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    Robert '94 by Shirow

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                                  "THE SLUGFEST"
      '94 Robert (alternate version) Character FAQ for The King of Fighters '98
      Systems: Arcade, PSX, Neo-Geo, Dreamcast
      Written by: Orochi K
      E-mail: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
      Version: Final
      Date: June 19, 2002
       2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.
      This FAQ is for personal use only. Do not distribute it or use it for 
      profitable purposes. If you want to post  this FAQ on a website, contact me 
      first. Plagiarism is a crime, just ask. I have no objection on my FAQ being
      posted on someone else's website but you must give credit where it is due. 
      Also, please keep in mind that under no circumstances, are you allowed to 
      make any changes to this FAQ! It must remain as it is and moreover, you are
      not allowed to rip off part(s) of this FAQ to put in another FAQ. No 
      banners or advertisements are to be attached to it and it must remain in 
      its original form (NO HTML!). Moreover, the site must be a non-commercial 
      and non-profitable one. 
      The King of Fighters and Robert Garcia  SNK, Japan.
      This FAQ may be viewed only at the following sites w/out having to ask me:
      - www.gamefaqs.com (also check there for the latest version)
      - www.neoseeker.com
      - www.cheatcc.com
      - www.psxcodez.com
      - www.cheatcodes.com
      Now, before you start reading the descriptions and combos, please note
      that this FAQ acts as a companion to my original Robert FAQ. Instead
      of copying everything all over again, I will only be giving descriptions
      for his special moves here and combos. They share the same normal moves
      and it's not necessary for me to copy all this all over again. You may
      just refer to my other FAQ if you really want those.
      I've also left out Robert's profile, bio and the strategies which, again,
      can be found in his original form guide and which I've written myself.
      So, you may just get both of them and read them together. And no need
      telling me it's a drag because no sane people will ever play '94 Robert
      first and then Original Robert! :)
      I. Short move list
      II. Move descriptions
      III. Combos
      IV. Revision History
      V. Credits
      |---------------------------- NORMAL THROWS ------------------------------|
       Kubikiri Nage                                When close, b / f + C
       Ryuuchou Kyaku                               When close, b / f + D
      |-------------------------- COMMAND MOVES --------------------------------|
       Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri                        f + A
       Ryuu Hanshuu                                 f + B
      |-------------------------- SPECIAL MOVES --------------------------------|
       Ryuugeki Ken                                 qcf + P
       Ryuuga                                       f,d,df + P
       Gen'ei Kyaku                                 f,b,f + K
       Hien Ryuujin Kyaku                           In air, qcb + K
       Hien Senpuu Kyaku                            hcb + K
      |------------------------ DESPERATION MOVES ------------------------------|
       Ryuuko Ranbu                                 qcf,hcb + P
       Haou Shoukou Ken                             f,hcf + P
      Kubikiri Nage  :  When close, b / f + C
      [taken from original version guide]
      Robert will hold the opponent shortly and will then proceed to kick them 
      high. On hitting them, he'll seem to get back from the recoil and will thus
      land far away. Doesn't switch side with the opponent though since this is 
      his punch throw (even though he uses his feet :)).
      Ryuuchou Kyaku  :  When close, b / f + D
      [taken from original version guide]
      Robert will hold the opponent by the waist and will turn to the other side 
      and slam them on the ground. OK, what  the hell is this?! He uses his feet
      for this punch throw and his hands for his kick throw?? Well, can't do much
      about that...Oh, and it makes you switch side with the opponent which means
      that if you were cornered when you  pulled this out, the opponent ends up
      being the one cornered! :)
      Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri  :  f + A
      [taken from original version guide]
      An overhead move where Robert jumps a little and he hits the opponent high. 
      When used alone, the recovery time is terrible and you'll immediately regret
      having used it. Can be used in combod but it no longer acts as an overhead
      though. The good point in this case is that the recovery time is less, even
      if the opponent manages to block. The move is also very good against the 
      bigger characters like Yamazaki, Goro, Heavy D!, etc...
      Has its uses and enables a darn good combo. It may also surprise the 
      opponent because Robert is fairly quick to pull it. You must also note that 
      if you want to include this in a combo, you need to cancel into it first. 
      What I mean by this is that it is impossible to do this and add in another 
      hit; you must put in a normal hit like a stand C first and then cancel into 
      the Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri beforehand.
      Ryuu Hanshuu  :  f + B
      [taken from original version guide]
      Robert will thrust his leg high up and attempt to hit the opponent in the
      face if the latter is standing. Can be cancelled into special move or
      desperation (normal or super). If it is cancelled while blocked, its 
      recovery time will be reduced. Be aware that the Ryuu Hanshuu has a suicidal
      recovery time alone, use it only in combos. 
