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    Robert by Shirow

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                                  "THE SLUGFEST"
      Robert Character FAQ for The King of Fighters '98
      Systems: Arcade, Neo-Geo, PSX, Dreamcast
      Written by: Orochi K
      E-mail: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
      FAQ created on September 13, 2001
      Final Version - Last revised: July 20, 2002
      (c) 2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved. 
      This is a free publication and cannot be used for profitable purposes. 
      All of the info contained in this FAQ can be obtained just by playing the
      game and some searching, but please don't take info from this guide and 
      just claim it to be yours.  
      The King of Fighters and Robert Garcia are Copyright SNK, Japan.
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         I. Introduction  
        II. Why choose Robert? 
       III. Bio sheet
        IV. Profile
         V. Control notation
        VI. Short moves list
            a) Normal throws
            b) Command moves
            c) Special moves
            d) Desperation moves
       VII. Moves descriptions
            a) Normal moves
            b) Normal throws
            c) Command moves
            d) Special moves
            d) Desperation moves
      VIII. Combos
        IX. Strategy
            a) Guard Crush
            b) Dizzy
            c) CPU
            d) Challengers
            e) Stuff+
         X. Author's last words
        XI. Legal disclaimer
       XII. Contact info <----------- (READ!)
      XIII. Revision history
       XIV. Credits
       /  QUOTE : "SNK had slim to none american advertising yet still is   /
      /  quite popular here today. Fan support. We kept SNK alive for all  / 
     /  these years, and their name still continues on."                  /
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                                     /¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/
                                    / DARK SYMPHONY /
    I first intended this to be only a short combo FAQ but since I'm bored, might
    as well turn it into a complete character FAQ with moves descriptions and 
    all. And since CJayC has listed it just as a Robert FAQ, well, just another 
    reason to work on this. Besides, there are some other stuff you need to know 
    and I've included it all in this version.
    Yo, just bring Mr. Garcia in now!
    NOTE: Robert exists in 2 versions in KOF '98, the original one and the
    '94 alternate one. This FAQ is only for the original version. '94 Robert
    doesn't have the same moves and combos! However, if that's what you're
    looking for, just be patient! I will see to that soon! >_<
                               WHY CHOOSE ROBERT?
    Robert Garcia, of his true name Robert Garcia, is excellent both defensively 
    and aggressively and, even, wonders of wonders, neutral. Basically, just play
    with him and you'll beat the game, Omega Rugal or no Omega Rugal. He isn't 
    that hard to master and has a vast array of combos, strategies and a lot of 
    ego just like yours truly. :)
    As a means to using him to his full potential, here comes this nice guide. 
    My purpose is to give the guy the recognition he deserves and to make all 
    opponents regret they have challenged you when you've chosen Robert!
    Note though that there are some risks when you play too much with Robert. 
    Here's a small list of the symptoms which will be observed by your friends/
    teachers/family/pets once you're too much into Robert:
      (a) You flip coins whenever you're pleased.
      (b) The girl you love is well-protected by her dad and her older brother.
      (c) You buy every car you see.
      (d) You spin around in the hope of hitting people you hate.
      (e) You keep on bragging about how cool you are.
    Of course, this is just a small list but these are the most observed 
                                   BIO SHEET
    Original Game: The Art of Fighting
    In KOF Since: '94
    Partners: Ryo & Takuma - '94
              Ryo & Takuma - '95
              Ryo & Yuri   - '96
              Ryo & Yuri   - '97
              Ryo & Yuri   - '98
    Fighting Style:        Kyokugen-ryuu Karate  (Extreme Style Karate)
    Birthday:              12 / 25
    Age:                   24 years old
    Birthplace:            Italy
    Blood Type:            AB
    Height:                180cm
    Weight:                85kg
    Hobby:                 Collecting cars
    Favorite Food:         Yakisoba (fried noodles) and sushi (raw fish)
    Best Sport:            Motor sports
    Most Important:        His car collection
    Dislikes:              Rakkyou (?)
         "Underestimate my strength, huh?  You're dumber than you look!"
           Robert is the son of the wealthy Italian business man Alberto Garcia. 
    Due to Alberto's friendship with Takuma Sakazaki, master of Kyokugenryo 
    Karate, and willing to teach some discipline to Robert, the multimillionaire 
    sends Robert to Takuma's dojo, where he begins to train. While acting like a 
    spoiled brat the first few days, Takuma shows him the state of things in his 
    dojo, and Robert had no other choice but to stay put and obey, and began to 
    wield the power of the dragon. He quickly made friends with both of Takuma's 
    children: the older son, Ryo, and the younger daughter, Yuri. While Robert 
    and Ryo were very good friends, Robert had a special relationship with Yuri. 
    He felt she was something special, and all three grew up being the best of 
           One day, Takuma disappeared, and soon after that, Yuri vanished as 
    well. Ryo and Robert felt something bad was behind all this, so they accepted
    to go out and search for her in the hostile and crime-filled Southtown. 
    Robert and Ryo divided themselves to search clues for where she could be. 
    Robert was determined to find her, since he knew he was very much in love 
    with her, but he wasn't able to tell both Ryo and Takuma, fearful that they 
    would be very angry at his idea. Still, Robert faced most of the criminals in
    Southtown in order to find Yuri, and all clues pointed towards Mr. Big, one 
    of the more powerful gang leaders of Southtown. Robert managed to defeat the 
    bluffing Mr. Big, and demanded where Yuri was. Mr. Big laughed and called for
    Mr. Karate. This warrior used a "tengu" (bird) mask, but his fighting spirit 
    was very powerful. He also seemed to use Kyokugenryo Karate as well! Ryo was 
    the one to fight him, and once defeated, Ryo decided to finish him off, as he
    thought he was the mastermind behind all this. But then, Yuri barged in, and 
    tells Ryo not to harm him, as Mr. Karate was really Takuma! Robert and Ryo 
    were surprised by this, and decided to go after the man who had fooled them, 
    Geese Howard. However, he was already in trouble for facing the Bogard 
    brothers, whom were ready to exact revenge for the death of their father at 
    Geese's hands. So, the Sakazaki family and Robert decided to go back to the 
           Robert, always benefited by the money of his father, always wore fancy
    clothes and drived in luxurious cars. He also likes to impress Yuri with his 
    presents, but Ryo and Takuma always keep a handy eye on him. By 1994, Robert 
    was invited by Takuma to represent the Kyokugenryo Karate in the new King of 
    Fighters tournament, which now introduced the team battle mode. Robert was a 
    bit confused that Yuri would not enter with them, but he accepted anyway. 
    After two tournaments, the Kyokugenryo Team has shown the power of their 
    style, and Robert has done a pretty well role in honoring the Kyokugenryo
    Karate. However, Robert and Ryo have to run away after each tournament to 
    avoid Takuma's orders to train again! Robert had a little pause in the action
    to help a childhood friend save her brother, Wyler, who hadgone berserk using
    a demoniac power. After a short trip to Southtown, Robert returned to the 
    dojo, to be known that Takuma would retire his position as leader of the 
    Kyokugenryo Team and deliver his place to his daughter Yuri. Robert was glad 
    that Yuri would fight with him, but Ryo will keep an eye on him!
           Since that moment, Robert has represented Kyokugenryo Karate the best 
    way possible. He gets very excited when Yuri fights, and more when she wins. 
    Problem is, Ryo is always behind him and does not let him do anything smart. 
    After the tournament of 1996, Robert arrived one day to the Kyokugenryo dojo.
    He saw it to be destroyed and many students to be wounded. He then consulted 
    with Ryo and Yuri. Ryo tells them that Takuma has told him to tell both of 
    them to fight in the next tournament and clean the honor of the Kyokugenryo 
    Karate. Robert and Yuri accept, and now, Robert is more willing than ever to 
    fight and show that the Kyokugenryo Karate is the best martial art in the 
           Robert decides to focus more on trying to sweep Yuri off her feet 
    during the two year break after the Orochi battle, but is abruptly brought 
    back to training by his master, Takuma, and friend, Ryo, in punishment for 
    his insolence! Robert gets more serious in his training, however, when he 
    realizes the next King of Fighters tournament coming up, and this time 
    around, he will have both Takuma AND Yuri in his team, so he's got a lot to 
    prove. Despite being the only foreigner among the team, he feels as if he was
    in his own family. He just can't lie back and do nothing while the others 
    trust in him!
           Robert thinks he has put the style and finesse in the Kyokugenryo
    Karate, and is always bragging about himself. He has been interested in Yuri 
    ever since he first met her, even though he has the money and power to get 
    other girls. He respects both Takuma and his best friend, Ryo, but is really 
    bothered when both of them interfere in his intentions to propose to Yuri. He
    also avoids Yuri's wrath whenever he helps his childhood friend.
                            Source: The King of Fighters: Tormented Battles
                                    By Kailu Lantis (see Credits)
                                CONTROL NOTATION
               ub   u   uf                        A        B
                 \  |  /        
               b -- n -- f                   
                 /  |  \      
               db   d   df                        D        C
      General Notations:
       n    - neutral                             A     - Weak Punch
       d    - down                                B     - Weak Kick
       u    - up                                  C     - Strong Punch
       b    - back                                D     - Strong Kick
       f    - forward                             
      Special Notations:
       db   - down-back                           P     - Press A or C
       df   - down-forward                        K     - Press B or D         
       ub   - up-back                             AB    - Escape          
       uf   - up-forward                          CD    - Attack
       qcf  - d,df,f                              START - Taunt
       qcb  - d,db,b             
       hcf  - b,db,d,df,f  
       hcb  - f,df,d,db,b
       dp   - f,d,df
       rdp  - b,d,db
       c    - charge for 2 seconds
      NOTE: A/B/C/D position may be different! The buttons always represent the 
            same thing though.
