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    FAQ by Enforcer

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 10/04/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by The Enforcer a.k.a Chen Dingming Benedict, Cheaters Corp.
    Version 0.9 (4th October 1998)
    KOF has come to a standstill ever since the end of 1997. During the 4 years
    of competition, the heroes have saved the world from the likes of Rugal,
    Goenitz, The Orochi Clan, and Orochi himself. With the defeat of Orochi,
    the KOF series appears to have ended. The Japan team had originally split up.
    Evil lost. However, 38 warriors return to pit each other in this game, KOF98-
    Dream Match Never Ends!
    What are the moves?
    What are the names of the moves?
    What are the special teams?
    Are there any more codes?
    There are altogether 50 playable characters in KOF98 (38 playable, 12 hidden) 
    and 1 extra hidden character for the Neo Geo home system. Please read on for 
    further details. Could there be more?
    Anyone with information can email me at 96161@acs.sch.edu.sg, so that I can
    add them to the FAQ. You can also try looking me up on ICQ at UIN 12748858.
    You would be given recognition for your efforts. Please quote your sources
    also since I hope that my FAQ would be error free. I also invite any views,
    comments or questions on the game itself.
    This is by no means a complete FAQ as yet, since I am looking for certified
    sources for the moves. There are vast amounts of moves still lacking here. I
    will do my best to update this FAQ to suit the needs of the players. Please
    feel free to give me any additional info that you might have. Also, please
    quote your sources. I am a player and I know the skills from KOF97. However,
    I shall not put in skills until they have been confirmed to prevent any
    0.9 Added info on the jackpot machine, the boss Omega Rugal, game progression
        details, Team Edit ending, how to play Omega Rugal on the home system,
        and all skills of Shingo.
    0.8 Added all skills of the Art of Fighting Team and the Yagami Team.
    0.7 Added all skills of the Fatal Fury Team. Added secret code for extra 12
        characters, some bugs, and how to fight Shingo as a hidden challenger.
        Also added some skills for all teams and the Orochi New Faces team.
    0.6 Added all skills of the Middle Age Team
    0.5 Added all skills of the USA sports team.
    0.4 Scrapped "The Cast". Added all skills of the Hero Team
    0.3 Added information on the roulette mode, and on the Advanced/Extra mode.
        Added moves of 2 additional teams. Rewrote many parts.
    0.2 Added more information. The moves of 3 additional teams have been added.
        Also added the list of characters present in the game. Confirmed modes of
    0.1 First preliminary version. Many questions unanswered. Only had the moves
        of 3 teams.
    Here is the key for all the jargons used:
    A- Button A (Light Punch)
    B- Button B (Light Kick)
    C- Button C (Heavy Punch)
    D- Button D (Heavy Kick)
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB- Quarter Circle Back
    HCF- Half Circle Forward
    HCB- Half Circle Back
    F- Forwards
    B- Back
    U- Up
    Dw- Down
    DF- Diagonal Down/Forward
    DB- Diagonal Down/Back
    UF- Diagonal Up/Forward
    UB- Diagonal Up/Back
    close- move must be performed close to opponent (throwing range)
    in air- move must be performed while jumping
    DM- Destruction Move (POW meter must be at maximum to perform it)
    SDM- Super Destruction Move (In Advanced mode, all 3 stocks must be full. In
    Extra Mode, POW meter must be max and life meter must be flashing. It is a
    more powerful version of the DM)
    ???- Unknown as yet
    Advanced Mode
    Emergency Escape (Forward)        AB
    Body Toss                         CD
    Max out meter (1 stock required)  ABC
    - Damage of all skills increase 1.25 times when power bar is a maximum.
    - Order of Characters in match affects the number of stocks left.
    - If character is friendly towards next fighter in lineup, one stock would
      be gained when the next fighter fights. All previous stored stocks would
      remain. If character is neutral towards next fighter in lineup, then no
      stocks are gained. Previously stored stocks would remain behind when next
      character fights. If character is angry with the next fighter in lineup,
      then all remaining stocks are lost.
    - Power bar is charged up by use of skills and blocking.