      This move is also a good anti-air and will take most opponents by surprise 
      because it has a nice range. Useless against crouching or small characters 
      like Choi and Chin though. Again, you must cancel into the Ryuu Hanshuu if 
      you want a good combo. Trying to pull this command move as the first hit and 
      following with a special move will never work.
      Ryuugeki Ken  :  qcf + P
      The difference with original Robert is that his Ryuugeki Ken will travel 
      instead of just forming a shield.
      Robert will form a projectile and will throw it towards the enemy. A version
      comes out quite quickly and travels slowly. On the other hand, the C version
      takes some more time to come out but it travels very quickly and for cheap
      play, you can keep using it over and over  la Takuma (but it doesn't have
      the glitch though).
      However, the recovery for the C version is quite bad -- see how Robert takes
      that pose when he sends the Ryuugeki Ken and as the latter travels -- and
      Robert is thus more vulneranble.
      But even so, it works fine against some CPU opponents who are too stupid
      to jump at you while you're reocvering. Can work against human opponents 
      too but be ready for a real fight after the game fight when you win! =)
      Ryuuga  :  f,d,df + P
      [taken from original version guide]
      Robert will attempt a move which somewhat ressembles a dragon punch. The
      strong version goes as far as 2 hits while the weak one will  most likely
      do only 1 hit. This move is an excellent anti-air and moreover, it can be 
      used in simple combos AND chain combos very easily as long as you're not 
      new to KOF. A version goes up about half a screen and will do a small but
      still good amount of damage. It has a decent recovery time though.
      C version will go higher up and will do more damage but it has a horrible 
      (and I really mean it) recovery time. If you use this alone and it misses, 
      you'll know what to expect when Robert touches the ground again. Like all 
      dragon punch style moves, the Ryuuga is an excellent anti-air and it's even 
      enough to take out jumping characters like Choi and Benimaru.
      Gen'ei Kyaku  :  f,b,f + K
      This is considered as his best alternate move. The Gen'ei Kyaku is a bit 
      similar to Takuma's move. Robert will thrust his foot up and will start
      kicking with lighting speed ( la Chun Li but much better!). Both versions
      do 13 hits and are _very_ damaging.
      Just like Takuma, even if the first kicks miss but the opponent gets caught
      into it sometime afterwards, Robert will ignore the first misskicks and will 
      perform the 13 hits. In previous versions of the guide, I had stated that
      the main drawback of the Gen'ei Kyaku is that it cannot be comboed. As 
      shown by Leroy, the move can however be comboed. Still according to Leroy
      (and verified by me after taking the dust off the cart :), the Gen'ei 
      Kyaku can combo from frontal jumps on the bigger characters. Close
      standing C's or crouching ones work best but note that the effect doesn't
      work on all characters due to the angle at which the move starts. The combo
      itself can be somewhat tedious to pull for beginners.
      Use this against opponents who like to roll a lot (Shermie...) and those
      who like to run at you as if their asses are on fire (Kyo...). And laugh
      back when they get caught in the Gen'ei Kyaku and their life slowly gets
      Oh yeah, baby! That's what '94 Robert is all about! :) 
      Hien Ryuujin Kyaku  :  In air, qcb + K
      [taken from original version guide]
      Robert will stick his foot down and will charge at the opponent. B version
      has a small "horizontal" range (by this, I mean that he won't travel far
      and will only hit opponents who are quite close) and does appreciable 
      damage. D version goes further and lotsa damage. The cool thing about this
      is that, even if the opponent manages to block, the move seems to act as a
      recoil too and Robert will jump up and fall further away. Your opponent may
      still take advantage of the revocery time but he'll have to be fairly quick
      in order to do so. And despite the air command, surprisingly enough, this 
      move can be included in a combo. Charming, huh? 
      Hien Senpuu Kyaku  :  hcb + K
      This change is probably what makes people use original Robert more than the
      alternate style (including me =)). The move is very different and is nowhere
      cheap like the original Hien Snepuu Kyaku.
      The weak version does only 1 hit (what?!) while the strong version does 2
      hits (again, what?!). They're not as damaging but on the other hand, they
      have an incredible range. Both will travel about 3/4 the screen distance 
      and you can also take a jumping or rolling far-away opponent by surprise 
      countless times.
      The weak version is quicker to come out but doesn't travel very fast while
      the strong version comes out slowly but Robert spins around much faster.
      Both can be comboed quite easily -- for some reason, the hits never add up
      if you start with a jump D and include the Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri but it 
      _is_ a combo.