                                SHORT MOVES LIST
    |---------------------------- NORMAL THROWS --------------------------------|
     Kubikiri Nage                                When close, b / f + C
     Ryuuchou Kyaku                               When close, b / f + D
    |---------------------------- COMMAND MOVES --------------------------------|
     Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri                        f + A
     Ryuu Hanshuu                                 f + B
    |---------------------------- SPECIAL MOVES --------------------------------|
     Ryuugeki Ken                                 qcf + P
     Ryuuga                                       f,d,df + P
     Ryuu Zanshou                                 f,d,df + K
     Hien Ryuujin Kyaku                           In air, qcb + K
     Hien Senpuu Kyaku                            hcb + K
     Kyokugen-ryuu Renbu Kyaku                    When close, hcf + K
    |-------------------------- DESPERATION MOVES ------------------------------|
     Ryuuko Ranbu                                 qcf,hcb + P
     Muei Senpuu Juudan Kyaku                     qcf,qcf + K
     Haou Shoukou Ken                             f,hcf + P
                              MOVES DESCRIPTIONS
    |---------------------------- NORMAL MOVES ---------------------------------|
     Close A  :  A right weak punch. This punch comes out fairly quickly and 
                 don't worry about recovery and lag times because they're very 
                 low and I don't see how your opponent is gonna take advantage 
                 of a fraction of a second. Can be used in combos too and just 
                 the close A may add twice. Good for poking!
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
     Close B  :  A mid-range kick and of course, it will hit low. Has a very good
                 recovery time and practically no lag time, which makes it very 
                 useful. It is however difficult to combo 2 of those because 
                 Robert tends to back off after doing it once. Still good for
                 poking but A is better!
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Close C  :  Robert will punch the opponent in the face for normal-sized 
                 characters. It's a rather weird-looking punch though and the 
                 lag time gives wayto too many risks. The opponent may attack 
                 you even before Robert manages to deliver the full blow. The 
                 recovery time is OK though and it will combo onto anything.
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Close D  :  Robert will kick the opponent for 2 hits. The first one hits 
                 high but the second one gets to lower a little such that it 
                 hits more in the middle. Cannot be used in combos although it 
                 has a fairly good recovery time. It has a pretty good range 
                 though and I've caught my opponents off-guard many times with 
                 this. You may prefer to use C instead because it is comboable 
                 but the close D has its uses too!
     Usefulness  :  [**---]
     Far A  :  Practically the same as the close A but it seems to come out more 
               quickly. Apart from this, there are no other changes but frankly, 
               this is useless in most cases. And since you're far, what use are 
               you gonna find for such a weak punch?!
     Usefulness  :  [*----] 
     Far B  :  The far B will hit a bit higher than the close B. The recovery 
               time is less too and will leave you open for big damage if your 
               opponent is quick enough. Don't use this against characters that 
               have very fast desperation moves or you'll most certainly be 
               punished. It is still good for poking though!
     Usefulness  :  [**---]
     Far C  :  A slow and strong high punch. It comes out slow but this is made 
               up by an excellent recovery time. And it can take the opponent by
               surprise in some cases since it has a very good range. You'll be 
               using this often, believe me!
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Far D  :  A roundhouse kick that will send your opponent back in agony! :) 
               This mid-kick has an incredible range but the lag time is a 
               serious problem though. The fact is that Robert turns around on 
               himself when he thrusts his foot forward and your opponent has 
               all the time he want to attack you while Robert goes back to his
               stance. Still, the range makes the far D quite useful.  Pity it 
               cannot be comboed!
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Crouch A  :  A fast jab with an excellent lag time and recovery time. It 
                  works wonders in poking and can catch an opponent who wants to 
                  cross over you off-guard. The amount of damage is very low but 
                  that doesn't prevent it from being very useful.
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
     Crouch B  :  A fast low kick that can add up twice if you're quick enough. 
                  Good recovery time, comes out fairly quickly. And great for 
                  poking but truthfully, even though B has better range, A is 
     Usefulness  :  [***--] 
     Crouch C  :  A move similar to Terry's Rising Upper. Practically  the same 
                  animation and can be comboed into any move too quite easily. 
                  The recovery time sucks though and makes it a risky move if you
                  miss or if the opponent blocks.
     Usefulness:  [***--]
     Crouch D  :  A long-range sweep that needs to be blocked low. Again, the 
                  problem is that Robert turns about on himself and thus takes 
                  too much time to recover. Still, it's a very good sweep and 
                  darn effective if you know when to use it.
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
     Jump A  :  Robert will do a short punch diagonally while he's in the air. 
                It has a pretty fast recovery time but really isn't that useful 
                in spite of this. Can be immediately followed with a stand A.
     Usefulness  :  [**---]
     Jump B  :  Robert will kick down at an angle of 45 degrees. Fast to come out
                and does appreciable damage for a weak kick. The recovery time 
                sucks though but it can take your opponent by surprise and 
                connect against those that keep on jumping all the time.
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Jump C  :  Strong punch that doesn't have that much range in it and has 
                considerable lag time. Sure, it is damaging and can take care 
                of jumping opponents since it tends to hit low but isn't really
                worth it. Besides, the jump D has more range and I don't see
                why you would prefer the C version instead.
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     Jump D  :  Ha, you'll be using this all the time! A strong kick with an 
                excellent range and the recovery time, although a bit slow, 
                doesn't really pose a problem since your opponent will be too 
                busy blocking. Great for starting combos!
     Usefulness  :  [*****]
     Stand CD  :  A very strong kick that will always knock the opponent down. 
                  Sadly, it can't be  followed-up with opponent though. Still,
                  it has an incredible range and will be very useful against 
                  certain characters.
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
     Jump CD  :  Robert will kick the opponent with both feet. This has a good, 
                 although somewhat slow, recovery time and useful if the opponent
                 tries to corner you. A very neat thing is that it will knock the
                 opponent far away.
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
    |---------------------------- NORMAL THROWS --------------------------------|
     Kubikiri Nage  :  When close, b / f + C
     Usefulness  :  [*****]
     Robert will hold the opponent shortly and will then proceed to kick them 
     high. On hitting them, he'll seem to get back from the recoil and will thus
     land far away. Doesn't switch side with the opponent though since this is 
     his punch throw (even though he uses his feet :)).
     Ryuuchou Kyaku  :  When close, b / f + D
     Usefulness  :  [*****]
     Robert will hold the opponent by the waist and will turn to the other side 
     and slam them on the ground. OK, what  the hell is this?! He uses his feet
     for this punch throw and his hands for his kick throw?? Well, can't do much
     about that...Oh, and it makes you switch side with the opponent which means
     that if you were cornered when you  pulled this out, the opponent ends up
     being the one cornered! :)
    |---------------------------- COMMAND MOVES --------------------------------|
     Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri  :  f + A
     Usefulness  :  [***--]
     An overhead move where Robert jumps a little and he hits the opponent high. 
     When used alone, the recovery time is terrible and you'll immediately regret
     having used it. Can be used in combod but it no longer acts as an overhead
     though. The good point in this case is that the recovery time is less, even
     if the opponent manages to block. The move is also very good against the 
     bigger characters like Yamazaki, Goro, Heavy D!, etc...Has its uses and
     enables a darn good combo. It may also surprise the opponent because Robert
     is fairly quick to pull it. You must also note that if you want to include
     this in a combo, you need to cancel into it first. What I mean by this is
     that it is impossible to do this and add in another hit; you must put in a
     normal hit like a stand C first and then cancel into the Kouryuu Koukyaku
     Geri beforehand.
     Ryuu Hanshuu  :  f + B
     Usefulness  :  [****-] 
     Robert will thrust his leg high up and attempt to hit the opponent in the
     face if the latter is standing. Can be cancelled into special move or
     desperation (normal or super). If it is cancelled while blocked, its 
     recovery time will be reduced. Be aware that the Ryuu Hanshuu has a suicidal
     recovery time alone, use it only in combos. This move is also a good 
     anti-air and will take most opponents by surprise because it has a nice 
     range. Useless against crouching or small characters like Choi and Chin
     though. Again, you must cancel into the Ryuu Hanshuu if you want  a good
     combo. Trying to pull this command move as the first hit and following with
     a special move will never work.
    |---------------------------- SPECIAL MOVES --------------------------------|
     Ryuugeki Ken  :  qcf + P
     Usefulness  :  [*****] 
     His projectile which also acts as a shield due to the way it's released.
     Robert will throw his hand forwards and will form a fireball which can also
     protect his upper body. The projectile will remain close to him for
     approximately 2 or 4 seconds depending on the button you pressed (A or C).
     It can be used in combos and like I said earlier, it will also protect 
     Robert in certain cases. It can also hit a character in his recovery roll or
     during escape. Note though that this move is pretty much useless against
     some characters like Shermie and Mai because they will always avoid it and
     attack you from behind! But the Ryuugeki Ken is very effective against
     some characters. A version will come out quicker while C version takes more 
     time but it hits for more damage. The C version will also go off-screen 
     sometimes against a cornered opponent but it will still hit him in doing so.
     Ryuuga  :  f,d,df + P
     Usefulness  :  [****-]
     Robert will attempt a move which somewhat ressembles a dragon punch. The
     strong version goes as far as 2 hits while the weak one will  most likely
     do only 1 hit. This move is an excellent anti-air and moreover, it can be 
     used in simple combos AND chain combos very easily as long as you're not 
     new to KOF. A version goes up about half a screen and will do a small but
     still good amount of damage. It has a decent recovery time though. C version
     will go higher up and will do more damage but it has a horrible (and I
     really mean it) recovery time. If you use this alone and it misses, you'll
     know what to expect when Robert touches the ground again. Like all dragon
     punch style moves, the Ryuuga is an excellent anti-air and it's even enough
     against jumping characters like Choi and Benimaru.
     Ryuu Zanshou  :  f,d,df + K
     Usefulness: [***--]
     Robert's other dragon punch move but this time, he uses those darn long legs
     of his. Anyway, the Ryuu Zanshou is good but you'd be better sticking to the
     Ryuuga if you need such moves. The D version is suicidal when pulled alone 
     but make it connect and the opponent will fly away more quickly than a bird
     with its tail on fire. The B version has a better recovery time but it
     really isn't that helpful because it doesn't do that much damage. It is
     however safer to pull in any case. Ryuu Zanshou can be used in both normal 
     combos and chain combos as I'll be explaining earlier.
