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Reviewed: 11/06/08

If you can ignore the loading times, then this game kicks ass.

The original Mega Man was a huge hit on the Nes, and only Super Mario was a bigger icon for the system than Mega Man. 6 games in the series got released on the Nes, and when it was time for the series to make it on the SNES, Capcom created a spin off series called Mega Man X. This series takes place about 100 years after the original series, and Mega Man X is an upgraded version of the original Mega Man created by the very same Dr Light.

After the first Mega Man X game Capcom did make Mega Man 7 and released it on the SNES, but Mega Man X turned out to be the more popular game so Capcom decided to make a sequel to the series the next year, and it only took them another year to make a third game. While the game was most popular on the SNES, it's the Playstation version I used to play back in the day.

After the Capcom logo you will see a big "Now Loading" screen that seems like it lasts forever. Since the Sony Playstation handles 3D games much better than 2D games, this is no surprise. However once this screen leaves you will get to see something the SNES version didn't have, an animated opening video. I know it may not sound so surprising now but it was one of the coolest things I had seen when I got this game and got to see X first kill some enemies, then destroy Launch Octopus, then see Zero cutting Vile with his Z-Saber, then finally a showdown between X and Sigma.

The game starts like most other Mega Man X games. Before you can start to beat one of eight Mavericks you must first beat one stage that you will never visit again. When you've reached half of this stage X will encounter a purple robot called Mac who will capture him, and then it's time for Zero to take over and rescue his buddy. Yes you might have played the first two X games and always thought that Zero was cooler than X and in this game he finally is playable. In this game Zero is just like X, but he starts much stronger and can use his Z-Saber.

After that you've finished the first stage the game truly begins and you've to select one out of eight Maverick stages to play on. Your job is the same as always, to get to the goal of each stage which ends with a boss fight. Mega Man X have lost all his weapons from the previous games, and even all of the upgrades he found in X2 so you all know what you have to do. When you beat a boss you get a new weapon that really helps when are facing another boss. Each boss has his weakness, so it's good to figure out in what order you should beat the bosses.

As always, you can find a lot of sweet upgrades on each stage. Each stage got a heart container, which increases your maximum health bar, which is really useful in this game as your life quickly runs out when you've just started this game. On four of the stages you can find an Energy Tank and on four of the stages you can find upgrades for X robot body. If you find all these equipments then the game is much easier.

Something that's new to the series is that you can also found different robots, in Mega man X and Mega Man X2 there were big empty robots in some stages that X could jump into and then control, in this game you have to find a Robot Capsule and then you can use these big walking robots at certain teleport places. While they aren't nearly as useful as they should be, you will need all of them if you want to find everything in the game.

Since Mega Man X is a bit weak when you begin the game, Capcom have been nice enough to allow you to play as Zero at almost any time. You can't take on the bosses with him, but in every other place you can call for Zero and then you will play as him instead. However if you die as Zero, you will never be able to play as him again, so don't fall down into a pit with him and make sure that you watch out for spikes. Once you've found more upgrades for X, Zero quickly becomes useless.

There really isn't much more that needs to be said about Mega Man X3. If you've played any of the previous two games in the series than you know what to expect. The game is more difficult than X2, and it also got a few interesting secrets. And the animated video cut-scenes in this version is awesome. Yup pretty solid game here.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mega Man X3 (EU, 07/31/97)

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