      Ryuuko Ranbu  :  qcf,hcb + P
      [taken from original version guide]
      His first desperation move that's been in since the beginning. The DM will 
      do 15 hits while the SDM will do 28 hits. Both are highly damaging. The DM
      comes out faster but travels only 3/4 the screen distance. The SDM takes
      more time to come out but it will travel the whole screen. Even when 
      blocked, both will do fair guard damage but will be pretty much useless 
      against small and crouching characters since most of the hits will  miss.
      The recovery time isn't that great either and if blocked, well, I hope you
      brought a lot of money along! :)
      Can be used in combos for major kick-ass effect, wOOt!
      Haou Shoukou Ken  :  f,hcf + P
      [taken from original version guide]
      Haou or Wouhou! :) This projectile will do 1 hit as a desperation move and 
      5 hits when it's a super desperation move. Of course, this SDM will do
      massive damage compared to the normal version. The A version will always
      come out quicker than the C version but it travels slower (by always, I mean
      that this never changes whether it's a DM or a SDM). Both are really quick
      though but just don't take anything for granted. It is possible to avoid
      this by using Escape and if your opponent manages to do so, well...I hope
      you have a lot of life... :)
      A very useful move since it will connect really hard against opponents
      who tend to jump a lot, you'll use that a lot if you're not good at 
      comboing into his other DMs.
      The tick damage is appreciable for the DM and very good for the SDM version.
      In fact, you may even just throw the SDM continuously when you're low on
      life against the CPU and hope of winning since it eats up a lot of life even
      when blocked. And no, it cannot be comboed, you freak!!! o_O
      Well, it may take the opponent by surprise (specially the DM A version) but
      it isn't a combo!
      '94 version has less combos compared to the original but they're well
      enough against anybody and you really cannot complain. As it is, all
      of his combos are shared by original Robert!
      * Crouch A -> crouch A
      * Crouch B -> crouch B
      * Crouch A -> crouch B
      * Crouch A -> crouch A -> crouch B
      * Stand/crouch C -> f + A
      * Stand/crouch C -> f + B
      * Stand/crouch C -> qcf + P
        His advantage: both versions of the projectile will easily combo.
      * Stand/crouch C -> f,b,f + K [contribution from Leroy]
        Doesn't work on smaller characters (Choi, Chin, etc...)
      * Stand C -> hcb + K
      * Stand/crouch C -> dp + P
      * Corner -> stand/crouch C -> f + A -> qcb + K
      * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> qcf + C
        But here, only the strong version of the Ryuugeki Ken connects. ;(
      * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> hcb + K
      * Stand/crouch C -> f + B -> dp + P
      * Stand C -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
      * Stand C -> f + B -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
      * Jump D -> stand C -> qcf + A
      * Jump D -> stand C -> hcb + K
      * Jump D -> stand C -> dp + P
      * Jump D -> stand C -> qcf, hcb + P (DM only)
      * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A
      * Corner -> jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcb + K
      * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B
      * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B -> hcb + K
      * Jump D -> stand C -> f + B -> qcf, hcb + P
      Phew!! That was some task, trying out all those combos again. Anyway, the
      list's full -- all of '94 Robert's combos for you to use against your
      Before I move on to the Revision History & Credits section, I'm reminding
      you that this acts as a companion for my original Robert FAQ which can also
      be found at GameFAQs. In here, you will find Robert's bio, profile, normal
      moves descriptions. I didn't copy all those because they would just make
      this one unnecessarily bigger. If you need further information, you may
      just consult the other FAQ.
      If you've got any questions, comments or want to contribute something,
      just mail me but  please  put  '94  Robert  as  the  subject. Thanks for
      reading and remember, SNK can produce as many KOF titles as it wants,
      mighty '98 will still stand out as the best! Like Lantis said: "Sweet
      dreams are made of these..."
      Version 1.00 on December 26, 2001
      * Sent to GameFAQs! Now, on to Benimaru!
      Final version on Junuary 21, 2002
      * Last revision.
      Final version on March 11, 2002
      * Edited some stuff because I felt it was needed.
      Final version on April 29, 2002
      * E-mail change.
      Final version on June 19, 2002
      * Correction on the Gen'ei Kyaku added, courtesy of Leroy.
      Firstly, and as usual, thanks to SNK for going berserk and for creating 
      this gem of a game.
      Special thanks to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for posting this FAQ as well as all
      my others on his kick-ass website.
      Very special thanks to Leroy for correcting me on the Gen'ei Kyaku and for
      the combo involving the same move.
      And, of course, thanks to all those people who have made all my KOF FAQs
      possible with their own guides and help: Kao Megura, Kailu Lantis, hebretto,
      The King of Chickens Forever, Cool, PeLLet_RSD.
      - EOF -
       2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.

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