     Hien Ryuujin Kyaku  :  In air, qcb + K
     Usefulness: [***--]
     Robert will stick his foot down and will charge at the opponent. B version
     has a small "horizontal" range (by this, I mean that he won't travel far
     and will only hit opponents who are quite close) and does appreciable 
     damage. D version goes further and lotsa damage. The cool thing about this
     is that, even if the opponent manages to block, the move seems to act as a
     recoil too and Robert will jump up and fall further away. Your opponent may
     still take advantage of the revocery time but he'll have to be fairly quick
     in order to do so. And despite the air command, surprisingly enough, this 
     move can be included in a combo. Charming, huh? 
     Hien Senpuu Kyaku  :  hcb + K
     Usefulness: [****-]
     At last, I come to Robert's trademark move! Remember '97 and that damn hard
     Orochi Yashiro!? Remember how he couldn't do anything against Robert just
     because of this move!? The Hien Senpuu Kyaku will cause Robert to spin 
     around and in the strong version, he will do 3-4 hits. Both versions have
     great recovery time and if there's one move you can abuse with Robert, it
     is certainly this one. Note though that it is not recommended to use this
     move against some characters like Goro, Shermie and Mai because they will 
     roll behind you each time and attack you from behind. Can also be used in
     normal combos and chain combos. Ha, this is what Robert is all about!!
     Kyokugen-ryuu Renbu Kyaku  :  When close, hcf + K
     Usefulness: [*****]
     A very useful move since it allows juggles and chain combos. Note that this
     close move has no missed animation but rejoice if you manage to pull it well
     against a human opponent because he'll be in big trouble as from now on.
     Robert will kick and the opponent 4 times and the last hit will send him up,
     thus enabling further hits. Here's what you may add to the Kyokugen-ryuu
     Renbu Kyaku:
     - Extra hit at beginning/standing C
     - Normal moves after move's last hit
     - Special moves after move's last hit, any move
     - Jumping CD's
     - Try mind games for state-of-the-art combos.
     This is, without doubt, his best move!
    |-------------------------- DESPERATION MOVES ------------------------------|
     Ryuuko Ranbu  :  qcf,hcb + P
     Usefulness: [****-]
     His first desperation move that's been in since the beginning. The DM will 
     do 15 hits while the SDM will do 28 hits. Both are highly damaging. The DM
     comes out faster but travels only 3/4 the screen distance. The SDM takes
     more time to come out but it will travel the whole screen. Even when 
     blocked, both will do fair guard damage but will be pretty much useless 
     against small and crouching characters since most of the hits will  miss.
     The recovery time isn't that great either and if blocked, well, I hope you
     brought a lot of money along! :)
     Can be used in combos for major kick-ass effect, wOOt!
     Muei Senpuu Juudan Kyaku  :  qcf,qcf + K
     Usefulness: [****-]
     A very good desperation move but you may prefer using the Ryuuko Ranbu. 
     Personally, I love this DM. The DM hits for 9 hits while the SDM does 12
     hits. A nice fact is that if your opponent manages to block but his guard
     opens for one reason or another, the remaining hits will still do a nice
     chunk of damage. And even when blocked, the DM does some incredible tick
     damage and its fast recovery time means you can just go on with this if
     you're in Extra and want to play cheap. This DM also causes Robert to travel
     forward while he starts kicking. He will thus get to a far away opponent 
     however far that idiot may be. And even if the latter tries to switch to the
     other side, he may still get caught in the last kicks because this move is 
     pretty unpredictable.
     Haou Shoukou Ken  :  f,hcf + P
     Usefulness: [*****]
     Haou or Wouhou! :) This projectile will do 1 hit as a desperation move and 
     5 hits when it's a super desperation move. Of course, this SDM will do
     massive damage compared to the normal version. The A version will always
     come out quicker than the C version but it travels slower (by always, I mean
     that this never changes whether it's a DM or a SDM). Both are really quick
     though but just don't take anything for granted. It is possible to avoid
     this by using Escape and if your opponent manages to do so, well...I hope
     you have a lot of life... :)
     A very useful move since it will connect really hard against opponents
     who tend to jump a lot, you'll use that a lot if you're not good at 
     comboing into his other DMs.
     The tick damage is appreciable for the DM and very good for the SDM version.
     In fact, you may even just throw the SDM continuously when you're low on
     life against the CPU and hope of winning since it eats up a lot of life even
     when blocked. And no, it cannot be comboed, you freak!!! o_O
     Well, it may take the opponent by surprise (specially the DM A version) but
     it isn't a combo!
    The easy combos first with the very tough ones at the very bottom of the 
    section. But they're not really tough though, you just need to practice!
    Happy comboing!!
     * Crouch A -> crouch A
       Very easy and good for poking games. If you pull this while opponent tries
       to cross over, the second hit may count and  you'll have managed one hit 
       out of nowhere. The lag time makes it difficult to put in a third one but 
       if the opponent is cornered, why not! I haven't included this one because 
       its percentage success is way too low. You can still try it in practice
       mode if you have the game! ^_^
     * Crouch B -> crouch B
       A basic combo which isn't that tough to pull and you shouldn't have any 
       problems here. A good thing in it is that if the opponent tries to cross 
       over, he may still get caught in the second kick. You may then try adding 
       one further hit although  this is slightly difficult to do (well, 3 low
       kicks... :)). Also, since the crouch B has good recovery and lag times, 
       don't worry about being open to hits afterwards since it very rarely 
       happens. Excellent for poking games too!
     * Crouch A -> crouch B
       A mix between the light punch and the light kick that is very effective
       against some characters. Most importantly, the low A is good against some
       characters and since the low B comes out really quickly, there's no way
       getting out of it. And excellent for seeking out openings and this also 
       rules against human opponents. 
     * Crouch A -> crouch A -> crouch B
       This one is fairly hard and you need to be very quick to put in all the 3
       hits. Good for cross-overs. Try pulling this against a cornered opponent,
       this is where you'll need it. If  the guard breaks on the first A, then 
       ignore the crouch B and go for a move instead if you can.
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + A
       This combo is very nice to look at :)! Now, remember that the f + A will 
       not act as an overhead here and its recovery time will not be that big. 
       In fact, it's fairly hard for the opponent to take  advantage of the 
       recovery time if you stick to these 2 hits because the command move seems
       to "stun" him. I like this but wait, there's  more!
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + B
       Another basic combo and this one should be easy to pull since it's at the
       base of all Robert's good combos. Even if the Ryuu Hanshuu  (f + B) not
       longer acts as an overhead, the recovery time may still pose a problem. 
       And this combo may prove useless in some cases, most noticeably against 
       characters like Choi or Chin. Still, it's good against the other 
       characters and another advantage is that it is fairly quick to come out.
       It may also catch the opponent  off-guard too thanks to the  long range
       of the Ryuu Hanshuu.
     * Stand/crouch C -> qcf + A
       One of Robert's most important combos but never get on with it if the 
       punch is blocked. If you do so, the opponent may roll to avoid the 
       fireball and he'll end up behind you. Only the A version of the Ryuugeki 
       Ken will combo in, the C version takes too much time to come out and the
       opponent will have enough time to block.
     * Stand C -> hcb + K
       A very damaging combo! In fact, this is Robert's trademark combo. You'll 
       surely pull this often. However, the number of hits may vary, specially 
       if the opponent is small of if he's crouching. You can use either B or D, 
       D makes more hit and is more damaging but B would be safer!
     * Stand/crouch C -> dp + A
       The Ryuuga after a stand or crouch C. Nice damage and even if the opponent
       manages to block, the quick recovery time of the Ryuuga will save you.
     * Stand/crouch C -> dp + C
       Although you may think that this is just the same as above and that I 
       should just put the 2 together and use P, it's better to put them 
       seperately because of a very important difference. When you do this combo
       in the corner, the combo will do one more hit and the character will be
       knocked down.
     * Stand/crouch C -> dp + K
       A 2-hit combo! A good thing here is that Robert will fall some distance 
       away but beware, that won't change much if the opponent has blocked and 
       if he's fast enough. Anyway, it's an excellent one and quite damaging at 
     * Corner -> stand/crouch C -> f + A -> qcb + K
       Remember how I told you that the Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri (f + A) makes 
       Robert jump up a little when he kicks the opponent. And since Robert has 
       a move which is done in the air, how about trying to combo these 2?! Well,
       here's the combo for you to try out. The opponent gets  knocked down after
       the special move if it connects. You may use any version (B or D), it 
       doesn't really change anything and will work anytime as long as the
       opponent is cornered. It doesn't work in other places though!
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> qcf + A
       This one does 3 hits and it will be your most regular one after a while.
       Nothing much to say about it except that it is really easy to pull. And 
       you will go back a very small distance when the opponent gets knocked 
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> hcb + K
       The weak version will do 5 hits while the strong version will do 6 if all
       of them connect. A nice and damaging combo and it is essential that you 
       master this one. Note also that the opponent does not get knocked down
       after the combo.
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> dp + A
       Beginners may find this one a little hard to perform mainly because of 
       the dp command. Nice damage and the opponent is knocked down at the end. 
       And Robert is still close to the opponent as the latter recovers.
     * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> dp + C
       Although the strong Ryuuga is supposed to do 2 hits  by itself, this combo
       will, in fact, do only 3 hits. Moreover, the opponent doesn't get knocked 
       down which makes it rather risky.
     * Stand C -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
       At last, the wondeful combos involving his desperation moves. Will do 16 
       hits and good block damage. Both A and C versions can be used but as
       always, you'd be better sticking to the weak one. Nothing more to add.
     * Stand C -> f + B -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
       Practically same as above with 1 more hit. It's a bit tough to pull 
       though. If you've having difficulties performing this one. I'd advise
       you to forget about the Ryuu Hanshuu and to stick to the one above
     * Jump D -> stand C -> qcf + A
       Basic combo with a jump D for an extra hit. Quite damaging and pull this
       when you have no power stock in Advance or you gauge isn't full in Extra.
       Note that the Ryuugeki Ken may miss if your jump D isn't timed well.
     * Jump D -> stand C -> hcb + K
       Now, this one is hella damaging and it can also be a real pain for your
       challengers. the number of hits may vary though but in all cases, you'll
       definitely like it!
