emerges out of the water, Dash Jump up onto the
    ledge, and grab the Kangaroo Armor.
    Tunnel Rhino
    Sub Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    After the part of the level with the conveyor belts and falling sand, you'll
    notice a ledge up to the right. Dash Jumping over, grab your quarry.
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Triad Thunder, Arm Upgrade
    When you encounter the first rock-covered enemy, when climbing up the wall, 
    take the right path where there is a large rock blocking the Heart Tank. Charge
    the Triad Thunder and let loose.
    Helmet Upgrade(Radar)
    Requirements: Triad Thunder, Arm Upgrade
    When you get to the part of falling rocks, look for one that slides right and
    downwards. When you get to that one, climb up the left wall, and charge the 
    Triad Thunder to bring down the giant rock. Then climb up and go into the
    Volt Catfish
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    At the second panel in this level, where the first exit is to the left and the
    second exit is to the right, get off at the second exit. A spike pit will lie
    sprawled before you. Dash Jumping over to the other side of the pit, slide down
    carefully to obtain the Heart Tank.
    Sub Tank
    Requirements: Chimera Armor
    A bit after the Armor Upgrade part and past the outside area, you'll find the
    area where sparks line up the wall. Head up at the first opportunity, and put
    on any armor. When you go down, the armor will crush the floor, making you fall
    to another part of the area. Here, head left and, getting out of the armor, 
    grab the Sub Tank.
    Armor Upgrade
    Requirement: Gravity Well, Arm Upgrade
    Through the level, look for the electric enemies that look like they have a 
    glass covering. In one of the small hallways, once you find them, continue a 
    bit to the next elevator. There, don't get off on the right, but let the 
    elevator continue to rise and get off on the left. Standing on the platform, 
    use a charged up Gravity Well, and the platform will rise, allowing you to get
    at the Armor Upgrade.
    Crush Crawfish
    Hawk Armor
    Requirements: Triad Thunder, Arm Upgrade
    Near the start of the level, you'll find a small floor that is horizontally
    just ahead of the second ledge in the air. Going onto it, charge up the Triad
    Thunder, and let it loose. The floor will collapse, taking you with it, and 
    down below, you'll find the Hawk Armor.
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Chimera Armor, but preferably use Hawk Armor
    Taking the pod at the start of the level, put on the Hawk Armor. From there,
    continue on normally until you get to the part where the red-armored robot 
    falls through the floors. Here, float over to the right, and a bit down, there
    will be a cracked wall. Destroying it, you can go in and get the Heart Tank.
    Neon Tiger
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    Near the end of the level, jump onto one of the bugs, and Dash Jump right onto
    a wall. Climbing it, get the Heart Tank.
    Sub Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    In the first part where you're forced to go upwards to continue the stage, and
    where the first red robot is, Dash Jump up onto the wall right of the robot to
    find the Sub Tank.
    Arm Upgrade
    Requirements: Tornado Fang, Leg Upgrade
    Before you climb down the second ladder in the level, you'll notice in the wall
    that there's a crack. Use the Tornado Fang on it to destroy the wall, then go
    through and Dash Jump right. From there, Dash Jump onto the higher ledge and
    go into the capsule.
    Gravity Beetle
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Defeated Gravity Beetle
    After defeating Gravity Beetle, make your way to the large indoor area in the
    stage. When jumping up the ledges, at the top, go all the way left, and onto 
    the upper-left ledge to grab the Heart Tank.
    Frog Armor
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    After you make your way to the outsides for the second time, right next to the
    ladder where you got outside from, there's a tall wall. Climb up most of the
    way, and jump right, then Dash Jump and climb up the small ledge to get the 
    Frog Armor.
    Blast Hornet
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Leg Upgrade
    In the really large outside area, just before the path turns into a narrow
    hallway, Dash Jump up onto the higher wall, and climb up to get the Heart Tank.
    Chimera Armor
    Requirements: Tornado Fang
    In the really large outside area, when going over the top of the buildings,
    use the Tornado Fang on the second set of blocks. When it blows up and the 
    floor beneath it collapses, go down, and destroy the wall left of you with the
    Tornado Fang. Going through, destroy the two blocks there for the floor to
    collapse again, and go down. Destroy the magnet holding the armor to get the
    Chimera Armor.
                                  4. Walkthrough(WLTH)
    In the year 21XX, all the mavericks have been neutralized thanks to the 
    efforts of a Reploid scientist named, "Dr. Doppler". Using his Neuro Computer,
    he has been able to suppress any abnormal behavior in the reploids and prevent
    them from going berserk. Many of the most advanced reploids have gathered near
    their mentor and founded "Dopple Town", a perfect Utopian community. With Dr.
    Doppler guiding them, the world seemed ready to enter a new golden age... 
    After a few months...
    The Mavericks who were supposed to have been neutralized by the Neuro Computer
    suddenly appeared and began to riot... At Maverick Hunter Headquarters, all the
    intelligence indicated that Dr. Doppler was the mastermind behind the invasion.
    Soon, the call went out to X and Zero to destroy the invading Mavericks and to
    bring Dr. Doppler to justice.
    "Maverick Hunter X and Zero Dispatch!" A few hours later, emergency contact
    was made by the headquarters of Maverick Hunter. "This is the headquarters of
    Maverick Hunter. We are under attack from the Doppler force. All units return 
    to base immediately and return fire."
    The most recommended order of bosses in this game is this;
    Blizzard Buffalo
    Toxic Seahorse
    Tunnel Rhino
    Volt Catfish
    Crush Crawfish
    Neon Tiger
    Gravity Beetle
    Blast Hornet
    Thus, this is the order of the walkthrough that I am making. In addition, Bit &
    Byte are likely to be encountered during the normal stages, so refer to my
    walkthrough section on them when required. Defeating Vile will result in slight
    changes in storyline, but it must be done before you beat the last boss.
    Lastly, boss strategies are within the stage's walkthrough itself.
    On one last note, this WALKTHROUGH is designed to make you as powerful as
    possible, with the exception of the Z-Saber.
                        4a. Maverick Hunters Headquarters (MMHQ)
    You'll start this off by jumping onto an allied helicopter, which promptly is
    shot and then crashes. In automatic motion, X jumps off the helicopter, and 
    ends up at the start of the Maverick Hunters HQ. Zero will tell you that he'll
    clear the enemies outside, and that X should clear the enemies inside. Zero
    then teleports off.
    Go and kill the first enemy you see, then wall jump upwards, while charging a
    blaster shot. Dash and hit the second enemy, then dash again and shoot at the
    third with another full charge.
    Continue on, and if you've taken a hit, grab the healing item. Otherwise, dodge
    the latest enemy's diagonal attacks and go down the ladder.
    Charge an attack, and when those two energy balls spring up and down, dash and
    going downwards, head right and hit the next enemy with a charge shot.
    Another charge shot, hitting another gunner.  And another. AND ANOTHER! Now, 
    continue on to the right, and then go down the ladder.
    Jumping off the ledge and heading left, X suddenly runs into Mac, a fellow
    Maverick Hunter, and asks Mac where he has been. Mac suddenly backstabs X, and
    shoots a paralyzing shot at X, keeping him from doing anything. Mac reveals
    himself as one of Dopplers Reploids now, and that X shall be shown the true
    destiny of the human race. A magnet suddenly comes and forces X along with it,
    and you lose sight of X.
    Enter, Zero! A part of the ceiling breaks and comes down, and Zero isn't far
    behind! Same controls apply to Zero as apply to basic X, except you can also
    use the Z Saber!
    Dashing right, hit the enemies while dodging falling panels of the roof. Then
    climb up the ledge and ladder, and continue on right.
    On the wall here, spiked cannon balls will come down left and right, so 
    the right time to slide down, and make your way up. Once at the top, continue
    right, charge up the Z-Saber. Continue through the door.