    - SDM can be performed when all 3 stocks are maxed out.
    Extra Mode
    Incursion Aversion Move           AB
    Body Toss                         CD
    Charge Power                      Hold ABC
    - Damage of all skills increases 1.5 times when power bar is at maximum.
    - When about 1/8 of life is life, life bar starts to flash. DM's can then
      be performed continuously without charging power bar.
    - If life bar is flashing and power bar is at max, SDM's would be performed
      when the commands for DM's are used.
    Roulette Team Edit
    This is a new mode found within the game. On the character select screen,
    there is a box with a question mark. By selecting this question mark, you
    will enter the game in roulette mode. In this mode, the computer will
    randomly select characters for your team after every round. This means
    that you can play with different characters in your team for the entire
    Losing the Game
    So, you are weak. You lost the game. You cannot stand continuing the game.
    However, take note that if you continue after you have left off, you will
    enter a jackpot game. You have twenty seconds. The machine will start
    spinning. Press A to stop the machine or press C if you are no interested in
    any rewards. After you stop the machine, you will be rewarded with these:
    1) Computer has no Power Gauge
    -  For the next match, computer cannot enter Max bar status or use DMs and
    2) Computer starts with 1/3 energy
    -  For the next match, each member of computer's team starts with 1/3 life.
    3) Difficulty Level Down
    -  For the next match, the difficulty level of the computer is reduced by 1
       in accordance to the difficulty level set by operator.
    4) Skip next Match
    -  You automatically bypass the current match and proceed to the next team.
    5) Player Power Up
    -  All damage done by player is increased throughout next match.
    6) Player starts with Max Power Gauge
    -  Power gauge is maxed out at all times during the current match. This
       applies to all members. You are at MAX status and DM's can be done freely.
    Should not stop the machine within 20 seconds, normal play will resume. You
    will receive no benefits.
    There is basically not much of the story. It is again, more of a tournament
    as in KOF94 as compared with the other KOF games. Rugal was resurrected and
    he organised yet another tournament. You will first fight 6 teams in areas
    such as the Middle East, Japan, Korea, USA, etc, followed by a fight with the
    boss Omega Rugal in his aircraft carrier.
    Omega Rugal is very powerful. He is much more deadly than the normal Rugal
    and himself in KOF95. Basically, these are the info I have gathered about
    Omega Rugal.
    - You will fight him on the aircraft carrier in Blacknoah, as in KOF94.
    - Only skill retained as seen was the Dark Crystal Reflector.
    - Reppuken replaced by an electric crystal ball, which counters most
    - Kaiser Wave replaced by large electric crystal ball, which counters most
    - Genocide cutter becomes deadlier. It is the normal Genocide cutter plus a
      heavy upwards strike kick.
    - Has a strange "teleport" attack in which he disappears, suddenly hits you 6
      times, and then appears right behind you.
    - A DM which starts with an array of punches, followed up by a genocide
      cutter kick.
    Defeating him takes careful precision since he is powerful. The easiest way
    to win him would be of course to continue the game and hope to get "Skip next
    match", "Computer has 1/3 energy" or "Player starts with max power gauge".