     * Jump D -> stand C -> dp + A
       What?! You don't know this one?! Of course, if the opponent blocks, don't
       do the Ryuuga or you'll most likely be the one who's in trouble! :)
     * Jump D -> stand C -> dp + C
       Note that the opponent won't get knocked down in this case (reason why 
       I've put it seperately too!). Anyway, I wouldn't advise you to pull this
       one, it's too risky and besides, you have better choices! 
     * Jump D -> stand C -> dp + B
       Just the same as the one with the weak Ryuuga but this is slightly less
       damaging. Still very useful though!
     * Jump D -> stand C -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
       Be sure to master this one since it's very damaging and should be one of
       your most used combos when you just happen to have a DM! Be quick with
       the DM and the opponent will eat 17 hits, sit down and laugh!
     * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A
       Note: in all the following combos that start with a jump D, the D can be
       a cross-over one. The effect will be the same. This one is the "first" 
       part of the combo below but the opponent isn't knocked down here.
     * Corner -> jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcb + K
       The true combo as it should be pulled all the time. If you miss the f + A,
       the combo will change radically. And this one is very nice to look at 
       too! But don't forget the corner though! ^_^
     * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B
       The incomplete version of good and damaging combos. It is still excellent
       though nad you'd be better coming to terms with this one before tackling
       all that follows.
     * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B -> hcb + K
       Another wonderful combo. The last part makes it very damaging and you
       can bet this is a must-use when Robert is your character. The opponent
       doesn't get knocked down though. Booh! I'll still use it though!
     * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B -> qcf, hcb + P
       Is that a DM at the end?! Now, this is one of this best combos but it
       may be hard for beginners. In that case, I'll just say what I always
       say: practice!! 
     * hcf + B (close) -> qcf + A
       A nice combo and it eats up some life too. Be quick with the finishing
       move though or it won't connect. I wouldn't advise you to pull this
       combo against a cornered opponent, use another one instead. 
     * hcf + B (close) -> dp + A
       A very good combo and the Ryuuga ensures that you won't miss the 
       opponent when pulling the second move. It does decent damage too and
       you'd be better pulling this whenever you can. Works fine from behind!
     * hcf + B (close) -> dp + B
       Pretty much the same as above though I like the first one. Still, this
       one's useful too and its advantage is that you won't have to hop back
       afterwards if you want to put some distance between you and the 
     * hcf + B (close) -> hcb + K
       This one is very damaging and of course, it does more hits. If you want
       to go for damage, pull this one all the time. The number of hits may
       vary too depending whether the opponent is cornered.
     * hcf + B (close) -> jump CD
       The most damaging of all provided you do not miss the jump CD. It will
       also knock the opponent back and will give you enough time to think
       of whatever strategy you're going to sue or to taunt your opponent if
       you wnat. ^_^
     * Stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> hcb + K
       No need to corner the opponent here, it works all the time. Good damage
       and this time again, the total number of hits vary. I don't really like
       this one but it's cool too and very useful!
     * Cross-over D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> hcb + K
       The same as above with a cross-over D to make it more flashy. Excellent
       damage. This must not necessarily be pulled against a cornered opponent,
       it will work anywhere as long as you do everything right. Of course,
       it's better if the opponent is cornered but not essential as long as
       you have mastered all the subleties of the cross-over D.
     The following combos are contributions by PeLLeT_RSD (I forgot the hcf+K 
     move while the FAQ was still just a combo one ^_^):
     * Stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> qcf + A
       The stand C is the starter and like explained in the moves descriptions,
       the Kyokugen-ryuu Renbu Kyaku gives way to free juggles. Nothing more to
       add here! Oh yeah, be quick with the last move (in all cases) or the
       opponent will already have fallen down.
     * Stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> dp + A
       Another close combo and this one is slightly better than above and also
       a bit more damaging. I'd advise you to stick to the A version all the 
       time, it is way better!
     * Stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> dp + B  
       Just the same but I don't particulalrly like using this one. However, if
       you wish to put more distance between you and the opponent, stick to
       this one since Robert will get back as he performs the last hit.
     * Stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> jump CD
       My favourite. It knocks the opponent away and does much more damage. It
       is slightly harder to pull than all of the above though because you need 
       to time the jump CD well.
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> qcf + A
       This time, you're just using the jump D first which also brings in an
       extra hit. But basically, it's just the same as without the cross-up D.
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> dp + A
       Nothing more to add! You'll probably use this one more often. Timing of 
       the last move is crucial but it's not that hard to do and you shouldn't
       have any problem.
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> dp + B
       Same here! I love this stuff! ^_^
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> jump CD
       The best of the lot. You may also do a simple stand CD but this has more
       chance of missing, so do a jump CD instead and laugh! :)
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + B (close) -> dp + C
       Yup, this actually works! All you need to is to walk forward a bit and to
       the Ryuuga just as the opponent is falling down. Both hits of the Ryuuga
       will connect, which means major damage ahead!!!
     And here are new contributions by Cool, a long-time Robert player ^_^:
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + K (close) -> f + B -> dp + A
       Truthfully, I forgot over time that this combo and the ones below were
       all possible. Anyway, this is very damaging but also quite tricky. The
       Ryuu Hanshuu may not connect and getting it to combo is hella annoying if
       you're not used to it. Practice it first. 
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + K (close) -> f + B -> dp + C
       You need to time the Ryuuga well. Otherwise, Robert will go up too soon
       or too late such that the opponent will be back on his feet and you'll
       be in for some hits! -_-
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + K (close) -> f + B -> dp + K
       Same here!
     * Cross-up D -> stand C -> hcf + K (close) -> f + B -> hcb + K
       You would be better sticking to the ones above because at most, only 2
       hits of the Hien Senpuu Kyaku will connect and it's not that damaging
    |------------------------------ GUARD CRUSH --------------------------------|
    In this section, I will do my best (i.e. not much ^_^) to tell you what 
    combinations will cause guard crush on your opponents. Guard crush is very 
    cool since it enables you to place in more hits, and hopefully a damaging 
    combo. Of course, you will get this only through aggressive playing and 
    constantly attacking a blocking opponent. Don't expect crshung your 
    opponent's guard through defensive play, mind games or even worse, nothing!
    Unless you take yourself for Dan Hibiki... :)
     * Stand C -> f + B -> hcb + D -> stand C -> f + B -> hcb + D...
       Normally, only 2 tries using this pattern are needed to cause guard crush
       if the opponent keeps on blocking from the beginning. It may vary through
       minor changes, in which case you only need  to repeat it one more time
       quickly. Of course, everything needs to be done in quick succession. No 
       hopping back and checking to see if your hair is good or any other 
       pointless stuff. The good thing 
       in using the Hien Senpuu Kyaku as the finishing special move is that the 
       opponent won't try to escape since the move comes out so quickly and we 
       all know how it's deadly. Like K' would say: "I love this stuff!"
     * Stand C -> qcf + A -> dp + A -> stand C -> qcf + A -> dp +  A -> stand C 
       -> qcf + A -> dp + A
       The guard will break on the second Ryuuga. But you need to be quick
       though. Another important thing is that you need to run forward a little
       after each Ryuuga.
    |--------------------------------- DIZZY -----------------------------------|
    Or what combinations/patterns Robert can use to dizzy the opponent. I'm 
    assuming that all the hits connect when you pull the different moves.
    This is the list of how many of each move Robert needs to dizzy the opponent.
     ---> Stand D : 6-7  
          Although the stand D doesn't knock down the opponent, it may dizzy him 
          if you do it 6 times in a row fairly quickly.
     ---> Stand C : 7-8
          Same here!
     ---> Weak Ryuugeki Ken (qcf + A) : 5-7
          This occurs assumed that you have cornered the opponent and that you 
          keep performing the move such that he's hit again as soon as he gets 
     ---> Weak Ryuuga (f, d, df + A) : 6-7
          Be sure to do those quickly enough such that all will accumulated.
     ---> The Hien Senpuu Kyaku will never cause dizzy however the number of
          times you may pull it. I suppose this is because it doesn't knock
          the opponent down.
    |---------------------------------- CPU ------------------------------------|
    These are strategies that you may use to defeat the characters in 1P mode.
    Note that I've written these down through hours of playing and since there 
    are usually attacking patterns, I've based my strategies on those. Thus, they
    may not work all the time but most of the time, you can rely on those.
    NOTE: If you don't know the moves names for the characters, consult Kao
    Megura's FAQ at GameFAQs.
    * * * * * * *
    * HERO TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * *
    KYO : The main character (plot or no plot, that doesn't change anything!)
          and man, does he live up to his reputation!! I can't think of any
          other character who's as aggressive as Kyo. Even O. Rugal is less
          aggressive than that bastard! Kyo will attack you, roll back, jump
          and try to cross-over, attack you, roll back, and you get the thang!
          And whatever combos he is in a position to pull, be sure he'll indeed
          pull those! Do not pull your moves alone in any case except maybe
          for the Hien Senpuu Kyaku. If the moves miss, he'll go for his own
          combos and you'll only be able to eat it. Do a jump CD or the Ryuuga
          whenver he attempts to jump at you (Ryuuga is better!) and as soon
          as you're on the ground again, hop back and wait for him to move.
          However, it would be better to play aggressive yourself because since
          Kyo remains attacking all the time, your guard may break or even
          worse, he may dizzy you. Don't try to cross-over though! Instead,
          evade when he attacks and try to attack him from behind. Always
          start with your regular stand C. If the move connects, follow with
          what you've got. If you eat his jump D, he'll always pull a combo 
          and as you roll, he may also pull his DM such that you can never 
          avoid it. Wait for when he cannot block or roll and hit him with a 
          damaging combo. Your far D may also take Kyo by surprise but you
          should still watch out for his counter moves which will probably
          come out at the same time. You should eventually win but beware, the
          Kusanagi is in top form today! ^_-
    GORO :  A very tough opponent but luckily, Robert has some advantages over
            him. Firstly, you should never use the Ryuugeki Ken whether Robert
            is close to Goro or not. If they are close, Goro will roll behind
            you and will grab you from behind (and we should all be thankful
            that the CPU doesn't use his bug to play cheap!). If Robert is far
            from Goro, the latter will use the move where he hits the ground
            and you won't have enough time to block. Using the Hien Senpuu Kyaku
            is also a bad idea because Goro has that bad habit of using his
            crouch C and you'll most likely eat it. Jump at him with a cross-up
            D when it's possible and immediately follow-up with a damaging combo.