    Here, you'll have to fight Mac. Mac, however, is an easy peasy, doing little
    damage and falling to one Z Saber hit, or two full charged shots. After that's
    done, hit the magnet with a charged shot to destroy it and release X.
    X will tell Zero he's okay, and then Zero says he'll check around HQ again, &
    then teleports away, giving you control of X again. From there, go through
    the door. Climb up the wall, and go through the second door to encounter this
    area's boss.
    Boss Name: Maoh the Giant
    Strategy: I officially do not trust you if you say you are unable to beat this
    guy. But if you are speaking the truth, then listen up! Maoh has two spiked
    cannons ready to come out of his arms and destroy a *very* small chunk of the
    floor, so charge your buster, and when at full power, jump and release at his
    head. Repeat to win.
    Zero will appear, saying all the enemies have been swept out of HQ, and that he
    will be at HQ if ever X needs him. He'll then teleport off, leaving you to
    choose now where to go.
                                 4b. Blizzard Buffalo (BBFF)
    Charging up your buster, walk along the icy path while hitting the enemies with
    only semi-charged shots(green shot) to destroy them. Jumping up onto the ledge,
    again jump onto the ladder and climb up.
    Charge your shot and go down the slope. As soon as you see the first enemy, and
    have an aim that'll hit him, let go of the shot and if you slide down quickly
    enough, it should destroy all the enemies here.
    Anyways, downward, go right, and climb the wall. Run the two enemies through
    with charged shots, and go down, and then through the double deck of doors.
    Go down the two slopes, and have a charged shot ready. Hit the Ice enemy to 
    break its outer coating of ice, and then hit it with another charged shot to
    destroy it. Aimed accurately, though, it could destroy the enemy in one hit.
    Continue on and kill the same monster twice, and then climb up the ladder.
    Destroying the enemy in your path, climb up the second ladder.
    Wall climbing up the wall, jump up onto the third ladder and climb up it to be
    outside again.
    Here, climb up the road and walk along, with a charged buster prepared for one
    enemy that drives at you. Once you reach the end, jump onto the next part of
    the road.
    Here, walk across, and Dash Jump over onto the ledge, and quickly get over. 
    Entering the room, a capsule will be there, so go over. Light will appear,
    telling you that this capsule contains a leg upgrade, allowing you to dash in
    mid-air, either left, right, or straight up! So enter, and then, after watching
    the demonstration, go out.
    Now, instead of entering through the door, retrace your steps to the start of
    the outside area. See that Tank up on that ledge? Now with the Dash upgrade, it
    can be reached. You'll have to jump off the edge of the ledge that the first
    robot is/was standing on, and Dash Jump straight up and continue left at the
    right moment, before you can get the Heart Tank.
    After you're done all that, head back and through the double decker doors and
    into the boss's lair to face...
    Boss Name: Blizzard Buffalo
    Power: 9200 rp
    Speed: 3200 rp
    Strategy: Heres a really simple strategy; Climb up the wall, charge your shot,
    wait for him to hit the wall and then dash behind him, hit him with your 
    charged shot, then dash to the other side while charging your shot. Then, when
    he comes, hit him again, and repeat the strategy.
    However, sometimes, he'll spurt out ice crystals, so when he does that, instead
    of running away, stay close to him, and after he shoots three out, then you can
    Lastly, on rare occasions, he'll shoot out a huge ice beam, but you can hear it
    as kind of a huuuummmmm sound. When that happens, just climb up the wall, and
    stay up there
    You are now awarded with Frost Shield.
                               4c. Toxic Seahorse (TXSS)
    Going right destroying the two Auto-wannabes, head down. Continuing right,
    demolish the gunners, and climb up the wall.
    Up at the end of the wall, where you can walk again, continue climbing upwards
    to go and grab a Heart Tank. Dropping down a small amount, go right and through
    the double deck of doors, and then down.
    In the water, stay low, and go down the under path once you reach the branch,
    using charged shots against the turtles. Heading through, watch it for the 
    spikes, and go through the next door at the end of the path.
    Charging your shots, jump up and hit it right where its head would be. When it
    starts coming at you, dash to the other side. When it shoots out some 
    missiles at you, quickly move to get some range off the missiles.
    After defeating the MINI-BOSS, head through the second door. The water will 
    drain out, so climb up the first ladder, then jump over and climb up the 
    second ladder.
    Dashing over, hit the enemy with a full shot, and climbing up, dash to the left
    again. There, climb the ladder, kill the second enemy with another charged 
    shot, and once again, climb, and after the ladder, out of the compound.
    Here, drive through the enemies with charged shots, and jump over the 
    platform. Once heading downward, you'll encounter a spike pit ahead of you.
    Destroying the enemy, use a Dash Jump to get over, and then climb down the 
    stairs. Then go through the doors to encounter the boss of the hour, who is 
    none other than...
    Boss Name: Toxic Seahorse
    Power: 5800 rp
    Speed: 4300 rp
    Strategy: With the Frost Shield, here is a really easy strategy. When he jumps
    at you, shoot a Frost Shield, then get out of the way of the incoming Toxic
    Seahorse. Repeating it, he'll keep going with the same maneuver, killing 
    Of course, if you're NOT using Frost Shield, he's a lot more difficult.
    How to beat him without the Frost Shield? Well, when he's jumping around, use
    a charged shot against him at all times, and try to stay near the middle to
    avoid the spurts of poison acid when they hit the walls.
    When he spits out acid balls that do NOT float, or metalizes and turns into
    toxic and disappears, climb up the walls to avoid the attacks. Although much
    longer than using Frost Shield, he will easily be beat still.
    Afterwards, you've got Acid Burst!
    A mini-scene will now occur, if this is the second stage that you have beaten,
    where Dr. Doppler ponders how to defeat X. Summoning Bit and Byte, two of his
    Mavericks, he tells them to bring X to him, alive.
    A mysterious Maverick who looks an awful lot like Boba Fett comes in, telling
    the Doctor that he has his score to settle, and that he'll do it his way. As he
    leaves, the Doctor comments to himself that he can't believe X beat his master
    twice before.
                                  4d. Tunnel Rhino (TNRH)
    Dashing under the rocks that will be falling down, climb down the ladder and
    continue on down.
    Going across, cut through the barrier and Rock Golem with charged shots, and
    go up. There, destroy the second Rock Golem, and continue on upwards. Dodging 
    the falling sand, Dash Jump it across the spike pit.
    Climb up the walls and jump onto the ledge. After destroying the Rock Golem,
    fight against force to make it across the conveyor belt, and go up. Again, go
    across the conveyor belt and climb the wall.
    Going across the two sets of belts, jump up and grab the Subtank, something 
    that you should consider completely helpful. Make your way down, and go through 
    the two sets of boss doors.
    Go along the long room, and after destroying the tank, get through the barrier.
    Destroying another tank, climb up the wall. Continue right, over the spike pit,
    and destroying the barrier.
    Climb up the wall, dodging the falling rock, and Dash Jump over the spike pit.
    Jump up quickly to avoid the rolling rock, and after climbing, continue heading
    Making your way across, go down before the rolling rock can hit you, or wait 
    for it to fall, and go through the door.
    This guy is really easy, with a simple strategy; Jump up the wall, and charge.
    When he hits the wall, jump off just before he does, and the shockwave won't
    stop you from moving for a second. Once down on the ground, hit him with the
    charged shot, and then climb up again. However, don't get much more than your
    full body length vertically above his head.
    After destroying this guy, continue going right, destroying the tank and the
    Rock Golem. Climbing up the ladder, drive through another Rock Golem with a
    charged shot, and after destroying the climber, climb up the wall.
    Hitting the second robot, Dash Jump over, and quickly climb up. Doing a Dash
    Jump over the tank, stop to hit the Rock Golem with a charged shot, then climb
    up. Going up the wall and the ladders, go through the double set of doors to
    Name: Tunnel Rhino
    Power: 4200 rp
    Speed: 8000 rp
    Strategy: Without Acid Burst, there still is a simple strategy.