    Kyo Kusanagi
    Wicked Chew                                    QCF + A
    Nine Wounds                                    QCF + A (During Wicked Chew)
    Eight Rust                                     QCB + A (During Wicked Chew)
                                                   OR QCB + A (During Nine Wounds)
    Seven Chance                                   F + B (During Nine Wounds) OR
                                                   F + B (During Eight Rust)
    Stone Digging Pavement                         A/C (During Eight Rust)
    Poison Gnaw Fest                               QCF + C
    Compose Sin                                    HCB + A/C (During Poison Gnaw
    Compose Retribution                            F + C (During Compose Sin)
    Koto Moon Positive                             HCB + B/D
    Snipping Night Bird                            QCB + A/C
    Dragon Shoot                                   After Snipping Night Bird
                                                   counters opponents' central
    Hiding Tiger                                   After Snipping Night Bird
                                                   counters opponents' low
    Demon Scorcher                                 F, D ,DF + A/C
    Rainbow Energy Dynamite Kick                   QCB + B/D
    Type 75 Modify                                 HCF + B/D x 2
    DM Serpent Wave                                QCB, HCF + A/C (Hold A/C to
                                                   delay attack)
    DM Final Showdown                              QCF x 2 + A/C
    Benimaru Nikkaido
    Lightning Fist                                 QCF + A/C
    Mid-air Lightning Fist                         In air, QCF + A/C
    Shinku Katategoma                              QCB + A/C
    Benimaru Koreda Crunch                         Close, HCB, F + A/C
    Super Lightning Kick                           F, D, DF + B/D
    Iaido Kick                                     QCF + B/D
    Reactionary Triple Kick                        HCB + B/D
    DM Heaven Blast Punch                          QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Electro Trigger                             Close, HCB x 2 + A/C
    Goro Daimon
    Minelayer                                      F, D, DF + A/C
                                                   (C fakes, A attacks)
    Cloud Tosser                                   QCF + A
    Stump Throw                                    QCF + C
    Earth Mover                                    Close, HCB, F, + A/C
    Root Smasher                                   QCF + B/D
    Super Foot Flicker                             Close, F, D, DF + B/D
    Super Ukemi                                    QCB + B/D
    Reverse Drop                                   HCB, F + B/D
    DM Heaven to Hell Drop                         HCB x 2 + A/C
    DM Mountain Gale                               Close, QCF x 2 + B/D
    DM Root Grappler Plus                          QCF + B/D (During Mountain
    DM Root Pull Single Throw                      F, D, DF + A/C (During Root
                                                   Grappler Plus)
    SDM Heaven Dusk Ultimate                       F, D, DF + A/C (During Root
                                                   Grappler Plus SDM)
    Terry Bogard
    Power Wave                                     QCF + A/C
    Burning Knuckles                               QCB + A/C
    Rising Tackle                                  F, D, DF + A/C
    Power Charge                                   QCF + A/C
    Crack Shoot                                    QCB + B/D
    Power Dunk                                     F, D, DF + B/D
    DM Power Geyser                                QCB, DB, F + A/C
    DM High Angle Geyser                           QCF x 2 + A/C
    Andy Bogard
    Zan Ei Ken                                     DB, F + A/C
    Self Bomb Bliss                                DB, F + A/C (During Zan Ei Ken)
    Hisho Ken                                      QCB + A/C
    Sho Ryu Dan                                    F, D, DF + A/C
    Dam Breaker Punch                              Close, HCF + A/C
    Shiranui Spirit Crunch                         In air, QCF + B/D
    Shiranui Spirit Crunch Upperjaw                B/D (During Shiranui Spirit
    Shiranui Spirit Crunch Underjaw                A/C (During Shiranui Spirit
    DM Flying Comet Punch                          QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Super Sonic Swirl                           QCB, HCF + B/D
    Joe Higashi
    TNT Punch                                      Tap A/C repeatedly
    TNT Punch Finisher                             QCF + A/C (During TNT Punch)
    Hurricane Upper                                HCF + A/C
    Tiger Kick                                     F, D, DF + B/D
    Slash Kick                                     HCF + B/D
    Golden Heel Hurter                             QCB + B/D
    DM Explosive Hurricane Tiger Heel              QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM Screw Upper                                 QCF x 2 + A/C
    Ryo Sakazaki
    Tiger Flame Punch                              QCF + A/C