            That's practically the only thing you can do against Mr Daimon, the
            cheap grappler! ;| Oh yeah, if he blocks your jumping attack, hop
            back immediately, don't hit him from where you are!
    BENIMARU :  Benimaru is not that hard when you're using Robert. As soon as
                the rounds starts, roll back if you're in Advance and hop back
                if you're in Extra mode. Next, don't do anything but just wait
                for him to attack. When he attacks, he'll most likely jump
                towards you to place in a combo. Just perform the Ryuuga as
                he's above you and he'll be knocked away. And just go on like
                that until you're done with hi. The only thing you should never
                do is to try to switch sides with him by using escape. Otherwise,
                he's a sissy!
    * * * * * * * * * * 
    * FATAL FURY TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *
    TERRY :  2 legends meet. Now, Terry is a real pain in the @$$ and most of 
             all, he uses all his moves! Rolling behind him simply means you'll
             be caught in his annoying poke combo of crouch A, crouch A, crouch
             A (or crouch B, crouch B, crouch B, but what the hell does that 
             change...?). Don't go about rolling too much. Also, if Terry rolls
             forward and ends up being close to you, you can bet all your money
             he's gonna use his Rising Tackle or his attack CD as soon as he 
             recovers. Your best chance against that monster is to take 
             advantage of his recovery time when he has just used the Burning 
             Knuckle or the Power Wave. Throw in a damaging combo as he 
             recovers and hop back immediately before applying the same 
             strategy as needed.
    ANDY  :  He can be hard at times but most often, he'll be rather easy and
             you will beat him without any difficulty. Block when he does his
             Zan'ei Ken since he uses that a lot. Don't attack him just after
             the move though in case he decides to follow-up with the Gadankou.
             Once you're sure it's okay to hit him, do so and try to make the 
             most out of it. You'd better watch out for Andy's command moves
             though, they can be really painful to avoid and you don't see
             them coming. Don't run or roll a lot too because he may pull out
             his Hishou Ryuusei Ken DM and you won't be able to block it, let
             alone avoid it. Comboing against Andy is quite easy, so even if
             he manages to put up a fight, you should beat him quite quickly
             and move on!
    JOE  :  He can be really annoying sometimes but he's not that hard most 
            often. Roll is not advisable against Joe because of his TNT Punches
            and he also has that very bad habit of releasing his DM just when
            you're about to cross-over. Be also on the look-out for his
            basic combos (stand C, Slash Kick/etc...). I find it better to 
            block those and to throw him my own combo as soon as he's done
            that. When Joe remains crouching, that means that he's about to
            do his Tiger Knee. Do not jump at him and do not cross-over.
            Run forward and use a far attack. I even found him eating the
            Haou Shoukou Ken sometimes. Robert's attack also works well against
            him but not always and you should resort to that only as a last
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * ART OF FIGHTING TEAM  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    RYO  :  A cheap way to win against Ryo is to remain crouching and to press
            C as Ryo comes at you at as he uses Mouko Raijin Setsu (you'll be
            seeing that very often! ^_^). But we are not cheap players and
            we'll try to think of another strategy to beat the heir of
            Kyokugen-ryuu Karate. First thing, be on the look-out all the time
            because Ryo is not the type of player who'll save his power stocks
            for a precise moment. He'll pull the Haou Shoukou Ken or the
            Ryuuko Ranbu a lot as long as he can. Be prepared to roll or to
            block. My advice to you is to avoid the Ryuuko Ranbu and to block
            the Haou Shoukou Ken. It is always dangerous to try to avoid the
            projectile because of its speed. Don't roll too close to Ryo either
            since he seems to be taking himself for a grapper a lot. If you're
            good at escaping at throws, you may still do it but I wouldn't 
            advise you to do so. Otherwise, your sure try is to wait for him
            to do a move (he uses his moves a lot!) and to hit him back as he
            recovers. His Kohou leaves him very vulnerable, try to pull a DM
            as he falls back. And, of course, hop back when he's getting up
            or he may jump at you and beat you up!
    YURI  :  Most of the time, just a crouch D will take care of her. All you 
             need to do is to get close to get, to sweep her and to remain
             near her as she gets up. And just go on with the crouch D, Yuri
             is very weak against those. However, she can be pretty aggressive
             at times. In those cases, be prepared to avoid a lot. When she
             does the Saiha, just block and hit her as she comes near you and
             recovers. A cool thing about Yuri is that her recovery time is
             pretty big for every move and you shouldn't have any problem
             taking advantage of those. And you'd better watch out for her DM
             combos too, she's good with those. Thus, avoid using your special
             moves alone, use them only in combos!
    ROBERT  :  Mirror match! CPU Robert is a fan of the Ryuuga and he seems to
               have been infected by Ken. He'll use that a lot but the problem
               is that he's darn good at it and always manages to take you by
               surprise. Hitting him as he falls back is not as easy as it 
               sounds and you'll need to be fairly quick in order to do so.
               Otherwise, keep running and rolling and wait until you see an
               opening. Don't just wait for him to attack, be aggressive and 
               keep on with "small" combos even if he's blocking. He'll 
               eventually try to get back at you and now would be your chance!
               Beware of his projectiles though, he's also very good with 
               those! You should be good with those by now too! ^_-
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * IKARI WARRIORS TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    LEONA  :  If you can't win against her, you certainly need to practice. As
               soon as the round starts, hop back. Don't do anything yet apart
               from blocking. A thing that may occur though is that she just
               crouches and doesn't try to attack. In that case, cross-up or
               try to attack her. She'll then start pulling those kamikaze moves
               that make her so easy. When she uses her X Calibur, block and
               attack her as she falls down and recovers. If she uses her Eye
               Slasher or her Earring Bomb, just roll and attack. She's even more
               pityful when she pulls out the Eye Slasher. You just have to avoid
               the projectile, run forward and pull a nice combo while she just
               stares at you. You should still watch out for her stand C/D as
               they are a pain to avoid but since you'll get more chances to 
               attack, you can't possibly lose here - however low your life may 
               be! If you lose...err...you really need to practice. 
    RALF  :  He can be hard because he's good at throwing you whenever you try
             to roll by him. However, all of his moves seem more like kamizake
             moves and you can just take advantage of those. It's even easier
             when he does his Bakudan Punch (any). All you have to do is to
             evade or to block and to combo in while he gets back on his feet.
             Don't take too much time though or he'll throw you or S.A.B. you,
             which is pretty painful. If he does his Vulcan Punch, cross-over
             and follow with something damaging quickly. The Ralf Kick has 
             higher priority than any of your moves, so you'd be wise to just
             block instead of attempting anything foolish that may cost you
             a win!
    CLARK  :  As cheap play, the Hien Senpuu Kyaku is enough but since we are
              not cheap, we'll have to think of some other "legal" way! ^_^
              You may still do the regular combos starting with the jump D but
              as Clark is a grappler, that's not recommended. You never know
              with what he may greet you. Another fact is that his standing
              CD has more priority and you'll just get knocked back. And even
              when you jump, Clark may very well jump too and throw you. As
              you must already know, rolling by him is _very_ risky because of
              his moves. His Super Argentine Backbreaker just makes things
              worse. But he seems to be vulnerable against the Ryuugeki Ken
              though, just pull it and most of the time, he'll run into it.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * PSYCHO SOLDIERS TEAM  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    ATHENA  :  Lol, Athena can be beaten with throws alone. Anyway, it's
               really easy to avoid her projectiles and to attack her meantime.
               Rolling by her when she's not doing anything is rather risky 
               since she may end up using her Super Psychic Throw and follow-up
               with her DM. Otherwise, I don't really find you losing to 
               Athena. Oh, I don't find you using to anybody from the Psycho 
               Soldiers Team, they're that dumb!
    KENSOU  :  Practice your combos here, Kensou is even easier than Athena!
               When the round starts, do anything you want: run and attack,
               cross-over, hop back and taunt, charge if you are in Extra,
               just do it. The only thing you need to know is to block or evade
               when he Kensou does his Ryuu Renga (any of them) and to attack
               him as soon as you can. Otherwise, sit back and laugh. He'll eat
               all your combos and he doesn't even bother to attack most of the
    CHIN  :  Evade or roll, run forward and attack him every time he uses his
             Kisui Shuu or his Hyoutan Geki. Since he uses those very often,
             that will do. Otherwise, when you use combos, don't bother pulling
             the Hien Senpuu Kyaku as sometimes a couple of hits will miss
             and Chin can even escape! And don't pull the Ryuugeki Ken when
             you're not close to him. In fact, don't pull it at all unless
             in combos. Chin will always answer with his DM when he sees a
             projectile and you don't want to eat that, right? >:(
    * * * * * * * 
    * GALS TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * *
    MAI  :  Very easy! As soon as the match starts, roll to the other side. 
            Mai will attack and will miss since you are now behind here.
            Just attack her from behind with any combo but DON'T use the
            Hien Senpuu Kyaku. Why, you ask me! Well, the fact (and you'll
            notice that soon enough yourself) is that Mai crouches most of
            the time and if you pull a comobo involving the Hien Senpuu Kyaku,
            the second and third hit of the move will miss completely. She'll
            be behind Robert's back when the latter recovers and you'll be
            in for a serious kicking. Just stay near her everytime she gets 
            up after being knocked down and as she does so, roll behind her
            again. She really has a very easy pattern: get up, you roll behind,
            she attacks in vain! Have fun!