    Climbing up the walls, when Tunnel Rhino comes running at the wall, Dash Jump
    over him, shoot him, and then climb up the other wall, charging again. After a
    while, though, he may suddenly stop before hitting the wall, and go and hit the
    other wall.
    With Acid Burst, it's kind of the same strategy, except this time, hitting him
    with Acid Burst can be done not just by shooting it at him, but laying it on
    the ground and waiting for him to run over it.
    After you win, you get Tornado Fang!
                                 4e. Volt Catfish (VLCF)
    Start off by dashing through the red lines as soon as they reach the far right,
    and killing the electrical enemies.
    NOTE: The moving panel will take you to a special capsule, and you can enter to
    fight Vile.
    Having said that, continue right onto the second moving panel, and, going up,
    keep a watch and destroy the robots.
    Getting off, destroy the electric Maverick and dash through the line when it's
    to the far left.
    Dashing through the two robots, climb up the wall, destroy the electrical enemy
    and go onto the moving panel. Let the panel reach its full length, and get off
    to the right.
    Ahh, here's the Heart Tank in this level. However, it is protected by a spike
    pit. How to grab it? Well, slide down the left wall, and do a Dash over to the
    right, again sliding, and after you grab it, Dash back to the left.
    Now, simply walk off the ledge, and Dash into the left room now.
    Make it through the two missile enemies there, and climb up the wall, dodging
    the diagonal attacks, then go right onto the moving panel. This time, take the
    first exit you see, and go outside. Go past the double doors now.
    Head right, and let yourself fall down. Going left now, destroy the electrical
    monsters, and dash once the line is as unstraight as possible.
    Going down, you could either just avoid all the robots, or destroy them. Either
    way, at the end, go right, and Dash Jump up past the first electrical charge.
    Continuing on, destroy the robot and make your way down, and through the two
    doors to face...
    Name: Volt Catfish
    Power: 8200 rp
    Speed: 1600 rp
    Strategy: You are in hot water if you didn't bring Tornado Fang along, so as 
    such, I'll give a strategy.
    For the first little while, he'll jump on you. When he does so, Dash underneath
    and hit him with a charged shot. When he shoots his electric charge, just jump,
    and when he sends out the three electrical charges onto the walls, try to Dash
    Jump over him onto the other side before he sends out the second part of the
    After a while, he'll go into the middle of a room, a bolt of lightning will 
    come down and strike him, rendering him invincible for a while, and he'll send
    out electric sparks. I recommend staying near the top of walls for this.
    With Tornado Fang;
    Get close to the wall, but not touching it. When Volt Catfish comes jumping at
    you, retreat completely to the wall, and hit him with a Tornado Fang. While he
    is stunned, jump up the wall and dash over him to the other wall. He'll come
    jumping at you again, yet when he jumps down, he'll be hit by the same Tornado
    Fang, while you jump back to the original position. Repeat.
    After a while of that, he'll suddenly jump into the middle and try to absorb 
    the lightning. Get close to him, and as soon as he finishes his jump, hit him
    with a Tornado Fang. He'll keep trying to perform the move, so hit him with
    Tornado Fangs until he is dead.
    You've got Triad Thunder!
                                4f. Crush Crawfish (CRCR)
    Make your way across the top, then start heading down, and to the right. Here, 
    one of the large spiked arm robots will appear, and will promptly crash through 
    a few floors. Go to the other side with a Dash first, then head down. Walk 
    across, and through the double set of doors. Going right, destroy the robots.
    NOTE: Down in the lower section where that HP recovery is, if you haven't 
    yet faced Vile, the floor will give way to a capsule.
    Anyways, continuing right, head down the double set of ladders. Dash Jumping on
    to the next section, destroy the first robot, and Dash Jump over the second 
    and then destroy him, the ground beneath him collapsing. Go down then.
    Make your way through the conveyor belts, destroying the annoying amounts of
    the flying enemies, and go through the door. Here, destroy the machine.
    Climbing up the wall, get right below the hole and Dash Jump upwards to get
    through. From there on, climb the walls and go through the doors to face...
    Name: Crush Crawfish
    Power: 4000 rp
    Speed: 7600 rp
    Strategy: Without Triad Thunder, this is a much harder match. But anyways, here
    is what to do.
    When he comes right at you, be on the wall and Dash over him, then hit him with
    a charged shot, then jump up the opposite wall. When he tries to throw the 
    brown rings at you, try to stay up. He'll usually fire his pincer either 
    straight forward and diagonally, and trying to stay upwards will cause him to
    fire his pincer diagonally, allowing you to go down, and hit him. When he goes 
    straight at you, perform a Dash Jump over him BEFORE he stops.
    With Triad Thunder; IMFO, he's harder with Triad Thunder, for some reason. 
    Anyways, get close to him, and use Triad Thunder to shock him. Go and climb up
    the walls, and wait for him to either shoot the rings, hit you with the pincer,
    or dash at you, then get into a location(Dash Jump or drop down) where you can
    hit him with the Triad Thunder again. Since there has been a few seconds 
    between the attacks, he won't be shocked and invulnerable to an attack still, 
    so he'll be hurt. Then, go climb up the opposite wall and wait for him to do
    something. After a while, he'll die.
    You've got Spinning Blade (AKA the Weapon this guide was dedicated to)!
                                    4g. Neon Tiger (NTGR)
    Start walking along the curved slopes, and Dash Jump over the spike pits. Going
    through the small building, jump over another spike pit.
    Killing the purple tanks, climb up the wall and destroy the red robot. Then,
    Dash Jump upwards and grab the Subtank.
    Jumping back onto the cliff where the red robot was, go left, and Dash Jump on
    to the second bug-like machine, and when it takes you further left, Dash Jump
    over the second red robot, and go to the next ledge on the route. Again, Dash
    Jump over the third robot before it fires its spikes, and go up the ladders.
    Go right, and jump over the spikes. Making your way through the three barriers,
    destroy the gunner.
    Now. You should have Tornado Fang if you're following the set-up of bosses that
    I have recommended, so equip it, and use it on the wall where it's cracked to
    destroy it. Dash Jump over the large amount of spikes, and then Dash Jump 
    upwards. Then go to the capsule.
    Another Dr. Light hologram will appear, and he will tell you to enter this
    capsule. You will be able to receive an X-Buster upgrade, which will allow you
    to charge to a further strength, and shoot two charged shots at once. If they
    overlap, they can create a special attack. In addition, you can charge your
    special weapons.
    After entering the capsule and watching the demonstration, go left and up the
    wall, and then down the ladders. If you want to get down quickly, press B while
    on the ladder and you'll let go. Then enter the door.
    Just to let you know, you can shoot him as soon as he appears.
    Right. Anyways, after the first turn around, he'll usually go from up to down
    and down to up in his directions until after a while. While he's moving around,
    he will let loose two bombs that bounce around, but aren't a real annoyance,
    only taking two bars of health per hit, and explode after the next set is let
    Charge your buster, and when he comes out of the ground or roof, hit him in the
    head with it. In the case that he turns around on the ground, hit him and then
    Dash Jump over him. After a while, he'll explode, so head out right.
    Anyways, head right, jumping over the spikes, while dodging the imaginary
    enemies, and climb up the ladder.
    Going across a long stretch, Dash Jump over the red robots before they can
    attack, and destroy the electrical guys when you can. After a ways, jump on the
    flying parasite, and when it goes right, Dash Jump over and onto the wall, and
    get the Heart Tank. Now, go and head through the double set of doors to face...
    Name: Neon Tiger
    Power: 3600 rp
    Speed: 9900 rp
    Strategy: Without the Spinning Blade, I just wish to say that I hope you bought
    life insurance that the Maverick Hunters can use.