    Koho                                           F, D, DF + A/C
    Tiger God's Might                              QCB + A/C
    Tiger God's Murder                             QCF + B/D
    Kyokugenryu Punch Dance                        Close, HCF + A/C
    Lightning Legs Knockout Kick                   HCB + B/D
    DM Supreme Roar Fist                           F, B, HCF + A/C
    DM Ryuko Ranbu                                 QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM Heaven Blaze Punch                          QCF x 2 + A/C
    Robert Garcia
    Dragon Blast Punch                             QCF + A/C
    Dragon Fang                                    F, D, DF + A/C
    Shooting Stream Strike                         HCB + B/D
    Flying Dragon Slice                            F, D, DF + B/D
    Kyokugen Kick Dance                            Close, HCF + B/D
    Dragon Blast Kick                              In air, QCB + B/D
    DM Supreme Roar Fist                           F, B, HCF + A/C
    DM Ryuko Ranbu                                 QCF. HCB + A/C
    DM Furious Spectre Kick                        QCF x 2 + B/D
    Yuri Sakazaki
    Tiger Flame Punch                              QCF + A/C
    Yuri Super Knuckles                            QCB + A/C
    Yuri Cho Upper                                 F, D, DF + A/C
    Double Yuri Cho Upper                          F, D, DF + C (During C Yuri
                                                   Cho Upper)
    Rai-Oh Ken                                     QCF + B/D
    Yuri Super Spinkick                            QCB + B/D
    DM Supreme Roar Fist                           F, B, HCF + A/C
    DM Flying Violent Attack                       QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Flying Phoenix Kick                         QCF, HCB + B/D
    Moon Slasher                                   Hold D, U + A/C
    Baltic Launcher                                Hold B, F + A/C
    X-Caliber                                      Hold D, U + B/D
    Grand Saber                                    Hold B, F + B/D
    DM V Slasher                                   In air, QCF, HCB + A/C
    Ralf Jones
    Vulcan Punch                                   Tap A/C repeatedly
    Gatling Attack                                 Hold B, F + A/C
    Ralf Kick                                      Hold B, F + B/D
    DM Super Vulcan Punch                          QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM Galactica Phantom                           QCF x 2 + A/C
    Napalm Stretch                                 F, D, DF + A/C
    Rolling Cradler                                HCF + A/C
    Super Argentine Backbreaker                    HCF + B/D
    DM Ultra Argentine Backbreaker                 Close, HCB x 2 + A/C
    DM Clark Spark                                 HCF x 2 + B/D
    Athena Asamiya
    Psycho Ball                                    QCB + A/C
    Phoenix Arrow                                  In air, QCB + B/D
    Psycho Reflector                               QCB + B
    Psycho Teleport                                QCF + B/D
    DM Shining Crystal Bit                         HCB x 2 + A/C
    Sie Kensou
    Super Bullet Attack                            QCB + A/C
    Dragon Jaw Crusher                             B, D, DB + B/D
    Earth Dragon Fang Nibble                       HCF + A
    Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble                      HCF + C
    DM Silver Hermit Mind Destroyer                Close, QCF x 2 + A/C
    Chin Gentsai
    Gourd Attack                                   QCB + A/C
    Willow-the-Wisp: Legendary Wizard's Mountain   F, D, DF + A/C
    Drunken Twister                                D, D + A/C
    Full Moon Drunkard                             D, D + B/D
    DM Thunder Blast                               QCF x 2 + A/C
    Nanakase Yashiro
    Duel Upper                                     F, D, DF + A/C
    Jet Counter                                    HCF + A/C
    Mighty Missile Bash                            HCB + A/C
    ??                                             QCF + A/C (during Mighty
                                                   Missile Bash)
    DM Million Bash Stream                         QCB, HCF + A/C
    Shermie Whip                                   F, D, DF + A/C
    Shermie Spiral                                 Close, HCF + A/C
    Axle Spin Kick                                 QCB + B/D
    Shermie Shoot                                  HCF + B/D
    DM Shermie Carnival                            Close, HCF x 2 + A/C
    Shooting Dancer Thrust                         HCB + A/C
    Gliding Stomp                                  QCF + B/D
    Hunting Air Blast                              F, D, DF + B/D
    Shooting Dancer Step                           HCB + B/D
    DM Twister Drive                               QCB x 2 + B/D
    Kim Kaphwan
    Crescent Moon Slash                            QCB + B/D
    Flying Slice                                   Hold D, U + B/D
    Comet Cruncher                                 D, D + B/D
    Flying Kick                                    In air, QCF + B/D
    DM Phoenix Heaven Dance Kick                   In air, QCF, HCB + B/D