    KING  :  Another aggressive character! Cross-jumps are not a good idea
             against her because her crouch C has very high priority and will
             take you out most of the time. King also likes to use the Mirage
             Kick a lot. Simply block or evade when she does so and hit her
             on the counter. Block is better IMO because you may still be 
             caught in the second or third kick of the move while Robert is
             switching side with her. Evade again when she does her Venom 
             Strike and throw in a nice combo. And avoid using your special
             moves alone, King has a pretty high AI and will use her Illusion
             Dance whenever she thinks you will eat it. Be prepared to run a
             lot in this match! :) 
    CHIZURU  :  Bleh, just wait for her to use those stupid teleport moves and
                hop in with a bunch of hits when it's safe to do so. Jumping
                in is rather risky though as she may greet you with those
                damn anti-airs which, I'll admit it, are very efficient. Robert's
                Ryuugeki Ken is darn effective against her but just with the
                first strategy, she's easy.
    * * * * * * * * 
    * KOREAN TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * *
    KIM  :  Kim can be pretty cheap at times. Trying to cross him is not
            recommended because he will abuse the crouch A to poke you. Evade
            when he does the Hangetsu Zan or the Ryuusei Raku and attack him
            as he recovers. Don't use the Ryuuga or any move that has too much
            recovery time alone since Kim will probably use his DM as you fall
            back and you won't even be able to block. As long as you keep all
            these in mind, he ins't that hard. Another thing that I like to do
            is to taunt him as soon as he gets a DM. He often taunts back and
            immediately pulls his Hou'ou Kyaku when you taunt him. Of course,
            this is also quite risky and you shouldn't do this if you're not
            confident enough.
    CHANG  :  Watch out for his crouch C/D since they can be quite tedious
              to block. His sliding attack is also annoying and you'd better
              keep an eye open for that too. Otherwise, Chang si easy! Just
              evade when he swings his iron ball and hit him from behind or
              while he recovers. You should however watch out when you roll
              because the ball may still hit you and it's quite damaging.
              And Chang may also use his close move if you time your roll
              badly. To avoid this, roll only while he is busy doing something
              else. Don't try to switch sides while he's just standing as
              most of the time, he'll lose the move. Other than that, he's
              really easy!
    CHOI  :  Wait for him to jump since he does that a lot and perform the 
             Ryuuga. Do only the weak one for safety reasons. You can also
             wait for him to dash at you and hit him as he falls on his feet
             again or as he recovers if he has managed to come close to you.
             I really think this is only a kamizake move since this leaves
             Choi open to anything. Don't use moves that have too much recovery
             time alone, Choi may use his DM as you fall back and his DM is too
             quick for your senses. As a last note, don't bother using the
             Muei Senpuu Juudan Kyaku, Choi will just roll to avoid it!
    * * * * * * * *
    * OROCHI TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * *
    YASHIRO  :  Yashiro likes to jump a lot. I guess you know what that means!
                Ryuuga, Ryuuga, Ryuuga! However, I don't like this simple 
                strategy and I'll tell you why. The fact is if he has a power
                stock, he'll always use his Final Impact when you miss. And even
                if you're lucky enough such that he doesn't have one, you're 
                still in for some serious damage since this is none other than 
                Yashiro. Also, don't try to cross-over him because he'll do
                just the same thing if you do so. A strategy you can use is to
                block as he Yashiro uses his Missile Might Bash or any otjer
                move and to attack on the counter. For extremely cheap play, 
                make as if you're playing '97 and facing Orochi Yashiro! :)
    SHERMIE  :  The only time you can use the Hien Senpuu Kyaku is when Shermie
                dashes at you in the hope of grabbing you. Even then, just pull
                it directly and don't attempt to combo it in a standing C or
                anything else since she will always grab you beforehand. Don't
                bother using the Ryuugeki Ken alone, she'll just roll and attack
                you after that. Perform the Ryuuga when she jumps at you and
                just throw in a good combo as she comes near! Cross-ups also 
                work well but not always!
    CHRIS  :  Be ready to block low a lot here and watch out for his sliding
              attacks. Keep an eye for when he tries to do one of those moves
              that make you switch side too because he'll immdiately combo in
              and you cannot block in such cases. Cross-over D is a very bad
              idea against Chris because his moves are good anti-air and he'll
              most likely use his DM if he has a power stock as you do so. Just
              take advantage of his recovery time and you'll beat him. Keep
              blocking all the time and throw in a few hits as he recovers.
              Since Chris is a constant attacker, that isn't much of a problem.
              You should however know when to block low and when to block high
    * * * * * * * * * * * 
    * '97 SPECIAL TEAM  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    YAMAZAKI  :  Since all of his moves have a rather long animation and take
                 some time, just roll behind him as he does one of those and
                 hit him from behind. Don't roll such that you get up next to
                 him when he isn't do anything though or you'll eat his
                 Bakudan Pachiki. Ryuji is as vulnerable as a little kid when
                 he uses his Sabaki no Aikuchi, it is really impossible to
                 miss your combo once you've avoided his dagger. Keep a weary
                 eye open for his Guillotine (DM) though because he likes to
                 pull that when he sees that you are recovering. He even used
                 it 3 times in a row against me once. If you jump and land to
                 him as he blocks your attack, feel sorry because the Drill
                 is surely coming out and I don't see you having time to
    MARY  :  Running or rolling can be dangerous against her due to her DMs
             which'll always take you by surprise. And her counter moves
             are even more annoying. Just roll and she'll slide. Thankfully,
             you'll recover from your roll first and you'll be able to hit her
             in the back with a nice combo. Don't remain crouching all the time
             either in the hope that she'll attack first. Oh yeah, she'll do 
             it but in a rather unpredictable way and eventually, you won't
             even know from where she'll attack next. So, you'll just end up
             eating all her moves. She eats combos very easily though since 
             her recovery time is a major help. The only thing that you should
             refrain from doing is to run too much for nothing and to get close
             too her when she's not even recovering. Believe me, you don't want
             to know what happens in these cases!
    BILLY  :  Robert is somewhat limited against him! He's probably the most
              dangerous character when you try to switch sides with him.
              Do it and most of the time, you'll be caught in his Senpuu Kon
              and in his Shuuten Renpa Kon. It'll be even worse if he has a
              power stock. Thankfully, you can take advantage of certain
              situations like when he uses his Sen'en Sakkon. Just hit him
              as he lands. You may also try this same strategy when he uses
              the annoying Kyoushuu Hishou Kon but it is always hard to know
              where he'll land and by the time you realize where he'll be,
              it is usually too late and he'll have recovered. Robert's air
              move may be useful at time but don't use that when Billy has 
              a power stock. He'll either catch you in his DM, which is the
              worst thing that could possibly happen, or he'll hit you on
              the counter. The best thing to do is to wait for him to attack
              first and to see if there's an opening. Don't bother with 
              anything if there's no opening, Billy's more likely to make you
              regret your insolence! ^_^
    * * * * * * * 
    * IORI TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * *
    IORI  :  Da Man who impressed with his style, techniques and strength is
             one of the most dangerous opponents in the game. Now, those who've
             played '95 and '96 must already be shivering with fright. Boy, are
             your right!! Iori will make full use of his purple flames, hope 
             you took the antidote with you. The key here is to vary your style
             as quickly as possible since he does that too. Throw in good combos
             when he recovers from his projectile (provided, of course, you've
             successfully avoided it). Make use of the other moves' recovery
             times too although I should probably warn you that Iori is really
             quick. If he manages to connect his cross-over move and he has a
             power stock, how much do you bet you'll do a standing/crouching C
             into the Maiden Masher? No, forget it, I don't want to take your 
    VICE  :  Vice, who is actually in the GameFAQs contest (thus proving that
             CJayC has actually played KOF at one time or another in his life),
             will make you wish you stayed at home instead of coming to the
             arcade to play KOF '98. Her DMs are a real pain in the @$$ and 
             good luck in avoiding those. She's really quick and aggressive.
             While some of you may already start thinking that you'll thus have
             to play defensively since Vice will do most of the attacking. To
             those, I'll say: "No, it's the other way round". The more you
             block, the more you'll be in a bad position. Simple, Vice has
             good throws and amazing recovery times, you just won't be able to
             do anything if you play defensively. Instead, attack, roll, attack,
             overlap, combo, kyokugen. You'd better be careful when jumping
             though because of her throw DM, you'll make an easy target if you
             jump just as she performs it. The Ryuugeki Ken can catch her at
             times (she's so agressive she runs into it ^_^) and you could use
             that in mind games.
    MATURE  :  Mature is very tough in this game. Not a surprise since she 
               acts as a mid-boss. (In case you didn't know, the sixth battle
               just before Rugal is considered a mid-obss battle. The sixth 
               team will always be one of the following and never any other:
               The Iori Team, The Masters Team, The Sports Team!). To get on
               with it, be very careful when you're fighting against Mature.
               Her kick moves are pretty unpredictable and her throws are hard
               to avoid. I'd advise you to play defensively here, you have more
               chances of making it through this way. Keep at a distance and 
               block. Mature relies a lot on her multiple-hit moves, so you
               can just wait and attack as she recovers. You still need to be
               very, very quick though because she has excellent recovery times
               and you don't want to eat a DM. Yeah, watch out for those DMs,
               she pulls them out just when you least expect it.
    * * * * * * * * *
    * MASTERS TEAM  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * *
    TAKUMA  :  The man who taught Robert everything he knows in now facing you!
               Hey, where are you going?! Come back here!! Cross-over D, stand 
               C, special move when Takuma throws his projectile - that's what
               you should be using but there are still other things you must
               keep in mind if you don't want to look like an idiot! Now, the
               timing part: walk back until there's a distance of about 1/3
               the screen between you. Do so even if it means you'll be in the
               corner, that doesn't put you in such a bad position. Takuma
               will throw his projectile at you but thankfully, he's not that
               cheap or else, he doesn't know about his glitch! ^_^ Next, all 
               you need to do is to time your cross-over well such that you are
               above him just as he throws his projectile. You will land safely
               behind him while he watches his projectile go away and all you
               need to do is to throw in a combo. However, things are not so
               easy and Takuma has got other tricks up his sleeves:
               a) The dreaded Zanretsu Ken. If you don't time your jump well
                  and fall in front of him while he is in a position to attack,
                  you will definitely eat it. In fact, he won't even wait for 
                  you to land before pulling it. He will do so as Robert is
                  landing and good luck in avoiding that!
               b) Another case is that he will go for the Mouko Burai Gan 
                  instead and break your guard while doing so.
               c) If he see you constantly hopping or rolling back, he'll go
                  for the Hien Shippuu Kyaku. If you're still acting like a 
                  jerk when he's travelling across the screen, good luck! ^_-
                  And beware for the possible chain combos in this case.
               d) If he pull the Hien Shippuu Kyaku and you block, he will use
                  his Mouko Burai Gan when he falls back and if you're 
                  cornered, things won't work well for you.