    Actually, he isn't as hard with Buster only as some make him out to be. His
    main attack, Ray Splasher, can easily be dodge and only heads straight about
    one third of the times. You can hit him when he's attacking and when he's 
    moving around, but he uses his claws for blocking your buster. No, it's near
    death when he does something worrying.
    He'll turn orange, dash at you, go up the wall, and then come back down. If you
    are caught, then you are in deep trouble. However, this is easily remedied by
    staying on the opposite wall of him and Dash Jumping over, as when he is 
    jumping up onto the opposite wall, he'll come back to his starting point, and
    not fall on you.
    With Spinning Blade, he actually is somewhat harder if you don't alternate
    between Buster, as it is meant for high distance, not long distance, but if you
    hit him when jumping, he'll usually keep jumping on and on, not shooting at you
    on the ground, so just keep hitting him.
    You've got Ray Splasher!
                              4h. Gravity Beetle (GRBT)
    Once you finish teleporting, start dashing right and Dash Jump over the first
    shooting robot, then getting into the building, go through the narrow hallway.
    Here, destroy the mechaniloid, and jump up right and overpower the second 
    Climbing up the wall, destroy the gunner, then jump to where it had formerly 
    made its home. From there, destroy the shooting robot to the right, and jump up
    onto the platform. Charging up your shot, Dash Jump right and destroy the 
    purple gunner, then start climbing.
    Here, deal the gunner a swift execution, and continue on through the Bit and
    Byte area, and climbing up the ladder, end outside.
    Here, the Frog Armor lies waiting for you. How to get it? Climb up the left
    wall, and jump right. From there, Dash Jump upwards, and climb up the ledge to
    get the Frog Armor.
    Now, Dash Jump left, and destroy the gunners and floating spinning fire wheel
    dudes in your way. After all, they claimed the territory you're covering, so
    you've got to fight back.
    Now, make your way up more, destroying some more gunners and the wheel guys, 
    along with encountering a ground-based wheeler. Climbing past the wall, let the
    next two wheelers come at you, and they'll be easy pickings to Dash Jump over.
    At the end, destroy the gunner, grab the capsule, and climb down the ladder.
    Here, dash right, while changing to the Spin Blade. Taking the elevator, it'll
    lift you up, but three of the shooting mechaniloids will make your visit a
    living hell. However, firing the Spin Blade in the middle of each will destroy
    them immediately, allowing you to grab the items.
    Going through the door, stick with the Spin Blade, and continue right. Dash
    across the floor before it falls down, and destroy the gunner. Dashing across
    the second floor, destroy the next two purple gunners. Now, dash yourself 
    upwards, and right.
    Facing death at the hands of another three mechaniloids, use the Spin Blade as
    you did before, destroying the bots. Reaching the end, climb the wall.
    Meeting the second interval, take out the two gunners and the one electric 
    enemy, and continue your way up. At the top, go through the door to face...
    Name: Gravity Beetle
    Power: 6200 rp
    Speed: 3600 rp
    Strategy: If you have not got Ray Splasher, you're the closest thing to screwed
    if you don't have a good eye.
    With buster;
    On highest charge, hit him separately with the two attacks. When he shoots out
    the black electrical orbs, you'll have to jump and run around like crazy, while
    hitting him. From time to time, he'll shimmer some painful colors, and dash at
    the wall of the side you're on. You can easily Dash Jump over him, though.
    After you've beaten him down about halfway, he'll shoot up a really large 
    energy ball, and it'll create a black hole which will damage you if you touch
    it. From then on, he'll dash at you, and when he hits the wall, some stones 
    will start rising into the black hole, so it's imperative you beat him quickly.
    With Ray Splasher;
    This time, he's a joke. Hit him with the Ray Splasher, and when he jumps, hit
    him again when he touches the ground. Once he reaches the wall, Dash Jump over
    and start hitting him again.
    You've got Gravity Well!
                                  4i. Blast Hornet (BLHR)
    Start off by moving right, and Dash Jump over the wall while destroying the
    gunner with a charged shot. Going past the second barrier, freefall straight
    down with a charged shot, and destroy the next gunner in line. Now, equip the
    Spin Blade, and dash right and hit the mechaniloid, and let the elevator carry
    On the next part of the elevator trip, when encountering the two mechaniloids,
    just get in close and hit them both with the Spin Blade. Enjoy the trip to the
    top from there.
    From here, dash all the way along the long hallway, and go down onto the 
    conveyor belts. Destroying the first gunner immediately on the top belt, go
    left and make your choice of whether to destroy the two gunners. After you're
    down onto the second conveyor belts, head right, and again make your choice of
    whether to destroy the gunner or just run past them. Taking your track left and
    off the conveyor belts, just ignore the gunner there, and move down and right
    while getting away from the pit. Enter the door to fight the MINI-BOSS.
    Head into this battle with your Acid Burst. When the star is moving sideways, 
    just aim the Acid Burst into about the middle of the floor, and the star will 
    hit it. When it is climbing the wall and ceiling, get onto the floor and hit 
    it. Lastly, when it is jumping up and down, get to the top and shoot from
    there. With five hits, it should be destroyed, so head out the door.
    Here, climb up the right wall. Upwards, start destroying the shooters and the
    gunners, and equip your Tornado Fang. On the second set of blocks, impale it 
    twice with the Tornado Fang to destroy them and open up the floor that was
    holding them. Going down, destroy the left wall, and the single block in there.
    With another collapsed floor, go down.
    Here, destroy the magnet, and get into the Chimera Armor. From now on, you will
    be able to equip Ride Armors if you've claimed them.
    Now, go left and take the elevator up. After destroying the weak wall to the
    right, get out of the ride armor, and continue right. Once you're blocked off
    again, use the Tornado Fang, and then continue on to before the door.
    Here, Dash Jump up the wall, and climb it, then go right to claim the Heart
    Tank. Then come back down, and go past the Bit and Byte doors.
    Let yourself fall onto the conveyor belt, and destroy the gunner. Charging up
    your shot, go two belts downward and kill the second gunner. Another two belts
    down, kill the last purple gunner, and equip Spin Blade.
    Falling onto firm ground, hit the shooting mechaniloid with the Spin Blade, and
    continue on, to destroy a second. Hitting the blocks with one blast, they'll be
    destroyed and blocks will fall down at a slow pace, so jump over and hit the
    next robot with another taste of the Spin Blade.
    Past the second tower of blocks, destroy the latest robot, and then go through
    the last tower of boxes, and the last Maverick, and go through the double doors
    to face...
    Name: Blast Hornet
    Power: 3400 rp
    Speed: 8600 rp
    With buster;
    Despite that people have often thought him as hard without Gravity Well, that's
    not really the case. For the first little while, Gravity Beetle will just float
    around in a path that is easily memorable, and which won't touch you if you 
    stay in a corner, and from time to time, send out bees that stay in one spot 
    and can be destroyed with the lowest power setting, or do an easily dodgeable
    attack by hitting you with his stinger.
    After a while, he'll start sending out pink balls that will follow you around,
    and four bees will circle around his body. If the ball catches you, the bees
    will follow you until they are destroyed or enough time passes, so you'll want
    to prepare your charged shots all the time.
    With Gravity Well;
    He's a joke, I tell you, a joke.
    Anyways, all you really have to do here is fire your Gravity Well, and he'll
    be paralyzed while it saps his HP. However, one thing you'll want to do is 
    center yourself in the Gravity Well attack, as the Well must return to you 
    first before it can be fired again. If you center yourself over the Well, it 
    takes all of 0.007 seconds to get the Well back, and you can fire it again.
    You've got Parasitic Bomb!
    A scene will now occur, if this is the last Maverick you've defeated. Talking 
    to Dr. Cain, X and Zero will learn that he has pulled some of the memory chips 
    of the Mavericks controlled by Dr. Doppler. It appears that Doppler is trying 
    to create a Battle Body by collecting the special abilities from the latest 
    breed of Reploids.