    Chang Koehan
    Spinning Iron Ball                             Tap A/C repeatedly
    Breaking Iron Ball                             Hold B, F + A/C
    Big Destroyer Toss                             Close, HCB + A/C
    Flying Ball Breaker                            Hold D, U + A/C
    DM Murdering Iron Ball Attack                  QCF x 2 + A/C
    Choi Bounge
    Monkey Spin                                    QCB + A/C
    Hurricane Cutter                               Hold D, U + A/C
    Flying Monkey Slash                            Hold B, F + B/D (Hold B/D to
                                                   continue attack)
    Flying Slash                                   Hold D, U + B/D
    DM True! Transcendence Tornado Ripper          HCB x 2 + A/C
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    Snake Tamer (Upper)                            QCB + A (Hold A to delay
    Snake Tamer (Middle)                           QCB + B (Hold B to delay
    Snake Tamer (Lower)                            QCB + C (Hold C to delay
    Judgement Slash                                F, D, DF + A/C
    Sand Writer                                    F, D, DF + B/D
    Sadomasochism                                  HCF + B/D
    DM Guillotine                                  QCF x 2 + A/C
    Blue Mary
    M. Spider                                      QCF + A/C
    Spin Fall                                      QCF + B/D
    Straight Slider                                Hold B, F + B/D
    Vertical Arrow                                 F, D, DF + B/D
    DM M. Splash Rose                              QCF, HCB + A/C
    Billy Kane
    Whirlwind Staff                                Tap A repeatedly
    Slicing Spiral Staff                           F, D, DF + A/C
    Pole Extension                                 HCF + A/C
    Flying Staff                                   F, D, DF + B/D
    DM Super Firestorm Staff                       QCF, HCB + A/C
    Chizuru Kagura
    Tamayura's Wonderful Sound                     QCF + A/C
    Heaven God's Truth                             F, D, DF + A/C
    Fast Prayer                                    HCB + A/B/C/D
    Condolence                                     D, D + A/B/C/D
    DM Foundation Stone Abidance                   QCB, HCF + A/C
    Mai Shiranui
    Butterfly Fan                                  QCF + A/C
    Dragon Flame Dance                             QCB + A/C
    White Crane Dance                              F, D, DF + A/C
    Deadly Ninja Bees                              HCF + B/D
    DM Phoenix Meteor                              QCB x 2 + A/C
    Surprise Rose                                  F, D, DF + A/C
    Venom Strike                                   QCF + A/C
    Trap Shot                                      F, D, DF + B/D
    Tornado Kick                                   HCB + B/D
    DM Silent Flash                                QCB x 2 + B/D
    Iori Yagami
    Dark Sweep                                     QCF + A/C
    Demon Scorcher                                 F, D, DF + A/C
    Hollyhock Flower                               QCB + A/C x 3
    Koto Moon Negative                             QCB + B/D
    Claw Section                                   F, D, DF + B/D
    Scum Gale                                      Close, HCB, F + A/C
    DM Eight Shrine Maidens                        QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM Eight Wine Cups                             QCB, HCF + A/C
    Despair                                        QCF + A/C
    Death Claw                                     QCB + A/C x 3
    Sakurariji                                     F, D, DF + A/C
    Metal Massacre                                 QCB + B/D
    Deceaser                                       HCF + B/D
    Elbow Knee Tears                               QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM Nokutanaru Raitsu                           QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Heaven's Gate                               QCB, HCF + B/D
    Mayhem                                         QCB + A/C
    Misan Rou Mayhem                               QCF + A/C (When opponent is
                                                   hit by Mayhem)
    Buraakundo                                     Close, HCF + A/C
    Gore Fest                                      Close, HCB, F + A/C
    Outrage                                        QCB + B/D
    Deceaser                                       HCF + B/D
    Raven Fest                                     In air, QCB + B/D
    DM Uisa Sa Fest                                QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Nature's Gate                               Close, HCB x 2 + B/D
    Cross Cutter                                   Hold B, F + A/C
    Moon Slasher                                   Hold D, U + A/C
    Neck Roller                                    Hold D, U + B/D
    Storm Bringer                                  Close, HCB + A/C
    Killing Bringer                                HCB + B/D
    DM Final Bringer                               QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Heidern End                                 QCB, HCF + B/D