               Many people see this team as hard! I do not agree, the only 
               tough guy is Takuma, Heidern and Saisyu are not really so hard 
               to beat. Now, just keep all this in mind and time your jumps 
               well for the ultimate combo of cross-over D -> stand C -> 
               hcf + B -> jump CD or cross-over D -> stand C -> f + B ->
               qcf, hcb + A when you have a power stock! ^_^
    HEIDERN  :  Ikari Warriors to the rescue! Be happy, Heidern has been 
                definitely toned down (although I wonder why...)! All you need
                to do is to block down and to wait for him to attack. When
                Heidern uses his Moon Slasher, just remain blocking such that
                he won't do the whole animation and he will back. Now, run
                forward and throw him all that you've got. It is possible to
                perform the Ryuuga as he comes at Robert but I wouldn't advise
                you to do so because you may perform it too late. Watch out
                for the Neck Rolling though, this move can be a real pain in 
                the @$$ sometimes. Otherwise, Heidern is easy. The crouching
                and blocking technique works all the time, you only need
                to be quick enough to hit him as he lands back!
    SAISYU  :  Thankfully, he's not the same man as in '95. (Otherwise, you'd
               be better leaving right now! ^_^) His favorite attacks are his
               Yami Barai (projectile) and his Homura Gasane. In both cases, it
               is easy to evade and to hit him while he rovers. In the case
               where he does the Yami Barai, you can also try to cross-over but
               I wouldn't do so because of the damn Oniyaki which has decent
               priority. You shouldn't have any difficulty beating Saisyu, he's
               rather easy in '98 and pathetic against Robert.
    * * * * * * * *
    * SPORTS TEAM * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * *
    HEAVY D!  :  A dangerous opponent! First of all, be on the look-out for the
                 Ducking Combination and the Soul Flower. He'll use both very
                 often and they are rather hard to avoid, if not impossible in
                 certain situations. His crouch D can also be painful as you
                 never see it coming and he tends to rely on that a lot 
                 whenever you're close to him. Truthfully, Heavy is rather
                 unpredictable and he doesn't seem to have a definite pattern.
                 All you can do is to wait as he recovers and to run at him
                 for some major damage. His R.S.D. seems to be the move that'll
                 usually enable this. The problem is that he can just go on
                 using all his moves one after another and you'll never know
                 which one it'll be next. Try to stay out of his reach when 
                 he's in this state and if you see an opening, run and perform
                 one of your most damaging combos!
    LUCKY  :  The toughest of the 3 (yeah, just because he's skinny while Heavy
              and Brian look like monsters doesn't mean that he'll be the
              easiest! ^_^). Believe me, you'll need some kind of luck to
              defeat him while keeping enough of your lifebar. As you'd 
              probably have noticed yourself, your best way is to roll when
              he throws his ball and to hit him. The problem is that it is
              quite difficult to predict where the ball will land and which
              move he'll use next. Even worse, he has a fairly quicky recovery
              time. OK, try to time your rolls well and most importantly, make
              sure you get up behind me. It is more risky to get up just in
              front of him where he may throw you. However, he may catch you
              out of your roll with his DM and that's hard to avoid. Lucky has
              a rather high AI and he'll know exactly when to use the DM and
              I guess there's nothing you can do against that. Other than
              that, he likes to use those poking set-ups too when he can or
              when you're close and his teleport move means he can attack
              you from behind. But you can use that against him though by
              hitting him with your far D as he comes back. Your far D will
              be very useful in this match, abuse it!
    BRIAN  :  Rather easy compared to his 2 friends. Just wait for him to
              do his charging moves and keep blocking. Hit him as he rocovers.
              His recovery time is lame and you can pull anything you want 
              meantime. If Brian does not perform his kamikaze moves, just do
              a simple move (crouch D, stand A x 2,...) and he'll probably use
              that move again. Hit him hard and take revenge for what his 2
              friends did to your partners seconds before (or later!). ^_- 
    * * * * * * * * 
    * BONUS MATCH * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * *
    SHINGO  :  The kamizake! But he can still be tough sometimes, particularly
               with his crouching jabs. If he manages to connect a crouch A on
               you, be afraid because he will most likely throw another couple
               in and he'll finish with a special move. Shingo has a very
               annoying pattern which consists of rolling and of pulling a
               move, any move. And at times, these can be really hard to
               avoid as he just keeps on moving all the time and never stops.
               Fortunately, he also uses his moves whenver he wants and has
               quite bad recovery time for certain moves. If he's stupid enough
               to use his 100 Shiki: Oniyaki Mikansei, run forward and perform
               a nice combo as he turns around. Other moves which make him 
               vulnerable are 101 Shiki: Oboro Guruma Mikansei and his strong
               104 Shiki: Aragami Mikansei. Don't keep pressing AB too much 
               though or he may use the dreaded Shingo Kick to punish you.
               And beware if he has stock because he's good at using those
               in 3-hit combos which take a lot of life away. Fortunately,
               he'll eat your DMs quite easily! CRITICAL HIT!! ^_^
    * * * * * 
    * BOSS  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * 
    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
    ¤ OMEGA RUGAL ¤  :  Boss-time! And Rugal is once more back and he's out to 
    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤     destroy you!! The best strategy to adopt is to wait for
                        him to throw his projectile and to jump/roll and hope 
                        you'll have enough time to place some hits. However, 
                        things are not that simple. Rugal has a darn good 
                        recovery time and I do think you already know how darn 
                        powerful his moves are. Moreover, if you don't time 
                        your roll well, 100-1 he'll use one of those moves and 
                        take away a LOT of life. Heck, Robert isn't particularly
                        strong against Rugal but luckily, he isn't really weak 
                        either. Like I said earlier, you can to take advantage 
                        of that damn projectile. Simply evade and try hard to 
                        throw in a couple of hits while Rugal recovers. Jumping
                        and overlapping also work but I wouldn't recommend that
                        since Rugal does have good anti-air moves. Make sure
                        you avoid his 6-hit moves that are really too damaging 
                        and things can work out your way. Avoid using the 
                        Ryuugeki Ken, Rugal will very rarely eat it and he'll 
                        greet you with a counter each time. Good luck, this is 
                        Rugal, you'll need it! -_-
                        (Do like me, have Yamazaki as your last player to ensure
                         that you'll win! ^_^)
    |------------------------------ CHALLENGERS --------------------------------|
    Robert is an excellent character against human challengers. If you are 
    playing and someone is stupid enough to challenge you, I would advise you
    to place Robert either first or third, but NEVER second. If you use him
    first, you can try to deplete the life of the first two players and let
    your other characters complete the work. If he's third, he's a good
    character to assure that you win if you managed to do good stuff with
    the first 2 players, whoever they may be!
    Against opponents, you should always refrain from using your command moves
    and your special moves on their own. Unless your opponent is completely
    blind, you'll most likely instead doing so. Input these only in combos, 
    even if they are blocked. Tick damage is important in human matches and
    you must make the most of those.
    Moves you should use in combos are the Ryuuga, the Ryuu Zanshou and the
    Kyokugen-ryuu Renbu Kyaku whenever possible. However, you should never use
    his Hien Senpuu Kyaku even in combos. This is because the opponent doesn't
    get knocked down in this case and you don't want to take any risks! Even
    though you may be skillful and very quick, your abilities won't change
    much against quick characters like Kyo, Iori, Terry and a lot more!
    His DM combos will work wonders if you manage to place them in. And forget
    the middle command move if you aren't feeling sure of yourself, the stand
    C into his DM is well enough. Use stand/crouch A/B for poking games and
    don't forget that his stand/jump CD has insane priority. Use it whenever
    possible and hop back immediately.
    Fortunately, Robert is good against everyone and doesn't really have
    weaknesses that other characters can take advantage of. He is somewhat
    limited against the small ones but not much and besides, he also has good
    points to make up for those! :)
    Anyway, the trick is to move all the time. Roll even when the opponent 
    isn't nearby, hop back, dash forward, be on the move but never jump if
    the opponent isn't doing anything. You don't really want what would happen
    in this case against Iori, Kim or Rugal (now, if you really know someone
    who uses Rugal against opponents, use Robert and give that cheap idiot a 
    In air situations (i.e. both you and your opponent are in the air), your 
    CD attack is your best solution due to its very high priority. It is also
    good when you've managed to trap an opponent or for poking games. Do not
    abuse it though!
    The Ryuugeki Ken is useless against human opponents, even in combos! Use
    other moves instead. Besides, your opponent may very well roll behind you
    as you pull it even if you've cornered him and since Robert take about 4
    seconds to complete the animation, you'll be in serious problems once he's
    done or even before.
    If your opponents keep hopping back or jumping from far off and you happen
    to have a power stock, pull the weak Haou Shoukou Ken quickly. It may
    catch them off-guard since they're so busy acting like fools! :)
    Show them your power and make them heat the Haou Shoukou Ken, you won't
    ever believe how many matches it has managed me to win. It also works well
    against opponents who are recovering since it travels quicker than any
    other DM and thus has more chances of connecting.
    But of course, you'll need to think up of your own pattern/strategy
    against your current opponent since no two players think alike. That's
    why it is always preferrable to keep back for some time and to know what
    kind of player your challenger is, i.e. whether he's a defensive player
    (in which case, I feel really sorry for him because it's impossible for
    him to win, regardless of which characters he has chosen!), whether he
    likes to play aggressively, whether he's a turtler, etc...
    Now, go ahead and kick them, all of them!!! :)
    |--------------------------------- STUFF+ ----------------------------------|
    This section concerns any additional stuff that concerns Robert and that you 
    may wish to try out. These range from weird combos to anything else. And
    things that don't belong to the other sections! :)
     * The following is a pseudo-combo that may work against the CPU. It has 
       worked for me a few times!