    X and Zero are shocked when they learn that Dr. Doppler is not creating the
    body for himself, as he is not compatible with it. Who else, but our nemesis,
    Dr. Cain says that a hidden laboratory has been pinpointed at point 0. After
    Zero says that they need to put a stop to Sigma for once and for all, Zero and
    X warp out.
                              4j. Stages Revisited (STRV)
    Now, although you may be eager to go and fight Sigma now, you will very well
    want to collect all the items(With the exclusion of the chips), so in the
    next subchapter, it will be revisiting stages and gaining all the items you
    have yet to collect. Also, I will not be taking you from stage beginning to 
    stage end, but I believe that the directions are clear enough.
    Blizzard Buffalo
    After taking the first ladder in the stage, go onto the pod and get any of the
    armors. Getting it on, go and destroy the ice blocks. Once you are done, cross
    the spikes, and claim the Heart Tank.
    Toxic Seahorse
    Once you get around to the underwater area, go to a bit right of the first pit
    in this area. Equipping the Frost Shield, charge it and a block of ice will
    form, and will rise above the water. Climb up onto it before it gets out of 
    your range, and once it emerges from the water, a simple Dash Jump will suffice
    to get the Kangaroo Armor.
    Tunnel Rhino
    After the first barrier and Rock Golem, when choosing between the path with the
    left having a Rock Golem in the way and the right having the rock blocking off
    the heart tank, choose the right.
    Equip Triad Thunder and charge it, and let it loose. The rock will fall down
    from the force of the impact, allowing you to claim the Heart Tank.
    Sometimes after the rocks start falling, look for one that slides right instead
    of just falling. Once you've located it, climb up the wall, go to the left, and
    use a charged-up Triad Thunder. The impact will make the rock fall down, so you
    can go up and get the Helmet Upgrade from the Capsule, a radar.
    Volt Catfish
    After going through the small hallway with the glass-protected enemies, and
    going on the hallway, let the elevator take you above the exit to the right,
    and get off on the left higher up. Stand on the platform, and equip Gravity 
    Well. Charging it, the platform will rise, allowing you to get the Armor 
    Upgrade from the capsule.
    Once you're past the small area outside, and in the part where sparks line the
    wall, climb up at the first section, and put on any armor. Falling to the floor
    below, you'll break it, and continue on. Once down, destroy the enemies, get 
    out of the armor you chose, and grab the Subtank.
    Crush Crawfish
    Starting off on a ledge in the air, go to the second ledge, and get off at the
    end. Look for a small floor about twice as wide as X that is surrounded by 
    higher elevations of flooring, and go stand there. Equipping Triad Thunder, 
    charge it, and it'll destroy the floor. Falling down, you'll be able to claim
    the Hawk Armor.
    Back at the beginning, go to the lower part, and get any armor, preferably the
    Hawk Armor, from the pod. From there, continue on until the large red robot 
    comes down and destroy the floor. From there, float right, and a few floors 
    down, get onto the ledge. The wall there will be cracked, so attack it, 
    destroying the wall. Going through, you can grab the Heart Tank.
    Gravity Beetle
    In the large open area at the beginning of the stage with all the platforms,
    make your way up to the upper-left corner, and grab the Heart Tank there.
    Now you should be done with everything.
                                     4k. Vile (VLE1)
    Vile's stage can be reached by going into the capsule accessible from three
    different locations, until you beat the eight bosses;
    VOLT CATFISH stage - At the start of Volt Catfish's stage, go onto the floating
    panel, and it'll move down. Go left, and you'll find the capsule.
    BLIZZARD BUFFALO - Past the part where you might fight Bit or Byte, and past 
    the slippery slopes, but before you climb up the ladder, slide down the wall 
    below the ladder to find a capsule.
    CRUSH CRAWFISH - After the Bit/Byte area, when you see the first green robot, 
    one that shoots laser, go to the floor below. An invisible gap will have you 
    falling down to a capsule. Here, you'll have to Dash Jump back up to escape.
    I recommend waiting until you kill the boss of the area that the capsule is in,
    because then the elevator in Vile's stage will be moving.
    Now, let's get to the actual stage.
    Start off by shooting your way through the two gunners, and, after destroying
    the top blue robot, go down the first wall. Dashing left, head down further,
    then start your journey right again.
    Hopefully you have beaten the stage already, so the elevators will be moving
    up. If you haven't, you'll have to climb the walls, dodging the falling rocks.
    Once at the top, continue right.
    Going across the spike pit, Dash Jump over the red robot. Climb up the ladder,
    and then go through the double set of doors, to face... VILE?
    Vile will tell X that he's trapped, and X will be denying Vile, saying that he
    and Zero destroyed Vile years ago. Vile ignores X, saying that the factory is
    set to blow in a matter of minutes, and that he'll do his best to delay X until
    Boss Name: Vile
    Power: 9200 rp
    Speed: 7200 rp
    Strategy: Beating Vile with your last shot being Ray Splasher or Spinning Blade
    will destroy him, not just beating him. This will result in storyline 
    He'll be a pain with his armor, if you get hit, but here's a simple
    strategy with the buster.
    Climb up a wall, while charging your buster. When Vile charges at you, Dash
    Jump over him and hit him with the shot, then Dash Jump over to the opposite
    wall. This strategy actually works, but in some cases, Vile may hit the wall
    before you can Dash Jump over, causing a vibration and dropping you to the
    floor. In this case, you can still manage to jump up the wall and Dash over him
    taking only a single collision with his armor.
    When he gets out of his armor, though, you'll get another easy challenge.
    With Normal Buster;
    Vile will jump over you, releasing a single small bomb that will transform into
    a rising fire pillar, but this can easily be Dash Jumped over. On other
    occasions, he'll rise up and shoot out some bullets, but these won't do much
    damage to you. In all, just climb up the walls, and dash around when you can,
    hitting Vile, and he'll soon lose, and leaves the battle.
    With Ray Splasher;
    He will do the same attacks as before. When he jumps up or rises, then he is
    easy game for Ray Splasher. However, when he is shooting his bullets, you will
    be unable to hit him, so you will have to move around.
    With Spinning Blade;
    Pretty much the same strategy with the Ray Splasher, although your movement
    will be a bit changed by the fact that the Spinning Blade operates a bit
    differently from the Spinning Blade.
    If you destroy him, Vile will say that this is not the end, and that he will
    haunt X until the day he dies.
    Exiting out the right door, a timer will suddenly count down starting at 50.
    Making your way, Dash Jump up and over the red mechanoid, and let yourself
    freefall away from the blue robot. Dash left, and again freefall down while
    dodging. Equip Triad Thunder on the subscreen.
    Going over, you'll encounter three barriers. Use a single Triad Thunder attack
    on each to destroy them.
    Here, the elevator will be there. If you had not beat the boss of the level 
    that the capsule was located, then it will not be moving, and you will have to
    climb the walls. If you are forced to do so, I recommend using Triad Thunder in
    conjunction with your climbing to protect yourself. Otherwise, go into the
    elevator, and when it reaches the top, go right.
    Here, three sets of falling blocks will await you. Timing your jump, you can 
    Dash over the first set, and you can get over the second one with two Dashes
    before it falls down. The third is somewhat tougher, and I suggest you Dash 
    Jump and then do a second Dash Jump.
    Do not worry if you fall, as it will be a stable floor underneath, and you
    should at present have plenty of time left.
    Once you make it to the end, enter the capsule. You will return to a point in
    the level you left from.
    			     4l. Dr. Doppler 1 (DDP1)
    Start off by equipping Spin Blade, then go right. Destroy the shooting mech 
    the Spin Blade, and avoiding the electrical enemy, continue on right and again
    destroy a shooter with the Spin Blade.