    Takuma Sakazaki
    Tiger Flame Punch                              QCF + A/C
    Fists of Fury                                  F, B, F + A/C
    Tiger Shattering Dance                         QCB + A/C
    Supreme Roar Fist                              F, B, HCF + A/C (Hold A/C to
                                                   delay attack)
    Shoran Kyaku                                   HCB + B/D
    Lightning Legs Knockout Kick                   Hold DB, F + B/D
    DM Ryuko Ranbu                                 QCF, HCB + A/C
    DM True Ghostly God's Strike                   Close, QCF x 2 + A/C
    Saisyu Kusanagi
    Darkness Sweep                                 QCF + A/C
    Dark Thrust                                    F, D, DF + A/C
    Fiery Continuation                             QCB + A/C (Can input QCB + A/C
                                                   during move for additional
    Godly Beckoning                                HCB + B/D
    Tow Truck                                      F, D, DF + B/D
    DM Great Mowing Serpent                        QCB, HCF + A/C
    DM Deadly Murder                               QCF x 2 + A/C
    Heavy D
    R.S.D                                          QCF + A/C
    Blast Upper                                    QCF + B/D
    Soul Flower                                    QCB + B/D
    Shadow                                         D, D + A/C
    Ducking Combination                            D, DB, F + A/C (Can be used
                                                   twice as a combo)
    DM D.Crazy                                     QCB, HCF + A/C
    DM D. Magnum                                   QCF x 2 + A/C (Hold A/C to
                                                   delay attack)
    Lucky Glauber
    Death Bound                                    QCF + A/C
    Cyclone Break                                  QCB + B/D
    Death Dunk                                     QCB + A/C
    Death Shoot                                    D, D + A/B/C/D
    Lucky Vision                                   QCF + B/D
    Death Heel                                     F, D, DF + B/D
    DM Hell Bound                                  QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Lucky Driver                                QCF x 2 + B/D
    Brian Battler
    Brian Tornado                                  HCF + A/C
    Screw Body Press                               In air, QCF + A/C
    Brian Hammer                                   QCB + A/C
    Tiger Driver                                   QCF + A/C (When opponent is
                                                   just hit by Brian Hammer)
    Samurai Bomb                                   D, D + A/C (During Tiger
    Shoulder Back Breaker                          D, D, D + B/D (During Tiger
    Buster & Bomb                                  D, U + A/C (During Shoulder
                                                   Back Breaker)
    Double Hammer                                  QCB + A/C (When opponent is
                                                   just hit by Brian Hammer)
    DDT                                            QCB + A/C (During Double
    Hyper Tackle                                   QCF + B/D
    Rocket Tackle                                  F, D, DF + B/D
    DM American Super Nova                         QCF x 2 + A/C
    DM Big Van Tackle                              QCF x 2 + B/D
    Rugal Bernstein
    Reppuken                                       QCF + A/C
    God's Press                                    HCB + A/C
    Kaiser Wave                                    F, B, HCF + A/C
    Genocide Cutter                                F, D, DF + B/D
    DM ??                                          QCF x 2 + B/D
    Shingo Yabuki
    Unfinished Wicked Chew                         QCF + A
    Unfinished Poison Gnaw Fest                    QCF + C
    Unfinished Demon Scorcher                      F, D, DF + A/C
    Elbow Drop                                     QCB + A/C
    Shingo Kick                                    QCF + B/D
    Unfinished Dragon Vehicle                      QCB + B/D
    Shingo's Experimental Technique                Close, F, D, DF + B/D
    DM Burning Shingo                              QCB, HCF + A/C
    DM Driving Away Unicorn                        QCF x 2 + A/C
    The 12 hidden characters consist of the classic Art of Fighting team (Ryo,
    Robert and Yuri), which appeared in 1994/1995 (Long projectiles), the Real
    Bout Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy and Joe), the Orochi New Faces team
    (Yashiro, Shermie and Chris) who appeared as semi-boss characters in 1997,
    '94 Kyo, Real Bout Mai, and Real Bout Billy. To access them, simply hold start
    and select the characters as shown above, and you can use them. There is 1
    extra hidden character, which is the boss Omega Rugal. However current sources
    can only
    verify that it works on the Neo Geo Cart system. To play Omega Rugal, finish
    a one player game with Rugal, save the game on a memory card, then load the
    game. At the character select screen, hold Start and select Rugal to play as
    Omega Rugal!