       Stand C -> hcf + B -> do a trick that will knock the opponent down but
       NOT jump CD -> qcf, hcb + P
       Well, the first part is quite easy to understand and I've already  put it
       in the combo section. The interesting part is the DM. When the opponent
       is knocked down, perform the DM. As you know, Robert will then leap 
       forward. Sometimes, the CPU is so stupid that it will eat the DM too! The
       hits don't add up of course, but it's a nice feature and is very damaging!
       Chin seems to eat this very often.
     * qcf + A -> dp + A -> qcf + A -> dp + A -> qcf + A -> dp + A...
       A very weird stuff that seems to comes directly from CAPCOM's Street
       Fighter! This is great when the opponent blocks. Anyway, it seems that 
       they will often eat the Ryuuga and you can just go on with this sick 
       pattern. But please don't use this against grapplers (Clark, Goro, 
    * Here's the list of characters against whom Robert has special intros:
      - Kensou
      - Takuma
      Be sure to check them out! The one against Kensou is basically the same
      as in '97. The one against Takuma relates to The Art of Fighting.
                               AUTHOR'S LAST WORDS
    Well, the FAQ now comes to an end and I hope you'll find everything you 
    needed in here. If it's not the case and you feel certain things are missing,
    just mail me and tell me what it is all about (please read the Contact Info
    section first). This guide may miss something because I only started using
    Robert in '98 since last year. I mainly relied on my kick-ass team of Clark,
    Yamazaki and Orochi Yashiro (yep, I love grapplers ^_^). However, he hasn't
    really changed from '97 and all the info in this FAQ comes from dozens and 
    dozens of hours of gameplay. And don't forget to check-up regularly in case 
    you've been Robert-infected! ^_^
    Meanwhile, some excellent KOF-links for you to quench your thirst until 2K1
    is finally out:
     The King of Fighters Online <www.kofonline.com>
     - The most complete KOF site which has lately gotten the recognition it 
       deserved from Eolith! Kuddos to Vincent.
     KOF Spider <www.kofspider.com>
     - A new site with tons of info and gameplay stuff.
     The Madman's Café <www.mmcafe.com>
     - Henry Moriarty's kick-ass website with gets all the latest info before
       anyone else.
    And you can go there for all my FAQs and reviews (shameless plug):
    And for those who have read any of my KOF '99 FAQs, I'm taking this
    opportunity to tell you that I'll be updating all of them soon. I intend
    to give them the same format as this one and to include the same type of 
    info. Yeah, I just compared this guide to the rest and truthfully, they 
    suck! But I will change that shortly! :)
                                 LEGAL DISCLAIMER
    (c) 2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.
    This document is a free publication and as such, cannot be used for 
    profitable purposes. Copying or reproducing this document or any part of 
    it without the author's permission is illegal and will be treated 
    accordingly. This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne 
    Copyright Convention of 1976. 
    In other words, you cannot use this FAQ to make money and you cannot host
    it on your site without my permission. You are not allowed to rip part of
    it and to include it in your own work, thus claiming that the information
    belongs to you. Even if you want to use some info contained in this guide
    while giving me credit, you must e-mail me and ask me first.
    "If somebody steals your FAQ and sells it, you can sue them.  Even if they 
     didn't sell it, you can still sue for statutory damages."
          - CJayC
    Keep these words in mind!
    Webmasters, if you wish to post this FAQ on your site, e-mail me first but 
    note that I will give you permission only if you abide by these conditions:
       - Your site must be a non-profitable and non-commercial one.
       - It (the guide, not your site ^_^)must remain unaltered, not a single 
         character is to be removed or added.
       - No banners or advertisements of any form are to be attached to it.
       - Full credit is given to me.
    The King of Fighters and Robert Garcia (c) SNK of Japan.
                                  CONTACT INFO
    If you want to mail me for contributions, comments, feedback or you want to 
    send me some hot pics, feel free to do so. The address is found at the top 
    of this FAQ. Note however that I will only accept certain types of e-mails 
    and I will ignore the rest. Here's the list of those:
     E-mails I will accept:
     - Contributions.
     - Corrections.
     - Comments.
     - Positive/Negative feedback.
     - Webmasters who wish to post this FAQ on their site.
     - Your mail must be in text only, no executables.
     - Put "Robert '98" as the title. Please note that, since I have also 
       written his character guide for KOF '99, "Robert" alone will not be
     E-mails I will not accept:
     - People asking me for cheats for this game. There are sites and message 
       boards for this.
     - People asking me to send them this FAQ. I will immediately block your
       address in such cases.
     - People asking about roms.
     - Nonsense e-mails like 'I think I love you' or 'Where can I find this game
       in my country?'.
     - E-mails that are all in CAPS.
     - Chainletters.
     - Spams.
     - Info already stated in this FAQ.
     - E-mails with no subject line.
     - E-mails of the type "hey jOOd, ur fak wus nut kewl n u s8d zat..."
                                  REVISION HISTORY
      As if anybody cares! ^_^
       Version 1.00 - don't remember
       * Only a combo FAQ that appeared on GameFAQs!
       Version 1.01 on 09/25/01
       * Updated the FAQ and did the movelist, bio and profile section after 
         getting permission from Lantis. Didn't plan to do anything but did a
         bit to take my mind off the thing  that's been bugging me for days...
       Version 1.02 on 09/26/01
       * Did a bit of the moves descriptions and quickly moved on to first part
         of guard crush/strategy section. Yeah, I know, I rule at disorderly 
         typing. Thanks  for the compliment! :)
       Version 1.05 on 09/28/01
       * Moves descriptions complete. On to the combos section!
       Version 1.15 on 10/11/01
       * Did most of the combos section. I still need to include a bunch of 
         combos submitted by PeLLeT_RSD and add a few notes!
       Version 1.17 on 10/14/01
       * Completed combos section. Submitted.
       Version 1.23 on 10/16/01
       * Corrected some typos. Added a new combo - contribution by PeLLeT_RSD 
         again. :) Did CPU section - Orochi Team, Korean Team and Fatal Fury
         Team. Did Challengers section.
       Version 1.27 on 10/17/01
       * Added 7 new combos. CPU section - Hero Team, Psycho Soldiers Team & 
         Gals Team. Added notes to challengers section.
       Version 1.30 on 10/18/01
       * CPU section - bonus match (Shingo), Ikari Warriors Team & '97 Special
         Team. More notes to challengers section and moves descriptions 
       Version 1.33 on 10/19/01
       * CPU section - Sports Team.
       Version 1.39 on 10/26/01
       * Added quote and changed lay-out a bit.
       * CPU section - Ralf & Saisyu.
       Version 1.44 on 10/29/01
       * New combos submitted by Cool.
       * CPU section - Chizuru.
       Version 1.49 on 11/8/01
       * CPU section - Iori Team, Omega Rugal.
       Version 1.50 on 11/11/01
       * Spellchecked.
       Final Version on 12/18/01
       * Final! Corrections will still be added however.
       Final Version on 4/29/02
       * E-mail change!
       Final Version on 7/20/02
       * Re-read the guide and found some stuff that needed editing. This is
         also the last update of this guide -- don't bother to send me more
         stuff as they will never be included (however good they may be ;
         KOF '98 is so old now...).
    My thanks and love in the making of this guide to everyone listed here:
     - SNK <http://www.neogeo.co.jp> 
       For making one of the best beat-em-up series ever, The King of Fighters, 
       which actually made me want to go to local arcades. Not just this but
       other fantastic series like Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown and most 
       importantly, Last Blade! Thank you so much, SNK!
     - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>
       Owner and administrator of GameFAQs (or is it the other way round!? :D). 
       Big thanks for such a cool site and for posting  my guides. You readers 
       wouldn't actually  believe it but Orochi K thinks he really deserves all
       the credits and you'd better agree with him or else...^_^
     - Kao Megura
       King of FAQ-writers. Move names and bio sheet have been taken from his 
       complete FAQ. He has been writing the most complete move lists for KOF
       and enabled me to trash...er...play KOF like it was meant to be since
     - Kailu Lantis
       Or the freak who wrote a massive story guide for KOF (The King of
       Fighters: Tormented Battles - available at GameFAQs of course!). Thanks
       for giving permission to extract Robert's profile dude!! And thanks again
       for the little contributions. I already knew them (who didn't! ^_^) but
       thanks anyway, Lantis! I'm still watching out for clones by the way...
     - PeLLeT_RSD 
       For a whole bunch of combos which I was stupid enough to forget about on
       my first try! ^_^ Thanks for all the help!
     - Cool 
       After contributing a lot to my '99 FAQ, he hops in again with more combos
       for '98. The most deadly Robert player, thanks a lot!
     - The KOF mailing list <kof@dhp.com>
       Get to know all your fellow KOF-freaks here. You'll get anything related
       to KOF here, just ask! From combos to info and lots more, this mailing 
       list has it all. To subscribe (and you should do it if you managed to 
       read this whole guide in one try :)), just send a mail to the address
       kof-request@dhp.com with "Subscribe" in the subject line.
     - Vincent Chua <www.kofonline.com>
       Want combos? Go there! Want info? Go there! Want some cool stuff? Go 
       there! Want anything you may think off, but just go there!! By far the 
       best KOF site on the net and Vincent is really a nice guy. Has even been 
       recognized by Eolith!
     - Professor Henry Moriarty <www.mmcafe.com>
       Yet another website that you must absolute check out. He's written some 
       FAQs too, all of them available at GameFAQs. My thanks, most of all, for 
       all the translations and small FAQ.
     - Gunsmith <www.orochinagi.com>
       A cool site but I don't really go there anymore. Seriously, the GF MBS
       are already driving me mad, don't expect me to go on Gunsmith's boards
       too now!! I'd like to thank him for his K.O.U.F. FAQ, I enjoyed reading
       those. Yeah, I have no honor... :D
     - You
       Still playing '98?! Then, stay tuned for my new '98 FAQs which will
       be up...huh...soon...(I rule at shameless plugs ^_^)!
      - EOF -
      (c) 2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.

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