    Climbing up the ladder, wait for your enemy to shoot the sparks, and when it
    protects itself with the glass again, get off the ladder, go left and climb up
    the wall, where you should obliterate another mech.
    Going right, Dash Jump over our resident shooter, who appears too often, and 
    get down onto the ledge before part of the ceiling falls down.
    Taking the time to destroy this next mechafighter, wait for the ceiling to 
    again come down, and proceed. Destroying yet another shooter, dash over onto
    the next wall, and climb up.
    Killing this second to last shooter, just dash straight right, climb up, and
    destroy the last shooter with the Spin Blade. Of course, continuing right, 
    just Dash Jump over the TRULY last shooting robot.
    Now, climb up the ladder. Yes, that's right, :P, walls that cave in. My advice
    here is to climb up the left wall first, and dash over to the right when you
    finish the first set, and then go over to the left when you finish the second
    wall, and so on.
    Once you reach the top, climb the ladder, and go left. Here, destroy the big
    fat ugly chain-lined red robot, and the enemy on the wall with the Spin Blade.
    From there, climb up, grab the recovery items if needed, and go through the 
    vacant doorway.
    Here, the door will seal behind you, the spiked ceiling will suddenly start
    coming down, and to top it off, a clown-like robot will start coming at you. If
    Zero didn't get damaged, he'll appear and tell you that he'll stop the wall 
    from coming down quickly, so you're left to fight this clown on your own.
    This guy will back up and send small missiles at you. You have the Spin Blade
    equipped. This guy dies with five hits of the Spin Blade. What do you do?
    Anyways, after you defeat this MINI-BOSS, Zero will tell you that there is an
    entire army of powerful Mavericks in Dr. Dopplers lab modified by the man 
    himself into powerful war machines. He says he'll scout around, then teleports
    Now, making your way out, go right and destroy the red robot, and climb up the
    wall, and jump left. Here, terminate the two bots, then continue upwards onto
    the ledge overlooking the vast area.
    Anyways, make your way down the recurring area, destroying the electric wall
    enemies and the laser bots. Once down the floor from the two green robots, I
    will say this, RECOVER YOURSELF TO FULL HP!
    RECOVER YOURSELF TO FULL HP! I hate to repeat it, but I really need to 
    emphasize it. Since you've been following a walkthrough, it would be a shame if
    you couldn't get the ultimate upgrade, so slide down the left wall that leads
    to a pit, AFTER YOU RECOVER YOURSELF TO FULL HP, and you'll find a purple
    capsule. After Light's briefing, enter it, and get the Golden Chip.
    Anyway, reequip the Spin Blade, and get out of the hidden area, and climb up.
    Dash Jumping over the spike when it falls down, destroy the barrier with a well
    aimed Spin Blade, and continue.
    Here, jump onto the next section, and quickly make your way over before the
    spike falls down, and jump over to the next part. Here, just get out of the 
    spikes way, and destroy the barrier.
    Onwards, fall down the vertical hallway, and destroy the red robot that is an
    obstacle in your way. With it out of commission, just continue on, climb the
    wall, and continue through the double set of doors to face....
    Name: Press Disposer
    Strategy: You will only be facing this dude in battle if you destroyed both Bit
    and Byte.
    Thankfully, this guy has his weakness, like all others.
    First take an aim at his trunk. Hitting the trunk after about three times and
    having the Tornado Fang at full effect, his trunk will fall off, and the boss
    will spew lava onto the floor.
    From here, with the Golden Chip, usually slide down and wait for the boss to
    shoot out his arm, and then jump up. Just before he finishes retracting his
    coiled arm, Dash Jump right, shoot a Tornado Fang at the head, and then Dash
    Jump back left. He'll suffer quickly, and will die off soon.
    Name: Godkarmachine O Inary (Bit and Byte)
    Power: 22900 rp
    Speed: 7200 rp
    Strategy: Equip Parasitic Bomb.
    First off, climb up the wall. If GOI follows, hit him with the Parasitic Bomb,
    then freefall downwards and right a bit, and the slash-bolt that he fires at
    you will miss, allowing you to hit him a lot.
    Eventually, though, GOI will send a fist at you, so fall down/Dash Jump over
    the fist when you can. GOI will send his second fist to match the first one,
    and you can hit him while he's doing so. However, his hands will return, so
    watch out for that.
    			  4m. Dr. Doppler 2 (DDP2)
    With the almighty Spin Blade at your handle, go right and Dash Jump over the
    red robot, then take a shot at the gunner and the electrical wall-climbing
    Climbing up the wall, Dash left about midways, then destroy the red robot here,
    and climb up the left part of the next wall. Just before you might run into
    the wall climber here, Dash Jump right, and Dash Jump over the third red
    robot. Then, going down a bit, destroy the gunner and Dash Jump over the fourth
    robot. Continuing right, freefall downwards onto the Armor Pod. Personal
    recommendation is Hawk Armor.
    Destroy the red robot that you encounter after your freefall, then go forward
    while pressing A, and just before you leave the ledge, press B to float 
    upwards, and continue right onto the third platform. Here, destroy the third
    red robot. Then float again right, and destroy the last red robot.
    Getting out of the Hawk Armor, climb up the wall, and Dash Jump over the tricky
    parts of this wall, and once up on stable ground, go through the double set
    of doors.
    If you HAVE BEATEN VILE...
    This time, water will have flooded the lower levels, so don't take any armor. 
    Do everything as you did before up to the first door, by jumping in the water
    from ledge to ledge. This time around, switch to Zero, and go in. You'll 
    encounter a large bug.
    This bug will float around, and tries to dash right at you onto the ground when
    the time is right. To dodge this, stay far away from the bug, and hit it with
    the Z-Saber when you can.
    The bug will malfunction, then it falls, over Zero, and explodes! X warps in,
    and notices Zero, asking what the explosion was, and if Zero is ok. Zero tells
    X that he has failed, and that his power generator is damaged. He says that he
    will try to make it back to Dr. Cain's for repairs, and gives X his beam
    saber, then warps out.
    Now, go through the second door.
    Here, start by Dash Jumping over the red robot, then perform a second Jump over
    the second robot, and climb up the wall. Before you hit the wall enemy, just
    Dash Jump to the left, and quickly jump over the red robot. Going on left some
    more, Dash Jump over the second and third red robots, and climb the wall. After
    destroying either of the two wall-climbers, get off the wall and go right.
    Here, you will have to destroy the shells on the machines that go up and down 
    the walls before you can get onto the small ledges attached to them. Spin Blade
    the first one, and get on. While going up, Ray Splasher the hovering enemies as
    they come to attack you, and when one of the shelled machines appear on the 
    other side, destroy the Shell, and Dash Jump to the other side.
    Going through another length of enemies, when the next shelled machine appears,
    Ray Splasher it, and dash over. This time, however, when you see the fourth
    machine, don't destroy it. Instead, the one you're on will continue going up,
    so when you encounter the fifth machine, destroy it's shell, dash over, and up
    the wall. If you've destroyed Vile, you'll fight a boss through the first two
    doors. If you haven't, then you'll have to go through the third door to face
    Vile, where he will tell you that his waiting has come to an end, and 
    introduces his latest armor, the Goliath.
    Name: Goliath/Vile
    Strategy: While in his armor, switch to Tornado Fang. Hit him with the Tornado 
    Fang, and climb up the walls. When he comes dashing at you, Dash Jump over him
    and hit him again, then go to the other wall. Sometimes, he'll send some small
    rectangles, and they'll transform into mini-barriers, but they will only form
    on the ground and not on the wall, and they shouldn't pose to much of a problem
    to you.
    If you stay too close to him, his chest will sometimes open up and shoot a 
    blast of energy at you, so again, run away to the other side.