    Ryo Sakazaki
    Robert Garcia
    Yuri Sakazaki
    Terry Bogard
    Andy Bogard
    Joe Higashi
    Orochi Yashiro Nanakase
    Earth Crusher                                  QCB + A/C
    Authority of the Earth                         Close, HCF + A/C
    Evil Earth Smother                             Close, HCB, F + A/C
    Dancing Earth                                  HCF + B/D
    DM Darkness Heaven to Hell Drop                Close, HCB x 2 + A/C
    Orochi Shermie
    Illusion Moon Thunder Cloud                    HCF + A/B/C/D
    Yata's Mowing Whip                             QCB + A/C
    Swift Thunder Cane                             In air, QCF + A/C
    Dance of Reality                               QCB + B/D
    DM Darkness Lightning Punch                    QCF x 2 + A/C
    Orochi Chris
    Sun Piercing Blaze                             QCF + A/C
    Mirror Slaughtering Blaze                      QCB + A/C
    Moon Trimming Blaze                            F, D, DF + A/C
    Lion's Biting Blaze                            Close, HCF + B/D
    DM Darkness Serpent Wave                       QCB, HCF + A/C
    94 Kyo Kusanagi
    Real Bout Mai Shiranui
    Real Bout Billy Kane
    Omega Rugal
    So far, only one bug has been reported, and this has been tested on Heidern
    and Athena. Whether this will work for other players is still a mystery.
    First, shoot a projectile, and then immediately input a command throw. As it
    is too far for the throw to work, it will fail. However, your projectile
    becomes an unblockable skill! How about that? Does it work for others? You
    can email me if you find out more.
    Shingo Yabuki
    To fight Shingo Yabuki in team vs mode, you must fulfill one of these 3
    1) After you KO the computer at any 3rd round, your points must be 100000 or
    2) At the 4th match, KO the computer with PERFECT life and your points must
       be 100000 or above.
    3) Defeat the computer with STRAIGHT (all members surviving) at every match
       until the fifth match.
    Shingo with then appear later to challenge you.
    Omega Rugal is defeated. He activates the self-destruct mechanism inside his
    aircraft carrier. It explodes and then goes up in flames. A helicopter then
    appears. Soon, you will see the USA sports team walking away from the scene.
    You will then see the other different teams doing various stuff. It then ends
    with a picture of the team you are using (only for proper teams). Some lame
    ending without any story or conversation.
    Special thanks goes to:
    SNK Corporation of Japan (http://www.neogeo.co.jp/kof98-chr.html) -
    SNK USA (http://www.snkusa.com) - Another authorised source.
    Authorised source for information and moves for the characters.
    NHM Ojo a.k.a Jason Koh Thiam Joo (The Forger), Cheaters Corp, writer of the
    Diablo: Hellfire FAQ. (nhmojo@hotmail.com), for our teamwork in completing
    KOF98 together.
    Domon Kasshu (T-BOGARD@prodigy.net) (ICQ nick Coco) - Contribution of the
    Omega Rugal code.
    Coorhagen - For helping me out with some details of KOF98.
    Mike Williams (ICQ nick Vegeta) - For reminding me of Real Bout Billy Kane
    Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com) - Clarification on the Roulette Mode
    Kwong's Creations and Computer Plaza, HK - Complete lists of the moves of
    many characters taken from their KOF98 Chinese comic as well as their weekly
    1998 review of KOF98 on their free magazine, Game Fan.
    Copyright 1998 Cheaters Corporation. The Enforcer
    This FAQ is free for circulation. However, no part of this FAQ may be sold,
    published in any way, rented out for cash, plagarised or used for any illegal
    activities. Credit must be given to the author and everyone who has
    contributed to the creation of this FAQ. Failure to comply with this will
    result in enforcement measures!

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