    When you finally destroy his Goliath, Vile will fight you, armorless, but he's
    still a tough cookie. Switching to Spin Blade, hit him at every chance you get.
    Whenever he jumps is preferably the time to hit him.
    Of his four attacks, he'll jump for three of them. The first, if he just jumps
    in a circular motion, not floating at all, he'll release a small flame which
    will turn into a large wall, but you should be able to jump over it.
    The second attack, he'll float up and shoot out pellets, but the farther away
    you are, the more distance there is between each pellet, and the easier it is
    to dodge.
    The third attack, he'll float up, and shoot one big electric ball, and they'll
    separate into five smaller electrical balls, and if you're hit, you're 
    paralyzed, allowing Vile to do his last attack. However, they follow the same
    rule as the pellets; the farther away you are, the more distance there is 
    between each electric ball, allowing you to dodge them easier.
    When you're paralyzed, and at a few times when you're on the ground, Vile will
    dash at you and grab you. After a few seconds of HP loss, he'll let you go, so
    avoid this if you weren't caught by an electric ball by Dash Jumping over him.
    Name: Squid
    Strategy: Although the Beam Saber is nice, here's how to go about things.
    Never minding the missiles that the squid as I refer to him shoots out, equip
    Triad Thunder, and making the triangle, go under the squid and jump up a bit.
    This will shock him, taking out a hefty bit of health. Also, since you should
    have the Beam Saber, you can go off either wall and fire the Beam Saber at the
    squid, thus hurting him.
    			  4n. Dr. Doppler 3 (DDP3)
    Here, freefall and Dash down to the bottom of the room you start in. Going 
    through the door, you'll encounter eight capsules. In each of these eight
    capsules, you'll fight your old nemesiss from before. Here's a list of the
    boss weaknesses and strengths for those who need to refer to them, as well as
    an (crude) ASCII art of the capsules.
    Blizzard Buffalo - Parasitic Bomb
    Toxic Seahorse - Frost Shield
    Tunnel Rhino - Acid Burst
    Volt Catfish - Tornado Fang
    Crush Crawfish - Triad Thunder
    Neon Tiger - Spinning Blade
    Gravity Beetle - Ray Splasher
    Blast Hornet - Gravity Well
    BB = Blizzard Buffalo
    TS = Toxic Seahorse
    TR = Tunnel Rhino
    VC = Volt Catfish
    CC = Crush Crawfish
    NT = Neon Tiger
    GB = Gravity Beetle
    BH = Blast Hornet
    RT = Recovery Tank (Hit it for recovery items)
    D  = Door
    Once you've finished beating all of the bosses, go through the second door, and
    continue downwards. Here, dash past all the lasers, and climb the wall while
    charging your shot. At the top of the wall, destroy the green bot, and pressing
    on, go through the door to face Dr. Doppler.
    Dr. Doppler introduces himself, telling X that he has been waiting for him, and
    that he has been watching X's battles closely, and that his victories over the
    Doctors men were quite impressive. Doppler invites X to join the Mavericks,
    telling X that he needs superior reploids like him, and gives away the fact 
    that Sigma has indeed returned. X refuses, telling the Doctor that his schemes
    end here and now. We now battle.
    Name: Dr. Doppler
    Power: 17400 rp
    Speed: 18000 rp
    Strategy: Acid Burst will be your friend in this battle.
    Dr. Dopplers first attack is to fire out electric balls, easily dodgeable from
    about midways through the room.
    His second attack is for an orange bubble to form around him, and he'll dash
    at you. Even when he's protected by the bubble, you can still hit him with the
    Acid Burst. To dodge this, jump up the wall and Dash over him.
    Third, he'll stop, and a green stasis field will appear over him, and he'll 
    recover a few bars of health. DO NOT ATTACK HIM DURING THIS TIME. Doing so, he
    will recover another set of bars, thus worsening the situation.
    Overall, he shouldn't be too hard.
    Dr. Doppler tells X that he is strong, strong enough to defeat Sigma. X asks 
    the Doctor if he can talk (DUH!) Doppler reveals that Sigma's true form is that
    of a computer virus, and that he was corrupted by him, and created a horrific
    new body for Sigma.
    X asks where the body is, and Dr. Doppler tells him that it is in the 
    underground hangar of the lab that we're in, and that he doesn't believe Sigma
    has occupied it. Doppler tells X not to worry about him, but to destroy the 
    battle body before it is too late. X thanks the Doc before he leaves.
    			  4o. Dr. Doppler 4 (DDP4)
    It's the LAST STAGE! CELEBRATE! Ok, not yet, you've still got to get to Sigma.
    Going right with a charged shot, destroy the green bot, then the blue robot
    that's down on the ground, then continue right without bothering to destroy
    the robots upwards.
    If Zero has not died, he will come, and tells X that he will go ahead and 
    destroy the power generator, while X should go and destroy Sigma. Zero then
    makes a hole in the wall, and runs off to destroy the generator. Climb up the
    ladders from here now, then go right, and climb up the walls and into a large
    room to face Sigma.
    Sigma tells X that they meet again(OBVIOUSLY), and that it was easy to corrupt
    Dr. Doppler, who he calls a fool. He tells X that he would've succeeded if X
    hadn't interfered. He tells X, but then again, aren't they always destined to
    meet? We then battle.
    Name: Sigma
    Power: 19000 rp
    Speed: 19000 rp
    Strategy: Siggy is weak to one weapon. Can you guess what weapon it is? Yes,
    that is correct, Spin Blade.
    His first attack is to fire some fireballs that either streak down the ground,
    go straight through where X's head is when standing, and a bit above X's head.
    When they hit the wall, they'll travel upwards. To dodge this, you'll have to
    be quick, so jump above the ground ones, dash under the head-directed ones, and
    stay under the higher fireballs. Hit him with Spin Blade at any time you are
    able to.
    Siggy will jump, and in the center of the room, either fire some more fireballs
    in your direction, or they will hit the center of the ground, splitting into
    two small fireballs that you can jump over. If he shoots them either right or
    left, go to the opposite direction. Hit him with Spin Blade when he's in the 
    Lastly, Siggy will, when standing on the ground, sometimes throw his shield,
    and it will go in a circular motion and return to him. Jump over it when he
    throws it. Hit him with Spin Blade when he's without his shield, and even with
    his shield.
    After you destroy Sigma, the lights suddenly dim, and two small yellow eyes
    appear in the darkness. Sigma returns from the dead(again), telling X that he
    did a job well done, but that Sigma is stronger than his previous forms. He 
    tells X to behold the ultimate battle body, and suddenly the lights turn back
    on, revealing the Action genre's equivalent of Sephiroth, that bishounen, known
    as Kaiser Sigma.
    Name: Kaiser Sigma
    Power: 32000 rp
    Speed: 20000 rp
    Strategy: Without the Z-Saber at your side, he's a real pain in the arse for
    sure. At least, if you didn't follow my walkthrough, and never got the Golden
    Chip, and thus didn't get the Hyper Charge.
    With the Hyper Charge;
    He'll constantly shoot missiles and what I think are sensor mines at you, but
    the missiles can be dodged, as well as the mines once you get the hang of their
    direction. The thing you want to do, is to hit Sigma on the head, so try to aim
    right above the cannons below his shoulders to hit his head.
    When he lifts up, jump up the wall, and shoot at him, but dodge when missiles 
    or mines come at you. Hug the ground when you can; when he seems to be charging
    some energy, if it's facing downwards, climb up a wall. If it's facing upwards,
    drop down the wall. Overall, he doesn't face as much a challenge as some people
    think, as long as you have the Hyper Charge.
    With the Z-Saber;
    OK, now he's an easy picking.
    Sigma is incredulous that you have defeated him, even with such a battle body
    as he just had. He arrives at a conclusion...He has no choice but to possess X!
    A big fat computerized head of Sigma appears. Lava will start climbing up, so
    start to the right wall and climb up. The wall will edge a bit to the left, so
    you will be required to Dash Jump a bit. While climbing, Sigma will sometimes
    try to hit you, but as long as you stay at the top of the screen, you have no
    necessary worries.
    At the top, escaping the lava, X goes right, only to find out it is a dead end.
    Sigma appears and tells X to give it up, that he'll possess X and rule the 
    whole entire world. Now, one of two scenes happens.
    If Zero did NOT die;
    Zero will come in crashing through the ceiling, and quickly slashes Sigma. 
    Sigma growls, realizing it's Zero again, and Zero asks Sigma how he likes that,
    mentioning that he picked up an Anti-Sigma virus program from Doppler and that
    he used it on his Beam Saber. Zero then apologizes to X about the delay, saying
    that he though the anti-virus would be the only thing to work against Sigma.
    Sigma will then say his program is disappearing, and tries to make one last 
    attempt to say he will return someday, but fails.
    Suddenly, the laboratory starts self-destructing, and X and Zero warp out.
    If Zero DID die;
    Doppler will come crashing through the ceiling, and grabs a hold of Sigma.
    Sigma will realize it's Doppler, and asks how he obtained the Sigma anti-virus.
    Doppler asks Sigma how he feels now, with his special vaccine for the Sigma
    Doppler then apologizes to X for all the trouble he's caused, saying that he
    knows he can't atone for what he's done. Sigma says his program is 
    disappearing, and Doppler wishes X a farewell as X warps out of the lab, 
    leaving it to explode with Doppler and Sigma in it.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    *X is standing on a cliff, looking at Dopplers destroyed lab. If Zero did not
    die, he will be standing with X*
    X has crushed Sigma's plan once again. But many questions still occupy his
    "Why must humans fight against Reploids...?"
    "And, why must Reploids fight against each other..."
    As X stares at the burning remnants of Doppler's lab, his body trembles from an
    unknown sorrow. "What does fate have in store for me?" he wonders.
    He can only hope that someday Dr. Light's plan for him will someday be 
    revealed. Unknown to X, his destiny already (has) been decided. To save
    mankind, he must destroy Zero. But only time will tell, when and why.....
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++END MAJOR SPOILERS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
                                4p. Bit & Byte (B&B)
    Name: Bit
    Power: 9400 rp
    Speed: 18000 rp
    Strategy: Bit will either throw a ring or shoot out an annoying energy ball.
    Easily dodge the rings by keeping on the wall, and shooting out between them
    and Bit when he comes forth at you.
    The orange energy balls are somewhat harder to dodge, but you can dash over
    them if required.
    When Bit jumps, climb up the wall, and when he finally starts dashing at you,
    either hit him with a charged shot or Frost Shield.
    If your last shot against him if the Frost Shield, then he will be destroyed.
    Otherwise, he'll teleport away. This will occur in storyline differences.
    Name: Byte
    Power: 18800 rp
    Speed: 8200 rp
    Strategy: I hope you have Tornado Fang, because if you don't, you will be 
    feeling true pain. However, I hope you have at LEAST gotten the Dash Jump,
    because it can be your savior otherwise.
    Byte will start off by throwing something at the wall, which will pull X down.
    He'll then rush at you, destroying the magnet and hitting the wall, causing X
    to fall down.
    How to counteract this? After the magnet hits the wall, continue jumping up,
    but use the Dash Slide to keep yourself up the wall, and charge your shot, or
    prepare your Tornado Fang. When Byte comes hitting the wall, Dash Jump over him
    and hit him with your attack. Hit him with a charged shot if you're using the
    buster, but if using the Tornado Fang, shoot the Tornado Fang connecting with
    him to take off 8 bars of health per try.
    If you defeat him with something other than Tornado Fang, he'll comment that
    you are strong, and will run off. Defeating him with the Tornado Fang, he'll be
    incredulous at his defeat, wondering how he was defeated as X is an ancient
    machine, and then will congratulate X on his victory.
                                  5. Questions (QSTN)
    #1 - Why am I unable to access armor at the pods, even though I have at least 
         one set of armor?
    A - This is the most common problem that crops up in MMX3. In order to use any 
        one of the armors, you must FIRST acquire the Chimera Armor in Blast 
        Hornet's stage. To do this, though, you must first get the Tornado Fang 
        from Tunnel Rhino.
        Going along the top of the buildings, you'll soon spot some blocks. After
        the first set, you should be able to find the second set. Here, destroy the
        blocks for part of the roof to collapse, and go down. Destroying the wall
        to the left, continue and demolish the lone block, and head down.
        Here, continue on left, and destroy the magnet that is holding the armor. 
        Getting on, you can now use all the armors.
    #2 - What is your personal favorite special weapon?
    A - My favorite weapon, besides the Z Saber of course, would definitely have to 
        be the Spin Blade. Not only can this weapon make two hits with one shot, 
        killing most normal enemies, the two blades also curve up and back, hitting
        enemies that are painfully out of your reach.
    #3 - Why can I not get the Z-Saber?
    A - To get the Z Saber, you first must destroy Vile before clearing the eight
        Mavericks by defeating him with Triad Thunder as your last shot. Later, 
        when in Dr. Doppler 2, as soon as you get out of the water, switch to Zero,
        and defeat the MINI-BOSS bug. After a touching scene, you'll get the 
    #4 - How do I get the Golden Chip?
    A - First off, DO NOT GET ANY OF THE REGULAR CHIPS! Now, in Dr. Doppler Stage
        1, travel along until you hit the part where cannonballs fall down from
        the ceiling. Here, restore yourself to full HP with Sub-Tanks, then go to
        the first pit in this area. Slide down the left wall, and you'll go into a
        hidden chamber. If you do not have all the regular upgrades and Ridepods,
        THIS WILL NOT WORK. If you do and have full HP, you'll see a golden
        capsule. Go and talk to Dr. Light to receive your ultimate upgrade - the 
        Golden Chip.
    #5 - About midway into the level, I went through these boss doors and some guy
         calling himself Bit/Byte shows up? WTF?
    A - Refer to the Bit & Byte section to see what to do to deal with them. They
        will only show up randomly after you've defeated two Mavericks.
    #6 - Why the Blizzard Buffalo through Blast Hornet path?
    A - This works out as the best path to take for three very good reasons. The
        first is that Blizzard Buffalo is arguably the single easiest boss to  
        defeat when only using the Buster. The second is that you get the Dash
        Upgrade in Blizzard Buffalo's stage as well, and this will prove very
        helpful, especially when traveling upwards the very next stage in Toxic
        Seahorse's stage. The third reason is the strongest reason - Bit and Byte.
        What do I mean by Bit and Byte? Well, respectively, Bit is weak to
        Blizzard Buffalo's weapon, and Byte to Tunnel Rhino's weapon. They only
        show up after your second stage has been defeated. If you grab Blizzard
        Buffalo's weapon off the bat, and go through Tunnel Rhino's stage first,
        there is only the SLIGHTEST of chances that you will face Byte in Tunnel
        Rhino's stage before you obtain Tunnel Rhino's weapon. This thus means that
        it is the lowest-risk path to take if you have a hard time beating Bit and
        Byte without their weaknesses, short of fighting Blizzard Buffalo and then 
        Tunnel Rhino.
    			 6. Contact Information (CNIN)
    Before emailing me, read this;
    -Please do NOT email me questions that are CLEARLY answered in the FAQ. I will
     not bother to answer if you do so.
    -PLEASE use at least a semi-assed effort at grammar and spelling. I cannot read
     incoherent letters and be expected to reply.
    -Contribution of stuff is perfectly fine (heck, I encourage it), along with
     notes on any errors that I may have created so that I may correct them. Proper
     credit will be given (note if you want to be credited by a certain name, or
     else "Anonymous").
    yamishuryou AT gmail DOT com
    -Various hosts of this guide.
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